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Chapter 278

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In the fourteen match of the tenth round, Li Xiangru was matched up against Xue Feng .

Xue Feng was defeated in a single blade .

As of this moment, no one was able to force a fourth blade from Sword Maniac Li Xiangru . Only Sword Tiger Chen Yuanhu was able to force three blades .

The eleventh round immediately started after the end of the tenth round .

Bu Qingsong went against Xue Feng .

It was crucial whether Bu Qingsong would be able to enter the top four in this battle against Xue Feng . If he was defeated by Xue Feng, it meant that he wasn’t a match for Chen Yuanhu, let alone Li Xiangru . With Li Fuchen
around, he would only be no . 5 at best .

The battle was extremely intense .

Among the five of them, Bu Qingsong and Xue Feng’s ability were closely matched and neither of them were going to back down from this fight . There wasn’t a clear victor and they had to exchange at least a few hundred moves .

First, they competed with sword arts, then they competed with their kill moves .

Finally, they competed with their maneuvers and footwork .

This fight was an extremely satisfying fight .

After 500 exchanges, Bu Qingsong had barely lost to Xue Feng by a single move .

His ability was actually slightly superior to Xue Feng, but his battle awareness was inferior to Xue Feng by quite a margin .

The next match was Li Fuchen going against Chen Yuanhu .

One of them was titled Sword Demon, while the other was Sword Tiger .

This battle might be more intensive than any of the other matches .

Everyone thought so .

“Li shidi
, please!” Chen Yuanhu didn’t dare to belittle Li Fuchen and he was even quite fearful of Li Fuchen subconsciously .

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“Chen shixiong
, please!” Li Fuchen looked calm and didn’t show a trace of anxiety .

“Come on, Chen shixiong!”

“Chen shixiong will be the victor!”

In the audience seats, a group of inner sect disciples suddenly burst out with cheers .

Sword Tiger Chen Yuanhu had been famed in the Azure Water Sect for a period of time . He naturally had many worshippers and every one of them couldn’t help but cheer on for him .

“Li shixiong is invincible!”

“Li shixiong is peerless!”

If Chen Yuanhu had worshippers, Li Fuchen naturally had worshippers too . Moreover, Li Fuchen’s worshippers were even more fanatic than Chen Yuanhu’s worshippers .

Unlike Chen Yuanhu who had been famed for quite some time, Li Fuchen had just recently risen up, but he was much more dazzling than Chen Yuanhu .

The world adored martial experts, especially ones like Li Fuchen, who would rise up like a comet .

“Element Tiger Kill!”

Chen Yuanhu immediately executed his kill move . A giant tiger’s image appeared out of nowhere and assaulted Li Fuchen .

“Full Moon!”

A fiery red full moon appeared as Li Fuchen executed his third mystic class mid-tier kill move, Full Moon .

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As the two kill moves clashed, shards flew out from the stage, while there were cracks everywhere .

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“Split Tiger Kill!”

Chen Yuanhu yelled out while his second mystic class mid-tier kill move exploded .

He created this kill move in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain and its destructive power was stronger and more extreme than the Element Tiger Kill .

There was another image in the air, it was an even more ferocious giant tiger that was shot at Li Fuchen .

This giant tiger’s image was blurry in other areas, but its front claws were fiercely sharp and crisscrossed at Li Fuchen . Once Li Fuchen was clawed by it, he would definitely be split up into pieces .

Li Fuchen had a trace of a smile on his face .

It seemed like he had to expose some of his true capabilities .

Li Fuchen didn’t want to expose his 4-star Black Iron Sword Essence, hence he had to expose the Blaze Devil Sword Art .

(TL note: Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter is 6-star, but the Black Iron Sword Essence which is one of the chapters is 4-star)

The black gold sword in Li Fuchen’s hand was slightly raised and abruptly thrust out .

In the next moment, the scarlet red sword light was like a burst of magma . A single blade was enough to put an end to Chen Yuanhu’s kill move, Split Tiger Kill . The horrific sword move still had leftover forces which forced Chen Yuanhu to be repelled .

“Mystic class high-tier sword intent!” All the upper echelons let out a cold gasp of air .

Not even regular Heaven Realm martial artists could comprehend a mystic class high-tier sword intents . No matter how astounding Li Fuchen was, he was only 20 years old and could actually comprehend a mystic class high-tier sword intent, the Blaze Devil Sword intent .

It could also be said that only an Earth Realm martial artist who comprehended a mystic class high-tier sword intent, could have a chance to defeat a Heaven Realm martial artist .

Of course, the prerequisite was for his cultivation to be at the peak level of the Earth Realm .

Otherwise, once the Heaven Realm martial artist burst out with his qi presence, it would be enough to restrain their opponent .

“Mystic class high-tier sword intent?”

Bu Qingsong and Xue Feng’s eyes shrank .

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They never expected that Li Fuchen could comprehend a mystic class high-tier sword intent .

This meant that Li Fuchen was already in a different class than them .

Bu Qingsong was speechless and immediately forced a smile . He even thought he could defeat Li Fuchen before this tournament, now he knew that it was a pipe dream .

The inner sect disciples on the audience seats were all puzzled, but it didn’t hinder them from understanding the power of Li Fuchen’s blade .

Even the powerful Chen Yuanhu was instantly defeated by this blade .

It was imaginable that this blade must have attained an extremely high level .

“This child’s perception is unprecedented since the ancient times of our Azure Water Sect . ” One of the Supreme Elder commended .

“Indeed . ” Ouyang Wentian nodded .

Zhao Wujin’s was smiling so much that his eyes became small . Despite the fact that he had some guesses, but when those guesses turned true, he was still shocked .

“Mystic class high-tier sword intent, huh?” Zhao Mingyue’s eyes were as bright as the moon .

She couldn’t imagine how Li Fuchen was about to comprehend a mystic class high-tier sword intent .

She couldn’t even comprehend a mystic class mid-tier sword intent at this point .

Once Li Fuchen won against Chen Yuanhu, the no . 4 and no . 2 of the tournament seemed to be decided .

But, a tournament was still a tournament . Even though the rest of the tournament was meaningless, it still had to carry on to the end .

What’s more, in everyone’s opinion, the rest of the tournament was perhaps the most meaningful .

Because Sword Demon Li Fuchen and Sword Maniac Li Xiangru were about to go against each other .

These two individuals were the Azure Water Sect’s most exceptional sword dao prodigies .

The fight between the two of them would determine the king of the Azure Water Sect’s youth generation .

On the tournament stage…

Li Xiangru and Li Fuchen were ten meters apart .

Li Xiangru had a calm expression and wasn’t really surprised by the fact that Li Fuchen had comprehended a mystic class high-tier sword intent .

Li Fuchen had this flash of surprise in his eyes as though he recalled something .

“Li shidi . I originally thought that no one would be able to force out my true ability . But it seems like you are the only one who can . ” Li Xiangru spoke indifferently .

Li Fuchen replied, “Li shixiong, please give me some pointers . ”

“Take this move . ”

Li Xiangru didn’t hold himself back and once his black gold sword was out of its sheath, his sword qi was like a torrent, which unleashed itself onto Li Fuchen . For an instant, the sword intent was extremely intense and even the audiences behind Li Fuchen could feel a numbing sensation, as though they were suffocating .

Mystic class high-tier sword intent .

It was another mystic class high-tier sword intent .

The sword art that Li Xiangru executed was the mystic class high-tier sword art, Torrent Sword Art . And the sword intent was naturally the Torrent Sword intent .

It was impossible for Li Xiangru to not have any gains after staying in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain for half a year . Not only did he created his third mystic class mid-tier kill move, he also comprehended the Torrent Sword intent .

“Sincere to the sword, sentimental to the sword . He is indeed the Sword Maniac . ”

On the rostrum, Ouyang Wentian and the others had an instant shine in their eyes .

It was shocking when they knew Li Fuchen comprehended a mystic class high-tier sword intent . It was similarly shocking when they got to know Li Xiangru had also comprehended a mystic class high-tier sword intent .

“Li Fuchen seems to be on the edge now!”

At this moment, even Zhao Wujin was frowning .

Both of them had comprehended a mystic class high-tier sword intent, but Li Xiangru was at the 9th level of the Earth Realm, while Li Fuchen was only at the 6th level of the Earth Realm .

A gap of three levels wasn’t so easy to make up for .

Once the Torrent Sword intent and Blaze Devil Sword intent clashed, it was extremely shocking . The entire tournament stage was split open and to everyone’s surprise, Li Fuchen didn’t fall into a disadvantage, while Li Xiangru didn’t obtain the advantage either .

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