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Chapter 485

After one of the Ancient Demon Fruits were stolen, the Ancient Demon Tree went berserk . The previous attacks on Li Fuchen were with those thin and slender branches . After one of the Ancient Demon Fruits was snatched, a thicker and sturdier branch attacked in a frenzy .

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This branch was a few hundred meters in length and had a thickness of seven to eight meters . It was like a violent dragon with overwhelming prowess . Li Fuchen reckoned that this attack was already at the Battle Spirit Realm .

Without any option to dodge, Li Fuchen had no choice but to fight back at full strength .


The Scarlet Blood Sword returned to the scabbard and Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword . When the sword was brandished, sword lights were stacked and burst out like molten lava, blasting on the thick and sturdy branch .

Swish Swish Swish…

This clash was evenly matched .

With the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique at the 27th rank, the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration at the perfection stage, and with the earth class mid-tier Joint-Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen’s strength was almost at the Battle Spirit Realm .

Li Fuchen flew backwards while eight Ancient Demon Fruits followed him .

It turned out that the Ancient Demon Tree’s branch had plenty of Ancient Demon Fruits . After clashing with Li Fuchen and being invaded by the sword qi, many of the Ancient Demon Fruits fell off .

Li Fuchen grinned and with a wave of his hand, he kept all the Ancient Demon Fruits .

At the other side, when Zhuang Sheng and the others took the opportunity of the moment and snatched one or two Ancient Demon Fruits when the Ancient Demon Tree was fighting with Li Fuchen .

If it was anyone else, they would definitely withdraw after obtaining so many Ancient Demon Fruits .

But Li Fuchen wasn’t satisfied yet .

After stopping his body that was flying backwards, Li Fuchen turned into a flaming light before shooting at the Ancient Demon Tree again .

Boom Boom Boom…

A man and a tree were in an insane combat .

The Ancient Demon Fruits were gradually taken by Li Fuchen .

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“Those are humans! They actually dare to steal the Ancient Demon Fruits, eat them!”

The demons that were guarding the Ancient Demon Tree had finally rushed over and there were 10,000 of them .


With things at this stage, Li Fuchen couldn’t bother even if he had to offend all the demons . He circulated the 27th rank of his Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique to the extremity . The Divine Flame Red Rainbow Field burst out and enveloped a radius of a few miles .

In the red world, countless class 4 demons were incinerated . The class 5 demons might be fine but their mobility was greatly reduced and had turned into live targets .

“This Senior Li is too ferocious . Even if he is a monarch-class disciple, it shouldn’t be so exaggerating!” 

Yun Wei said with an expression of admiration .

“Human, I, the Scarlet Great Demon will try your skills . ”

When enveloped by the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Field, there was a red demon that wasn’t affected at all .

An overflowing demon prowess spread out and dispelled Li Fuchen’s Divine Flame Red Rainbow Field .

“Mm!” Li Fuchen looked at the demon .

This class 5 demon was 80 feet in height and covered in scarlet scales . Its eyes shot out with two scarlet beams of light and looked extremely horrifying .


The scarlet demon blasted out a scarlet fist that was like a comet and rushed at Li Fuchen . The boundless fist prowess had caused Zhuang Sheng and the others to continuously retreat as they couldn’t withstand the attack .

“Good timing . ”

Li Fuchen brandished his Joint-Heaven Sword to counterattack .


Li Fuchen was sent flying .

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Li Fuchen’s regular strength was actually not a match for the demon .

“Heart of Blazing Flame . ”

A flame seed lit up at his chest while the blazing flame power burst out before Li Fuchen slashed at the scarlet demon with a blazing flame sword qi .

This time, Li Fuchen was able to suppress the scarlet demon .


After eight moves, Li Fuchen took the fleeting opportunity to slash at the neck of the scarlet demon and tried to sever its head .

But the scarlet demon’s defense was extremely tough . Li Fuchen’s sword was only able to slash halfway and didn’t have strength to slash through .

“If one sword isn’t enough, then I shall use two swords . ”

“Li Fuchen slashed at the scarlet demon again and again until the demon was drenched in blood while its flesh was split open .

From start to end, the scarlet demon wasn’t able to injure Li Fuchen even once .


The scarlet demon wasn’t a fool and after seeing that it wasn’t a match for Li Fuchen, it quickly withdrew and fled far away .

Li Fuchen didn’t give chase and continued to be in tangle with the Ancient Demon Tree . He didn’t go deep or retreat too far . He would always remain at the border and would seize the Ancient Demon Fruits at the fringe of the treetop .  

20, 30, 50 .

There weren’t just a few thousand Ancient Demon Fruits on the Ancient Demon Tree . There were at least ten thousand and there were plenty at the fringe of the treetop .

“If I knew I would have rented a battleship . ” Li Fuchen was a little regretful .

When dealing with such a massive enemy, the battleship was the best choice .

There wasn’t a need for class 6 battleships, a class 5 battleship was enough to deal with the Ancient Demon Tree . The only thing to pay attention to was not to let the Ancient Demon Tree destroy the battleship .

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It was a pity that the rental cost of the battleship was too great . 1000 contribution coins were needed to rent a class 5 battleship for one day .  

If the battleship was destroyed, a compensation of one million contribution coins would be needed .

The compensation could be done with installments but it was still a huge pressure .

As for class 6 battleships, there wasn’t a need to talk about them .

It was useless to be regretful now . The only thing that Li Fuchen could do was to seize more Ancient Demon Fruits .

As for the demons, he would kill as many as needed .

Finally, the Ancient Demon Tree was enraged .

Dozens of Ancient Demon Fruits withered and all the energy was concentrated at the thick and sturdy branch . Subsequently, the branch glowed with dark light and looked just like a black dragon that spiralled at Li Fuchen .


A mouthful of fresh blood was vomited as Li Fuchen was sent flying .

If Li Fuchen didn’t have dual cultivation, this attack would have shattered his bones .

“Let’s go!”

The Ancient Demon Tree was enraged and Li Fuchen didn’t have any more chances to obtain more Ancient Demon Fruits . The Ancient Demon Tree had to pay a large price to have a burst in strength . Up until now, Li Fuchen had seized sixty or seventy Ancient Demon Fruits, when the tree was enraged, it used up the energy from dozens of Ancient Demon Fruits .

“Okay . ”

Zhuang Sheng and the others already wanted to leave long ago . They had each obtained four to five Ancient Demon Fruits and it was already a great profit for them .

After leaving the Ancient Demon Tree’s domain, the five headed towards the small pool .

Three days later…

“Over there . ”

Scanning with his awareness, Li Fuchen found the small pool and the Seven Stars Earth Demon Herb .

“All of you don’t come near . ”

Li Fuchen waved his hand and asked the four to hide . He transformed into a flame light and flew over .


The white demon that was guarding at the vicinity of the small pool had opened its eyes . Its eyes revealed an ominous glint before punching with lightning speed .

When the fist was blasted out, Li Fuchen felt as though his entire body was locked on and there wasn’t any way to dodge . He had no choice but to endure the attack .

“Such a formidable demon . It is even stronger than that scarlet demon . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t retreat or dodge . With a burst of blazing flame power, he slashed with his sword .


The frantic qi wave swept out in all directions and scraped off a layer of the ground . Some of the nearby demons were instantly smashed by the qi wave .

“You dare to snatch my treasure, die!”

The white demon stood up while its hand surged with white light . A bone sword appeared and with a swing, a white sword light was slashed at Li Fuchen .


When the two sword slashes clashed, Li Fuchen and the white demon each took a step back and were evenly matched .

“With the concentrated demon qi’s nourishment, the demons have overwhelming strength!”

Li Fuchen laughed bitterly .

If the East Unicorn Continent’s demons were also so powerful, the continent would have been conquered by the demons . He wouldn’t have a chance to rise up to the top .

With a flash, Li Fuchen approached the white demon and planned to have a close combat .

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