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Chapter 229
“It seems like my potential belongs to the same class as 6 star bone frames . Furthermore, it is at the peak of the 6 star bone frames . ”

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After seeing how formidable his ‘Sword’ mark was,

Li Fuchen
had this new cognition of his own potential .
6 star bone frames were considered the strongest class of bone frames in the East Unicorn Continent .

If the 5 star bone frames had a good probability to breakthrough to the Reincarnation Realm, then 6 star bone frames had 80% chances of breaking into the Reincarnation Realm and even the Battle Spirit Realm .

A Battle Spirit Realm martial expert could crush any sect, including the Celestial Star Sect, Doulin Clan, and Eternal Spring Valley, which were all apex forces .

A Battle Spirit Realm martial expert could even call themselves a King in the East Unicorn Continent . Those that followed them would flourish, those that didn’t would perish .

Li Fuchen might only be of 1 star bone frame, but his potential wouldn’t lie . As long as he ensured that he didn’t die, breaking through to the Reincarnation Realm wouldn’t be difficult, and there was a huge chance that he would be able to breakthrough to the Battle Spirit Realm .

After all, he had the potential which was at the peak of the 6 star bone frames .

After passing the second stage of the Star Road, Li Fuchen arrived at the third segment of the Star Road .

As compared to the second segment of the Star Road, the third segment’s qi field was doubled .

In another words, the third segment’s qi field was four folds that of the first segment and two folds of the second segment .

Standing on the third segment of the Star Road, Li Fuchen felt as though there was a gale blowing at him, which started to affect his condition .

‘It seems like I have to slow down my speed . ’ Li Fuchen began to run, while constantly adjusting his speed .

Soon enough, Li Fuchen adjusted his speed to the optimal condition, which was 70% similar to the second segment of the Star Road .

Some moments after Li Fuchen left, Han Feng arrived at the second stage of the Star Road .

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Perhaps due to his poor condition, Han Feng immediately fell into the illusion technique that was released by the stone statue . He took one hour before he pulled himself out of the illusion zone .

“That was a close shave . ” Han Feng still had some lingering fear in his heart .

If he was in a fight against an enemy, one hour was enough for him to die up to 1000 times .

When he came before the Monument of Names, Han Feng scanned the stone monument .

He wanted to know where did Li Fuchen left his mark .

There were too many markings in the third group and Han Feng wasn’t so stupid to assume that Li Fuchen’s marking would be in it .

Han Feng started to slowly search in the second group .

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There were some similarities, but Han Feng instincts told him that, all these weren’t Li Fuchen’s .

After a very long period of time, Han Feng’s expression turned grave and thought, “Could it be in the first group?”

The first group was an area that was meant for the 6 star bone frames and heaven defying 5 star bone frames, even Han Feng would feel inferior when facing against these people .

With an attitude of disbelief, Han Feng began to search in the first group .

When his eyes landed on a tremendously huge ‘Sword’ mark, Han Feng was stunned .

This ‘Sword’ mark gave him the feeling like it was exactly like Li Fuchen .

But this ‘Sword’ mark was huge, how could it be Li Fuchen’s? Could he be a heaven defying 5 star bone frame?

This wasn’t right, not even a heaven defying 5 star bone frame could make it so huge right?

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The meaning of heaven defying wasn’t to defy the heavens . It meant to defy the difference between bone frames, meaning for a 5 star bone frame to be on par with a 6 star bone frame .

Take for example, a heaven defying 3 star bone frame was enough to match up to a 4 star bone frame . A heaven defying 4 star bone frame could go head to head with a 5 star bone frame . A standard example would be to surpass the class of one star .

If this ‘Sword’ mark was truly made by Li Fuchen, then his potential wasn’t just at the 6 star bone frame, it had exceeded most of the 6 star bone frames and was at the peak class of the 6 star bone frames .

Han Feng was stupefied .

If Li Fuchen’s potential was at the peak of the 6 star bone frame, even his Celestial Star Sect’s young sect patriarch wouldn’t be able to compare with . Because he had already found the mark left by the young sect patriarch in the first group .

The Celestial Star Sect’s young sect patriarch’s mark was a simple star diagram, but it was undoubtedly much smaller than the ‘Sword’ mark .

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‘Impossible, this definitely isn’t his marking . I have yet to exchange moves with him and have yet to familiarize with his qi presence . What’s more, there are plenty of ‘Sword’ marks in the first group and the even more in the second group . All these ‘Sword’ marks have some similarities, which contains the traits of a lethal sharpness . Perhaps his marking might be some other ‘Sword’ mark . ’

Han Feng’s subconscious mind denied this possibility, because it was too shocking and he couldn’t accept it .

“Hmph . I, Han Feng am one of the Celestial Seven and I have yet to test my own potential . There might be a chance that my potential belongs to the first group as well . As for him… he definitely has some cheating artifact in his possession . ”

Han Feng firmly believed that Li Fuchen was in possession of some special artifact .

The world was massive and had countless of mystics . There would definitely be things that could help the artifact bearer’s with achievements using underhanded means .

Picking up the brush, Han Feng began to form and outline his marking .

His marking was a symbol of a maple leaf .

The maple leaf symbol glowed and flew towards the Monument of Names .

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Third group… second group .

The maple leaf symbol stopped at the second group and found an empty spot to brand itself onto .

Seeing the result, Han Feng suffered a huge blow .

His potential was only at the second group, and it wasn’t even the largest in the second group . There were plenty of other marks that were larger than his .

“I am unwilling to resign to this!”

In fact, before all this, he knew very well that he was in the second string .

But with the appearance of Li Fuchen, it caused him to have some ambition .

A pity that the ambition was now destroyed .

“Potential is just a potential, it isn’t able to show everything . I, Han Feng will break the common logic and go on a heaven defying path!”

Han Feng was after all an elite 5 star bone frame with a tough spirit will . All of these, just slightly made him dispirited, but he was able to walked out of the low soon enough .

His Celestial Star Sect had a few 1 star bone frames who could breakthrough to the Earth Realm . He who was an elite 5 star bone frame definitely who had hopes of breaking the common logic .

Reviving his confidence, Han Feng’s eyes had this resolution as he stepped onto the third segment of the Star Road .

“How can the pressure be so immense? It is at least two folds stronger than the second segment of the Star Road . ”

Han Feng’s body sank and felt that his spirit will was warping .

Li Fuchen was already very far away and didn’t know about anything that was happening behind him .

Of course, he didn’t want to know either .

His target was straight ahead . Anything to his back was just a road that he had already passed by .

The Star Road Hidden Domain might be mystical and was even the most mystical place in the East Unicorn Continent, but his golden amulet was even more mystical . His cultivation was still considerably low, but once his cultivation level increased, it would definitely unearth more secrets of this golden amulet .

Apart from the golden amulet, his confidence in himself was incomparably firm .

Back when his talents suddenly vanished, it wasn’t enough to set him back, but instead, made his spirit will as tough as it was now .

The existence of the golden amulet was like an acquired bone frame .

His innate bone frame might not be as good as others, but he had his ‘acquired’ bone frame .

In addition, his acquired bone frame could even upgrade itself and continue to ascend .


There was someone at the third segment of the Star Road too .

Several kilometers in front of Li Fuchen was a figure that was running at quite a considerable speed .

Li Fuchen looked over and thought, “It seems like this person is an incredible figure . He must be a6 star bone frame or a heaven defying 5 star bone frame . ”

That individual’s speed wasn’t much slower than Li Fuchen’s . As compared to the previous guy that wanted to compete with him, this person was much superior .

At the same time as Li Fuchen noticed that individual, he was noticed too .

“Someone is catching up?”

This person looked disdainfully from the corner of the eyes . There was this unique qi presence coming off from the body and those pair of eyes looked as though it could see into a person’s spirit will .

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