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"Fuchen, you were too outstanding today. I'm afraid the Guan and Yang Clan can't tolerate you, and the Shen Tu Clan would fear your potential." After everyone left, Li Tianshi explained to Li Fuchen.

Li Jinxiu who stayed around nodded, "Try not to leave the sect if possible. When you are out for a mission, be extra careful."

Better be safe than sorry.

The normal bone frame of Li Fuchen's is too abnormal. In fact, even the two of them were suspicious of Li Fuchen's bone frame. It may be a special kind of bone frame, that wasn't able to be detected by the bone frame stone.

If not, why would a normal bone frame be so exceptional?

"Understood, I will not give them any chances." Li Fuchen nodded.

Currently he did not have any means to protect himself yet. It was useless even if his perception was logic defying.

Only after he broke through to the Earth Realm, would he then have the qualifications to clash with the other 3 major clans.

Parting ways with Li Tianshi and Li Jinxiu, Li Fuchen headed towards the inner sect martial hall.

Li Fuchen earned 9800 contribution points from his previous two missions.

In addition to his balance of points, Li Fuchen now had a total of 42,000 contribution points.

This amount of points was only sufficient to redeem one mystic class, mid-tier martial arts.

Li Fuchen did some thinking before picking two mystic class, low-tier martial arts.

A swordsman specialised in sword arts but cannot neglect other martials arts too.

In the situation where the swordsman loses his sword, the swordman's battle strength would become extremely weak.

In the martial hall, Li Fuchen paced around the mystic class, low-tier martial arts section.

Li Fuchen exited after picking two martial arts.

One was a palm art and the other a kick art.

The palm art was Iron Smelting Hand.

The kick art was Shadowless Leg.

The Iron Smelting Hand was very dominant. At a high stage of cultivation, the unarmed hand could melt steel easily, refine impurities, and be used for attacking the foe. In short, it was a universal art.

The Shadowless Leg emphasized speed and agility. At high stages of cultivation, the attack speed of the leg was extraordinarily fast.

The most important factor, was in using both the kick style and light body technique concurrently. The exponential increase in overall strength and speed would rely on the cultivation stage of both the Shadowless Leg and light body technique.

As a first grade inner sect disciple, these two manuals which were originally 30,000 points, got a discount of 30% and ended up requiring only 21,000 points.

It helped Li Fuchen save 9000 points.


In the next few months, Li Fuchen practiced diligently in both the Shadowless Leg and Iron Smelting Hand.

Of course, Li Fuchen didn't neglect the Wind Shadow Steps and Meteor Sword Style either.

But after achieving the completion stage for both the Wind Shadow Steps and Meteor Sword Style. In order to further improve in these two arts, it required more of perception than diligence.

As time passed, Li Fuchen had already been an inner sect disciple for an entire year.

In the falling snow, a youth was inciting his Scarlet Fire qi. With a single palm strike, a blinding red light bloomed. All the ice and snow within a few meters were all melted.

"No wonder it is called the Iron Smelting Hand. It actually utilizes the blazing heat of the Scarlet Fire qi to this extend."

Li Fuchen was very satisfied with the firepower of the Iron Smelting Hand and smirked.

With the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique withdrawn, Li Fuchen revolved the Wind Shadow Steps. Leaping up high, his body suddenly blurred as he kicked towards a 2 meter tall fine iron ore.

In a single breaths time, Li Fuchen rained countless kicks onto the fine iron ore.

As the speed was too intense, it was as though there were 3 or 4 Li Fuchens kicking at the ore at the same time.

The terrifying thing was that there was only the sound of the ore being hit upon, but there wasn't a single ounce of sound coming from Li Fuchen. His body was that of a phantom with form but no body.


With a final kick Li Fuchen landed on the ground like a stream of green smoke.

Five meters away, the fine iron ore suddenly broke into pieces.

With a few months of practice, both the Iron Smelting Hand and Shadowless Leg had reached the completion stage.

Compared to the Wind Shadow Steps and Meteor Sword Style, the difficulty of both the Iron Smelting Hand and Shadowless Leg were definitely much lower.

With his green soul spirit, Li Fuchen's cultivation became even more efficient.

Diving into his subconscious, Li Fuchen saw the green light ball which represented his soul spirit. Then found out that almost 20% of it had turned pale blue.

"The evolution speed has slowed down. It would take a much longer time before it turns pale blue completely."

Even with grudge, Li Fuchen didn't have any other alternative. At the current juncture, the green soul spirit was more than enough.

"It is time for me to get some contribution points."

After being promoted to an inner sect disciple since a year ago, Li Fuchen didn't visit the Cang Lan Lake even once.

To him, if he sacrificed the time for cultivating martial arts to gain more contribution points, it would mean neglecting the fundamentals and pursuing the unknown future.

Moreover, to earn contribution points is mainly to enhance and strengthen oneself.

Right now, all the martial arts in his arsenal were at the completion stage and didn't require diligent cultivating. As long as his perception was good enough, he would be able to progress naturally.

Hence, even if he went to the Cang Lan Lake, it wouldn't affect his progression.


On this day, on one of the fishing platform, there was a strange sight.

An inner sect disciple actually came to fish at the Cang Lan Lake.

Inner sect disciples had many other ways to earn contribution points. Finishing a single mission can net them 1000 to even a few thousand contribution points.

Whereas at the Cang Lan Lake, if one's luck was good, one could probably hook up treasure fish worth a few thousand points in a month.

But if one's luck was bad, it was very normal to only net 100 or 200 contribution points that month.

"How strange. An inner sect disciple actually came to fish alongside us."

"Could it be that he isn't doing well in the inner sect?"

Some of the outer sect disciples were discussing in a soft tone.

"What do you guys know. He is Li Fuchen shixiong, a former outer sect no.1 disciple. How could he be doing bad." An outer sect disciple who recognised Li Fuchen came out to correct them.

"So he is Li Fuchen shixiong?"

Hearing so, the crowd was startled.

The achievements that Li Fuchen left during his outer sect days were too memorable. The result of six ticks in the Tower of Tribulations is enough for people to pay respects.

"Li Fuchen has another nickname called the Fishing King."

"Fishing King? What does that mean?" An outer sect newcomer asked.

"Any other people can only net up to 1000+contribution points per month. But Li Fuchen shixiong can easily net up treasure fish worth 10,000+ contribution points in a single month."

"No way. How is that possible?"

"10,000+ points per month? I heard that is the position points of an outer sect elder, being around 10 or 20 thousand a year."

"Why would I deceive you. Those that are familiar with Li Fuchen shixiong would know about it."

"That's too insane. 10,000+ points in a month. How many yellow class, mid-tier body tempering pills is that?"

The appearance of Li Fuchen instantly became the attention of everyone. Those that heard of his achievements were full of respect and admiration.

With regards to this, Li Fuchen just gave a light smile and didn't say anything.


The days of fishing were boring and dull. Time flowed like the water stream.

One month… Two months…

In a bat of the eye, nine months had past.

After fishing for nine months, Li Fuchen's contribution points went from 21,000 to 150,000. With his first grade inner sect disciple status, it was enough for him to redeem a yellow class, high-tier body refinement technique.

But before that, he had to complete this year's sect mission quota.

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