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Chapter 457

Merely the perfection stage of the Fragment Star Sword Art wasn’t enough for Liu Jun to be ranked 11th in the Stars Martial Institution .

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Apart from the Fragment Star Sword Art, he had also cultivated the earth class mid-tier cultivation technique, the Morning Star Technique and it was at the 25th rank . He had been frequently visiting the Black King Hidden Domain as he planned to collect enough contribution points to redeem the 26th and 27th rank of the Morning Star Technique .

When Liu Jun executed his sword, he seemed to already see Li Fuchen12’s ashamed and terrified expression .

“Just like this?”

Li Fuchen launched a fist . The valiant fierce tiger spirit instantly froze Liu Jun’s Fragment Star Sword Art .


Liu Jun’s artifact sword bent a little before bouncing back straight while Liu Jun was sent flying with a blank expression and vomiting fresh blood .


Liu Qing’s eyeballs were bulging out . Liu Jun was ranked 11th on the Stars Martial Institution’s Power Rankings, how could he be sent flying by Li Fuchen in a single fist .

“Impossible . Big Brother Jun must be careless . ” Liu Qing took a deep breath and yelled at Liu Jun, “Big Brother Jun, don’t hold back . Why didn’t you burst out with your extraordinary power?”

Forcefully restraining his body, Liu Jun staggered as he landed and had an extremely awful expression .

Before Liu Jun made a move, he said he was going to teach Li Fuchen a lesson on the way of life . But now, he was the one being sent flying by Li Fuchen, where was he going to put his face?

“Good, very good . I admit that I am a little careless . But everything shall end here . ”

Liu Jun yelled out while a dazzling power combined with his qi, causing his qi presence to increase drastically .

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The starlight power was born from the starlight bone frame .

The starlight bone frame wasn’t considered a special bone frame and was still an extraordinary bone frame . Only the superior, stars bone frame could be considered a special bone frame .

But as compared to regular extraordinary bone frames, the starlight bone frame was significantly superior .

“Star Fragment Splash . ”

With the increase in qi presence, Liu Jun executed the finishing move of the Fragment Star Sword Art . When he brandished his sword, fragments of starlight glowed very brightly and splashed out .

“No wonder he is the 11th rank of the Stars Martial Institution . But still not enough . ”

A mere glance was enough for Li Fuchen to know that Liu Jun’s strength was almost at the 16th level of Reincarnation Realm . This strength was already close to the Evil King’s regular combat strength .

But to Li Fuchen, it was still not enough .

The fierce tiger spirit rose up again and Li Fuchen used another fist to send Liu Jun flying .

“Bastard, how can your strength be above mine . I don’t believe it . ”

Liu Jun’s face distorted and disregarded his injuries as he continued to launch an aggressive assault at Li Fuchen .

“Obstinate . ”

Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength was only at the 17th level of Reincarnation Realm and was merely one level higher than his opponent .

But the strength mentioned here was actually offensive strength . Overall strength wasn’t calculated like this .

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Li Fuchen’s Tiger Soul Fist was already at the trance stage and the fierce tiger spirit emitting overwhelming pressure that was similar to field power .

When suppressed by the fierce tiger spirit, it was already praiseworthy for Liu Jun to utilize 70% of his strength . He no longer had the qualification to contest with Li Fuchen .

Due to anger, Li Fuchen pushed his Tiger Soul Fist to 90% strength .


Fresh blood was vomited violently while Liu Jun was launched into the sky while his artifact sword flew off .

“Starlight Sword Qi!”

Right at this moment, Liu Jun suddenly swung his hand while he was flying and shot a dazzling sword qi at Li Fuchen .

This sword qi wasn’t the same as regular sword qi . It contained mystical and unfathomable patterns . When supported by the patterns, the sword qi seemed to materialize and was emitting a murderous aura that could slice through metal .

Starlight divine ability… Starlight Sword Qi .

Li Fuchen was able to suppress Liu Jun’s regular strength but not his divine ability .

The Stars Martial Insitutiton might be filled with prodigies and Liu Jun might only be ranked 11th, but not everyone ahead of him had awakened their divine abilities . With him included, there were only seven individuals who have awakened their divine abilities .

Once the starlight divine ability was executed, Liu Jun was confident he could defeat more than half of the no . 1 cadets from the 24 Martial Institutions .

If Liu Jun knew Li Fuchen was so formidable, he would have executed his divine ability immediately, instead of allowing himself to be in this pathetic state and suffer such serious injuries .

“Divine ability!” An Xinmei6 nearly suffocated .

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An Xinmei knew the power of divine abilities . The South Forest Martial Institution’s no . 1, Situ Tao had used his soft water divine ability to seriously injure an inner institute mentor in a single move . That mentor was at the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm and had even cultivated earth class mid-tier cultivation technique and martial art . Despite all that, the mentor was still unable to resist Situ Tao’s soft water divine ability .

Liu Jun had actually awakened his divine ability too . Were all the inner institute cadets in the Stars Martial Institution’s Power Rankings so formidable?

“Hehe, Big Brother Jun has awakened his starlight divine ability half a year ago . Li Fuchen, let’s see how you die this time . ” Liu Qing sneered in his heart .

“Divine ability huh?”

This was Li Fuchen’s second time witnessing a true divine ability .

The power of the divine ability was dependent on the comprehension of the bone frame pattern . As the comprehension of the bone frame pattern increased, the stronger the divine ability .

Then it was also dependent on the cultivation level . The higher the cultivation level, the more meridians would be opened up . With more meridians opened up, the divine ability could burst out with more power .

Lastly, it was also dependant on the cultivation technique’s grade . The higher the grade, the more meridians would be opened up too .

Liu Jun’s divine ability was probably comparable to the Evil King’s devil thunder divine ability .

The Evil King was three cultivation levels higher than Liu Jun, while Liu Jun’s cultivation technique’s grade was higher than the Evil King .

When Li Fuchen battled with Evil King, he was only at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm and he didn’t have more meridians opened up as compared to the Evil King . But at that time, Li Fuchen had already comprehended the bone frame pattern to the 55% mark, hence, he was only slightly inferior to the Evil King .

“Good timing . ”

The giant elephant spirit and the fierce tiger spirit rose up at the same time . Li Fuchen pushed the Tiger Soul Fist to the extremity and blasted his fist at the Starlight Sword Qi .

Creak Creak!

When the Starlight Sword Qi and the forceful fist force collided, there was a glass cracking sound coming from the air .

“Such durable sword qi . ” Li Fuchen squinted his eyes .

For regular sword qi, unless the power was overwhelming, it would be so durable .

“Shatter . ”

Li Fuchen clenched his fist rightly while the fierce tiger spirit soared .


The Starlight Sword Qi ultimately shattered . But when the sword qi shattered, there were durable threads connected to the shattered pieces . The power of the Starlight Sword Qi didn’t really diminish but the range of the attack had been expanded by over ten times . It was now like a net that had enveloped Li Fuchen .

“It is a divine ability indeed . ”

Li Fuchen sighed and raised his left hand’s index and middle fingers before thrusting forward .

A dazzling green radiance was released . When facing the green radiance, the shattered sword qi were just like snow that was swiftly melted in spring .

Earth class high-tier sword art, Green Sun Sword Intent .

If the earth class mid-tier High Heaven Sword Art was able to increase Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation strength by five levels, the Green Sun Sword Intent would be able to increase his qi cultivation strength by eight levels . Most importantly, it was the green sun sword field .

In the fact of the green sun sword field, even if the opponent’s offensive power was stronger, the opponent would be frozen and the offense would be diminished .

Earth class high-tier sword arts contained a very concentrated sword dao’s laws and earth class mid-tier sword arts were pale in comparison .

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