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Chapter 402

In the Luo Clan’s main hall, Patriarch Luo flipped his hand and three precious-looking spirit stones with fearsome spirit qi appeared in his hand .

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“Young Hero Li, these three middle-grade spirit stones are produced by our Luo Clan’s spirit stone ore vein . We have only excavated a total of three and shall use it as our tribute . I will that Young Hero Li will not refuse . ”

To be truthful, Patriarch Luo felt heartbroken . These were middle-grade spirit stones and each of them were worth at least 10,000 low-grade spirit stones . Three of these middle-grade spirit stones would mean a minimum value of 30,000 spirit stones, and it could easily be used to purchase three or four earth class low-tier artifact armors . Furthermore, his Luo Clan’s vault only had over 10,000 low-grade spirit stones .

He didn’t merely offer three middle-grade spirit stones as repayment of favor, the most important reason was to build a good relationship with Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist .

Li Fuchen was only 20 over years old and already had such strength . How much more powerful would he be after ten years?

“Middle-grade spirit stones?” This was the first time Li Fuchen witnessed a middle-grade spirit stone .

According to his knowledge, the spirit qi contained inside one middle-grade spirit stone was equivalent to hundreds of low-grade spirit stones . But the purity of the middle-grade spirit stones were several times purer than low-grade spirit stones . Using it to cultivate wasn’t just cutting the work in half, it was cutting the work down by a few times .

But middle-grade spirit stones were too precious and not even Battle Spirit Realm masters would willingly use them to cultivation . They would normally use a single middle-grade spirit stone when they were about to breakthrough .

Only Primary Sea Realm monarchs had no choice but to use middle-grade spirit stones .

Low-grade spirit stones had too many impurities for Primary Sea Realm monarchs and they would need a huge amount of time to refine the impurities, making it inconvenient for cultivation .

“With three middle-grade spirits stones and the Clear Spirit Fruit, I will surely be able to progress to the Reincarnation Realm and there will not be the problem of having an unstable foundation . ” Li Fuchen thought in his heart .

Using elixirs to breakthrough would be able to save up a lot of spirit stones . The Reincarnation Elixir was only worth 500 low-grade spirit stones and a Rebirth Elixir was worth around 5000 low-grade spirit stones .

But after using the Reincarnation Elixir to breakthrough, it would eliminate the room for future growth .

The Rebirth Elixir might not seem to have side effects, but it would restrict Li Fuchen’s growth too . He didn’t wish to be stuck in the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm for a few years .

“Then Fuchen shall accept the goodwill . ” Li Fuchen received the middle-grade spirit stones .

After losing Zhang Yun and Zhang Kun, it was the same as the Zhang Clan losing their backbone . How could they possibly contest against the Luo Clan?

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It was fortunate that the Luo Clan didn’t eradicate them . After taking all the spirit stones, the Luo Clan didn’t touch anything else . But just because of this, the Zhang Clan had suddenly declined from a first-rate clan into a third-rate clan in the Rushing Current City . Let alone finding trouble with the Luo Clan, they even had difficulties protecting themselves .

The Zhang Clan’s spirit stones were much lesser than Li Fuchen had imagined . They were only left with 5000 low-grade spirit stones and it was obvious that they used too much low-grade spirit stones to hire the Reincarnation Realm assassin and the Black Mountain Old Devil .

Furthermore, the spirit stone ore vein that the Zhang Clan controlled would only be able to produce 1000 low-grade spirit stones a year .

The Luo Clan originally intended to offer Li Fuchen the 5000 low-grade spirit stones but was refused .

The Luo Clan had already gifted him three middle-grade spirit stones and it was already considerable . If Li Fuchen had taken these low-grade spirit stones, he would be overly greedy and he didn’t wish to become someone like that .

Inside a solitary courtyard within the Luo Clan, Li Fuchen opened up Zhang Yun and Zhang Kun’s storage bags .

The duo’s storage bags only had a few hundred low-grade spirit stones and some miscellaneous items that weren’t valuable .

The Black Mountain Old Devil’s storage bag had 5000 low-grade spirit stones .

If Li Fuchen’s conjecture was correct, these 5000 low-grade spirit stones were used as a deposit from the Zhang Clan to the Black Mountain Old Devil . It was a pity that the Black Mountain Old Devil wasn’t able to receive the rest of the payment .

“This trip is rather worth it . Not considering the three middle-grade spirit stones, I have already obtained over 10,000 low-grade spirit stones . After adding my own wealth, I already have a total of 60,000 low-grade spirit stones . ”

60,000 low-grade spirit stones wasn’t a small sum . Not even high-level Reincarnation Realm martial artists would have that many low-grade spirit stones .

After all, Reincarnation Realm martial artists had a high consumption rate of low-grade spirit stones . The rest of the low-grade spirit stones would generally be used to purchase useful items like elixirs and weapons .

Besides, Reincarnation Realm martial artists required a lot of low-grade spirit stones . A regular 1st or 2nd level Reincarnation Realm martial artist would require at least one low-grade spirit stone every two to three days, making it over 100 low-grade spirit stones a year . If it was a 1st or 2nd level Reincarnation Realm martial artist that cultivated an earth class cultivation technique, the requirement of low-grade spirit stones would increase to over a few hundred a year . It was already praiseworthy to be able to save up spirit stones unless one was lucky enough to obtain a huge quantity of low-grade spirit stones .

Li Fuchen was only at the Heaven Dipper Realm now . When his cultivation was at the Reincarnation Realm, his consumption of low-grade spirit stones would have a drastic increase . Of course, Li Fuchen was rather fortunate had basically had everything he required . Even if he progressed to the Reincarnation Realm, he wouldn’t need to consume much low-grade spirit stones within a short period of time .

“It is time to progress to the Reincarnation Realm . ” 

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Initially, Li Fuchen wasn’t confident he could breakthrough to the Reincarnation Realm within a year .

But his 3-star bone frame had transformed into the 4-star blazing fire bone frame, together with the Clear Spirit Fruit and three middle-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen had 90% confidence in breaking through .

Li Fuchen sat cross-legged in the center of the courtyard and consumed the Clear Spirit Fruit . He held one middle-grade spirit stone in his hand and started to circulate the Ardent Sun Divine Technique .

The breakthrough from Heaven Dipper Realm to the Reincarnation Realm was a giant obstacle and once the breakthrough was successful, one’s lifespan would increase to 250 years .

The Clear Spirit Fruit was indeed worthy of its reputation . As the Clear Spirit Fruit was being refined, Li Fuchen felt a surge of clean spirit qi and for a moment, his connection with heaven and earth qi was closer by ten times . He could subtly sense the traces of the law of all living things in this world .

Three days passed very quickly and the Luo Clan had regained their serenity .

On this day, a boundless and blazing qi presence rushed to the sky . Luo Clan’s defensive array involuntarily activated and a transparent dome enveloped the Luo Clan .

“Young Hero Li has broken through!” Luo Zhan got a shock and was immediately delighted .

Patriarch Luo laughed and said, “With three middle-grade spirit stones and Young Hero Li’s talents, it is natural for him to progress into the Reincarnation Realm . ”

The reason was giving three middle-grade spirit stones was Patriarch Luo’s intention to assist Li Fuchen .

In the solitary courtyard, Li Fuchen’s body was suspended in midair and it was releasing boundless blazing sun-like qi waves . The qi waves was very intense and the intensity was more than two times as compared to before .

Li Fuchen was confident that even if he didn’t use his trump cards, he would be able to kill the Black Mountain Old Devil in a single sword move .

“And my vitality?”

After his cultivation entered the Reincarnation Realm, Li Fuchen could utilize more of his awareness and he realized that his vitality had increased by two times . It felt as though he had reincarnated .

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Right at this moment, the assistant dean’s silver vigor that was in Li Fuchen’s body had instantly vanished due to the drastic change of qi and blood .

With the seal of the silver vigor, Li Fuchen’s qi power and dragon elephant power had instantly activated .

The sound of an elephant’s trumpet echoed and a giant elephant shadow appeared out of nowhere . In the radius of a hundred meters, everything seemed to have solidified and immobilized . Not even the dust were moving in the air .

The Giant Elephant Spirit was even stronger than Li Fuchen’s qi presence .

(TL note: Previously it was Giant Elephant Qi Soul, I changed it to Giant Elephant Spirit)

Of course, in terms of strength, Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength wasn’t comparable to his qi cultivation strength now .

After all, the Metal Bone Fist was just a mystic class high-tier body refinement fist art, while Li Fuchen’s Ardent Sun Divine Palm and Green Sun Sword Intent were both earth class mid-tier martial arts .

In addition, the blazing fire bone frame had an enhancement effect on Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation strength .

“With my current strength, even if I return to the East Unicorn Continent, I will at least be able to protect myself . ”

With the combination of his qi cultivation and body refinement, Li Fuchen didn’t know what level had his strength reached .

But he was merely thinking about it .

The Evil King and others were too powerful . If he was to return now, it was the same as seeking death . He had to be at least 3rd or 4th level Reincarnation Realm before he could return .

“Congratulations to Young Hero Li for progressing to the Reincarnation Realm, it is worthy of celebrations . ” Patriarch Luo, Luo Zhan, and others came to offer their congratulations .

Li Fuchen replied, “I have to thank Patriarch’s middle-grade spirit stones . In the future, if the Luo Clan encounters any danger, as long as it is within my capability, I will surely offer my assistance . ”

“Many thanks, Young Hero Li . ” Patriarch Luo and Luo Zhan were beaming with smiles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters . They had been waiting for this statement from Li Fuchen .

During the past few days, they had known from Luo Yan that Li Fuchen didn’t only have astounding strength . He was also an in-room cadet of the South Forest Martial Institution’s dean . His esteemed status wasn’t inferior to the young masters and ladies from the marquis residence .

This was a thick and substantial thigh . If they didn’t hug it tightly, even if the Luo Clan’s ancestors were to revive, they would be angered to death .

“Su Clan’s Clan Head Su Hao has arrived . ”

A voice echoed that caused the Luo Clan to go silent instantly .

The Su Clan was considered a sharp sword that was suspended above the Luo Clan’s head . It was unknown when it would descend .

As the city lord clan, the Su Clan had established themselves in the Rushing Current City for more than a hundred years . No matter which first-rate clans in the Rushing Current City were in dispute, the Su Clan wouldn’t bother . But after the dispute, the benefits had to be offered to the Su Clan . The Luo Clan originally intended to discuss the benefits to offer the Su Clan after few days, they didn’t expect for the Su Clan to come so quickly .

Su Hao was around 50 Years old and his cultivation was at the impressive 4th level of Reincarnation Realm . The qi presence from his body wasn’t inferior to the Black Mountain Old Devil at all .

The people with higher social status in the Rushing Current City would know that Su Hao didn’t only cultivate the earth class low-tier cultivation technique, he had also cultivated an earth class low-tier martial art . It meant that Su Hao’s strength was much stronger than the Black Mountain Old Devil, but no one knew the difference .

“Welcome Clan Head Su, apologies for not receiving you properly . ” Luo Zhan quickly came over to welcome .

Su Hao smiled insincerely and said, “Nobody Su here shall congratulate the Luo Clan for eliminating the Zhang Clan . The Luo Clan must have quite the harvest, right?”

“You humble us…” Luo Zhan laughed apologetically .

Su Hao spoke in a serious tone, “My Su Clan doesn’t care about the dispute between your Luo Clan and Zhang Clan . My objective this time is for Luo Clan to give up the newly discovered spirit stone ore vein and hand it over to my Su Clan to excavate . Of course, my Su Clan is willing to offer Luo Clan 10% of the spirit stones that are excavated . ”

There were good and bad, inferior-grade spirit stone ore veins . The inferior-grade spirit stone ore vein that the Luo Clan discovered this time was undoubtedly a superior one . Su Hao had obtained the information that the Luo Clan had excavated a few middle-grade spirit stones from this ore vein . Normally, even after a regular spirit stone ore vein was cleaned out, there might not be any middle-grade spirit stones .

The Su Clan wasn’t really interested in the low-grade spirit stones in this ore vein . After all, no matter how superior the ore vein was, 1000 low-grade spirit stones was the limits of the yearly excavation . But middle-grade spirit stones were different . A single middle-grade spirit stone would be worth more than 10,000 low-grade spirit stones . Even if they only excavated one middle-grade spirit stone a year, it would be a huge profit .

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