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Chapter 60: Unfortunate Beginnings

Resident Evil can be said to be the classic among the classics back then, and it created a scene of a cruel apocalypse in many people’s minds. Basically, as long as they had a chance most people would go and watch this series. This electric cable train looked extremely similar to the electric cable train that was used to exit the Hive in the movie.

“This place isn’t the Hive, right?” Bai Yi creased his eyebrows and asked Martin.

“I don’t think so…” Martin couldn’t be sure himself.

“To think of it, I still can’t understand why the largest facility was built inside a National Park.” Mavis added in.

“This isn’t the biggest research facility. This is just the research facility with the Progenitor. How the research on activated cells progressed was completely up to chance, so the facilities weren’t really built purposefully to be the largest or the smallest. Back then, this research facility wasn’t too big, but it just happened that the Progenitor was born here, so this place became much more important. It wasn’t convenient to move the Progenitor, and even though what we were researching was the same thing, everyone still wished to gain greater recognition and importance, so the Progenitor was kept here all along.” Martin explained.

“Is the research facility controlled by a computer?” Bai Yi asked.

“Not completely. The one with the highest authority inside is still a human. However, other than that guy, the other researchers have no such authority. We were all unable to enter and exit as we pleased. If not for the experimental monsters escaping, I might’ve still been trapped inside the Northern Hamilton Research Facility.” Martin explained.

“Do you have a map of this place?” Bai Yi asked again.

Martin very straightforwardly shook his head. Everyone wasn’t in a good mood. They didn’t even have a map and it was needless to say how important the research facility with the Progenitor inside was. If they were really trapped a few hundred meters underground like in the Resident Evil movie, they might not have the fortune to come back alive.

“Let’s move!” Bai Yi took a deep breath and said to the others.

Even if they felt a strange déjà vu, or had a bad feeling in their guts, they had no other choice now. Unless they were willing to live their entire lives as a monster, entering this underground research facility was their only choice. Moreover, this was the entire reason for their long journey.

While Bai Yi’s group was entering the research facility from the normal entrance, there was another group of people rapidly approaching. Beside Yu Han was his now team leader and teammate. The leader was actually more than 4 meters tall, with long fur growing all over his body and having 4 huge arms. There were even a pair of wings behind him, looking just like a sinister giant gorilla monster. The most important thing was that this guy was walking very amiably beside Yu Han.

“You said that this research facility has a drug that can let us regain human form?”

“Yes, didn’t team leader already confirm this matter?” Yu Han said respectfully.

In this team now, Yu Han was already not the leader. In this world now, strength meant authority. Bentham was the real experimental monster that escaped from the research facility, a being that entered the LV2 Metamorphose Stage.

Just as Martin said before, a lifeform would generate its ‘absolute lifefield’ after entering LV2. Through the use of their absolute lifefield, humans can actively manipulate and use the special energy inside their bodies. This was the real active usage of special energy, and not a passive enhancement like increasing a person’s strength or agility.

In Yu Han’s eyes, Bentham’s control and usage of energy still seemed to be very crude, but his strength was already worlds above his. The power of this guy was already becoming similar to the characters in animes and movies. Looking at this kind of situation, Yu Han yearned to improve even more. Rather than living a life of mediocrity, why not dive into this unknown world?

“Team leader, can we really find this research facility?” Yu Han asked. Even though he knew that there was a drug to regain human form in Tongariro National Park Research Facility, he did not know where the research facility was exactly. After entering the National Park, Bentham had been bringing them and moving along in a straight line until they had reached this place.

“It’s right in front!”

“It hasn’t been long since you guys fused with the Progenitor’s activated cells, so you guys can’t feel it yet. In truth, ever since entering Tongariro National Park, I can feel an intimidating aura. There can be no mistake, this aura came from the Progenitor.” Bentham said, his eyes being indescribably heavy.


Everyone felt shocked, but since it was Bentham that said it, they did not have any objections, because Bentham was much stronger than them.

Very quickly, they came to a giant hole in the ground more than 30 meters in diameter. The hole was so deep that all they could see was pitch darkness when they looked down, and the soil around it still looked very new. This was the hole ripped open in the ground by the Progenitor’s eruption at the start. The researchers filled back the hole partially, but after a few days when the activated cells epidemic broke out completely, nobody cared about the things here anymore.

“It’s here, I can feel it. The Progenitor is right below us, but her aura is very weak now.”

“We will go down and dig into the research facility to look for the drug to regain human form that you talked about.” Bentham said. Bentham did not wait for anyone to object, and abruptly grabbed all of them with one arm each and threw them inside the giant hole.

Other than Bentham in Yu Han’s team, there were still three other new people. At this time, they felt instinctual fear looking at the bottomless hole, but they had no other choice. Bentham grabbed the four guys first, leaving Ning Xue and Khina standing at the edge of the giant hole.

Will we meet with Uncle Bai and the others?

Khina looked at pitch black hole and thought silently. Ning Xue came closer to Khina in fear. Although Khina looked like a real monster now, she was the only one that Ning Xue felt familiar with.

Bai Yi’s group didn’t know that Yu Han’s group happened to come at this time as well. Moreover, Yu Han’s team didn’t come in through the normal entrance, but from the hole that the Progenitor made.

“How do we stop this thing?” Bai Yi asked everyone after the electric train started moving.

Bai Yi was a chef, and Hong Qi Hua was a university student majoring in law. Woolf was an ingredient shop owner, and Heloise a newly-wed who taught at Otorohanga Middle School for two years. Martin was a researcher, Mavis was a doctor, and Sara was a nurse. Warner and Momo were both kids, so there was no need to think about their professions. There wasn’t anybody here who knew how to operate this electric train.

Martin immediately started to fiddle around with the controls, and after a few minutes the electric train finally started. However, looking at his face they knew that he was just randomly pressing buttons.

How do we stop this!

Everyone looked at each other and finally at Martin. Martin himself was also stunned, and started fiddling around with the controls again. Suddenly, everyone felt a sudden jerk and all of them could feel the train accelerating. Martin felt it as well and became more and more panicky, his right hand that was full of sharp hairs randomly pressing on the buttons.

Suddenly, an ear-piercing alarm rang inside the train, even if they used their ass to think they knew it meant nothing good.

Jump off the train?

Bai Yi pushed open the train door with force, and the tunnel wall was less than a meter away from the train. With such a narrow distance, if they jumped out then they’d definitely be squeezed between the train and wall, and grinded against the wall as the train moved. Even if it were with their physical bodies now, they would probably end up severely injured or dead. At this time, Bai Yi didn’t have the time to scold anybody. To think of it, it was his lack of planning as well.

“Martin, try to stop the train. The others who have a lot of meat on them go to the end of the car, prepare to be a meat cushion. Be careful of your own knives and sharp metals, don’t stab yourselves.” Bai Yi said.

Woolf and Warner immediately ran towards the end of the train. They couldn’t afford to be selfish at a time like this.

Bai Yi went to the sides of the cabin. When he entered the train he had seen the location of the wheels. He looked again now and saw a metal pole used as a handhold in the middle of the cabin. He immediately looked at his broadsword and took a deep breath. At this time, he could only have faith that the sword that Old Harvey gave him was really of high quality.

Bai Yi grabbed the sword with both hands and powerfully swung the sword.

‘Clang!’ the sound of metal clashing on metal rang out, the broadsword cut into the pole as if he were chopping a tree, and sliced into it by a third. Everyone felt quite shocked and speechless. This guy was becoming more and more monstrous. He’d said that he didn’t know any manga-like sword techniques, but what was this?!

However, in the next moment everybody burst out laughing. Bai Yi’s broadsword got stuck inside the metal pole and he couldn’t pull it out. He even put one leg on the metal pole as support and tried his best to pull, but the posture that he was in made everyone laugh uncontrollably.

Bai Yi was of course not so monstrous. The main reason why he could cut through a third of the metal pole was due to the strength and sharpness of his sword. Old Harvey really managed to get his hands on a good sword. However, Bai Yi’s sword technique was also gradually improving from nothing to something, from the most basic usage of strength to the sword techniques that went against common sense.

Bai Yi used his legs to push against the metal pole and finally managed to pull his sword out. After that he hacked a few more times and finally cut down the metal pole. At this time, Bai Yi realized that only some marks appeared on the broadsword. The edge wasn’t even chipped.

“Woolf, come here and break open this area.” Bai Yi said to Woolf.

Woolf did not hesitate and went over immediately to the place where Bai Yi pointed to and broke open a hole using his greatsword. From the opening in the cabin wall, they could see the rapidly spinning wheels.

“Martin, is it not stopping yet?!” Bai Yi shouted to Martin.

“Wait a moment, it’s almost ready... almost…” Martin’s own voice was also very nervous.

Bai Yi saw what Martin was like and knew that he couldn’t depend on him. “Everyone hold on tight! Be careful of the shaking!” Bai Yi shouted loudly. After everyone grabbed on tight, Bai Yi immediately thrust the cut off metal pole into the gap between axle of the wheel.

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