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Chapter 492
ER – Chapter 492: Nine Calamity Divine Fist
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Gradually, the Water Demon General’s movement became sluggish .

The vicious dragon spirit was able to destroy things at minute levels . Even if the Water Demon General transformed into a stream of water, he was still injured due to the numerous vicious dragon spirit attacks .

“How can there be such a powerful being among the humans?”

The rest of the demon generals could see something wrong and couldn’t help but be appalled .

The Demon Ring Continent was restricted by heaven and earth laws . Class 6 demons couldn’t enter, Battle Spirit Realm masters couldn’t enter either . Only those below the Reincarnation Realm could enter . They had encountered formidable Reincarnation Realm experts but they had never seen someone as overwhelmingly powerful like Li Fuchen .

“The Water Demon General is about to fall . Work together and kill him . ”

The no . 2 demon general was a Silver Horn Demon .

The Silver Horn Demons were royalty among the Horn Demon race, making them the pure-blooded Horn Demons .

On the East Unicorn Continent, the Demonic Ten Regions had once invited a Silver Horn Demon from the Disorder Devil Island . But in comparison to the Silver Horn Demon here, the one at the East Unicorn Continent was far inferior .

Pulling off the silver horn on the head, the Silver Horn General brandished the enlarged silver horn at Li Fuchen .

Before the silver horn arrived, a giant silver horn shadow arrived first . The silver horn was very special and had natural patterns on it . When the demon qi poured inside the silver horn, a powerful demon qi intent was emitted and nearly split the void open .

It was a pity that with the vicious dragon spirit’s protection, the silver horn wasn’t able to injure Li Fuchen and had been repelled by Li Fuchen’s fist .

The rest of the demon generals were inferior to the Silver Horn General . None of them were able to break open Li Fuchen’s vicious dragon spirit and were all like weak ants shaking a tree .  

Even when fighting multiple enemies, Li Fuchen still had the upper hand .

“Damn it . ” The Water Demon General was panting while there were traces of blood at the corner of his mouth .

As the no . 1 demon general, it had been many years since he was injured . Back then, there was an emperor-class disciple from a monarch-class sect but wasn’t able to injure him either . They were evenly matched .

Of course, he knew that emperor-class disciples progressed extremely fast . If an emperor-class disciple stopped at the peak level of Reincarnation Realm for a period of time and accumulated strength, the Water Demon General might be injured . But it was a pity that emperor-class disciples wouldn’t willingly pause their progress . Martial dao cultivation relied on bold advancement and to cut through hardships . The faster the advancement speed, the greater their future . This was the absolute principle of the martial dao .

“Human, what exactly do you desire at the Demon Ring Continent?” The Water Demon General said coldly .

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LI Fuchen said, “I am just collecting resources . The Ancient Demon Fruits on the Ancient Demon Tree are useful to me . ”

“The Ancient Deon Tree is our Demon Ring Continent’s absolute treasure . How can we give it to you just because you want it? The Silver Horn Demon General coughed out blood as he was bursting with anger .

Li Fuchen replied, “Then we shall fight!”

While talking, Li Fuchen used the vicious dragon spirit to constantly blast at the demon generals, until a group of demon generals were forced to constantly retreat and couldn’t even resist .

“Water, come . ”

The Water Demon General gestured to the nearby lake and gathered a large quantity of water . Black and translucent water giants were formed as they started to launch self-destruction attacks at Li Fuchen .

Boom Boom Boom…

The water giants’ self-destruction had great power and could easily kill a great demon . As the water giants started to self-destruct, Li Fuchen was forced to retreat due to the explosions while his vicious dragon spirit was jolting .

“I wonder how long your bloodline power can last for?” Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry .

When humans executed divine abilities, they would need to use extraordinary power or special power .

When demons executed their innate abilities, they would need to use up bloodline power .

The Water Demon General was a pure-blooded water demon and had plenty of bloodline power . But after a long period of time, the bloodline power would be depleted . Once too much bloodline power was used, it would cause the demon’s individual strength to decrease permanently and there would be no more chances to evolve .

The Water Demon General didn’t say anything but Li Fuchen was telling the facts . In just a short moment, his bloodline power had been depleted by around 5% . If he still wasn’t able to defeat Li Fuchen after using 90% of his bloodline power, he would reconsider if he should fight or not .

After executing the second innate ability, the Water Demon General was able to suppress Li Fuchen for now . But as the battle dragged on, the Water Demon General’s expression got increasingly unpleasant . Li Fuchen’s qi spirit was too powerful and it contained formidable power of law . If he was unable to break the power of law, he wouldn’t be able to injure Li Fuchen .


The bloodline power was drastically consumed as the Water Demon General formed a water giant that was a hundred meters in height . The water giant then rushed at Li Fuchen and the closer it was to Li Fuchen, the water giant shrunk . When the distance to Li Fuchen was only a few dozen meters away, the water giant had shrunk to around the size of three meters . The energy wave contained within the water giant had a destructive feeling and this was the phenomenon when energy was overly concentrated .

Li Fuchen’s expression changed as he blasted his fist at the water giant .


The vicious dragon spirit had also shrunk and clashed with the water giant .

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It seemed like there was a giant earthquake in the nearby dozens of miles . A horrific qi wave burst out and sent Li Fuchen, the Water Demon General and every living being flying . It was fine for Li Fuchen and the Water Demon General . The rest of the demon generals were all severely injured as their skin and flesh had burst open, resulting in a bloodied mess .

When the qi wave dissipated, there was a deep pit that was the size of a few miles in the center of the battlefield . It was simply a whole patch of darkness .

“Human, you won . ”

The Water Demon General suppressed his anger and flashed before entering the lake .

Seeing the situation, the rest of the demon generals could only grit their teeth and leave .

“Finally, no more hindrance . ” Li Fuchen looked at the Ancient Demon Tree .

As for the qi wave earlier, the vicious dragon spirit was still intact, hence, it was impossible for Li Fuchen to be injured .

Boom Boom Boom…

The Ancient Demon Tree didn’t have the intention to compromise and had started a frenzied battle with Li Fuchen . Each exchange of moves would cause dozens to almost a hundred Ancient Demon Fruits to be absorbed and would wither . Li Fuchen felt that it was an extreme pity .

Of course, it was also fortunate that the Ancient Demon Tree could only draw energy from up to a hundred Ancient Demon Fruits at once . If it could draw energy from hundreds or a thousand Ancient Demon Fruits at once, Li Fuchen would naturally run far away and wouldn’t continue harvesting the Ancient Demon Fruits .

When all the Ancient Demon Fruits at the edge of the Ancient Demon Tree’s treetop, Li Fuchen finally stopped .

Li Fuchen didn’t have the strength to harvest the Ancient Demon Fruits in the inner parts of the Ancient Demon Tree . He was still able to suppress a few thick branches at once, but he wouldn’t be able to do so when dozens or even hundreds of thick branches attacked him .

Furthermore, branches were still branches . The Ancient Demon Tree’s strongest attack should be from the boughs . Those boughs were all extremely thick and could absorb more energy from the Ancient Demon Fruits . Li Fuchen didn’t wish to suffer an attack from those boughs .

“A total of 1190 Ancient Demon Fruits . It should be enough for now . ” Li Fuchen revealed a smile .

In fact, the number of Ancient Demon Fruits at the edge of the Ancient Demon Tree wasn’t just this many . There was no choice as the Ancient Demon Tree used up a lot of the fruits . To be able to obtain 1190 Ancient Demon Fruits, Li Fuchen had already done his best .

Li Fuchen turned and left without staying a moment longer in the Demon Ring Continent .

“That fiend has finally left . ” A nearby demon general said in a sullen tone .

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After returning to the Red Rainbow Sect, Li Fuchen had exchanged 1190 Ancient Demon Fruits into 178,800 contribution coins .

After adding the 3100 contribution coins Li Fuchen had, his total number of contribution coins had reached 181,900 .

This number was astounding and even a Battle Spirit Realm monarch-class disciple would need a few years to earn this many contribution coins .

But only Li Fuchen would have such earning capability .

If it was other monarch-class disciples, if they continued to chase after the Ancient Demon Tree, they would be killed by the numerous demon generals .

Especially the Water Demon General, only a rare few Reincarnation Realm experts would be able to contest with him . Li Fuchen had comprehended the Vicious Dragon Fist Intent but was still unable to kill the Water Demon General .

“The second half of the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration cost 27,000 coins . I can redeem a 6-star secret technique and an earth class high-tier body refinement art . ”

While briefly planning his future path, Li Fuchen arrived at the secret manual tower .

“You are here again?”

The secret manual tower elder could already recognize Li Fuchen, after all, Li Fuchen visited too frequently and would visit every month or so . It was hard not to recognize him .

“Greetings to Elder . ”

Li Fuchen knew he was too high-profile .

But he didn’t intend to lay low . He couldn’t possibly conceal even when he had contribution coins, right?

It was an extremely foolish behavior not to redeem a secret technique to increase his strength .

After arriving at the second floor of the secret manual tower, Li Fuchen picked the second half of the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration first before searching for a body refinement art .

This time, he planned to redeem an earth class high-tier body refinement art .

If earth class mid-tier body refinement art was already so incredible, how much stronger would he become after learning an earth class high-tier body refinement art . Li Fuchen couldn’t imagine .

Earth class high-tier body refinement arts were very expensive . The cheapest would need at least 30,000 contribution coins for the first half of the manuals .

Li Fuchen realized that he only had enough contribution coins to redeem one earth class high-tier body refinement art .

Nine Dragons Claw .

Wind Cloud Tyrant Body .

Nine Calamity Divine Fist .

Heaven Striking Palm .

Star Shatter Leg .

There were only five earth class high-tier bone refinement arts . Each of them had tyrannical and formidable names .

The description of each body refinement art was extremely appalling .

The Nine Dragons Claw was a body refinement claw art . When cultivated to the extremity, one would have hands like divine weapons that would be indestructible and unstoppable .

The Wind Cloud Tyrant Body was a dual offense and defense body refinement art . After cultivation, the entire body could be used as weapons and the body would be flawless .

As for the Nine Calamity Divine Fist, it was the most special as this body refinement art was incomplete . Furthermore, it was severely incomplete . It seemed like it was supposed to have nine moves called the Nine Calamity . But the Red Rainbow Sect’s Nine Calamity Divine Fist was only a small portion of the third calamity . It was extremely hard to reach the entry stage . For the past century, no one was able to cultivate it and had only reached the sub-completion stage at best .

“A portion of the third calamity . ” Li Fuchen frowned .

If it was the first calamity, the cultivation difficulty would be reduced greatly . But to jump to the third calamity immediately would probably increase the difficulty by many times . Furthermore, it was only a portion of the third calamity and it was incomplete .

“Moreover, the price is so expensive . ”

The first half of the Nine Calamity Divine Fist cost 50,000 contribution points and the second half required 150,000 coins . It was significantly more expensive than other body refinement arts .

It was already hard to cultivate and still so expensive . It was possible that no one picked it .

“But looking at the description, it is truly universally shocking . ”

The Nine Calamity Divine Fist . As the name implied, it was a calamity for the enemy . A single fist would destroy the enemy innately .

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