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Chapter 339
Thousands of people entered the battlefield, like a bowl of water poured into the water tank, did not cause too much waves .

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With the power of Demon and the monster beast, a little bit of power is enough to balance the battle situation .

As for who wins and who loses in the end, no one knows it . Only by playing it will know .

Blood no longer splashes all the time, there are human, there are monster beast, only Demon is rare .

It can be found that in terms of quantity, human is the most, monster beast is only half of human, and Demon is only about 10% of monster beast, but this is the strongest existence, and it is almost impossible to see Demon's fallen scene . .

On the battlefield, level 3 Demon needs a number of Earth Fiend Realm peak martial artists to compete, and only to compete, to beat, the number of people is twice as difficult to achieve, as for killing, it is something that you don't have to think about for a short time . Unless there is Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist take action .

In the same way, level 4 Demon, you need a few Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist to compete, to beat, the number of people doubled, to kill, impossible in a short time .

To describe it, Demon is like a combination of human and monster beast, and is a comprehensive reinforcement .

More flexible than human, faster than monster beast, no absolute strength, basically impossible to kill Demon, even if heaven's chosen to Demon, can not say that can beat Demon .

In comparison, the peer Apex monster beast is much weaker, but it is only relative to Demon .

Level 4 Apex monster beast Nocturnal Beast is more powerful than anyone else imagined .

Level 4 Apex monster beast, the level seems to correspond to Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist .

But in strength, level 4 Apex monster beast, also need a few Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist to compete, but if the match is good, several Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist, still hope to defeat or even kill level 4 Apex monster beast of .

There are four people who teamed up with Li Fuchen, two Heavenly Dipper Realm 9th layers, two Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layers, plus Li Fuchen, the Heavenly Dipper Realm 4th layer .

If it is normal, the five players will join hands and most of them will not be Nocturnal Beast opponents .

But Li Fuchen has the ability to easily kill level 4 high rank monster beast Blue Winged Beast . Otherwise, the four will not choose to join Li Fuchen, but will choose other Heavenly Dipper Realm 9th layer martial artist .

Under the joint efforts of five people, Nocturnal Beast, even if it is tough, will not be able to kill people in a moment .

It’s just impossible for five people to want to hurt Nocturnal Beast .

Nocturnal Beast is incredibly fast and explosive . If you don't pay attention, you may be injured, so the nerves of several people are tight .

"Worthy is level 4 Apex monster beast . "

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After some interaction, Li Fuchen generally knows the strength of Nocturnal Beast .

The strength of Nocturnal Beast is one level higher than that of the Wolf Head Mask . It is estimated that it takes only a few rounds to seriously injure the Wolf Head Mask . If it is more than ten rounds, it can be killed .

Want to compete one-on-one with Nocturnal Beast, at least Heaven's Dipper Realm 7-8th layer above the cultivation base's heaven's chosen .

Generally reach the Heavenly Dipper Realm 7-8th layer cultivation base's heaven's chosen, the cultivation technique is at least the 18th 9 layers, and comprehend the Profound level top rank Martial Art True Meaning, and certainly not the stage of initial accomplishment, plus On the master of the 5 star secret technique, killing the level 4 Apex monster beast is not difficult .

“Origin Splitting Slash !”

Among the five, a middle-aged man wearing a yellow clothed cultivation base up to Heavenly Dipper Realm 9th layer was cut on Nocturnal Beast .

This knife is as fast as electricity . If it is a normal level 4 high rank monster beast, it is at least seriously injured, but it is cut on the Nocturnal Beast, but it just barely breaks the other's flesh and it is difficult to hurt .

"very powerful defense . "

Yellow clothed man The face is ugly .

He can't really hurt Nocturnal Beast with his strongest blow . How can he kill it?

The long beard man who had previously invited Li Fuchen to join forces: "Nocturnal Beast is extremely defensive, attacking his leg joints and making it inconvenient to move . "

Whether it is human, monster beast or Demon, joints are essential unless there is no joint life .

"court death . "

Nocturnal Beast spit out words, green eyes, full of ferocious colors .

Like a black electric flash, Nocturnal Beast instantly came to a Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer martial artist .

This Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer martial artist is an old man, dressed in a green and beautiful leather armor . The weapon is a pair of heavy gloves . There are countless fists and waves to the Nocturnal Beast .

It was just that Nocturnal Beast stared at him precisely because he was the weakest .

There are countless fist shadows on the body, in addition to the endless muffled sound, can not really hurt it, at most let it feel pain and qi and blood boiling .

The sharp claws seemed to entangle the swords that had been magnified several times with five handles, and slammed into each other .

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"No, I am resting . "

Green man old man eyeballs round, fearless .


Suddenly, the savage hot sword light flashed, and the noncturnal Beast's claw hit instantly fell, and its forelimb joints, I do not know when, there is a sword hole, the edge is black and smoke .

The joint was traumatized, so that it failed to hit the green man .

The old man who escaped from the robbery had a lingering heart, and he reacted to him, and he quickly pointed to Li Fuchen: "Thank you for your help . "

The natural thing that pierced this sword was Li Fuchen . At the crucial moment, with his body Pure Yang Astral Qi transformed into black iron sword qi, the strength increased greatly, and a sword pierced the joint of Nocturnal Beast . Of course, it can only be pierced . With his exposed strength, it was impossible to crush the Nocturnal Beast, even lower than the Nocturnal Beast .

However, as long as someone is holding on to Nocturnal Beast, Li Fuchen wants to deal with Nocturnal Beast, which is easier than eating and drinking .

At the level of the Earth Fiend Realm, his consciousness has played a significant role .

After being promoted to Heavenly Dipper Realm, Li Fuchen's consciousness has not changed, but his physical response has more than doubled, which makes it easy for him to see through Nocturnal Beast's every move, no different from slow motion .

The joint was injured, Nocturnal Beast was furious, his hind legs were energetic, his body leaped, and the other paw swung to Li Fuchen .

This claw is very powerful, the black monster qi is brewing on the claws . Once it is hit, even the level 4 Demon will be injured . Shedding Body Realm lower martial artist is torn into pieces is a breeze .

However, Nocturnal Beast did not really throw this claw .

Halfway through his claws, Li Fuchen had stabbed his left eye with a sword .

The loss of the left eye in an instant, the impact on him is huge, and even caused it to panic .

So this claw, no return .

"A fast and accurate sword . "

Long beard man shocked .

"How did he do that?"The yellow clothed middle-aged was equally shocked . Li Fuchen's sword was extremely fast, but he didn't feel like the chance to let Nocturnal Beast lose his reaction, just like Nocturnal Beast sent it himself .


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The one-eyed Nocturnal Beast was completely insane, and the black monster qi broke out, scraping the ground and flying a thick layer, and it suddenly flew five people .

As a level 4 Apex monster beast, Nocturnal Beast's monster qi tyrannical, Li Fuchen, which does not expose too many trump cards, can't kill it alone .

Amount of

When the Nocturnal Beast monster qi broke out, long beard man took the lead to kill Nocturnal Beast .

Since Li Fuchen is so strong, they have no reason to fear Nocturnal Beast .

Pēng pēng pēng ……

After a few moments, Nocturnal Beast's bodyguard monster was smashed, losing one of his left eye and the forelimb joints . It has a great influence on the power and there is no way to attack the enemy accurately . This gives the long beard man a lot of opportunities . .


The deadly sword light flashed and the remaining right eye of Nocturnal Beast collapsed .

The Norcturnal Beast, caught in fear, began to run away, with the body monster qi unrestrained outbreak, and where there was some movement, it began to go crazy and chaotic, there was no reason .

For the nocturnal Nocturnal Beast, everyone is much easier, even if there is no Li Fuchen, they have a way to slowly kill each other .

It is faster to have Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen's sword, always hitting the key to Nocturnal Beast, and stabbing the eyes of Nocturnal Beast, Li Fuchen began to work on the joints of Nocturnal Beast .

In a short while, Nocturnal Beast was injured in all four limbs and could only rely on monster qi to fly, but the degree of flexibility dropped several times and became a living target .

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen ran along the right eye of Nocturnal Beast, running through the brain of Nocturnal Beast, and burning the sword qi completely smashed its vitality .

"What, killing a level 4 Apex monster beast so quickly?"

Some people were surprised by a few miles away .

Level 5 Demon and level 5 Monster Beast, level 4 Demon and level 4 Apex monster beast are the absolute mainstays . The death of each level 4 Apex monster beast will have a weak effect on the battle situation . If there is too much death . , enough to reverse the battle situation .

After all, level 5 Demon and level 5 Monster Beast also need a lot of people to help them rule the area of ​​Noda . If they die almost, even if they occupy the human area, they can't control it .

After killing Nocturnal Beast, long beard man and others increased their confidence and prepared to kill another level 4 Apex monster beast .

Soon, five people found the next goal .

This goal is a level 4 Apex monster beast that is not weaker than Nocturnal Beast . The opponent is a Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist and two Heavenly Dipper Realm 9th layer martial artist . It is obvious that the three can't do it . The thorn beast, on the other hand, is in danger of being ravaged by the other side .

After a quarter of an hour, the thorn armor died .

With the help of Li Fuchen, the thorn beast quickly squinted and smashed his feet, becoming the target of the move, a group of people besieged, where there is a way to live .

One end, two heads…

A few hours later, a group of people headed by Li Fuchen killed the level 4 Apex monster beast .


Not far away, four or five Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artists were shot, and then a Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist was torn in half by a pair of huge arms, blood splashing .

This is a level 4 Demon .

Level 5 Demon monster beast and Shedding Body Realm martial Artist, King level exists .

"Killing a level 4 Demon is equivalent to killing ten levels 4 Apex monster beast . "

Li Fuchen secretly thought .

The thought flashed and Li Fuchen began to fly towards the level 4 Demon .

Dīng dīng dīng dīng dīng dīng ……

Li Fuchen has dozens of swords covering the skin with a light blue color and two short-angled level 4 Demon on the head .

It was only Light Blue Demon's reaction and the speed was too fast, the claws were waving, Li Fuchen's sword technique was broken and clean, not only that, but also a paw rushing to Li Fuchen, the speed is fast, the claws are not yet . Li Fuchen has already felt the terrible power contained in it .

“Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin, Condensation!”

Light Blue Demon is fast and powerful, and Li Fuchen is more aware .

Almost before Light Blue Demon made a move, Li Fuchen had been covered with black iron sword qi, and a thousand black iron sword qi assembled two black iron large swords, one of which was attacked by Light Blue Demon . The claw of the hand, the other black iron large sword, the head of the Flying Blue Demon .

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