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Chapter 26: The Second Place

“Bai Yi, you should understand what the situation is like in the city now since we were in Te Awamutu. It is not a wise choice to enter the chaotic city now that the sky has turned dark. I know that you have a friend in Otorohanga, but you have to think about the others. You can’t expect to place everybody else in danger just for that one friend of yours.”

Bai Yi looked at Yu Han with his multi-coloured irises. This guy!

“I know, I won’t force you guys to go in.” Bai Yi said after a moment of silence. Objectively, Bai Yi knew that Yu Han was right and that he shouldn’t place others in danger just because of a friend of his. However, Bai Yi was also not a greenhorn in society so he could guess what Yu Han’s intentions were…he wanted to force him to leave, and he could even take the moral high ground by justifying that it was for the sake of the team.

After speaking, Yu Han looked at Hong Qi Hua with desire in his eyes.

Heloise who just joined the team hesitated slightly upon hearing Yu Han, while Hong Qi Hua stood still and looked at Bai Yi silently. Bai Yi laughed unreservedly and then went back into the car. Suddenly, Woolf also opened the car door and sat on the driver’s seat.

“You’re not staying? Bai Yi asked.

“Ha, are you joking? If I stay you can’t even drive the car away.” Woolf laughed loudly and said. Bai Yi’s left arm was still in a sling across his chest and completely immobile. At this moment, Hong Qi Hua also entered the other car and sat on the driver’s seat.

“Hong Qi Hua what are you doing?” Yu Han asked but he had already guessed the answer in his heart.

“I’m going with Uncle Bai, I don’t think you have any issues with us taking the food in these two cars?” Hong Qi Hua said, her bright eyes staring at Yu Han.

“You will be in danger if you do this.” Yu Han didn’t want to give Hong Qi Hua up. Not only because Hong Qi Hua became very beautiful now but also because she was very capable compared to the rest of the team. Yu Han actually looked down on people like Qin Kai Rui and Dai Yu Yao. They just couldn’t adapt to this changed world.

“I know that to put your other friends in danger for the sake of one friend is something very stupid, but… if it were you who was in danger, what would you be hoping for?” Hong Qi Hua smiled plainly.

After hearing Hong Qi Hua’s words, Heloise also bit her teeth and sat in the back.


Bai Yi wanted to laugh out loud. That’s right, in this world many things were ‘irrational’ but at the same time many people would still do them, and why was that the case? Bai Yi knew that Yu Han’s words made a lot of sense, but apparently there were quite a few people who were willing to be stupid with him.

The two cars drove out, leaving Yu Han and the rest by the road side. Actually, Martin wanted to join them as well, but he’d hesitated for a moment and completely lost the chance to go with them.

“Look for a residence nearby. We will rest for a night there and then continue heading for our destination tomorrow.” Yu Han calmed down quickly and said to the rest. As for himself, he looked at the direction where Bai Yi and his group set off to, feeling unresigned in his heart.

Bai Yi sat on the seat gently hugging Momo, not saying a single word. Some things didn’t need to be said so clearly. Since Woolf, Hong Qi Hua and Heloise were willing to follow him, it meant that they trusted him. Bai Yi then had the obligation to repay their trust and bring them to a safe place.

However, life just seemed to enjoy playing pranks on people. Just as Bai Yi had these thoughts, a few cars came speeding towards them from in front and almost collided with their car. Even though they managed to avoid them, the two cars still violently scraped against each other, almost resulting in an accident. Woolf stopped the car and wanted to swear at them, but the other car did not even bother to stop and was long gone.

“Fuckers. What are they in a rush for? Don’t ever let me catch you!” Woolf cursed and complained.

At this moment, another few cars sped towards them as well, rushing past them by the road. Bai Yi squinted his eyes and looked towards Otorohanga.

“Uncle Bai!” Hong Qi Hua looked at Bai Yi.

“There’s trouble!” Bai Yi said gravely.

“Wasn’t there trouble long ago? Everybody knows that the city is in chaos.” Woolf said casually.

“We’re not talking about the city being chaotic but some other trouble has appeared. Do you remember that ever since Te Awamutu we didn’t encounter any cars driving towards the north but they were all driving to the south? Why is that? It’s because everyone got to know about monsters appearing in Hamilton from the internet, so they were all escaping from that direction. However, the few cars just now were driving towards the north in such a hurry. It can only mean that there was some reason that made them disregard the monsters in Hamilton…and the only possible reason for that is that monsters appeared in Otorohanga as well. These monsters must be close by, and for the sake of escaping, they couldn’t care about the other monsters from Hamilton.” Bai Yi analysed quickly and rationally.

“It can’t be, really?” Woolf said, stupefied.

Even though they managed to escape from the monsters twice and even managed to kill a Seven-tailed Snake Vulture, Woolf was still deeply afraid of them.

“Remember what Martin said? There’s a total of 121 research facilities in New Zealand. Since the experiments in Northern Hamilton can escape, then it is only a matter of time before the experiments from the other research facilities do so as well. I only hope that the number of experiments in the other research facilities aren’t too many.” Bai Yi said seriously.

“Then what do we do? Are we still going inside?”

“Go back and inform Yu Han’s group.”

“Huh, inform them?”

“That’s right, inform them. Let’s head back first and I’ll explain in a while.” Bai Yi said. Woolf didn’t understand much but now Bai Yi was the leader of the team. Since he already said so then the two cars immediately turned around and drove back.

When they came back, Yu Han’s group apparently also found that something was wrong and was still looking around in that direction. Seeing Bai Yi’s group drive back, the group was quite flabbergasted.

“You saw the cars driving past, right?” Bai Yi said immediately after getting out of the car.


“Can you guess the reason why?”

“Monsters.” Yu Han said coldly. When the rest of them heard him they were instantly terrified and started to panic.

“Cross the city together?” Bai Yi said, giving an invitation that wasn’t really considered an invitation.

“Are you joking! You know that there are monsters there and you still want to head towards the city? If you want to die, don’t come back and drag us along!” Qin Kai Rui instantly started shouting furiously. However, both Yu Han and Bai Yi chose to ignore Qin Kai Rui. This Executive Secretary of the student union and admired child of fortune was falling more and more behind in this changed world. He was just like a flower protected in a greenhouse that would quickly wilt without it.


Haha. Bai Yi mocked slightly in his heart.

“We are different from other people. Their goal is just to escape from the monsters, while our goal is the research facility in Tongariro National Park. To go to that place, we have no choice but to pass by Otorohanga. Of course, it’s possible to take a detour, but we would need to take a huge detour as there aren’t any roads that can bring us around the city without entering the city itself. We don’t have time to waste. The more time we spend here, the more dangerous New Zealand is going to get.”

“Martin said that there’s 121 research facilities in New Zealand. Since monsters already appeared here, nobody knows when the monsters from other research facilities will appear as well. There is no benefit in taking a long detour.” Hong Qi Hua also added on calmly.

Yu Han heard and looked at Hong Qi Hua.

Yu Han wasn’t trying to brag but he felt that he was very amazing, just that in this world where people liked to keep the status quo, he just didn’t have a chance a show how remarkable he was. However, it was different now. With the collapse of order in New Zealand, the power of individual ability was now magnified to the utmost. Those people who were admired were now just crude and unassuming, while those who were initially unremarkable were now releasing their brilliance.

In the team, Yu Han thought there were 3 remarkable people…Yu Han himself was one, Bai Yi was another, and Hong Qi Hua was the last one. As for the others, it wasn’t that Yu Han looked down on them, but it was just that the difference was really too big. It wasn’t about ability, but attitude.

It was true that Yu Han wanted to become the leader of the team, but even more than that he wanted Hong Qi Hua to be part of his team. Sadly, however, Hong Qi Hua just didn’t seem to be interested.

“Ok, we will cross Otorohanga together and then head to Tongariro National Park Research Facility.” Yu Han agreed.

“Yu Han, did you go crazy too? Those are monsters, monsters!” Qin Kai Rui said deranged, just like a real madman he was increasingly losing his composure. However, it seemed like he wasn’t the only one that thought this way. Dai Yu Yao, Bella and the other girls also had looks of unease. It was just that they didn’t express it so explicitly.

“Shut up!” Yu Han looked at Qin Kai Rui whining non-stop and being a nuisance. He suddenly felt that rather than leading a bunch of idiots it was better to find a few reliable teammates.

“Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua already explained it very clearly, clear your head up and think about things properly! Look at yourself now…pig head. New Zealand has already changed. Stop being stuck in the previous world!” Yu Han said fiercely, grabbing hold of Qin Kai Rui’s collar and lifting him up close.

Qin Kai Rui was stunned from the scolding, and then he looked extremely down.

Was it like this? Was he still stuck in the world before? Just a few days ago, he was the Executive Secretary of the student union. He was the only male in the 3 generations of the Qin family, and he was destined to inherit his family’s business empire. He never lacked money or beautiful girls, but in just a few short days everything changed. He not only lost everything but even fused with the genes of a pig and turned into a pig head. Even his body was also starting to swell and become fat.


Qin Kai Rui gripped his fists tightly with his eyes blood-shot.

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