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Chapter 419

Less than 140,000 low-grade spirit stones could purchase a lot of things .

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“I need to purchase the Star Spirit Elixirs and the Spirit Root Elixirs . ”

The Star Spirit Elixir and the Spirit Root Elixir were both earth class low-tier elixirs and could upgrade the bone frame by one star for those with 3-star bone frames and below . A single elixir would cost 300 low-grade spirit stones .

Li Fuchen12 bought ten each and spent a total of 6000 low-grade spirit stones .

The upgrading of the grade of bone frames was an incredible thing . After all, it was the same as changing one’s destiny .

But in the Seven Color Continent, the upgrading of bone frames below 3-star was considered nothing . So what if one could upgrade their bone frames to 3-star? In the Seven Color Continent, even 4-star bone frames were ordinary . In fact, in the hundreds of cities in the South Forest Region, all of the first-rate clans in every city would have descendants with at least 3-star bone frames . If they had bone frames inferior to 3-star bone frames, they were considered trash and weren’t even worth nurturing . Unless their parents had authority in the clan, it would be possible for them to spend 300 low-grade spirit stones to purchase a single Star Spirit Elixir or Spirit Root Elixir for them to consume .

After all, 300 low-grade spirit stones weren’t a small sum and it was equivalent to the entire wealth of a peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist .

“It is a pity that I cannot obtain elixirs that can help to upgrade the bone frame to 4-star . ”

In the East Unicorn Continent, Li Fuchen valued his parents the most . After consuming the Seven Colour Glazed Grapes, his parents had both upgraded their bone frames by one star . His father had the 2-star bone frame while his mother had the 1-star bone frame . With the Star Spirit Elixir and the Spirit Root Elixir, both of them could increase their bone frames to the 3-star .

But with their innate perception and age, Heaven Dipper Realm was their limit and it was basically impossible for them to reach the Reincarnation Realm .

Furthermore, even if Li Fuchen had the capability to bring the two of them to the Seven Color Continent, it was still impossible for them to reach the Reincarnation Realm even after many years of cleansing from the Seven Color Continent’s qi .

Even in the Seven Color Continent, one would need to have the 4-star bone frame in order to increase their cultivation to the Reincarnation Realm .

Without reaching the Reincarnation Realm, even if they maintained their health, the lifespan wouldn’t be different from an ordinary person that had the limit of around 100 years .

“There is no need to hurry . Father and mother aren’t even 50 yet . When I progress to the Battle Spirit Realm, I might have the ability to make them into Reincarnation Realm experts . In this world, there are plenty of items that can upgrade the bone frame . It is just that I am not qualified to make contact with those items yet . ”

Apart from the Star Spirit Elixirs and the Spirit Root Elixirs, Li Fuchen had also purchased some mystic class mental elixirs and cultivation elixirs .

His parents were only at the Earth Shatter Realm at most and if Li Fuchen purchased elixirs that were too high in grade, they wouldn’t be able to use it . Mystic class elixirs were just nice as earth class elixirs were normally consumed by Reincarnation Realm experts .

“I wonder has Grand Elder Zhao Wujin progressed to the Reincarnation Realm? I will just purchase a few Rebirth Elixirs!”

Rebirth Elixirs were ten times more expensive than Reincarnation Elixirs and were 5000 low-grade spirit stones each .

Li Fuchen would give one to Zhao Wujin and keep the rest for backups .

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In addition, Li Fuchen had also purchased a few Primary Ascension Elixir . It could allow low-level Reincarnation Realm experts to advance by one level . One of them would be a gift for Sect Patriarch Ouyang Wentian .

After purchasing almost everything, Li Fuchen had spent over 100,000 low-grade spirit stones .

In the end, he was only left with at most 20,000 low-grade spirit stones .

But Li Fuchen didn’t feel heartbroken at all . With his current strength, he wouldn’t have to worry that would be a lack of low-grade spirit stones at East Unicorn Continent .

The East Unicorn Continent might be barren, but it was still a continent and there were plenty of low-grade spirit stones on the entire continent . When the time was right, Li Fuchen was preparing to obtain more low-grade spirit stones and bring them to the Seven Color Continent to further increase his strength .

“I can return now . ”

On this day, Li Fuchen activated the Teleportation Board and departed the Seven Color Continent as a stream of light .

The East Unicorn Continent was now split into three factions: The Evil Dao factions with the Evil King as the leader, the Hundred Sect Alliance, and the Demonic Ten Regions .

But in the recent two years, the Hundred Sects Alliance wasn’t having a good time . The Hundred Sects Alliance had over 90 regions at first, but now, they were only left with over 30 regions . Most of the sects had already surrendered to the Evil Dao factions and became lackeys for the Evil King .

Among those lackeys were the Heaven Fiend Sect, the Spirit Hidden Sect, and the Violent Saber Sect . The Azure Water Sect had received the news in advance and migrated the entire sect out of the Azure Water Region and joined one of the ten great elite factions, the Wind Snow Sect, making themselves one of the sub-halls of the Wind Snow Sect .

In the southwest of the Wind Snow Region, Azure Water Hall .

In the main hall, Ouyang Wentian had a worried frown .

The Hundred Sects Alliance wasn’t in good shape and his Azure Water Sect had become a sub-hall, he had lost his own sect .

The Azure Water Sect had turned into the Azure Water Hall . Ouyang Wentian clenched on his teeth and admitted his failure . But he was worried that the Hundred Sects Alliance would be devoured by the Evil Dao factions and the Demonic Ten Regions . When that time came, wouldn’t they have to submit to them? If that happened, the entire East Unicorn Continent would simply be a paradise for the demons and would be ravaged by the Evil Dao, causing the continent to plunge into an unprecedented era of darkness .

Putting aside those major matters, Ouyang Wentian recalled about Li Fuchen and the Li Clan .

After Li Fuchen vanished, the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect had immediately abducted all of the Li Clan’s members . As a Sect Patriarch, he couldn’t do anything back then . Grand Elder Zhao Wujin had only said a sentence of harsh words and was beaten up into a handicap and was struggling at death’s door . Had it not been for Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Elder who helped Zhao Wujin to recover, he would already be dead .

It was because of this incident, hence, Ouyang Wentian decided to migrate the sect into the Wind Snow Region .

It was proven that his decision was very correct . As the Evil Dao factions had also visited the Azure Water Sect and once they found out that the Li Clan’s members were taken by the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect, they immediately seized the Azure Water Region . It was rumored they had also looked for trouble with the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect but things were left unsettled . After all, the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect were among the top ten elite factions and had rather deep foundations . Unless the Evil King wanted a final war, otherwise, they wouldn’t start a war .

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Of course, the most important matter was the disappearance of Li Fuchen . If they couldn’t find Li Fuchen, what was the use to abduct the Li Clan’s members?

“Sigh, I wonder where did Li Fuchen go?”

Ouyang Wentian was very curious as he didn’t know what Li Fuchen did to infuriate the Thunder God Sect, Mystic Tools Sect, and the Evil Dao factions, for them to muster forces .

On this day, a ray of light suddenly appeared in the skies of the East Unicorn Continent . Immediately after, a figure landed .

“I am finally back!”

Li Fuchen landed slowly with rather emotional expression .

When he departed from the East Unicorn Continent, he was only at the Heaven Dipper Realm . On this return, he was already at the Reincarnation Realm, furthermore, his combat strength was at the pinnacle and he didn’t have to fear anyone .

Feeling homesick, Li Fuchen didn’t know the situation of the Li Clan and the Azure Water Sect .

Recalling the time when he had a conflict with You Lie and Ge Yun at the Black Sky Sect Ruins, Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with killing intent .

It would be fine if those two didn’t do anything to the Li Clan and the Azure Water Sect . If they had done something, they shouldn’t blame him for being ruthless .

He didn’t care if they were the pillars of the Hundred Sects Alliance .

“The heaven and earth qi here is indeed very scarce . ”

As a Reincarnation Realm expert, Li Fuchen was very closely related to heaven and earth qi .

The scarce heaven and earth qi on the East Unicorn Continent made him feel very uncomfortable .

It felt as though he had jumped from a pool of clean water to a pool of muddy water .

A moment later, the uncomfortable sensation had vanished .

A martial artist had to adapt to any kind of environment . There were some treacherous places that didn’t even have heaven and earth qi .

With a flash, Li Fuchen burst into the sky . He had to know which region was he located right now .

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When flying past a city, Li Fuchen saw plenty of evil dao martial artists detaining tens of thousands of city residents .

He immediately descended .

“Who are you?” 

The leader of the evil dao martial artists was a peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist and he was bewildered to see Li Fuchen .


Li Fuchen didn’t waste any words and released his ardent sun field power .


Over a thousand evil dao martial artists were immolated to death .

As for the innocent people, Li Fuchen didn’t hurt a single one of them .

With his awareness, he was completely able to control the ardent sun field power with precision .

“Many thanks to this hero for the rescue . ”

Tens of thousands of residents knelt down and revealed joy after escaping calamity .

The evil dao martial artists detaining them were the subordinates of the Blood Ancestor . They were being sent to refine Multitude Blood Pearls .

“What is this region?” Li Fuchen asked .

One of them replied, “River West Region . ”

“So this is the River West Region!” Li Fuchen finally found out .

The River West Region used to be under the River West Sect’s control but it was seized by the Evil Dao factions .

“All of you may go!” Li Fuchen waved his hand and flew into the sky .

Along the way, Li Fuchen witnessed countless evil dao martial artists doing evil . In regards to these people, Li Fuchen only had one word for them, ‘kill’ .

He would kill one if he saw one of them, he would kill ten if he saw ten of them .

Finally, Li Fuchen arrived at the center of this region where the River West Sect used to occupy .

River West Hall was one of the Blood Ancestor’s sub-hall .

Inside the River West Hall, the Hall Master was listening to the report of his subordinates .

“Hall Master, we have detained a million people this month . ”

The River West Hall Master nodded, “One million is good enough . After all, we cannot kill all of them at once . ”

The Blood Ancestor was the close aide of the Evil King and he had control over ten regions alone .

Each region had at least one billion lives, over ten regions would mean over a dozen billion lives . With so many humans, the Blood Ancestor didn’t have to worry that he would have a lack of Multitude Blood Pearls . Moreover, he was already at the limits of Reincarnation Realm and didn’t have such a high demand for Multitude Blood Pearls . He was refining Multitude Blood Pearls mainly to produce blood corpses . As for the other blood dao cultivators, they wouldn’t be able to use the Multitude Blood Pearls to cultivate as they didn’t cultivate the Blood Ancestor’s Great Multitude Blood Technique . They were only able to use the Multitude Blood Pearls to temporarily increase their combat strength but with a huge side effect .


The River West Hall’s main hall was shaking . The weather was changing and the dark clouds were converging on the outside . It looked as though it was the end of the world .

“Who is attacking the array?” The River West Hall Master was infuriated .

The protection array of the River West Hall was once the protection array of the River West Sect and it could withstand continuous attacks from mid-level Reincarnation Realm experts . Even if it was a high-level Reincarnation Realm expert, it was impossible to break the array in a short period of time .

But looking at the situation on the outside, it was obvious that the protection array had been destroyed in a single attack .

The River West Hall Master thought that the elite experts of the Hundred Sects Alliance had arrived .

“Who goes there? How dare you act so presumptuously in our River West Hall!”

A few of the Reincarnation Realm evil dao experts flew into the sky and glared at the incoming Li Fuchen .

They could see that Li Fuchen was very formidable but they weren’t afraid . No matter how powerful their opponents were, it was the same as courting death if someone offended the River West Hall . With the influence of the Evil King, Blood Ancestor, and the Extreme Yin Ancestor, even the Demonic Ten Regions wouldn’t dare to offend them, let alone Li Fuchen .

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