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Chapter 434

100,000 feet in the sea of clouds above, Li Fuchen12 was practicing his sword art .

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There were restrictions in the Wind Snow Sect and he wasn’t able to practice without reserve . There were no such restrictions in the sea of clouds . There were only clouds in the vicinity and nothing else .

After countless practices of the High Heaven Sword Art, Li Fuchen’s sword presence flourished and caused the surrounding clouds to tumble . A penetrative sword light broke through the sea of clouds and penetrated the sky . Within the vision was the blue and fearsome sword light .

The third move of the High Heaven Sword Art, Soar Into the Sky .

This move was like the Green Sun Sword Intent but the sword dao’s laws contained within the two moves were entirely different .

Green Sun Sword Intent was like the radiant sunlight, resplendent and glorious .

While Soar Into the Sky had unmatched tyranny and had the will to go against the heavens .

The High Heaven Sword Art’s original intention was to stand atop the heavens .

It might be impossible to stand above the heavens, but the sword intent didn’t allow for any resistance, not even the sky was allowed .

“With the Joint-Heaven Sword, my cultivation speed of the High Heaven Sword Art is just too fast . Perhaps, it will reach the trance stage even earlier than the Green Sun Sword Intent, allowing me to comprehend the fourth move, High Heaven’s Sword . ”

Sheathing the sword, Li Fuchen descended through the layer of clouds and landed in the Wind Snow Sect .

“Young Hero Li, the Hundred Sects Alliance’s conference will be happening tomorrow afternoon . ” Mu Hanxin reminded Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen nodded, “There is no need to hurry . We will depart tomorrow morning . ”

The conference’s location wasn’t too far from the Wind Snow Region . They would only require half a day to reach there .

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The agenda of this conference was related to Li Fuchen .

Originally, the Hundred Sects Alliance had three Alliance Leaders . They were You Lie, Ge Yun, and the Eternal Spring Valley’s Supreme Grand Elder Su Yuanhe . There were seven Alliance Vice-Leaders, they were the respective Supreme Grand Elders of the other top ten elite factions . Mu Hanxin was one of the Alliance Vice-Leaders .

Right now, You Lie and Ge Yun had been killed by Li Fuchen, it meant there were two less Alliance Leaders .

Li Fuchen’s combat strength was exceptional, thus, it was natural for him to take one of the positions as the Alliance Masters .

As such, the main agenda of this Hundred Sects Alliance’s conference was to reappoint the Alliance Leaders and Alliance Vice-Leaders .

On the next morning, Li Fuchen and Mu Hanxin traveled towards the nearby White River Region .

The White River Region’s White River Sect was the first-rate sect that situated in the White Cloud Mountain .

On top of the White Cloud Mountain, a grand hall was constructed there .

This grand hall was none other than the Hundred Sect Alliance’s conference hall .

The various sects and factions had already sent their Supreme Grand Elders here . Even the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect had also sent one of their Supreme Elders here .

They didn’t have a choice . If the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect didn’t send anyone here, it would mean they wanted to break away from the Hundred Sects Alliance .

There were only two outcomes awaiting those that broke away from the Hundred Sects Alliance . The first outcome was to be eradicated by the Evil Dao or the Demonic Ten Regions . The second outcome would be to surrender to the Evil Dao .

The Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect were great sects that had a long lineage . It was impossible for them to surrender to the Evil Dao .

It was close to noon but Li Fuchen and Mu Hanxin had yet to arrive .

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“This Li Fuchen is really putting on the airs!” The Doulin Clan’s Supreme Grand Elder Xiahou Wu was silently unsatisfied .

“They are here!” Someone lifted his head and shouted .

From the sea of clouds, two figures descended .

One of the figures was the white-haired Mu Hanxin .

While the other figure was obviously Li Fuchen .

“Everyone must have waited for a long time . ” Mu Hanxin cupped his fist .

Li Fuchen scanned everyone, “Mm?”

Li Fuchen had sensed that the Doulin Clan’s Supreme Grand Elder Xiahou Wu’s body contained a tyrannical power . This power was very mysterious and existed in a special form . If it wasn’t for Li Fuchen’s exceptional awareness, it would be hard for him to detect it .

“Battle spirit bone frame . It is indeed worthy to be a special bone frame, even though it is rather weak among the special bone frames . ”

After withdrawing his line of sight, Li Fuchen said, “Let the conference begin!”

In response, everyone entered the grand hall .

They didn’t think anything of Li Fuchen’s attitude . After all, Li Fuchen was far superior to them and were on totally different levels .

Inside the grand hall, there were long stone tables . Li Fuchen didn’t hesitate to sit at the first seat of the stone table while the others side on both sides of the stone table .

After everyone sat down, Li Fuchen said, “Previously, the Hundred Sects Alliance had three Alliance Leaders and seven Alliance Vice-Leaders . This time, I have decided to only have one Alliance Leader, two Vice-Leaders, and eight doyens . The position of the Alliance Leader shall be assumed by me while the Vice-Leaders shall be Elder Mu and Elder Su . The rest of the original Vice-Leaders will take the responsibilities of the doyens . I wonder what is everyone’s opinion . ”

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Su Yuanhe frowned . He didn’t have any objection to Li Fuchen being the Alliance Leader, but he didn’t like the idea of getting demoted to the Vice-Leader position .

The Alliance Leader and the Vice-Leader might only have a difference of one word, but the authority was entirely different . As the Vice-Leader, he would have to comply with all of Li Fuchen’s instructions, otherwise, it would mean betrayal to the Hundred Sects Alliance .

He admired Li Fuchen’s strength, but acknowledging allegiance to Li Fuchen was a totally different matter .

Su Yuanhe wasn’t the only person that was unsatisfied, the rest of the original Vice-Leaders were also extremely unsatisfied .

‘It is fine for you, Li Fuchen to be the Alliance Leader, but you actually supported Mu Hanxin to be one of the two Vice-Leaders? Mu Hanxin’s strength should be about the same as the rest of the Vice-Leaders or even weaker . How can he stand above them? Isn’t this overly biased?!’

“Alliance Leader, I do not have any objections to you being the Alliance Leader . But for the position of the Vice-Leaders, please reconsider . ”

The Golden Extinct Hall’s Supreme Grand Elder Shi Fang stood up and swept a glance at Mu Hanxin while he spoke .

Li Fuchen revealed a pretentious smile and said, “Oh? It seems like Elder Shi isn’t convinced by Elder Mu . Elder Mu, why don’t you spar with Elder Shi?”

“Elder Shi, please . ” Mu Hanxin flew out of the grand hall and stood in the sky outside .

“So be it . Who is afraid of you?” Shi Fang flew out and battled with Mu Hanxin .

Boom Boom!

In the sky above, qi forces were blasted out and were flickering .

“Dark Cold Palm Art!”

After a few moves, Mu Hanxin executed a palm strike . The Dark Cold Palm Intent broke Shi Fang’s defense and the latter was sent flying .

“Earth class low-tier gloves . ” Shi Fang was astonished .

“That’s right . ” Mu Hanxin smiled .

Earth class equipment were extremely rare in the East Unicorn Continent . The Black Sky Sect Ruins had them but the ruins were too dangerous . Any careless mistake would result in possible death .

Originally, Shi Fang and Mu Hanxin were comparable in strength, but now, Mu Hanxin was on a higher level . After all, Shi Fang didn’t have any earth class low-tier weapon and he had only cultivated an incompleted earth class low-tier martial art like Mu Hanxin .

“Earth class low-tier weapon?” Everyone couldn’t help but look at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen had a great harvest in the Black Sky Sect Ruins . It had caused You Lie, Ge Yun, and the Evil King to make a move on Li Fuchen .

In their opinion, Mu Hanxin must have obtained the earth class low-tier weapon as a gift from Li Fuchen .

“What great fortune . ” The Celestial Star Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder’s eyes was burning with envy .

If he could also obtain an earth class low-tier weapon, he would be able to contest against the middle tiered demons from the Demonic Ten Regions .

It was a pity that the East Unicorn Continent only had a few earth class weapons .

“Elder Mu, let me try your skills . ” The Sky Dragon Sword Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder Gu Yifeng walked out .

Gu Yifeng was one of the rare few individuals that possessed earth class low-tier weapons .

Before Ge Yun and You Lie had perished, his strength would be at least the top five .

Mu Hanxin’s expression turned grave when he saw Gu Yifeng coming out . Gu Yifeng might not have cultivated any earth class cultivation technique or martial art, his sect’s Sky Dragon Sword Art was one of the most incredible mystic class peak-tier sword arts . In the hands of Gu Yifeng, the Sky Dragon Sword Intent was already close to an earth class low-tier sword intent .

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