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Chapter 471

“Mirror dao reflection?” Li Fuchen12 thought in his mind .

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Mirrors could reflect light but shouldn’t be able to reflect anything else .

But those weren’t ordinary mirrors . Bai Lingshuang’s Ice Mirror was obviously more mystical . Instead of saying the blazing sword qi got reflected, it was better to say that it had turned a corner and returned .

As for the theory, Li Fuchen didn’t understand either .

“If the mirror dao law is unbreakable, then I have to break the ice dao law that is sustained by the mirror dao law . ”

Li Fuchen took a deep breath and burst out with his blazing flame power . The surging flames had turned him into a giant sphere of flame . The surface of the sphere was tumbling with blazing flame patterns and it looked like a living being .

When scorched by the blazing flame law, the Ice Mirror showed signs of melting .

“Such powerful blazing flame law . ” Bai Lingshuang’s face had changed .

When more meridians were opened up, more power would be burst out .

But the comprehension of the bone frame pattern would determine the intensity of the law .

Bai Lingshuang had the former advantage while Li Fuchen had the latter advantage .

She might have the 7-star bone frame and exceptional perception, but she had only comprehended around two and a half segments of the icy cold bone frame pattern .

“It is indeed effective . ”

It was difficult to break the Ice Mirror using normal methods . Li Fuchen could only use the blazing flame law to suppress the ice dao law on the Ice Mirror .

As Li Fuchen released all of his blazing flame law, the Ice Mirror melted at an even faster rate .

“Don’t even think about it . ”

Bai Lingshuang’s eyes turned severe . She waved her hand and another Ice Mirror appeared .

Controlling three Ice Mirrors was already her limit . If she conjured another one, she would have to suffer the backlash from the icy cold power .

Bang Bang Bang…

There was a higher frequency of explosion outside Li Fuchen’s sphere of flame and the sphere was starting to shake .


Li Fuchen yelled out while blazing flame surged on his body . The complicated and aggressive blazing flame pattern looked as though it was alive and was emitting a fearsome blazing flame pressure . At the same time, Li Fuchen cleaved at one of the Ice Mirrors again .

This time, the blazing sword qi’s blazing flame pattern was much more concentrated .

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Gush Gush…

Half of the blazing sword qi entered the Ice Mirror while the other half was in conflict with the Ice Mirror . There was a boiling sound .


The Ice Mirror and blazing sword qi shattered and exploded at the same time .

Bai Lingshuang moaned softly and had an unresigned expression .

Using her Ice Mirror, she had defeated multiple low-level Battle Spirit Realm masters . She didn’t expect to have trouble facing Li Fuchen .

“Ice Mirror, shatter!”

With a wave of Bai Lingshuang’s right hand, the remaining two Ice Mirrors suddenly shattered . Countless Ice Mirror shards covered the entire contest stage . At the same moment, icy cold lines weaved a net and constantly sliced at the flaming sphere .


After doing all these, Bai Lingshuang vomited a mouthful of fresh blood first .

This was the sign of divine ability backlash .

“Such an incredible divine ability . ”

Wielding the Scarlet Blood Sword, Li Fuchen slashed up, cleaved down, swung horizontally, swept in a circle . In an instant, Li Fuchen had executed numerous sword slashes that caused the concentrated blazing sword qi to turn into a flaming storm . It extended out in all directions and extinguished all of the icy cold lines .

Ultimately, only a portion of the icy cold lines had landed on the flaming sphere and caused it to shrink .

“You won . ”

Bai Lingshuang didn’t have any more strength to fight . This was also mainly because Li Fuchen was unscathed after her final attack . Fighting any more would just be a waste of time .

Just like this, the ultimate battle that should be extremely intense had ended .

In fact, this battle was considered very intense . Be it Li Fuchen’s blazing flame divine ability or Bai Lingshuang’s icy cold divine ability, both were eye-openers .

The offensive potential of the blazing flame and icy cold divine abilities were unimaginable .

The only thing unsatisfying was that this battle had ended too quickly .

“Even a 7-star prodigy is defeated . The South Forest Martial Institution is truly lucky . ”

Most of the martial institutions’ Deans and Assistant Deans were extremely envious and jealous .

With Li Fuchen’s innate talent and perception, even if he entered the Red Rainbow Sect, he would be rather prominent . When he had been fully developed, the South Forest Martial Institution would undoubtedly have an additional backer .

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“Sigh, every generation would have a new talented individual . This year, the South Forest Martial Institution has won . But next time, it might not be the same . ”

“That’s right . The Red Rainbow Sect is recruiting disciples every two years . We will have our chances . ”

When thinking like this, everyone felt a little more relaxed .

“This child is rather interesting . ” 

The Flying Snow Martial Institution’s Dean, Duanmu Yao wasn’t angry and was actually smiling .

Bai Lingshuang might have lost, but it didn’t really affect the Flying Snow Martial Institution .

With the 7-star icy cold bone frame, Bai Lingshuang’s prospects in the Red Rainbow Sect was much brighter than Li Fuchen .

The perception was something that was hard to explain and wasn’t as dependable as bone frames .

A 7-star bone frame had high chances to breakthrough to the Primary Sea Realm . As of now, the Flying Snow Martial Institution had yet to produce a Primary Sea Realm monarch and Bai Lingshuang had the greatest hopes of achieving it .

“To stand at the peak of the 24 Martial Institutions’ youth generations with the cultivation at the 4th level of Reincarnation Realm . Li Fuchen must have broken the records that lasted for a thousand years!” Meng Chihang was still in disbelief that Li Fuchen had won .

Before the tournament, his greatest expectation of Li Fuchen was around the top ten or so .

He didn’t expect Li Fuchen to increase the South Forest Martial Institution’s ranking, he just hoped that the martial institution’s ranking wouldn’t decline .

How could he have expected Li Fuchen to give him such a great surprise?

“I remember the most recent was 30 years ago when the seeded contestant of the High Heaven Martial Institution won the tournament with the cultivation at the 5th level of Reincarnation . ” On the side, Lin Zhubai commented .

Meng Chihang nodded . It was already very shocking for a contestant to win the tournament at the 5th level of Reincarnation . In the past century, there was only two or three individuals .

Of course, it didn’t mean that these people were formidable .

It could only be said that their luck was better as there weren’t a lot of incredible prodigies during those tournaments .

For contestants like Bai Lingshuang, Ling Yijian, Yang Shihuo, Lan Fei’er, Cui Rongguang, and others would also be able to reach the top during those earlier tournaments .

Especially Bai Lingshuang and Ling Yijian . The two of them would basically be at the top in any other tournament .

There was too many incredible prodigies this year and they were all gathered .

Li Fuchen had shocked everyone by reaching the top and received admirations but it was only so .

The thing that the Seven Color Continent didn’t lack was the abundance of prodigies . When the seven great kingdoms and the Red Rainbow Sect was included, there were countless prodigies that would shock the world frequently and they were already numb .

If Li Fuchen was to stand at the top of the Red Rainbow Sect’s youth generation, the shock might last longer, but it was a situation that couldn’t possibly happen .

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The remaining matches of the tournament was insipid as they was nothing else to look forward to .

After round 49, the rankings were finalized .

No . 1: Li Fuchen, 50 points .

No . 2: Bai Lingshuang, 49 points .

No . 3: Ling Yijian, 48 points .

No . 4: Yang Shihuo, 47 points .

No . 5: Lan Fei’er, 46 points .

No . 6: Cui Rongguang, 45 points .

No . 7: Li Kuang, 44 points .

No . 8: Shentu Qing, 43 points .

No . 20: Situ Tao, 31 points .

No . 42: Wang Heilong, 9 points .

As such, the South Forest Martial Institution had a total of 90 points and was ranked 3rd among the 24 Martial Institutions . They had advanced by 12 ranks at once .

“It is simply one step to heaven!”

Before this, everyone already knew that the South Forest Martial Institution’s ranking would be very high but they didn’t expect it to be so high . The other deans had surged with jealousy and dissatisfaction .

As for the 1st ranked martial institution, it was still the High Heaven Martial Institution .

With five individuals in the Ranking Tournament, the High Heaven Martial Institution had a total of 138 points and was 48 points more than the South Forest Martial Institution .

2nd rank was the Flying Snow Martial Institution .

Similar to the High Heaven Martial Institution, they had five individuals entering the Ranking Tournament . Their total points was 127 points and was just 11 points lesser than the High Heaven Martial Institution . The difference wasn’t that big .

4th rank was the Blue Moon Martial Institution who had three contestants in the Ranking Tournament . They had a total of 88 points and was only 2 points lesser than the South Forest Martial Institution . The Blue Moon Martial Institution’s Dean felt that it was a pity but there was nothing he could do .

Apart from the South Forest Martial Institution, there were many other martial institutions who had an improvement in ranking .

Like Li Kuang’s Wild Lion Martial Institution who rose from 18th rank to 12th rank .

During each Ranking Tournament, for the martial institution to achieve a high ranking, the seeded contestant and the number of contestants entering the Ranking Tournament was very important .

The higher the rank of the seeded contestant, the higher the total points .

The more contestants entering the Ranking Tournament, the easier it was to accumulate more points .

The High Heaven Martial Institution and the Flying Snow Martial Institution were able to stand above the rest mainly because their seeded contestants had higher ranks and they had more contestants entering the Ranking Tournament . With a combination of two factors, even if the South Forest Martial Institution had two Li Fuchen, it would be hard to compete against them .

Next, it was time to give out the awards .

Li Fuchen who was ranked no . 1 had obtained 1000 mid-grade spirit stones and 10 million low-grade spirit stones .

Bai Lingshuang obtained 500 mid-grade spirit stones and 5 million low-grade spirit stones .

Ling Yijian obtained 300 mid-grade spirit stones and 3 million low-grade spirit stones .

The generous rewards had made the other contestants very envious .

Even most of the Battle Spirit Realm masters wouldn’t have that much spirit stones . Those that might have a few million or ten million low-grade spirit stones, would be those high-level Battle Spirit Realm masters .

“With 10 million low-grade spirit stones, my total number of low-grade spirit stones have reached over 20 million . I also have around 1200 mid-grade spirit stones and it should be enough for me to use for a long time . ” The body refinement path required a lot of resourced and it was also the same for the qi cultivation path later on . Li Fuchen estimated that for a Primary Sea Realm monarch to be produced, it would probably require half of the East Unicorn Continent’s resources . For Li Fuchen to progress to the Primary Sea Realm, he would require even more resources .

After all, he was on the path of dual cultivation .
(TL note: I will use dual cultivation to describe dual cultivation of body and qi as a short form)

“Since the Ranking Tournament is over, send them to the Violet Flower Martial Institution then!” Duanmu Yao suggested to the other deans .

The Violet Flower Martial Institution was the royal martial institution of the Violet Flower Kingdom . The Red Rainbow Sect Elder would normally be waiting there .

“Naturally . ” The other deans nodded .

“We are going to the Red Rainbow Sect . ”

In response, the 50 contestants of the Ranking Tournament had revealed excited expressions .

Even Bai Lingshuang and Ling Yijian were excited too .

The two of them might have outstanding innate talent and perception but they were restricted in the Violet Flower Kingdom . The Red Rainbow Sect was a sacred place for prodigies . Only by going to that place would one have a faster speed of progress . Only by going to that place, would one have a brighter future .

“Red Rainbow Sect . I wonder what kind of scenery would that place have?” Li Fuchen was obviously much more composed .

He wasn’t a native inhabitant of the Seven Color Continent . The things he had experienced was far beyond the present people of the youth generations .

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