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Chapter 446

After the tea party ended, Li Fuchen12 rewarded the top ten prodigies with some elixirs . Before leaving, he had also given Su Muyu, Fan Qiansong, and Fan Qianyu a storage bag each . Apart from elixirs, there were also earth class equipment and other great items .

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“It is time for me to venture the East Unicorn Continent . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t visit many places in the East Unicorn Continent . In the past, he was too weak, but now that he had strength, he definitely wanted to roam around .

Li Fuchen speed was extremely fast and would only need a few days to travel from one region to another region . He required a few days because he would stay for a moment and admire the beautiful sceneries . Of course, he was merely making a fleeting glance in the passing . If he was to go to each of the scenic places, it would be impossible without three to five years . He didn’t have so much time to squander .

Unknowingly, Li Fuchen had already visited dozens of regions .

During the venture, Li Fuchen realized that his mind and body were much more delighted and his breadth of mind was much wider . He felt that heaven and earth was never this vast before .

“A venture is also mental cultivation . During the path of martial dao, apart from cultivation, there must also be time to relax . ”

Unwittingly, Li Fuchen arrived at the Demonic Ten Regions .

The Demonic Ten Regions were much more uncivilized than the human regions . It was very primitive but this kind of primitive was also a kind of beauty .

Li Fuchen sighed silently and felt that all living beings existed for a reason . The demonic beasts and demons might be savage, but it had also improved the humans . Without foreign enemies, humans would also have internal strife .

Of course, everything must be within a controllable range .

Previously, the Demonic Ten Regions had gone out of control and jeopardized the humans .

Along the way, Li Fuchen didn’t kill plenty of demonic beasts and demons . To him, it would be fine to exterminate the sovereigns of the Demonic Ten Regions . The rest wasn’t something he should worry about .

Of course, when Li Fuchen was unhappy he would conduct a massacre .

For instance, when he was in the Horn Devil Region, Li Fuchen saw prisons for humans and there were at least tens of millions of humans being imprisoned inside . No matter how foolish Li Fuchen was, he knew that the humans were actually rations for the demons and would be used for consumption at every turn .


Li Fuchen extended the ardent sun field power to the limit . Everything enemy within the range of the ardent sun field power would be immolated to death with the exception of class 5 demons .

The gates of the prisons were then melted by Li Fuchen’s ardent sun field power . Countless humans then walked out of the prisons while trembling with fear .

“You are all free . ” Li Fuchen spoke loudly .

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“Damn human . This is my Demonic Ten Regions’ territory!”

A few of the class 5 demons flew up to the sky . They did see Li Fuchen before, but even if the Demonic Ten Regions had lost, they believed that their territories should be very safe .


Without the need to draw his sword, Li Fuchen drew across with a single finger and burst out with High Heaven Sword Intent .

Pfff Pfff Pfff…

The class 5 demons were immediately turned into blood mists by the sword qi .

“I am the Hundred Sects Alliance Leader, Li Fuchen . The Demonic Ten Regions have been defeated . Everyone can be at ease and return home . ” Li Fuchen’s voice echoed in everyone’s ear .

“Hundred Sects Alliance Leader, Li Fuchen?”

These humans had been imprisoned for a long time, even the latest prisoners were captured before the Demonic Ten Regions were defeated . It wasn’t possible for them to know of the new Hundred Sects Alliance Leader, Li Fuchen .

But they also knew that Li Fuchen was definitely an absolute expert . Otherwise, he would barge in the Horn Devil Region alone and slaughtered the demons like weaklings .

“I know who is he . He is the humans’ absolute prodigy, Li Fuchen . ”

Finally, there was someone who heard of Li Fuchen’s name, but they didn’t know that Li Fuchen was so formidable .

After visiting every region, Li Fuchen would definitely free the humans that were imprisoned . He had killed so much that the Demonic Ten Regions were scared witless and this was when Li Fuchen had yet to conduct mass extermination yet .

There was something that Li Fuchen felt strange… All the sovereigns of the Demonic Ten Regions had vanished .

Li Fuchen guessed that they must be seeking for reinforcements or have concealed themselves .

This venture had taken Li Fuchen for three months . Half of the time was wasted in the Demonic Ten Regions .

During the later period, the Hundred Sects Alliance didn’t even need orders from Li Fuchen as they started sending people into the Demonic Ten Regions to search for human prisons . They would also conduct massacres until the Demonic Ten Regions were flowing with rivers of blood . If the Demonic Ten Regions’ sovereigns still weren’t going to appear, the Demonic Ten Regions might turn into history .

On this day, Li Fuchen arrived at the borders of the northern sea and was also within the vicinity of the shores of the western sea .

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There were also countless humans living here . A few hundred miles2 away, there were multiple cities .

This place was the junction between the Evil Dao and the Demonic Ten Regions . Due to the prowess of the Evil Dao, the Demonic Ten Regions didn’t wish to offend then, thus, these humans were able to survive .

The Evil Dao might be devoid of all humanity but they wouldn’t recklessly slaughter humans . Apart from the Blood Ancestor as he refined blood corpses and would have to frequently slaughter humans to produce the Multitude Blood Pearls . But normally, he would only do so in places with more population . This place had a scarce population of humans and if he slaughtered all of them here, this place would become the land of the dead .

Of course, even if they were scarce, Li Fuchen estimated around ten million humans in this place .

The humans multiplied very quickly and if a married couple was willing, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to have four to five children . Those who weren’t willing to reproduce were mainly because they couldn’t afford to feed the children .

On a bare and short mountain, Li Fuchen was sitting cross-legged and comprehending the Green Sun Sword Intent .

In front of him was the white beach and surging sea waves . In the sky above, there was a blazing sun that was emitting boundless light and heat .

Within these three months, Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was already 70% pale purple . His exceptional perception had finally allowed him to correct the Green Sun Sword Intent .

After correcting the Green Sun Sword Intent, it was actually an earth class high-tier sword art . In terms of pure lethal power, it was even above the High Heaven Sword Art .

But Li Fuchen was aware that the sub-perfection stage of the Green Sun Sword Intent wasn’t superior to the trance stage of the High Heaven Sword Art .

The battle between martial artists wasn’t just decided by whose attack was stronger, there were also other factors .

The High Heaven Sword Art’s lethality wasn’t better than the Green Sun Sword Intent, but the High Heaven Sword Field could suppress the enemy . As long as the opponent couldn’t resist the High Heaven Sword Field, Li Fuchen would be able to dictate his opponent’s life . This was something that the Green Sun Sword Intent was far inferior .

Therefore, in order to make the Green Sun Sword Intent a true trump card, Li Fuchen had to comprehend the sword intent .

Before the comprehending the sword intent, the Green Sun Sword intent contained a rather disorganized sword dao and was without a core . After comprehending the sword intent, the sword dao would form a closed-loop and would be integrated .

It was a pity that even if the 70% pale purple spirit soul, it was still a difficult task to cultivate the Green Sun Sword Intent to the trance stage .

Earth class high-tier sword arts were considered the top sword arts in the Seven Color Continent . As for earth class peak-tier sword arts, only the monarchs’ sects had them .

Seated on the short mountain, Li Fuchen’s body was emitting green light . It looked as though he was a green blazing sun and was correlating with the blazing sun in the distant skies .

Apart from the correction of the Green Sun Sword Intent, during these three months, Li Fuchen had also comprehended the blazing flame pattern to the 70% mark .

After reaching the 70% mark, even Li Fuchen had a hard time comprehending it further .

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It was fortunate that when Li Fuchen comprehended more of the blazing flame pattern, he felt that his comprehension of the Green Sun Sword Intent got deeper too .

The Green Sun Sword Intent didn’t just contain the laws of sword dao, it also contained the laws of blazing flame .

Or perhaps, it should be considered the laws of Blazing Flame Sword Dao .

Days passed by and Li Fuchen just sat on the short mountain .

Be it the violent winds, heavy rain, lightning flashes or thunder rolls, they were unable to waver Li Fuchen’s body .

There were times when Li Fuchen burst out with green light that would even scatter the dark clouds . He looked just like a blazing sun that was rising from the ground .

But in the end, the green light had gradually become reserved inside Li Fuchen’s body and there were no anomalies released anymore .


It was unknown when there was a huge sea wave . The surging tidal wave was like tens of thousands of cavalry, while there were spindrifts that were dozens of meters tall .

“Hurry up and run, the sea beasts are here!”

On the beach, some of the fishermen were scuttling frenziedly .

These fishermen might be Qi Training Realm martial artists while some of them were Origin Return Realm martial artists, but they were still not faster than the tide . All of them were drawn into the sea .

“Haha! Young ones! Kill over and capture more humans . ”

In the tide, a giant shark appeared .

This shark was massive as the length of its body was at least 2000 feet and was even several times bigger than the East Unicorn Continent’s largest Mountain Shaking Elephant . When it floated to the surface of the sea, it was like a long and narrow island . It had a pair of gigantic eyes that were releasing cold and cruel radiance .

“Yes, Lord Bai!”

Sea beasts emerged one after the other . These sea beasts were all massive in size . With the same class and tier, they were at least two times as big as the demonic beasts on land .

The large size meant they were harder to kill too .

The sea beasts’ targets weren’t the fishermen as these quantities weren’t enough to fill up the gaps in their teeth . Their targets were the human cities that were a few hundred miles away .

“En? Sea beasts . ”

The foot of the short mountain had already been flooded by the tide . Li Fuchen had awakened from his cultivation state .

Li Fuchen squinted his eyes at this scene .

This was actually his first time encountering sea beasts .

The sea beasts were considered the natural stronghold between continents . The countless sea beasts were enough to terrify any human, thus, no one dared to cross the seas .

After releasing the ardent sun field power, Li Fuchen burned groups of sea beasts .

The sea beasts didn’t like fire and were all howling and wailing as they died group after group from the flames .

“We are rescued . ”

Most of the fishermen climbed onto the short mountain and were looking at the sea beasts on the beach with lingering fear .

“Many thanks for my lord’s for saving us . ” The leader of the fishermen knelt on one knee and thanked with gratitude .

Li Fuchen asked, “Do the sea beasts come onto shores often?”

As compared to the demonic beasts on land, the sea beasts were undoubtedly more dangerous . Once the countless sea beasts come onto the shore, it was simply like a calamity and not even Li Fuchen could stop them .  

One of the fishermen nodded, “The sea beasts are like demonic beasts, they enjoy consuming humans . But not all sea beasts can come onto the shore . Only sea beasts below class 5 can enter the East Unicorn Continent as they please . As for class 5 sea beasts, once they come onto the shore, they would dehydrate . The further they walked inland, the dehydration would become increasingly severe until death . We do not know the reason for this too . ”

“I see . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

The East Unicorn Continent obviously has its own laws and would banish any class 6 demonic beasts, while those who didn’t leave would have to face death . As for the sea beasts, the continent had stricter laws and wouldn’t even allow class 5 sea beasts to move freely on the continent .

“My lord, there is a Great Demon that is a class 5 peak-tier sea beast, Megalodon, called Bai Gula . It is extremely powerful and it is rumored that not even the Evil King could defeat it . ” One of the fishermen stated .

“Is it that incredible? I would like to face him . ”

Li Fuchen took a step forward and appeared above the tide .

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