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"D**n brat!"

The grey robed veteran was infuriated, the smoke was like clouds being split apart. He then released two vigorous qi forces from his right and left palm.


Once the smoke was cleared out, Li Fuchen’s shadow was nowhere to be seen.

"D**n little b*****d, wait till I capture you and let you understand what true suffering is." The grey robed veteran's figure flashed and retreated back into the forest.

Other than the forest, there were no other places to take cover and hide, which was why the veteran assumed that Li Fuchen had entered the forest.

After a short moment…

Two bodies that were stacked together got pushed aside as Li Fuchen stood up.

"What a clever lad."

In the skies, Qiu Hua had everything in his sights.

Even he got bluffed. If he wasn’t looking from above and had the overall view, he would have been like the grey robed veteran, who assumed that Li Fuchen had gone into the forest.

With no time to delay, Li Fuchen rode the class 2 demonic blood horse and fled the scene.

'If I did not have the talent of hiding my qi presence, it wouldn’t have been possible to shake off the Earth Realm martial artist.' Li Fuchen thought to himself as he was on the horse's back.

Li Fuchen had yet to experience how strong an Earth Realm martial artist could be.

Obviously he didn’t want to experience it either.

Although Liao Tianjun was able to release qi, which was on par with a first level Earth Realm martial artist; but in regards to reflexes, or the density of the qi, they were far from an actual Earth Realm martial artist.

To go head on with an Earth Realm martial artist, it was a certainty that Li Fuchen would die nine out of ten encounters or even all encounters.

The class 2 demonic blood horse was galloping at top speed as it vanished from the path ahead.


A figure jumped out from the forest, it is the grey robed veteran.

He swept his gaze and realized there was one less demonic blood horse.

"D**n it!"

How could the veteran not know that he had been tricked.

As he prepared to chase after Li Fuchen, he suddenly stopped in his footsteps. His body began to sweat profusely.

In midair, an imposing figure began to descend.

"Elder Qiu…" The grey robed veteran looked to be in fear.

"Who ordered you to kill an inner sect disciple?" Elder Qiu released his qi presence which suppressed the grey robed veteran and made him immobile.

The grey robed veteran begged, "Elder Qiu, please don’t wrongly accuse me. I just wanted to capture him, not kill him."

"Is that so? So you have admitted."

Qiu Hua's qi presence intensified, it was like a whole mountain was pressing down on the grey robed veteran.

The grey robed veteran understood immediately that Qiu Hua was about to kill him.

He then changed his tone, "Qiu Hua, you better let me go, if not, my Liao Clan will not let you off, ……"


Before he could finish his sentence, the grey robed elder stopped, because he had already turned into a pile of bloody mud.

A Heaven Realm martial artist was truly overwhelming. Just their qi presence alone was enough to shatter an Earth Realm martial artist. But it was also due to the weak willpower of the grey robed veteran.

Once one's spiritual willpower collapsed, the body would become weak.

"Lad, work harder. I hope one day you can truly control your own destiny." Looking at the direction where Li Fuchen left, Qiu Hua rushed into the sky and vanished.


For the next few days, Li Fuchen dared not be complacent and always had two white miasma bombs ready.

It was only after the third day, did Li Fuchen tone down on his cautiousness.

If his enemy didn’t chase after him until now, then it was impossible that the enemy would appear later on.

The Cang Lan Sect was situated in the Northwest of the Cang Lan region and so was Ling Sha City. The distance between these two locations wasn’t as far as Li Fuchen imagined. Within half a months time, Li Fuchen arrived at Ling Sha City.

Ling Sha City was a small city which had a population of less than 200,000.

There is a mix of martial artists here who are either from the Cang Lan region or the Tian Sha region.

The city lord, Xu Ping may be a ninth level Earth Realm martial artist and is even stronger than most of those city lords from larger cities, but sat in this position with fear and trepidation. He feared that one day, an absolute expert would come from Tian Sha Sect and extinguish his very existence.

He couldn’t be bothered with the case where the Wang brothers stole the jade buddha. He issued a mission request to the Cang Lan Sect and allowed someone else to settle it.

The Zheng Clan was a small clan, as even their strongest fighter was just of the ninth level of the Origin Realm.

Today, Li Fuchen arrived at the Zheng Clan.

The patriarch of the Zheng Clan came out personally to welcome Li Fuchen.

Sensing that Li Fuchen was just a sixth level Origin Realm martial artist, his face couldn't help but look unhappy.

What can a sixth level Origin Realm martial artist achieve here? He thought that the Cang Lan Sect would send a prodigy who was at the ninth level of the Origin Realm.

"Cang Lan Sect inner sect disciple, Li Fuchen gives my greetings to the Patriarch Zheng." Li Fuchen grabbed his fist.

"Young hero Li is courteous." Even though he wasn’t happy, but Patriarch Zheng dared not to neglect Li Fuchen and invited him into their Zheng Clan.

In the Zheng Clan's hall, all of the elders of the Zheng Clan were around.

"Why is he just a sixth level Origin Realm?"

"Could it be with a lesser reward, the formidable inner sect disciples aren’t willing to accept the mission?"

The Zheng Clan elders were in a heated discussion.

This mission wasn’t initiated by the city lord but instead, by the Zheng Clan. 30,000 gold coins was the reward and it wasn’t a small sum for the Zheng Clan.

The annual income of the entire Zheng Clan is just a few tens of thousands of gold coins.

Clearing his throat, the Patriarch Zheng asked Li Fuchen, "Young hero Li, this mission isn’t easy. Are you here alone?"

Li Fuchen naturally knew what the Patriarch was thinking, he then replied, "Patriarch Zheng, it's just me."

The Patriarch sighed and said, "If that is the case, I shall assign you some people to retrieve the jade buddha!"

No matter how good Li Fuchen was, he would only be able to deal with one of the Wang brothers. The other two of them would still be free to wreck havoc.

Li Fuchen shook his head, "Just me will do."

"Young hero Li, the Wang brothers are each at the ninth level of the Origin Realm and they cultivate the yellow class, peak-tier Blood Qi Technique. I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to handle them by yourself." One of the veterans of the Zheng Clan stood up.

Li Fuchen laughed lightly, "Amongst all of you, who is the best?"

"It is this untalented old man." The veteran who spoke out earlier replied.

"If you are able to withstand one of my palm strikes, I will say nothing and leave immediately. But if you cannot receive my palm strike, everything will be for me to decide." Li Fuchen stated.

The veteran was slightly angered by the statement. He who progressed to ninth level Origin Realm since many years ago, had a dense qi. If it wasn’t because of his low-tier cultivation technique, he would have already broken through to the Earth Realm. When was it last since he had been underestimated.

"Since young hero Li is so confident, then do not blame this old man."

The Zheng Clan veteran stood in front of Li Fuchen and started to revolve his cultivation technique. A dense qi presence began to spread out.


Shouting with a low tone, the Zheng Clan veteran shot out a palm at Li Fuchen. At the center of the palm was a ball of shining light which contained a surprising amount of power.

"Go back."

Li Fuchen lightly commented, as he matched his palm onto the palm of the veteran.

A ferocious blaze intent flashed from Li Fuchen's body as it caused the air within the hall to be contorted for a moment.

The veteran flew backwards and sat back onto the chair with a shocked expression.

Too strong, unreasonably strong!

So this is the ability of a Cang Lan inner sect disciple?

No… Average Cang Lan inner sect disciples aren’t this dominant. This lad must be one of the prodigies of the Cang Lan Sect.

"Young hero Li's martial prowess is stunning. This old man is impressed."

The Zheng Clan’s veteran had a few changes in his face, before finally letting out a smile.

Looking at the revering faces of everyone, Li Fuchen laughed lightly, "Let’s stop all the superficial talks. Tell me more about the Wang brothers!"

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