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Chapter 478

On this day at Fuchen Peak, there was a distortion of black light and a figure appeared .

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It was the inner sect elder, Elder Han .

“Greetings to Elder Han . ”

Li Fuchen12 wasn’t surprised that Elder Han could ignore the existence of the array and appear inside Fuchen Peak .

Arrays that could block Primary Sea Realm monarchs must at least be class 7 arrays . It was obvious that most of the arrays in the monarch district weren’t at class 7, they were at best class 6 .

“Your Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique has broken through to the 26th rank?” Elder Han took a glance and was shocked .

With his Primary Sea Realm monarch’s vision and his understanding of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique, it was too easy for him to see Li Fuchen’s cultivation technique’s rank .

It was because he could see it, hence, it was uncertain .

Only a short period of time had passed and Li Fuchen had actually cultivated the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique to the 26th rank . He was on par or even superior to the few emperor-class disciples in the sect .

Just based purely on the perception, Li Fuchen was definitely an emperor-class disciple and he would be outstanding among them too .

“Elder Han’s judgment is correct . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

“Haha, good . As long as you don’t die, you will definitely become one of the strongest Primary Sea Realm monarchs in the future . ” Elder Han laughed heartily .

An unmatched Primary Sea Realm monarch could also increase the Red Rainbow Sect’s strength greatly .

“This is the Star Call Herb . I shall not say anything else . Live on properly and don’t die so easily . ” After finishing his statement, there was black distortion of light as Elder Han vanished .

“This is the Star Call Herb huh?”

Li Fuchen didn’t even have time to thank Elder Han before he vanished . Li Fuchen looked at the Star Call Herb that was glowing with starlight and contained boundless law power . He felt as though his awareness was about to get intoxicated .

After he sobered up, the sky was already a little dark .

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“Incredible . ” Li Fuchen’s expression changed .

A single stalk of herb was actually able to intoxicate him . It was imaginable, how powerful the heaven and earth laws contained within was .

Of course, this was mainly because he wasn’t vigilant .

If Li Fuchen was facing an enemy, he wouldn’t be intoxicated so easily .

After all, even if his awareness wasn’t as powerful as Primary Sea Realm monarchs, it would be extremely close .

After returning back to the courtyard, Li Fuchen sat cross-legged and circulated the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique before consuming the Star Call Herb .

Boom .

There was an explosion of resplendent starlight and Li Fuchen’s entire body was immersed in starlight .

Traces of invisible and formless law power were traversing in his body and headed towards the bone frame spatial zone .


Li Fuchen took a deep cold breath as there was an indescribable pain that suddenly extended throughout his body .

In an instant, Li Fuchen’s was perspiring profusely .

When the sky was completely dark, Li Fuchen opened his eyes .

“I finally have the 6-star bone frame . ” Li Fuchen breathed out while his eyes were bursting with radiance .

Now that he had the 6-star bone frame, his cultivation talent was already on par with most of the people . From now on, even if his perception declined to an ordinary 6-star bone frame, he would still be able to reach the Battle Spirit Realm .

Li Fuchen’s awareness entered his bone frame spatial zone and started to observe his bone frame .

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In comparison with before, there was now an additional segment of bone frame . The blazing flame patterns looked even more complicated and mystical . A single glance would cause someone’s mind to waver .

Apart from that, within the blazing flame power’s flame sphere, the blazing flame crystal that represented the Heart of Blazing Flame had divine ability patterns that were even more complicated . It wasn’t hard to imagine that Li Fuchen’s Heart of Blazing Flame had increased in power when his bone frame was upgraded to the 6-star .

“I wonder when will be the next time I upgrade to the 7-star bone frame?”

The upgrade to the 6-star bone frame already required heaven class low-tier herb, therefore, the upgrade to the 7-star bone frame would naturally need at least heaven class mid-tier herb .

Heaven class herbs were something that one could only hope to see . Heaven class herbs that could upgrade the bone frame were even harder to find .

The Red Rainbow Sect might be a monarch-class sect, but they were only able to find a single stalk of heaven class low-tier Star Call Herb . It was imaginable how difficult it was to obtain heaven class herbs .

As for heaven class mid-tier herbs, it was something that Law Phase Realm emperors desired .

Time elapsed and the strength of the 6-star bone frame was gradually reflected .

Li Fuchen reached that his qi cultivation speed had increased by at least 50% .

This was extremely shocking .

A single year of diligent cultivation would be equivalent to at least one and a half years of cultivation in the past .

10 years of cultivation would be equivalent to at least 15 years of cultivation .

100 years of cultivation would be equivalent to at least 150 years of cultivation .

It was the same as having 50% more cultivation lifespan .

“Perception is important but so is cultivation talent, especially in situations without high class cultivation techniques . ”

The Red Rainbow Sect’s strongest cultivation technique was the earth class peak-tier technique . The day when Li Fuchen cultivated this cultivation technique to the highest rank, while other monarch-class disciples had also reached the highest rank of their cultivation techniques, they would be competing with cultivation talents .

If his cultivation talent was inferior, Li Fuchen would be gradually left behind and the gap would only get bigger .

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One could say that Li Fuchen’s strength was embodied in the disparity of cultivation technique ranks .

The monarch district was independent from the outer sect and inner sect had their own system .

If the outer sect and inner sect were nurturing regular experts, then the monarch district was nurturing absolute experts .

The monarch district’s martial contest stage was the liveliest place in the monarch district .

Some of the inner sect’s monarch-class disciples would regularly spar in this place .

But if it was purely a spar, it wouldn’t be enough to attract everyone’s attention . Spars with stakes would be able to put everyone in high spirits .

After cultivating diligently for more than one month, Li Fuchen felt rather bored . Mainly because he didn’t know much about the Red Rainbow Sect, hence, it was necessary for him to move around .

On this day, Li Fuchen arrived at the monarch district’s martial contest stage .

“Li Fuchen, you are here too . ”

At the massive martial contest stage, there were dozens of monarch-class disciples gathered .

There were only eight outer sect monarch-class disciples and they were all this year’s new outer sect monarch-class disciples .

As for the previous batch of outer sect monarch-class disciples, they had already progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm and were promoted to become inner sect monarch-class disciples .

After seeing Li Fuchen, Bai Lingshuang called out to him .

“This place is rather lively . ”

Li Fuchen looked at the contest stage and there were two inner sect monarch-class disciples sparring and the match was extremely intense .

Bai Lingshuang said, “You are late . The spar has already started and they don’t accept bets now . ”

“The stakes are contribution coins?” Li Fuchen asked .

Bai Lingshuang shook her head and said, “Not only contribution coins, Red Rainbow Elixirs, Perception Dao Elixirs, low-grade spirit stones, and mid-grade spirit stones can all be used as stakes . ”

“Interesting, no one is afraid they might cheat?” Li Fuchen asked again .

Bai Lingshuang said, “The person in charge of the contest stage is an elder . Furthermore, this is also the pride of the monarch-class disciples and they wouldn’t be disdained to cheat right?”

“That is true . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

Boom Boom Boom!

On the contest stage, the spar between the two inner sect monarch-class disciples were reaching the climax .

It was obvious that both of them were utilizing their full strength and neither wished to lose .

“Junior Luo, apologies, it seems like I have a greater improvement this year . ” The robust-looking inner sect monarch-class disciple executed a kick . A thunder lion image appeared and kicked the opponent off the stage .

“Wretches, I lost another one million low-grade spirit stones . ” Bai Lingshuang grumbled gloomily .

“Such a huge bet?” Li Fuchen was surprised . One million wasn’t a small sum and not even regular Battle Spirit Realm masters would have so many low-grade spirit stones .

Bai Lingshuang said, “It will be meaningless if the bet is too small, there wouldn’t be much profit even if I won . ”

It was obvious there was another contest .

“I will also bet one million low-grade spirit stones!”

To Li Fuchen, one million low-grade spirit stones wasn’t considered a lot and even if he lost, he wouldn’t feel a heartache .

But Li Fuchen wasn’t betting blindly . After taking a glance at the martial contestants, he decided to place the bets on the inner sect monarch-class disciple that looked a little weaker .

“You are betting on Senior Huang? I heard that Senior Huang has already lost to Senior Lin for four consecutive years . ” Bai Lingshuang knew quite a lot .

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