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Chapter 44: Discussion

Just as the sports car came to a stop, Momo immediately jumped off, ran towards Bai Yi, and hugged his leg. Bai Yi stroked her head gently as he held her hand and brought her to the center where they gathered.

“Let’s find an empty classroom first, I have some things that I want to clarify with you guys.” Bai Yi told everybody.

Everyone nodded their heads and started moving. This place was a middle school, empty classrooms were everywhere, and they were more orderly compared to a residence. Very quickly, everybody sat down in a classroom at the side of the field.

Little Warner was a little shy, so Bai Yi let Momo sit together with him. Two kids should have common topics to talk about.

“All of you probably know what I want to say, just that I don’t think you guys understand it completely yet. I’ll explain everything in detail here.” Bai Yi said.

“What I want to talk about is the active fusion of genes!”

The sentence wasn’t too solemn, and everyone already knew of this, but they still trembled in their hearts upon hearing this. Hong Qi Hua walked out at this time and gave a list to everybody. There wasn’t much content on the list, but everybody’s expression turned serious as they read what was on it.

Hong Qi Hua passed a list with everyone’s name on it, and beside their names were the genes that they had fused with. From Woolf with the most number of genes fused to the least number of genes filled, all of their names were there. On the right side of the list was the power ranking of everyone in the group and everyone was given number based on their strength. Although it was impossible to be accurate, it was easier to see and compare. (TN: The author said that there was a numerical ranking based on their strength, but it wasn’t there in the raws so hmmm not sure why).

Woolf – 1. Dog, 2. Cow, 3. Alligator, 4. Bald EagleMartin Anderson – 1. Slug, 2. LeechLittle Warner – 1. Pet Pig, 2. CowBai Yi – 1. ButterflyMomo – 1. ButterflyHeloise – 1. MosquitoMavis – 1. BeeSharpei – 1. SlugPupu – 1. CowHong Qi Hua –Sara –

There were nine of them that had fused with genes from other animals, and only Hong Qi Hua and Sara hadn’t fused with any genes. This was only the information on the current team, in reality the list had information on everybody in Yu Han’s team as well.

“There’s some rules behind this, but I’ll talk about them later. The purpose of actively fusing genes is not to turn everyone into a monster, but to have the ability to choose what genes we fuse with.” Bai Yi said after everyone looked over the list.

“Perhaps all of you already know about this, but I still want to tell you guys again.”

He continued. “Martin!”

“En, here!” Martin replied with slight surprise and stood up. Although he knew that Bai Yi would talk about the active fusion of genes, he didn’t expect Bai Yi to call him first.

“Go through the detailed information about activated cells with them.”

“Oh, sure!” Martin nodded.


Activated Cells: Special cells extracted from devil algae after going through thousands of mutations due to radiation. They were finally developed and transplanted successfully into the human now known as the Progenitor. Activated cells have strong assimilating powers, and once they infect the host and get awakened, they will gradually transform the organism’s original cells and grant them activated capabilities.

Activated cells currently have three abilities manifested.

Activated Capabilities: the ability to produce special energy that is different from what normal living things use.

This ability had already manifested on everyone in the form of extreme hunger and appetite. All the nutrients in the body were used to produce special energy, causing everyone to feel the extreme hunger and appetite.

Gene Fusion: Activated cells have strong gene fusion capabilities. If lifeforms at the binging stage consume or come into contact with fluids from other lifeforms, they will undergo gene fusion.

Activated cells have levels too, ranging from level 1 to level 9. The number of times gene fusion could occur is also correspondingly 1 to 9 times. The higher the level of the activated cells, the more times gene fusion can occur. However, the more times gene fusion can occur, the more the physical body would change and mutate further away from its original physical shape. Only when all the gene fusion slots are used up would there be no more gene fusion from coming into contact with other lifeforms’ genes.

Chain Infection: Even if the activated cells did not come from the Progenitor, they would still have the ability to infect lifeforms. However, the level of the activated cells would decrease, and when the activated cells become level 1, they would lose their chain infection capability.


“Gene fusion has no special order; it’s purely based on the sequence. Lifeforms that got infected with activated cells would fuse with the first few genes that they came into contact with until all the gene fusion slots are used up. Oh, gene fusion slots are just what we use to refer to the number of genes that a lifeform can fuse with, I think you guys can understand that.” Martin added on.

“Of course, that’s easy to understand.”

Everyone nodded their heads and even Little Warner and Momo could understand it as well. After all, this was what they’d been hearing about all day recently. Martin repeated the information on activated cells again and only sat down after confirming that everyone had understood.

“Including Sharpei and Pupu, nine of us have fused with genes! What genes that we’ve fused with are all written on the list. Of course, these are just the genes that we can see, as for genes that don’t show on the surface, they are impossible for us to know.” Bai Yi said and looked at some of them. The rest of them also immediately observed those who had fused with genes from other organisms.

“I don’t know how did you guys fuse with those genes, but we can see one thing – Once we are infected with activated cells, there is a very high chance of gene fusion. Very possibly, while we were unaware we had already fused with genes from some other organisms.” Bai Yi paused for a moment and then continued speaking.

“You guys heard what Martin said just now, based on the level of the activated cells there is a limited number of genes we can fuse with. My plan is, rather than fusing with some random and useless genes in some unexpected situation, why don’t we actively try and fuse with genes that are useful?”

“For genes such as… Butterfly, mouse, rabbit, cow, pigs and such animals, do you think that fusing with these genes would be helpful to you?”

What use can there be? Everyone shook their head involuntarily; these animals were weak even in the natural world. Other than causing your physical body to turn into a monster, there really was no use in fusing with these genes. Perhaps there might be some use for it, but apparently now it couldn’t be seen.

“We have fused with a lot of genes, but most of them are quite useless. As for the rest of the genes that we’ve fused with, I think there are a few that aren’t bad.” Bai Yi continued.

“1) Ant – Ants in natural world can easily move objects 20-150 times their weight, they are fully deserving of the title ‘Hercules’. Yu Han’s strength is apparently from fusing with the genes of an ant.”

“2) Cat – a cat’s night vision and nimbleness are both decent upgrades.”

“3) Dog – A dog’s sense of smell, hearing and nimbleness are also good to make up for our weaknesses.”

“4) Tortoise – A tortoise’s shell has a powerful defensive ability.”

“5) Bald Eagle – Eagles can fly so Woolf may start to grow wings, and moreover… An eagle’s vision is also very good, so it is also a decent choice.”

“Other than these, some other genes are also beneficial, but from what I see they aren’t really that helpful. Of course, this is just what I think now.” Bai Yi said again.

“What do you mean by not really that helpful? Aren’t alligators powerful?” Woolf asked, puzzled. He even intentionally opened his alligator mouth wide to show off to everyone else. The rest of them immediately started laughing, lightening up the initially serious atmosphere in the room. This guy… Bai Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but it wasn’t bad to be more relaxed.

“Exactly what those words mean; we classified various organisms based on some criteria that’s different from how we usually classify organisms. For example, the alligator, you may think that it’s a very useful and powerful animal, but in reality, that’s not the case. This is because…” Bai Yi said when he suddenly held his mouth and a faint red colour seeped through his fingers.

Bai Yi’s injuries weren’t healed yet!

Everyone immediately had this thought, but only Mavis looked at him in surprise and looked pensive. Although she only knew about the activated cells later on, she was more sensitive to changes to a person’s body as a doctor. Bai Yi’s condition…was very different compared to Woolf’s and Yu Han’s.

To think of it, Bai Yi’s injuries weren’t as serious as Woolf’s, but he was the last to regain consciousness. Moreover, his injuries were healing at such a slow pace, it just didn’t seem right!

However, at this time, Bai Yi himself didn’t realise this. To save Martin and also while battling with Yu Han, Bai Yi’s body heated up to extreme levels as if it were boiling. Just what kind of changes did the activated cells cause?

Please don’t let anything happen to you, Bai Yi!

Mavis rubbed her hands together and watched Bai Yi silently. She could see very clearly that although everyone had good relationships with each other, Bai Yi was still the one linking all of them together. If something happened to Bai Yi, this team might continue to operate, but it would definitely not be as smooth as before. However, Mavis didn’t interrupt the meeting. If she wanted to say anything it would be after the meeting was over.

“Hong Qi Hua, why don’t you explain to everyone?” Bai Yi said to Hong Qi Hua. Bai Yi only thought that his injuries were more serious and needed more time to recuperate.

Hong Qi Hua, seeing that Bai Yi was in this condition, stood up and nodded to everyone.

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