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Chapter 15: Heart-stopping Confrontation

Very quickly, everyone knew about Bai Yi getting poisoned and how the only way to remove the poison was to kill the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture and eat its snake gall. However, nobody responded after finding out. It’s true that Bai Yi helped them a lot, but to risk their lives trying to kill the bird for his sake was something that they wouldn’t think of doing.

Bai Yi laid on the back seat of the car with his eyes closed, faintly gasping for air.

He did not feel much resentment towards the rest as their actions were very normal. From the start, they didn’t have any special or close relationship with him, to expect them to risk their lives for him was just being unrealistic. In the end, this wasn’t something that could be done so easily; any carelessness while trying to kill the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture would easily result in their deaths.

The speed of the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture wasn’t too fast and the shadows of the first few cars that left couldn’t even be seen anymore. Only Woolf slowed down slightly to bait the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture. If Bai Yi wanted to live then he had to kill that monster, what was the point of just running away?

“I’m sorry, but could you guys describe to me any special characteristics of the road in front? Such as tunnels, bridges, and things like that.” Bai Yi held his heavily giddy head and spoke into the phone.

“There is a bridge in front of me here, but it’s very small and probably not of much use.”

“There’s an accident scene here blocking half of the road, but we can still go through it. There’s also an abandoned heavy truck here.”

“I just checked the online map, this is a ring-shaped road.” Randt said.

“4.5km from Fushui Bay there is a tunnel, roughly 200m long.” Qin Kai Rui who drove the fastest also described what she saw. Everybody knew Bai Yi was trying to gather information to find a way to kill the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture. Of course, nobody would reject such a simple request, but none of them thought that Bai Yi would succeed.

Bai Yi held his head and panted heavily. Suddenly, an idea shot through his head and he hung up the phone. At this time, the others were also trying to come up with a safe way to kill the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture. However, no matter how much they thought, to kill such a monster without any weapons was simply a fantasy.

“Woolf, do you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you! Bai Yi, do you have an idea?” Woolf gave Bai Yi a big thumbs up.

“Just a last attempt to save myself, I’m not sure if it will succeed.” Bai Yi smiled gravely.

“Woolf, later when we reach the accident scene, slow the car down and I will get out of the car. After that, bring the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture along the ring-shaped road and make one round back. You must continue to bait it and let it follow behind you, so it’ll be rather dangerous. Most importantly, you must create a chance for it to grab onto the car and that must happen when you are about to enter the tunnel. Of course, it would be best if you were able to lure the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture into the tunnel itself.” More and more cold sweat appeared on Bai Yi’s face.

“When entering the tunnel, keep to the left side; upon entering the tunnel immediately move towards the right. I will be on your left driving the heavy truck out.” A hint of green surfaced on Bai Yi’s face now.

“Bai Yi this is too dangerous!”

“Listen!” Bai Yi shouted. “I know that this is very dangerous, but I have no choice now. I can feel that the poison inside my body is extremely fierce; even though I only breathed in a small amount, I’m already at my limit. Remember all this well, I don’t have many chances so I’m relying on you. Also, if I die…please take care of Momo for me.” It sounded like he was delivering his will.

“Daddy, Daddy! Please don’t abandon Momo.” Momo held Bai Yi’s hand, tears already streaming down her face.

Bai Yi intimately rubbed his forehead against Momo’s forehead and then said: “Momo you have a mission as well, if you want to save Daddy then you must do as I say ,ok?”

“Later when you enter the tunnel, you must use the phone to coordinate the timing with me. Count ‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1;’ ideally the moment when the countdown hits 1 is the moment the car enters the tunnel, got it?” Bai Yi told Momo.

“Daddy, wuuuuu, Daddy!”

“Remember well, Daddy’s life is in your hands, Momo.” Bai Yi said. At this moment, the car just happened to pass by the accident scene.

Before Woolf could react, Bai Yi abruptly opened the car door and jumped out. The strong forward momentum caused Bai Yi to roll continuously on the road and smash into a heap of ruined cars. From the friction against the floor, countless abrasions appeared on his body and the impact caused his organs to bleed.

This is just seeking death!

Woolf cursed in his heart, but he knew very well that even if it was like seeking death, this was the only method that could save him. Seeing that Bai Yi did not die there but got up swiftly and hid under a damaged car, Woolf took a deep breath. Since Bai Yi was already risking his life out there, what more was there to think about.

“Momo, sit tight.” Woolf told Momo.

“En!” There were still tears on Momo’s face, but she still took out her phone.

Woolf slowed down the car to allow the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture to catch up and there were quite a few close shaves where the giant bird almost grabbed hold of the roof of the car. This was also what Bai Yi wanted, to continuously bait the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture to follow them and not let it to think that there was no hope of catching them.

After the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture followed the car and left, Bai Yi got up while holding his left arm. His left arm hung limply from his shoulder, fractured, and his face also chafed severely against the floor, leaving an abrasion so deep that you could practically see the bone. However, Bai Yi did not mind all this now as these were all superficial wounds. Although it looked gory, it wasn’t fatal; what was fatal was the poison inside his body.

Bai Yi came to the truck and opened the door, only to find that there was no key inside.

“FUCK!” With a bang, Bai Yi violently punched the dashboard and cursed loudly. Bai Yi shook his head in frustration, but there was no point being anxious now, he could only learn from the movies and try to hotwire the car. He pulled open the cover and continuously touched two wires to each other, hoping that the heavy truck would start .

Perhaps heaven was taking pity on him today; after trying for 2 minutes, he finally got the truck to start.

Bai Yi let out a breath of relief and drove the heavy truck towards the tunnel. At the same time, Bai Yi took out his phone and called Momo. “Momo, tell Woolf that I have already positioned the heavy truck; he can lure the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture over now.”

“Daddy, rest assured, I will do well!” Momo guaranteed with tears in her eyes.

“Good girl Momo, I know you will do well.” Bai Yi encouraged Momo. In truth, even Bai Yi didn’t know how well his 4-year-old daughter could do.

The severe pain from the injuries he suffered when jumping off the car served to help Bai Yi focus his hazy mind. Bai Yi silently started the heavy truck again, the low rumbling sound like the roar of a metal monster. Not long after, Momo’s voice came from his phone.



The heavy vehicle started and Bai Yi begin to accelerate. When Momo counted to 3, Bai Yi drove the heavy truck into the tunnel from the other side. When the countdown reached 1, the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture happened to dive down, grabbing onto the roof of Woolf’s car at the edge of the tunnel. However, due to the strong momentum, it lost its grip on the car and instead the giant bird was pulled into tunnel.


Woolf fiercely swerved to the right as Bai Yi instructed. At this time, the headlights of a heavy truck whizzed by. The two vehicles practically scraped past each other and the heavy truck brutally smashed into the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture with tremendous force.

The Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture tried to fly in a panic, but it was stuck inside the tunnel and got hit by the heavy truck with a loud ‘BOOM!’. Even if it was a monster, in that instant, the eyes of the giant bird were filled with fear as the heavy truck crushed it.

Go and die for me!

Bai Yi’s expression at that moment became incredibly malevolent, as if he was merging with the vehicle, forming a single body. In an instant, the head of the giant bird was smashed like a watermelon. Even the head of the truck became dented. An airbag instantly burst out from the inside of the truck.

The truck continuously pushed the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture out of the tunnel and eventually squashed it against the side of the mountain wall (TN: tunnels are usually built through a mountain, if you are confused about where the mountain came from) and finally stopped. At this time, Woolf also stopped his car and looked outside while panting heavily. Slowly, Woolf turned his car around and came out of the tunnel, finally seeing Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture squashed against the mountain wall. The Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture was still twitching, but it clearly wouldn’t be alive for much longer.

Woolf opened the car door but Momo was even faster, running to the side of the heavy truck and shouting “Daddy!”.

Woolf opened the door of the heavy truck and helped Bai Yi down. Only then did he discover that Bai Yi’s state wasn’t very good and that he had almost lost consciousness. He really had to give it to this guy, to be able to do something so dangerous in such a state. Woolf gave a thumbs up to Bai Yi whose eyes were slowly starting to lose focus.

“Snake…gall!” Bai Yi said.

“En, I will find it for you immediately.” Woolf said, heading towards the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture.

At this time, Sharpei was barking loudly at the giant bird but didn’t dare to approach too closely. This giant bird had shocking vitality, even after being smashed to this state it was still not completely dead. The 7 snake heads on its rear were still slowly moving around, their deaths approaching swiftly.

Woolf did not go over immediately as this guy wasn’t completely dead yet. It would be a huge loss if he accidentally got bitten from approaching too closely now. After a short while, the giant bird completely lost all signs of life and Woolf dissected a snake gall from the snake that he had punched before. He then let Bai Yi swallow the snake gall.

At this time, nobody was thinking about the issue of gene fusion; it wasn’t like they had the luxury of cooking the snake gall first.

Bai Yi swallowed the noxious, fist-sized snake gall and gave a bitter smile. At this moment, Momo was already hugging Bai Yi’s left arm and bawling her eyes out. Bai Yi didn’t say anything but gently stroked Momo’s head with loving tenderness in his eyes.

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