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Chapter 487

After a short moment later, Li Fuchen ultimately chose the Vicious Dragon Fist .

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The Vicious Dragon Fist wasn’t a poisonous fist, but the fist force was too vicious and ferocious, hence, it was called the Vicious Dragon Fist .
(TL note: The direct translation of the art is actually called Poison Dragon Fist, but because of this description, I changed it to Vicious Dragon Fist)

With the remaining 7100 contribution coins, Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry to exchange for other manuals . He was planning to gather the coins to exchange for the second half of the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration or the Vicious Dragon Fist next time .

After the secret manual tower elder recorded something, Li Fuchen took the first half of the Vicious Dragon Fist’s manual copy and left the secret manual tower .

The Vicious Dragon Fist only had a total of two moves . The first half only had one move called the Emerging Vicious Dragon .

There might only be one move but it had 9 forms and 736 variations .

Each form and each variation was a different type of qi and blood circulation . When each of the variations reached the pinnacle, this move would be mastered . When the fist was blasted out, the vicious dragon spirit would burst out and produce great power .

With Li Fuchen’s perception, he had comprehended 3 forms and 246 variations in a single day . When he executed the fist, his qi and blood would circulate in a frenzy before finally wringing a force that would be blasted out with the fist . The air would then echo with the roar of a dragon .

Just as Li Fuchen was cultivating the Vicious Dragon Fist, in the remote East Unicorn Continent, there was a huge change .

The fog in the Land of Fog had gradually vanished due to unknown reasons . Some of the secrets that were concealed by the Land of Fog had now been revealed . Among those secrets was the teleportation platform in the small valley .

Ever since the teleportation platform was discovered, there would be people using the teleportation platform to leave on a daily basis . Among the people would be the various sects’ supreme elders and the heavenly prodigies .

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“Li Fuchen, is this your secret?”

Everyone was enlightened . It was no wonder Li Fuchen’s cultivation and strength had drastically improved in such a short time . It turned out that he discovered a teleportation platform and teleported to another continent .

It was a known fact that the East Unicorn Continent had scarce resources and the concentration of heaven and earth qi was inferior to ancient times . If one was able to travel to a superior continent, it would be much easier to cultivate . Those experts from the various sects that were stuck at the peak level of Reincarnation Realm might be able to immediately break through to the Battle Spirit Realm after reaching a superior continent, allowing them to become a master .

Evil King, once we leave, it will be hard for us to get our revenge in the future . ”

On this day, the Blood Ancestor and the Evil King had also arrived at the small valley’s teleportation platform . The Blood Ancestor was speaking while gritting his teeth .

After leaving the East Unicorn Continent, it was highly possible that the two of them would break through to the Battle Spirit Realm within a short period of time . If they went to the same continent as Li Fuchen, there was a chance to take revenge . But if they went to a different continent, it was basically impossible for them to meet Li Fuchen again . After all, there was a vast sea in between continents and unless there were teleportation arrays or if their cultivation reached the Primary Sea Realm, it was almost impossible to head towards other continents .

The Evil King who had lost an arm had spoken indifferently, “In comparison to reaching a higher cultivation realm, is taking revenge more important?”

He wanted to rule the East Unicorn Continent only for the entire continent’s resources .

It was only possible for him to break through to the Battle Spirit Realm by gathering the entire continent’s resources .

Right now, if the Evil King didn’t need to conquer the continent to progress to the Battle Spirit Realm or a higher realm, he naturally didn’t bother to take revenge .

Of course, if there was a chance to take revenge, he naturally wouldn’t give up on the chance .

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The teleportation flashed with radiance before the Blood Ancestor and the Evil King vanished .

The temptation to travel to other continents was too great . It was fine for the major sects as they had enough spirit stones to activate the teleportation array . Those without sufficient spirit stones had gone towards the evil path to plunder for spirit stones . In a split moment, the entire East Unicorn Continent was overflowing with blood .

Li Fuchen didn’t know what was happening at the East Unicorn Continent . He was currently immersed in the world of fist art .


A high-pitched and ferocious dragon roar echoed . At the Fuchen Peak a black and vicious dragon spirit soared . The powerful force caused the Fuchen Peak to howl with violent winds while rocks flew around .

This was under the protection of the array . Without any protection, this fist would have shattered Fuchen Peak .

“The earth class mid-tier body refinement art is indeed powerful . Just the completion stage is already superior to the trance stage of the Tiger Soul Fist . ”

Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with radiance .

The power of the Tiger Soul Fist was comparable to earth class high-tier martial arts .

But it was pale in comparison with the Vicious Dragon Fist .

The completion stage of the Vicious Dragon Fist was actually close to the perfection stage of the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration .

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This was only an earth class mid-tier body refinement art . If it was an earth class high-tier body refinement art, wouldn’t it be comparable to heaven class low-tier qi martial arts?

Li Fuchen didn’t know that the body refinement dao was the heaven-defying dao . A human body was delicate and incomparable to demonic beasts and demons . But on the body refinement dao, the physical body would be able to contest with demonic beasts and demons or even become superior . When cultivated to the extremity, one might be able to achieve invulnerability .

Hence, body refinement dao’s manuals were extremely rare and powerful . After all, there were only a few individuals that could defy heaven and even lesser people who could become superior to those on the qi cultivation dao .

Of course, it didn’t mean that the qi cultivation dao was inferior to the body refinement dao .

The qi cultivation dao was superior as it had resources that went long term, it was superior as it was wide-range and profound, it was superior because one could comprehend the nature of heaven dao .

When the qi cultivation dao had reached the limit, it wouldn’t be inferior to the body refinement dao . Furthermore, it would have varied methods and was as profound as the heaven dao .

When the Vicious Dragon Fist reached the completion stage, Li Fuchen didn’t stop cultivating . With his current cultivation, he would cultivate the Vicious Dragon Fist to the perfection stage with just the first half of the manual .

In order to cultivate the Vicious Dragon Fist to the perfection stage, Li Fuchen reckoned he would need to reduce the variations .

The first move of the Vicious Dragon Fist had 736 variations but all the variations could be interlinked and could be fused into a single variation .

The creator of the Vicious Dragon Fist didn’t reduce the variations so that the later generations could learn it easily .

After all, when doing anything, it was important to go deeper from the shallow parts . If the starting part was already at the highest difficulty, who would be able to cultivate or learn it apart from those exceptional prodigies .

Li Fuchen only spent seven days cultivating the Vicious Dragon Fist to the completion stage .

However, Li Fuchen spent half a month reducing the 736 variations of the Vicious Dragon Fist’s first move to 625 variations .  

Right now, when he executed the fist, there were lesser variations but a more concentrated force and also more profound .

Of course, there was still a gap before reaching the perfection stage .

“Now that the Vicious Dragon Fist is at the completion stage, my body refinement strength has increased significantly . But if I can increase my body refinement level, it would be better . ”

Immersing into his heart with his awareness, a golden miniature elephant was vivid in his mind .

As compared to before, the miniature elephant was slightly bigger and purer .

Li Fuchen knew clearly that the body refinement technique and the body refinement art were interrelated . When the body refinement art reached a certain extent of comprehension, it would stimulate the qi power . The strengthening of the qi power would then nourish the dragon elephant power .

When the body refinement level was stronger, it would be easier to cultivate body refinement arts .

On the next day, Li Fuchen arrived at the monarch district’s Dragon Pool .

The Dragon Pool was a giant qi and blood tempering pond that the Red Rainbow Sect used countless body refining materials to construct . It was similar to the body tempering pool that the various major clans had back at the Cloud Mist City .  

But the two pools were poles apart . The body tempering pool could only increase an individual’s physical strength by a few hundred kilograms while the Dragon Pool could increase one’s physical strength by tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of kilograms .

It was named the Dragon Pool because it had the meaning of a carp turning into a dragon that was like a rebirth .

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