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Chapter 474

“His perception is twice ours . This is the 7-star bone frame?” Everyone was stunned .

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In the past, they might already know that there was a drastic difference between them and the 7-star bone frame, but when the perception was presented with points, they still felt a trace of despair .

It was a pity that they still didn’t know that the difference of 60 over and 30 over wasn’t just double, it was several times different .

Let alone the difference of 30 over and 60 over . Even if the difference was only between 30 over and 40 over, it was already an overwhelming difference that was impossible to exceed .

Sima Zhuo was rather pleased with the 67 points . Since over 60 points would allow him to qualify as a monarch-class disciple, it meant that 67 was a rather high value .

Unknowingly, the rest of the six kingdoms’ youth were about to finish all the tests .

All nine of the 7-star bone frames had a perception that were beyond 60 points . The one with the highest perception had reached 72 points and was also the only person to exceed 70 points . The person with the lowest perception only had 60 points and was nearly demoted to a first-grade outer sect disciple .

As for the 6-star bone frames, most of them were second or third-grade outer sect disciples . There were only 20 over first-grade outer sect disciples .

Soon enough, it was time for the Violet Flower Kingdom to go through the test . Everyone was starting to get nervous .

Firstly, it was the Violet Flower Martial Institution .

“Perception 55, first-grade outer sect disciple . ”

The one who took the test was the Violet Flower Kingdom’s Third Royal Princess, Zi Yuqing .

Zi Yuqing only possessed the 6-star bone frame and for her perception to reach 55 points, she was already extremely outstanding . It was almost close to the 7-star bone frame’s average perception .

Up until now, there were only a few 6-star bone frames with a perception that were over 50 points . Those individuals were the elite 6-star bone frames and as for those that had a perception that was on par with the 7-star bone frames, they would be heaven-defying 6-star bone frames .

But such heaven-defying individuals were too rare .

It was possible for 5-star bone frames to be comparable with 6-star bone frames in terms of perception . But it was basically impossible for 6-star bone frames to compare with 7-star bone frames in terms of perception . Among ten thousand 6-star bone frames, only a few would be able to achieve it .

“55 huh?” Zi Yuqing grinned .

Next up was the Violet Flower Martial Institution’s no . 1 cadet, Hai Wuya . As one of the three 7-star bone frames from the Violet Flower Kingdom, many of the Violet Flower Martial Institution’s cadets had placed their hopes on him . After all, they were from the same martial institution and if Hai Wuya’s perception was high, they would be honored .

“Perception 66, monarch-class disciple . ”

Hai Wuya’s perception wasn’t low and was currently ranked no . 4 .

However, Hai Wuya wasn’t very satisfied with this result .

As a 7-star bone frame, he didn’t allow himself to have a lower level of perception than others . Before he attempted the test, he already had an imagination and believed that his perception would be over 70 .

But, everything was just a mirage .

After the Violet Flower Martial Institution, it was the Stars Martial Institution’s turn .

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The Stars Martial Institution’s cadets went for the test one by one and the results varied .

Among them, Lin Chaoyang’s perception was considered very high and was over 50 .

“It is Murong Tianxing’s turn . ” One of the cadets from the 24 Martial Institutions couldn’t help but say out .

During the journey here, everyone witnessed the contest between Li Fuchen12 and Murong Tianxing, hence, they were particularly attentive to Murong Tianxing .

Murong Tianxing who had a star-shaped scar on his forehead had walked over and received the perception crystal before placing it on his forehead .

Specks of light rapidly appeared .

“Eh?” The perception hall elder’s face flashed with astonishment .

When the specks of light stopped appearing, the perception hall elder took a glance and lauded, “Perception 75, monarch-class disciple . ”

“What? Perception 75? So high!”

There was a commotion .

Previously, the highest perception was only 72 points, but Murong Tianxing was three points higher .

“How can it be so high?” Situ Tao looked at Li Fuchen with a little worry .

If Murong Tianxing had a high perception, it meant his combat strength was also very strong . Didn’t he mention that he would battle with Li Fuchen after they entered the Red Rainbow Sect? Situ Tao wondered if Li Fuchen would be able to handle it .

“No wonder he is the no . 1 youth of the Violet Flower Kingdom . This perception is truly fitting for his status . ”

“How can he only be the no . 1 youth of the Violet Flower Kingdom? In my opinion, Senior Murong should be the no . 1 youth of the seven kingdoms . ”

“That’s right, Senior Murong’s perception is no . 1 of the seven kingdoms . ”

The cadets from the Stars Martial Institution were beaming with happiness .

After the Stars Martial Institution’s cadets finished their tests, the cadets from the 24 Martial Institutions started the tests .

First to be tested was Bai Lingshuang .

Her perception was average . It was neither high nor low, 65 points .

Bai Lingshuang stepped down after twitching her mouth .

So far, all twelve 7-star bone frames had finished their test .

None of them were below 60 and were all monarch-class disciples .

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Immediately after, the others went for the tests .

Ling Yijian was indeed the seeded contestant of the High Heaven Martial Institution for a reason . His perception was no . 1 among the 6-star bone frames and was actually at 58 points . He was extremely close to 7-star bone frames and was even superior to Zi Yuqing . Next was Yang Shihuo who had 52 points while Lan Fei’er had 50 points .

“Eh, all of them have rather high perception!” Mo Chaofan was rather surprised .

For 6-star bone frames, they would become first-grade outer sect disciples with a perception that was over 40 . Those with more than 50 points would be considered the elites of the first-grade .

It was Situ Tao’s turn and his perception was 45 points .

Then it was Wang Heilong who had a perception that reached 50 points .

Finally, there were only a few individuals left and Li Fuchen walked forward .

While looking at Li Fuchen’s back view, the cadets of the Violet Flower Kingdom were holding their breaths .

Be it the Violet Flower Martial Institution or the Stars Martial Institution, they didn’t believe Li Fuchen’s perception would be weaker .

If Li Fuchen had a low perception, he wouldn’t have been able to defeat Bai Lingshuang . As the no . 1 contestant of the 24 Martial Institutions Ranking Tournament, if Li Fuchen had low perception, he wouldn’t be able to receive a fist from Murong Tianxing and be able to stand firm .

They wished to know how high was Li Fuchen’s perception .

Was it close to 60 or over 60?

No one thought it would be around 40 points .

“It should be at least 65!” Situ Tao recalled Li Fuchen’s information and muttered in his heart .

To be honest, Situ Tao had never seen such a heaven-defying person like Li Fuchen . Li Fuchen obviously only had the 5-star bone frame but his perception was terrifying . Not only did he comprehend the earth class mid-tier cultivation technique intent, he had also comprehended the earth class high-tier sword intent . Even his divine ability level was superior to everyone .

Situ Tao’s emotions told him that it would be surprising if Li Fuchen’s perception was over 70 .

After all, Bai Lingshuang already had a perception of 65 . Li Fuchen’s perception was definitely higher than her .

But Situ Tao’s rationality told him that it was seemingly impossible for Li Fuchen’s perception to reach over 70 . Wouldn’t that mean Li Fuchen was on part with 7-star bone frames and had even exceeded most of the 7-star bone frames .

If it was heaven-defying for the perception of 5-star bone frames to be on par with 6-star bone frames, then what would it mean if 5-star bone frames were on par with 7-star bone frames?

After receiving the perception crystal, Li Fuchen placed it on his forehead .

Sheets of light appeared .

That’s right, it was sheets of light .

In the blink of the eye, the black perception crystal was now extremely dazzling .

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The perception hall elder watched with wide-opened eyes and didn’t dare to believe his own eyes .

Mo Chaofan and the other outer sect elders gasped a cold breath .

From the looks of it, Li Fuchen’s perception was definitely over 70 and even more than 80 .

How was this possible? In the history of the Red Rainbow Sect, the highest perception of a 6-star bone frame was 72 points . That was the only individual in history, but now that was an even more horrific and heaven-defying 6-star bone frame . Just the thought of it was enough for someone to go insane .

They had all assumed that Li Fuchen was a 6-star bone frame and didn’t even think he was a 5-star bone frame .

“Elder Liu, what is his perception?”

Mo Chaofan and the other outer sect elders looked at the perception hall elder impatiently .

The perception hall elder’s lips trembled and was speechless for a moment .

“Elder Liu, hurry up and say something! You are making us go crazy!” The middle-aged beauty urged .

The perception crystal was very special and one would only be able to see the total number of specks from a close distance . If one stood just a little further, one would only be able to see radiance .

“100…” The perception hall elder trembled as he spoke .

“How much?” Mo Chaofan widened his eyes .

Did he hear wrongly? 100?

“100, full points . ” The perception hall elder took a deep breath and spoke forcefully .

Perception crystals were very rare and it was hard to obtain one . The Red Rainbow Sect’s perception crystals were all ordinary perception crystals and the full points were 100 . Higher grades of perception crystals would have the full points of 200 or even 300 .

It meant to say that Li Fuchen’s perception might be more than 100 . After all, it wasn’t possible to test anything more than 100 . It couldn’t possibly be so coincidental to be at 100 points! It was too abnormal .

For the perception to reach 100 or over 100, only 8-star bone frames in the Red Rainbow Sect could achieve it . None of the 7-star bone frames were able to achieve it . Even those 7-star bone frames with terrifying perception weren’t able to do it .

After hearing the reply, the entire perception hall was in utter silence .

Even the twelve 7-star bone frames were dumbstruck and weren’t able to say a single word .

Especially Murong Tianxing who had a rather unpleasant expression . He felt as though there was a giant rock on his chest and he was unable to catch his breath .

100, how was it possible? Was this a joke!?

Could there be something wrong with the perception crystal?

Situ Tao and Wang Heilong’s lips were shaking as they looked at Li Fuchen with appalled eyes .

This was the first time they understood the terror of Li Fuchen .

This terror was already beyond their imagination .

If this information was to spread back to the Violet Flower Kingdom and the South Forest Martial Institution, it would definitely cause an uproar .

Wang Heilong felt the agony in his heart . Trying to compete with this insane individual was the same as seeking for torment . He could compete with the 7-star bone frames but he must not compete with Li Fuchen, it was too much of a shock .

“Do you really have the 6-star bone frame?”

From Mo Chaofan’s information, Li Fuchen wasn’t one of the 7-star bone frames, hence, the perception hall elder couldn’t help but ask .

Li Fuchen replied, “I am not a 6-star bone frame . ”

After hearing the reply, the perception hall elder was rather angry and thought: ‘You actually deceived me . You are obviously a 7-star bone frame but why do you impersonate a 6-star bone frame? Do you think this is fun?’

This wasn’t right . Even if a 7-star bone frame had the perception of 100 and above, it was still very terrifying .

The perception hall elder probed with a question, “Are you a 7-star bone frame or an 8-star bone frame?”

If Li Fuchen had the 8-star bone frame, the Red Rainbow Sect was in great luck .

It meant that Li Fuchen was no longer a monarch-class disciple but an emperor-class disciple .

That’s right, above the monarch-class disciple, there was a higher graded emperor-class disciple .

The emperor-class disciples had great hopes of progressing to the Law Phase Realm and were considered as emperors and empresses . They were strategic prodigies in the sects and had a status that were higher than inner sect elders . Furthermore, inner sect elders were all Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

“I am a 5-star bone frame . ” Li Fuchen didn’t dare to deceive the perception hall elder .

The perception hall elder nearly vomited blood and felt his mind going into chaos .

There was a split moment he felt that Li Fuchen was mocking at him .

“Elder, Li Fuchen is indeed a 5-star bone frame, we can testify for him . ” Situ Tao and Wang Heilong walked out and spoke carefully .

“Elder Liu, do you want to report to the upper echelons and do a comprehensive test of his bone frame and perception?” Mo Chaofan felt that this was a serious matter and had suggested .

“We have no choice but to do so . ” The perception hall elder nodded and smiled bitterly .

“All of you are dismissed from the perception hall . You will follow me . ”

The perception hall elder waved his hand and asked everyone to leave before he spoke to Li Fuchen .

In response, Li Fuchen followed the perception hall elder .

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