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Chapter 54: Fishing

Over 10 minutes later, Martin and Woolf dragged the giant mutated cow back to the edge of the small farm.

Little Warner stood at the side very excitedly. He was now already at the height of an adult male, with a body that was as round as a fat pig. However, his strength now couldn’t be underestimated, and his body was very agile as well. Other than the pig and cow genes, Little Warner followed Hong Qi Hua in everything, even including her battle style. However, he was still very young, so Bai Yi had no intention of letting him participate in battle, just that he still underwent training normally.

Although everyone understood what Bai Yi said previously to not be restricted by their common sense, the ones that managed to do it the best were still Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua.

Just like Heloise said, maybe some people were just more suited to certain environments and times.

“You guys worked hard!” Bai Yi said to the few of them.

“En.” Hong Qi Hua replied plainly.

“Bai Yi, how about we eat beef hotpot today? I remember that we found some hotpot seasoning last time!” Woolf said excitedly.

“Ok!” Bai Yi smiled and nodded. A packet of hotpot seasoning was definitely not enough for everyone to eat, so he still had to season the base himself.

After nearly three days, they were finally approaching Taumarunui. However, more than half the time was spent on searching for food, cooking and resting, so the time used for travelling wasn’t that much in comparison. This couldn’t be helped as well. Bai Yi’s body healed at an abnormally slow pace, so they couldn’t afford for him to become travel-worn. Moreover, during the Binging Phase, food had to always be ready, or else it wouldn’t be just an issue of getting hungry faster.

They didn’t have a fixed time for meals now; they just prepared food whenever they got hungry. So, the group of them didn’t wait for mealtime, and while the cow was still fresh they started to prepare their meal.

Bai Yi already had no problems moving about now, as the abnormally slow speed of recovery was only in comparison to Woolf and the others. Compared to normal people before the change, it was actually many times faster.

The road to Taumarunui was built along the Whanganui River, which was downstream from the Waipa River. The small farm that they stopped at was right beside this river. Bai Yi prepared the food on an open patch of ground while Sara and Heloise helped out. Hong Qi Hua went to ask Mavis about things regarding medical expertise, while Momo rode on top of Sharpei as they ran around nearby, playing their hearts out.

“See, what did I say, this thing would definitely be useful!” Martin searched the container inside the truck for awhile and took out a fishing rod, showing off to Woolf.

“To think of it, it has been so long since I ate fish. There should be a lot in this river, right?” Woolf said.

“There used to a lot of fish, but I don’t know about now.” Martin said and the two of them headed to the edge of the river. There wasn’t any fish bait around here, so the two of them took some cow organs that Bai Yi had taken out just now as bait.

“Anyway, what fishing rod is this? Would this kind of fishing rod be useful now?” Woolf suddenly asked when Martin was preparing the bait.

“You don’t know how great my fishing skill is.”

“There’re no more normal animals left in New Zealand, I doubt that you can catch a fish using this fishing rod!” Woolf was surprisingly smart for once and ran back towards the truck. Woolf suddenly recalled that there was a 3-meter-long steel bar inside the truck as well as a roll of steel wire. After struggling for a while, Woolf carried his ‘fishing rod’ back to Martin and winked at him in glee.

“To fish in New Zealand now, you have to use something like this!” Woolf said extremely pleased with himself.

“Tch, you think you can get a fish like that?” Martin saw the so-called fishing rod and jibed.

Bai Yi and the rest were closeby and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry looking at their actions. Did they really want to fish? What kind of fish were they intending to catch, sharks? Very quickly, this caught the attention of Momo as well and she rode Sharpei over to Martin and Woolf’s side.

“Is there any fish here? Didn’t Bai Yi say that many animals died because they started to eat each other due to the Binging Phase last time?” Staring at the fishing float for a long time, Woolf finally couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t have that much patience.

“What do you think you’re fishing for? Even in normal times fishing isn’t so fast!” Martin retorted and waved his right hand, gesturing for Woolf to go play somewhere else. Suddenly, Martin felt his left arm shake as an enormous strength transmitted from the fishing rod.

“It took the bait!” Martin shouted excitedly and tried to raise the fishing rod.

With a ‘Pa!’, just like Woolf said, a slight tug was enough to snap the fishing line. At this moment, Woolf also felt tension in his hands and started to pull his steel bar.

“What did I say, your lousy fishing rod can never get any fish!” Woolf said gleefully while exerting his strength to pull the steel bar.

“Fuck, it’s so strong! Come help me!” Woolf said and the two of them joined forces to pull the steel bar. At this moment, the steel wire was already completely taut.

Suddenly, the tension disappeared and the two of them fell back onto the floor. At this moment, the surface of the river broke with loud splashes and a giant head raised itself up. The head was kind of sharp, and along its back grew multi-coloured sharp spikes like that of a porcupine. Purplish-black patterns circled its mouth and extended all the way down its body. Above the surface of the water was an upper body roughly the size of a car tire. However, the fish’s body seemed to be very long, and they didn’t know how much of it was hidden underneath.

Coloured Poison Spike Lizard! (TN: I’m not too sure what this is either, I suspect it may be a thorny dragon? So yeah I went with a more literal translation. It’s彩纹毒刺蜥 for any curious souls. Or it could be a fictional creature, i mean, this is a fictional story.)

“Hsss……!” The spiked lizard opened its mouth wide and hissed fiercely. There was still a giant ‘fish hook’ stuck to its mouth, and its cold vicious eyes stared at Martin, Woolf and Momo.

Martin and Woolf were completely stunned.

“Fuck why did you want to fish, see what you caught!” Woolf immediately pushed away the responsibility guiltlessly.

“You caught that thing, what has it got to do with me!” Martin instantly retorted.

Momo was rooted to the spot in fear from the beast that suddenly appeared from the water, but Sharpei reacted the moment the spiked lizard appeared. Sharpei immediately tensed its body and shot out viciously. Before the beast could react, Sharpei’s sharp claws brutally swiped across its nose.

“Hss, Hss…!” All the spikes on the lizard’s body instantly erected and at this moment, Sharpei already hopped away and rapidly dodged.

Although they were blaming each other, Woolf and Martin’s movements weren’t slow at all. Martin immediately ran towards Momo by the side. Momo was the flesh of Bai Yi’s heart (TN: means really loved, hurting her would mean hurting the person’s heart.), if anything happened to her then Bai Yi might just murder the both of them. Woolf held the steel bar in his hand and stabbed it towards the spiked lizard. Both of them didn’t bring along the weapons, nobody knew that something like this would happen.

The spiked lizard was also fuming. It was initially extremely hungry and bit the piece of meat after smelling blood. Who knew that it would get caught on the hook, and the moment it came out of the water it got clawed on its nose! Just from looking at the wound you could tell that it was very deep.

The spiked lizard hissed again; its body paused for a moment, then pounced towards Sharpei. At this moment, its full body was finally revealed. It was just like a lizard with four legs. Its body wasn’t big, but the tail was very long, roughly 6-7 meters in length. Many coloured spikes adorned its back as well.

At this moment, Bai Yi and the rest of them who were nearby also discovered the commotion. They immediately threw down whatever they were doing and ran towards the lizard.

Sharpei saw the coloured spikes on the back on the lizard and knew that he definitely couldn’t touch those. When the spiked lizard pounced, Sharpei immediately dodged nimbly, waiting for his chance to counterattack.

At this time, Woolf had already fiercely stabbed the steel bar towards the spiked lizard. It then curled its body up and those spikes abruptly closed onto itself. Woolf’s steel bar rammed into it and immediately slid off its body. So slippery…a phrase rose in Woolf’s heart and at that instant the spiked lizard opened up its spikes again. Due to Woolf miscalculating his actions, his body was about to slam into the spikes.

At this moment, Bai Yi rapidly dashed from the other side and rammed into Woolf. Woolf got knocked to the side but Bai Yi himself went onto the path of slamming into those poisoned spikes.

Looking at the colourful spikes, Bai Yi could guess how potent its poison was. At this moment, Bai Yi could very clearly see the poison spikes on its body swell slightly and become even more colorful, glistening.

Damn it!

Bai Yi raised the broadsword in his right hand and his left hand still held onto the kitchen knife that he was using to prepare the cow. His focus was incomparably sharp at this point and as expected, in the next moment those poisoned spikes burst out from its body like arrows. The soft fur around Bai Yi’s eyes trembled a few times and his irises contracted, pushing his concentration to the limit.

Bai Yi’s body twisted slightly and both blades in his hands waved rapidly, almost forming a whole series of afterimages. Countless ‘ding’ and ‘dang’s sounded and after a few seconds, Bai Yi stopped with his body twisted into an awkward position. Beside him was over a hundred colored spikes on the floor.

The spiked lizard still thought of doing something, but Bai Yi’s body fiercely snapped back, and at the same time the broadsword cut down brutally.

Bai Yi exerted his strength and the broadsword hacked through the neck of the spiked lizard. With a ‘puchi!’, multi-coloured blood sprayed out from its neck and Bai Yi instantly jumped back and dodged. After its head was chopped off, the body of the lizard flailed for a few moments and gradually stopped moving.

At this time, everyone looked at the corpse and looked at each other in dismay.

“Bring your weapons along with you next time, no matter what!” Bai Yi said to Woolf and Martin.

“Yes!” The two of them immediately stood at attention. Although Bai Yi’s tone wasn’t heavy, but everyone could tell the furious undertone in his voice. Bai Yi emphasized this many times. New Zealand was very dangerous now, nobody knew when danger would appear, so they had to be prepared at all times.

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