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Chapter 38: Name List

Facing Mavis' lecture, Bai Yi did not say anything and behaved like a child who had done something wrong. Momo beside him tried to act cutely to Mavis and guaranteed for her daddy that it wouldn't happen again, making Mavis smile and feel tenderness for her.

"Where is this place?" Bai Yi asked.

"This is an underground base." Sara said while helping Bai Yi rebandage his wounds.

"Underground base?" Bai Yi couldn't help but to be shocked. Before he lost consciousness, he was still at Otorohanga. How did he suddenly come to an underground base? After Sara's detailed explanation, Bai Yi finally figured out what was going on.

Old Harvey - the old man in the hall just now was a fanatical apocalyptic believer. Of course, Old Harvey's daily life was still very normal and he had no radical behaviour. The only thing that people would ridicule was how he used more than half of his wealth to prepare some 'apocalypse equipment'. Among those expenditures, the most was used for this underground base. Unexpectedly, the apocalypse really happened and it made Old Harvey extremely excited.

"So it's like this." Bai Yi nodded.

There was always a bunch of weird people in the world, with weird interests and weird beliefs that didn't fit in with the rest of society. However, Bai Yi never looked down on these groups of people. No matter how weird and twisted their interests were, he felt that as long as their actions did not harm others, then it was their personal business. Other people had neither any reason nor right to interfere in it. Apparently, Old Harvey belonged to this group of weird people.

"But I really didn't expect you to be so furious!" Mavis said while helping Bai Yi to bandage his wounds.

"You guys knew?"

"Of course, we asked everybody about what happened throughout your entire journey, but there were different versions of the story. On Yu Han's side, they said that you were cold and heartless, and that you were the murderer that caused the death of several teammates due to your wrong decisions. As for Hong Qi Hua, she said that if not for your decision even more people would have died." Sara said.

"Then what do you guys think?"

"Is there a need to ask? I already saw through you clearly years ago, if you were the kind of cold and heartless person I would have never allowed you to adopt Momo." Sara said as if she shouldn't have to bother explaining.

"Thank you!"

"No need for thanks, you still haven't told us why were you that furious?" Sara patted Bai Yi on the shoulder and Bai Yi's entire body suddenly jerked, sucking in a mouthful of cold air. Looking at Sara's snigger, Bai Yi knew that Sara did it on purpose. Ever since the first time they'd met in the hospital, Sara and Bai Yi had become 'enemies'.

Bai Yi glared at Sara angrily, but she already hid herself behind Mavis and his angry glare just happened to meet Mavis' eyes.

"What?" Mavis questioned.

"No, nothing!" Bai Yi saw Sara making a funny face behind Mavis and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Afterwards, he told the two of them everything that happened in detail.

"Now you know what I am furious about!"

He continued. "What I am furious about is not Yu Han's ambition, since it is very normal, and it happens often in the real world. What I am furious about is how he intentionally put people who were supposed to be his friends in danger because of it! I won't deny that Jiang Lin Lin, Tang Ping and Randt's deaths are connected to my decision, but, if Yu Han wasn't so selfish then they might not have died! Only because these are things that didn't happen and can't be used as evidence did I not say much." Bai Yi slowly explained.

"So it was actually like this? Hong Qi Hua didn't talk about this!" Sara said angrily as well.

"Can't you tell? Hong Qi Hua isn't a person of many words, just like Bai Yi said things that didn't happen couldn't be used as evidence, so she didn't bother to talk about it either." Mavis said. Apparently, Mavis, who was already middle-aged, was a better judge of people and understood Hong Qi Hua's personality.

Suddenly, knocking sounds could be heard from the door.

"Come in!" Sara came to open the door and found Hong Qi Hua.

Opening the door, Hong Qi Hua walked in, and there was a faint smile on her face along with some heaviness in her eyes. Bai Yi could tell that she was definitely not here just to check on him but had some things to discuss with him.

"I'll go take a look at Yu Han." Mavis said. Everyone looked at Mavis in surprise, from her attitude just now she should've been very clear on what kind of person Yu Han was.

"I'm a doctor!" Mavis left with those words.

Bai Yi was surprised, and smiled cheerfully. This was the Doctor Mavis that he knew, she wouldn't let her personal emotions affect her judgement. She was first and foremost a doctor, even if Yu Han and Bai Yi were enemies, the first thing she would think about was how to save her patients. Sara wanted to say something, but was dragged along by Mavis towards Yu Han's room. Bella was just a medical intern, so she would definitely not be able to handle Yu Han's injuries well.

"Uncle Bai, congratulations for awakening and you seem to be in great spirits!" Hong Qi Hua said after seeing the two of them disappear outside the door. Her entire sentence was just a joke, Bai Yi now was more weak and lethargic rather than in great spirits. If not for Mavis' emergency treatment, it was likely that he would have died.

"How is this a congratulation? Anyway, you didn't come just to check on me right?" Bai Yi said.

"En. Uncle Bai, you were unconscious for three days. This is the name list as well as the inventory list for this underground base." Hong Qi Hua said and passed over the lists. Only after hearing from Hong Qi Hua did Bai Yi realise that he was out for three days. No wonder he was so hungry, and the changes to Woolf and the others were so huge as well.

Bai Yi took the lists and looked at it carefully.

Firstly, were the personnel, their original team had:

Bai Yi 2. Momo (Pet: Sharpei) 3. Hong Qi Hua 4. Woolf 5. Heloise 6. Martin AndersonYu Han 2. Ning Xue 3. Qin Kai Rui 4. Dai Yu Yao 5. Khina Bailey 6. Bella

Meilin was eaten by the Tentacle Slug, so she was definitely dead. What made Bai Yi more surprised was that Dai Yu Yao was actually still alive. Honestly speaking, when the Armoured Shark Tortoise flung the car that Dai Yu Yao was in into the distance, everyone thought that Dai Yu Yao died for sure. In the end, it seemed that activated cells were really too powerful. As long as it wasn't an instant death, there was a very large chance to survive given sufficient nutrients.

There were eight new people that they met in the base:

Old Harvey (Fanatical apocalyptic believer, this underground base was built by him. Not only are there various kinds of weapons, but also many daily necessities stored here.)Mavis (Veteran doctor, good in medical knowledge, emergency rescue and surgery.)Sara (Nurse, good at tending to wounds, decent in medical knowledge as well.)Pedro Delaro (A security guard working at the same hospital as Sara and Mavis, happened to escape to this place together)Hopper Leicester (Old Harvey's neighbour, a mechanic. He thought that Old Harvey was a bit crazy, but now survived because of him.)Julia (Hopper's wife)Jones Leicester (Hopper's son, eight years old, known as Little Jones.)Little Warner (Little Jones' buddy, family is already dead and also eight years old. Pupu - Little Warner's pet, a pot-bellied pig. It isn't very big but very fat.)

Bai Yi rapidly scanned through the list. In actuality, this base wasn't too big. After all, it was something created by just one person. Moreover, the person who made it was a fanatic who wasn't really in his right mind. However, the resources in this base were still considered sufficient. By Hong Qi Hua's estimation, even if they freely allowed everybody to eat their fill, the food was enough to last them several months.

There were also weapons and processing facilities here. Of course, with Old Harvey's ability, it wasn't possible for him to get any heavy weapons, but through some connections he was able to get some metal processing equipment and make some cold weapons for himself. For example, there were the more common weapons, such as heavy machetes and katanas. Other than that, there were bigger things like a flamethrower, a railgun, a few handguns, two submachine guns and two rifles, but Old Harvey didn't seem to attach much importance to the hot weapons.

"What is the kind of apocalypse did Old Harvey envision?"

"Probably a zombie outbreak. That was the most wide-spread type of apocalypse on the Internet. Although the mutated monsters in a zombie apocalypse are different from these gene-fused monsters, the level of danger is quite similar." Hong Qi Hua laughed lightly. People would probably think that Old Harvey was crazy if they saw him in normal times, but now everyone really had to thank him, otherwise they would not have been able to find a safe place now.

"However, this safety is completely temporary. Honestly speaking, I do not have much confidence in this base. I initially wanted to leave immediately after you awoke, but from the looks of it I'll have to wait for a while more." Hong Qi Hua said. With Bai Yi's injuries now, it was not possible to get out of bed even if he had the help of the activated cells.

As for why she said the base wasn't safe, only those who'd actually encountered those monsters would know just how powerful they were. For example, the Great Devil Snake that they met before, Hong Qi Hua felt that it could easily burrow giant holes into this place. Moreover, they had an even more important goal: to acquire the drug to regain human form.

"Sorry I was impulsive, but I really couldn't tolerate it anymore."

"I could tell. Uncle Bai, you were just controlling yourself. You did not find trouble with Yu Han only because we were still in a dangerous situation then."

"Ah…" Bai Yi went silent and did not deny it.

"But things are good this way too. At least we allowed the rest see Yu Han's true colours. To be honest, i felt really moved just now Uncle Bai!" Hong Qi Hua said seriously.

"I didn't feel anything... Just anger!" Bai Yi shook his head.

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