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Chapter 57: Thoracic Vertebra

The gas was brought over to Bai Yi’s side, and all the gas tanks of the vehicles were filled to the brim. Other than that, there were still three full containers of gas that were placed on the truck. They initially wanted to do it themselves, but the guy who helped them to move the gas container was too enthusiastic and directly brought it up to the truck. After that guy came down, he gave an almost imperceptible nod to Jodi.

“The sky is already dark, why don’t you guys stay over at our place?” Jodi invited them passionately.

At this time, Bai Yi saw from the corner of his eye a woman secretly shaking his head at him.

If nobody tried to warn him, then he might have really left immediately. Bai Yi who was keeping a close eye on everybody saw the slight nod that the guy gave to Jodi, and moreover the atmosphere here was really strange. However, with somebody trying to warn him now, he on the contrary wanted to see what exactly was going on here.

“Sure then, thanks!” Bai Yi replied.

“No need for formality, we owe Brother Bai Yi so much, our food stock was running really low, hahahaha!” Jodi laughed loudly, seemingly very straightforward and passionate.

Thinking that Bai Yi did not see her warning, the skinny woman sighed in her heart.

The supermarket still had electricity. Apparently, this was the reason why they chose to set up their base right beside the mini hydroelectric plant. Humans had a natural fear towards the dark, especially during dangerous times like this.

“I think there’s no need for you guys to bring your weapons here?” Jodi couldn’t help but speak seeing that everybody in Bai Yi’s group were still carrying their weapons.

“Sorry, we are all really frightened by New Zealand’s situation recently. Bringing our weapons with us will make us feel safer.” Bai Yi smiled and explained. Doing this seemed to be quite rude, but Bai Yi didn’t have any intention of putting down his sword. Jodi continued on the subject but seeing that Bai Yi just smiled and patronised him with no changes, he didn’t bother to continue.

Jodi apparently treated himself like a host, and took the initiative to treat them to dinner. Very quickly, the food was served. It wasn’t considered to be plentiful, but it wasn’t little either. A lot of it was the Tentacle Slug and Giant Crab Alligator meat that Bai Yi handed over just now, and the rest of it apparently came from their own supplies.

“Eat, eat!” Jodi invited.

Bai Yi ignored the Tentacle Slug and Giant Crab Alligator meat. He was already sick of it over the past two days. He looked at the other types of meat on the table, and there was even a type of vegetable that he didn’t recognise…a new type of plant? At this time, Mavis suddenly put down her fork and knife, and shook her head at Bai Yi. Bai Yi looked at Mavis’ actions and he too put down his fork and knife.

“What’s wrong, why aren’t you guys eating?” Jodi’s tone suddenly became slightly colder.

“The thoracic vertebra, each vertebra gradually increases in size from top to bottom, and its horizontal cross section looks roughly like a heart shape. From the lateral profile, there’s an upper and lower cavity at each vertebra to connect to the ribs. I want to ask you, what is a human’s thoracic vertebra doing on a plate here?” Mavis’ eyes were very complicated. In reality, she had already guessed the answer, but she couldn’t accept it in her heart. It was a human being served on the table!

“You, you can tell!” Jodi’s voice started trembling.

“I am a doctor!” Mavis said plainly. She wasn’t only a doctor, but one with great medical skills and proficient in both internal and external medicine. Nobody here was more familiar with the human body than Mavis.

“Move!” Jodi suddenly shouted. Actually, he didn’t intend to act in a situation like this, but he didn’t expect that the group of them would be so cautious. Now that things had developed to this stage, he had no other choice.

Before Jodi’s voice could come out, Bai Yi already rushed forward, running across the hastily built table. His every step landed on the gap between the cups and plates, and not even a single drop of soup was spewed. Jodi’s mouth opened wide and his eyes looked at Bai Yi in shock, at this moment Bai Yi was already right in front of him. Jodi could clearly see his pair of eyes that were calm to the point of being icy.

Bai Yi wanted to subdue Jodi before he could even speak, but apparently his movements were still slower by a bit.

Gunshots rapidly fired, at this moment everyone swiftly dodged and ran.

Hong Qi Hua grabbed Momo, rolled on the floor and rushed behind a corner. The bullets raised a trail of dust on the floor and the rest of them too quickly dodged to the side, frantically looking for cover.


Bai Yi’s broadsword landed heavily on a canine tooth-like weapon in Jodi’s hand, and sparks immediately flew. This guy, his actions were so swift as well! Two powerful strengths clashed against each other, and the chair beneath Jodi instantly broke into pieces. Bai Yi made use of the momentum and flipped in the air. He simultaneously tilted his blade slightly, hacking down along the canine tooth.

“AHHH…!!” An ear-piercing scream filled the air and Bai Yi’s blade sliced off four of Jodi’s fingers.

Bai Yi wanted to follow up with his attack, but his eyes abruptly contracted, and he quickly raised the sword to block in front of him.

‘Ding ding!’ Bai Yi’s broadsword moved almost imperceptibly to intercept the incoming objects.

Two bullets instantly slid off the surface of the sword and flew past Bai Yi’s body. One of the bullets even rubbed across Bai Yi’s face, forming a line of blood. Bai Yi flipped in the air and landed, immediately bursting towards the corner and hiding behind the wall. Only now did Bai Yi touch his waist, finding his hand full of blood.

Just now in that hasty moment he only blocked the two fatal bullets, as for the other bullets he didn’t have the capacity to care about them.

Closing his eyes, Bai Yi took a deep breath and opened them again, his eyes containing incredible coldness and anger. Actually, Bai Yi long knew that something like this would happen. After all in the history of China, there were records detailing how families would eat their children in times of extreme famine. However, regardless of the reason, this kind of behaviour was not forgivable.

Bai Yi suddenly dashed out again, his body rapidly flashing past a guy holding a gun in another corner.

‘Puchi!’, a line of blood appeared on the guy’s neck and his head fell onto the floor. Bai Yi’s left hand grabbed his submachine gun and squeezed the trigger towards the other firing points. Those people who were scared of death immediately retreated and dodged behind obstacles, but in that short window of opportunity, Woolf, Heloise and Martin had already taken the chance and rushed forward.

‘Your weapon must never leave your hand.’ That was what Bai Yi had always been emphasizing. Only now did they truly understand what he meant.

Honestly speaking, Woolf and the others did not have the mental preparation to fight with fellow humans, but their bodies still moved with practiced familiarity… This was an instinctual reaction to danger. Everyone rushed towards their respective opponent, even Little Warner, while Pupu hid in an unknown place with its fat and round body.

The moment she brought Momo outside, Hong Qi Hua immediately threw her and turned around. ‘Dang dang dang!’…Hong Qi Hua’s two short knives clashed against a steel rod. In an instant, her hands moved with an imperceivable speed and knocked against the steel rod dozens of times. The sounds were so concentrated that it connected together. The rapid continuous collisions dispersed the strength behind the steel rod and she then flipped in the air and crouched on the floor.

When Momo was about to land on the floor, Sharpei suddenly rushed out from inside and caught her. Momo also familiarly grabbed onto the tuft of hair on its neck, and looked at Hong Qi Hua and the big guy. Although Momo felt very nervous, she was gradually getting used to these kind of sudden situations after the encounter with the monster by the river.

“Protect Momo!”

“Woof!” Sharpei barked and ran somewhere else carrying Momo.

Hong Qi Hua stood up straight and looked at the 3-meter-tall elephant-like fellow. She seemed to remember that he was called Maurice? This was the guy that she’d sent flying earlier. Now he was carrying a giant thick steel rod, carrying an incomparably dangerous air around him.

After creating a gap for Woolf and the others, Bai Yi did not continue to stay at the supermarket but chased after Jodi deeper inside. Along the way there were two people who tried to shoot at Bai Yi, but Bai Yi triggered his gun faster than them and killed them instantly.

Along the corridor, Bai Yi finally managed to stop Jodi. Bai Yi did not waste any words, and aimed his submachine gun at him and squeezed the trigger, only to find that there were no more bullets.

This was why he’d said that hot weapons were just like pieces of scrap metal without bullets.

Jodi’s four fingers on his right hand were already cut off, but the sickle on the surface of his arm swiftly shot forward, incomparably sharp. The left hand that hid inside his clothes all along also revealed itself to be a…mouth, a big mouth that was full of sharp teeth. Seeing that Bai Yi threw away his submachine gun, Jodi didn’t try to run anymore and turned around panting, standing off against Bai Yi.

Bai Yi fiercely rushed forward, his broadsword tilted at an angle from his body.

Apparently, Jodi understood well enough too, and after giving a loud roar, he similarly sprinted towards Bai Yi, raising the sharp sickle on his arm.


Bai Yi’s broadsword vibrated at a high speed within an extremely small area, and from looking at it, it seemed just like a normal sword. The two of them flashed past each other with a loud collision. Jodi’s left arm flew into the air from his elbow onwards, and a giant gash appeared on his chest as well. Jodi’s eyes filled with deep disbelief. His sickle was even tougher than normal swords, how could it just break like that?

In some ways, Bai Yi’s broadsword could be considered to be one of those more treasured blades inside the mangas.

“Hahahaha, I never thought that you would be so powerful. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have had ill-intentions towards you.” Jodi kneeled on the floor and laughed loudly, blood spewed out from his mouth, making his voice sound somewhat strange.

“I don’t think that’s the issue here!” Bai Yi walked over and said coldly.

“You can’t blame for me that, you can only blame this damnable world! You understand right, that kind of hunger, that extreme hunger that drives you crazy, that hunger that forces you to eat even if it meant eating another human being!” Jodi said loudly and gradually became more and more agitated. “In the end, all of us have become monsters, who still treats another person as a human being? I saw it, this world’s future! Everyone will become monsters, preying on each other as… food.”

Jodi looked at Bai Yi viciously, a maniacal look on his face.

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