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Chapter 47
Time passed like how the river flowed, and in the blink of the eye a little over a month had past .

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=In the yard=

Li Fuchen activated the strength of both his arms and held up a giant monolith that was 3000 kg .

Wearing only a pair of shorts, Li Fuchen’s skin looked smooth as silk, but tough and durable at the same time; it seemed that swords wouldn’t even be able to cut his skin . With a lean and slim body frame, he had distinctive muscle shapes that displayed all his edges and lines . It was like a body of at 16 or 17 year old young man instead of a 14 year old kid .


Putting down the monolith, Li Fuchen didn’t have any shortness of breath or signs of weariness .

Such a small body frame with 3000 kg of physical strength, it was a terrifying sight to behold .

Li Fuchen was only 130 kg, that meant that every kilogram of muscle on average, contained 20+ kg of strength .


Using his arm as a blade, Li Fuchen made a clean cut on the monolith, splitting apart a chunk of it .

“Physical strength of 3000 kg, sure is astonishing . ”

With the second rank of the Crimson Battle Form, Li Fuchen felt an everlasting stamina from within his body . With a concentrated blow of his breath, it became an arrow that could shoot down leaves that were a dozen meters away . A single strike of his fist produced a sonic boom that stung the ear, and the ferocious force of his punch could put a dent in the monolith which was a few meters away, letting off a loud bang .

Apart from the increase in bodily strength, the largest transformation on Li Fuchen was the density of his skin and flesh .

Li Fuchen felt his skin wasn’t human skin anymore, but more like demonic beast skin which was unimaginably tough . His flesh became demonic beast flesh as well, every inch of his flesh held an enormous amount of strength . When idle, it would be soft and tender, but when flexed and tensed up, it would be as hard as any rock .

Li Fuchen did tests by hitting himself with forces that weighed thousands of kilograms, but he felt nothing and even thought it was like a massage .

Obviously it only applied to bare fist and kicks . If the force of thousands of kilograms were to be instilled into blades, it would still be able to penetrate his body .

Even though Li Fuchen spent most of the time cultivating Crimson Battle Form, he didn’t neglect his other routine cultivations .

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Just one week ago, he successfully broke through to the seventh level of the Qi Realm .

As one’s Qi Stages progressed to a higher level, its difficulty increased exponentially .

One of the Cang Lan Sect rules stated that, disciples who did not reach Origin Realm before the age of 20 would be demoted to an outer sect deacon apprentice .

Every year, there would be hundreds of disciples who were demoted to a deacon apprentice within the sect and the main reason would be the inability to breakthrough the Origin Realm within the stipulated time frame .

Li Fuchen wasn’t worry about this rule at all; after all he is only 14 years old .

Everyone’s dream was to breakthrough to the Origin Realm earlier .

It was said that the earlier the breakthrough, the smoother the breakthrough to the Earth Realm . After the Earth Realm, there was still the Heaven Dipper Realm and Reincarnation Realm as well .

Every realm was a major burdle and each one harder than the next .

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Breaking through the first hurdle has proved to be a difficult task for most, it was almost impossible to break past the second hurdle, unless one had a fated encounter .

“It is time for me to be a little more reckless . ”

With both his physical strength and Qi Realm level breakthrough, Li Fuchen had a gush of confidence . He wasn’t afraid of meeting other experts when returning with his harvests, worse case scenario, he just had to fight it out and lay down his reputation .


=Valley of Keng Qiang Mountain=

Li Fuchen pushed off the rest of the Snow Silver ore left within the pit .

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As the Snow Silver ore smashed onto the depths of the valley, the ground shook and fragments of rocks were sent all around .

The leftover Snow Silver ore weighed around 1800 kg, although heavy, it was still within the limits of Li Fuchen .

Lugging the Snow Silver ore, Li Fuchen slowly exited Keng Qiang Mountain .


Along the way, whenever Li Fuchen felt tired, he would take a break . If he felt thirsty, he would stop to drink some water . Five days later, he was close to the Cang Lan Sect .

“Li Fuchen, what are you carrying? Let us share the load . ”

Not knowing when, Li Fuchen had became a ‘celebrity’ .

First, it was the treasure fish incident, where he obtained 16,000 contribution points . Afterwards, he didn’t return to Cang Lan Lake anymore, but went to an ore mountain .

What everyone knew was that Li Fuchen exchanged Raw Iron ore for points on his first trip and second trip, but there were rumors saying that he redeemed a total of 139 body temper pills and that costs around 30,000 contribution points .

Thus, everyone began to suspect, did Li Fuchen discover a pile of high grade ores in the ore mountain, but then used Raw Iron ores as a cover to hide his harvests .

A group of eighth level Qi Realm outer sect disciples surrounded Li Fuchen, everyone of them with ill intent .

“Get lost!” Li Fuchen gave a shot a cold glare at these people .

“Li Fuchen, you better tone down your ego! Didn’t you ever heard of this saying, ‘Sharing is caring’? Hogging everything for yourself isn’t an advisable habit!” A tall and big framed youth pointed at Li Fuchen and berated .

“Senior Liu, why waste your time negotiating with him? With our numbers, if everyone spat at him, he would drown!” Another youth spoke viciously .


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Putting down the basket filled with Snow Silver ore, Li Fuchen ‘cracked’ his neck and spoke lightly, “Let’s do it all at once! Save me the time and inconvenience . ”


As a strong gale blew past, a thick boned youth sent a punch aimed at Li Fuchen’s temple .


Snorting, Li Fuchen lifted his right leg and sent his opponent flying with a single kick, spitting blood as he flew .

With a physical strength of 3000 kg, how could any of them compare to Li Fuchen in terms of body physique . Currently, he didn’t even need to rely on his combat skills, all he had to do was use speed and power to crush most of them .

“All together!” The youth who seemed to be the leader gave the command, with a vicious intent flashing in his eyes .

A total of eight disciples rushed Li Fuchen at the same time . They were like a violent storm that was bundled up tight and unable to avoid .

“Just what I wanted . ”

In the eyes of Li Fuchen, this group of people were too slow .

With a leg lash, Li Fuchen sweeped off one of them .

Turning his body, he avoided attacks from three disciples, then executed two consecutive kicks to sent another two disciples flying .

Raising his left arm, he block a punch from another youth and drilled a right fist which was like a venomous snake into the youth’s abdomen .

Bam! Whack! Stamp!

With just a few breaths, on this piece of vacant land, all but Li Fuchen was left laying on the ground groaning in pain . Some even had their ribs broken by Li Fuchen .

“Such power!”

In a distance, was some outer sect disciples who initially glared at Li Fuchen like tigers waiting to prey, but instead were not anything but standing in silence and stupefied .

“This is too overpowering! Among the outer sect disciples, I’m afraid even the ninth level Qi Realm seniors can’t achieve the same results!”

“He was only here 3 months ago, how could he get this strong?”

“Could he be another ‘Guan Xue’ class prodigy?”

As if he settled an insignificant matter, Li Fuchen lifted the Snow Silver ore and carried on walking .

“Li Fuchen, just you wait!” The leader of the group, pointed at Li Fuchen and viciously shouted .

Li Fuchen stopped in his tracks, “It seems I was too merciful . ”

As he spoke, he approached the side of the leader .

“Whatt . . What are you trying to do?” The youth leader stuttered .

“Helping you burn this scene into your memory . ”


Li Fuchen broke his opposition’s lower leg with a trample .


The leader of the group hugged his leg, screaming in pain with his eyes rolling white .

“Too merciless, Sun Youbao is the younger cousin of one of the outer sect’s top 500 disciples . ”

“Let’s wait and see, Sun Youbao will definitely ask his elder cousin to help take revenge for him . ”

Disregarding the discussion of the bystanders, Li Fuchen picked up his Snow Silver ore and left .

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