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Chapter 488

“Reincarnation Realm . A day in the Dragon Pool will need 500 contribution coins . If you have enough contribution coins, you can pay the fees for up to three days . ”

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Outside the Dragon Pool, an outer sect elder was guarding the place .

“Here . ” Li Fuchen handed over 1500 contribution coins .

The Dragon Pool wasn’t free to use . Monarch-class disciples of the Reincarnation Realm would need to pay 500 contribution coins a day while Battle Spirit Realm monarch-class disciples would need to pay 2000 contribution coins a day .

There was also a Tiger Pool at the inner sect but it was one grade inferior to the Dragon Pool . Outer sect disciples would only need to pay 100 contribution coins for each day of usage, while inner sect disciples would need to pay 500 contribution coins for each day .

The Dragon Pool was inside a stone pavilion and it was around 30 meters in radius . Special screens were used to separate the pool into 30 smaller spaces .

There were mists lingering above the Dragon Pool and with the isolation of the array, it wouldn’t scatter .

After entering the Dragon Pool, Li Fuchen took a breath of the mist and instantly felt his blood and qi stirring .

This wasn’t a mist, it was obviously essence qi that was extremely condensed .

“Monarch-class sects are incredible to make such an investment . Even if the entire East Unicorn Continent gathered all the resources, it wouldn’t be possible to create a Dragon Pool . ”

Li Fuchen took a glance and realized that there weren’t a lot of people in the Dragon Pool .

It was understandable . Only the minority took the body refinement path and unless a person possessed the body refinement bone frame, people would rarely walk the body refinement path or dual cultivation .

After putting the occupied sign outside the screen, Li Fuchen took off his clothes and entered the Dragon Pool .

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When entering the Dragon Pool, there was extreme comfort first, but a moment later, it became extreme soreness, then it became extreme pain before finally extreme numbness .

In just a short span of time, Li Fuchen experienced multiple changes of sensation and couldn’t help but take a cold breath .

After a moment, Li Fuchen had adapted to the Dragon Pool and started to circulate the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters to temper his qi, blood, and dragon elephant power .



With every breath, two little mist snakes would enter Li Fuchen’s nose before two faint mist snakes emerged from the nose .

As Li Fuchen was inhaling and exhaling the mist snakes, the miniature elephant in his heart trumpeted . Li Fuchen’s body flickered with light golden radiance and with each flicker, the radiance intensified .

Time elapsed bit by bit while Li Fuchen’s qi power and dragon elephant power was rapidly strengthening .

At the end, a mist python the thickness of an arm was wrapping around Li Fuchen while bringing over more mist essence qi .

One day, two days…

After three days, the miniature elephant in Li Fuchen’s heart had grown one size bigger . The luster on its body had turned from pale golden to golden .

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“The Dragon Pool’s effect is better than what I imagined . I shall cultivate for a few more days . ”

With 7100 contribution coins, Li Fuchen could stay and cultivate in the Dragon Pool for ten days to two weeks .

On the fourth day, a young man walked in .

A moment later, Li Fuchen felt many of the mist essence qi being attracted to the other side .

“A Battle Spirit Realm body refinement master?” Li Fuchen frowned .

The Dragon Pool had plenty of mist essence qi and if Li Fuchen’s mist essence qi was attracted to the other side, that person must be a Battle Spirit Realm body refinement master .

At the seventh screen to the right of Li Fuchen, a powerful youth soaked in the Dragon Pool and emitted a golden halo . He gave off an overwhelmingly powerful prowess and emitted an iron-blooded feeling like he was going to fight against the world .

On the fifth day, a young lady walked in .

A massive amount of mist essence qi was absorbed over like there was a whirlpool over there .

“Such powerful body refinement level . ”

Li Fuchen smiled bitterly . As compared to the first two days, he was only left with around 60% or 70% of the mist essence qi .

Fortunately, there was sufficient mist essence qi and Li Fuchen wasn’t able to absorb so much at once, hence, it didn’t really affect him .

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“Is that Junior Lu?” A bright and clear voice echoed . It was the young man speaking .

“Yes, it is me . ” The female voice was very attractive and thriving with a heroic spirit .

“It seems like Junior Lu’s Jade Phoenix Technique has reached the sub-completion rank of the sixth segment . This senior is ashamed . ” The young man said .

The female voice echoed, “Senior’s Blood Wolf Sky Stomp has also reached the sub-completion rank of the sixth segment . ”

“Jade Phoenix Technique? Blood Wolf Sky Stomp?”

Li Fuchen had seen the manuals for these two body refinement techniques before .

They were both earth class mid-tier body refinement techniques .

The Jade Phoenix Technique was said to be the no . 1 body refinement technique in the Red Rainbow Sect . When cultivated to the highest rank, one would be a body refinement monarch .

The special trait was the ice muscles and jade bones that were impervious to all poison . The jade phoenix power possessed the jade transformation anomaly . No matter how serious the injury, it would be restored rapidly and when injured by the jade phoenix power, the enemy’s body would be transformed into jade . Once it was turned into jade completely, not even immortals would be able to rescue them .

The Blood Wolf Sky Stomp was an extremely tyrannical body refinement technique . Large consumption of demon wolves’ demon cores was required to cultivate this body refinement technique . Blood wolf qi power would be cultivated in the process and at the later ranks, once the blood wolf qi power was circulated, the practitioner would turn in a werewolf state that was even superior to demons .

“It should be Senior Lu Wan and Senior Wu Tianlang . ”

In the entire Red Rainbow Sect, there weren’t a lot of monarch-class disciples . For the past century, there were only slightly more than 100 monarch-class disciples that entered the Red Rainbow Sect and there were only a few of them were on the body refinement dao . Lu Wan and Wu Tianlang were part of those few individuals .

Lu Wan had the 7-star agate bone frame while Wu Tianlang had the 7-star ironstone bone frame . They might have only cultivated their respective body refinement technique to the sub-completion rank of the sixth segment and were at the mid-level of Battle Spirit Realm . But in terms of combat strength, they were the sovereigns of the mid-level Battle Spirit Realm .

But earth class mid-tier body refinement techniques could only allow them to step into the Primary Sea Realm . The earth class peak-tier qi cultivation technique would allow others to cultivate to the 9th level of Primary Sea Realm . In this aspect, the duo had a worrying future, unless they were able to find earth class high-tier body refinement techniques or earth class peak-tier body refinement techniques .

On the tenth day, the miniature elephant at the heart of Li Fuchen was already twice as big and was like a matured elephant . Once the miniature elephant turned into a matured elephant, it meant that Li Fuchen had cultivated the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Fifth Chapter to the perfection rank . Right now, Li Fuchen was able to dominate the Reincarnation Realm with just his body refinement strength . If he used his body refinement art too, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to compete with monarch-class disciples at the low-level of Battle Spirit Realm .

Eleventh day, twelfth day… fourteen day .

Ultimately, Li Fuchen wasn’t able to reach the perfection rank of the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Fifth Chapter . It wasn’t because of insufficient mist essence qi, but because his body had reached the limit .

Continuous absorption of mist essence qi would damage the qi and blood for minor cases but qi and blood rupture for serious cases .

“The Dragon Pool is incredible . If I solely rely on the body refinement elixirs, I will not be able to improve my body refinement level to this state in just two weeks . ” Li Fuchen lamented .

The Dragon Pool didn’t merely contain a massive quantity of body refinement herbs’ essence, furthermore it seemed like there was a very fearsome transformation array . This transformation array was able to convert many different essences of body refinement herbs into a higher grade of essence qi . Li Fuchen was temporarily calling it dragon qi .

Li Fuchen emerged from the Dragon Pool and was wrapped by the mist . His upper body was slender and sturdy, like a forged steel that was pliable and tough . It contained an astounding burst strength and ferocious power . It was emitting a faint indestructible feeling .

After wearing the clothes, Li Fuchen walked out of the Dragon Pool .

“A total of 7000 contribution coins . You need to pay an additional 5500 contribution coins . ” The Dragon Pool’s elder stated .

“Here . ” After handing over 5500 contribution coins, Li Fuchen left .

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