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Chapter 13: Visible Change

For the entire night, everyone felt as if there was an irrepressible restlessness in their bodies.

Yu Han couldn’t sleep well either. He would recall the snow-white body of Ning Xue once he closed his eyes and the image seem to become even clearer and more enticing. Speaking of which, although Khina was his girlfriend, they had never really done it before. She was always saying that she wanted to save it for marriage. Putting on airs when she wasn’t even pretty…tch.

It was the 26th!

Yu Han abruptly woke up, feeling extremely warm in his body. He couldn’t help but to get up and walk to the mirror. With just a look, Yu Han was instantly at a loss for words; he immediately ripped apart the clothes on his body and meticulously observed the changes to his body.

First came his eyes. His irises turned into slits like that of a snake and small, dense golden scales appeared around his eyes. When Yu Han stuck out his tongue, he found that the tip of his tongue had split and became a forked tongue. Other than that, pincers that looked like ants’ mandibles appeared on the sides of his mouth, but they weren’t too obvious yet. In addition, he felt that his body now contained explosive strength and he felt two small bumps on his back.

“Fuck,” Yu Han cursed softly.

In reality, everyone already had some mental preparation ever since seeing Ning Xue’s cat ears last night. However, seeing yourself transforming into a monster was still hard to accept for most. Yu Han stared at himself now and somehow, the more he looked, the uglier he became. In the end, he could only sigh helplessly and close his eyes.

At this time, many panicky and frightened screams came from many of the other rooms.

Yu Han didn’t barge into any of the rooms this time but came to the living room alone and silently waited. In the group, he could be considered to be one of the more composed ones. In a short while, Bai Yi came with Momo and looked at Yu Han. Yu Han realised that Bai Yi had undergone some changes as well, but they weren’t as huge as his. Around Bai Yi’s eyes there were some colourful patterns and the color of his eyes changed to a complicated myriad of hues.

When Bai Yi entered the living room, he saw Yu Han whose appearance had changed greatly. As expected… What Martin said was really true!

Not long after, the rest of the group slowly came down. However, Woolf, Qin Kai Rui, Ning Xue and a few others were all using things to cover their head, hiding their faces from the rest.

“It can’t be that you guys changed into monsters as well?” Ning Xue softly said.

Upon hearing that, the rest of them immediately tried to look at their faces, but other than Bai Yi and Yu Han, they were all trying to hide their appearances so they couldn’t see anything. Woolf, upon seeing how indifferent Bai Yi was, finally decided to pull away the clothes covering his head and revealed his appearance - a dog’s head! Of course, it wasn’t a complete dog head, but characteristics of a dog started to appear on his face and two small horns grew on the side of his head. They seemed to be cow horns.

“I was only playing around with my cat at home, why did I become like this?” Ning Xue also revealed her appearance. This time the change was even greater than that of last night and she had truly turned into a cat woman. Ning Xue’s initially delicate face was mixed with a hint of wildness now, making her look even cuter than before.

“Don’t, don’t look at me!” Qin Kai Rui felt the others looking at him and spoke while hiding his face.

“Qin Kai Rui, what did you turn into?” Dai Yu Yao asked.

Qin Kai Rui kept on trying to hide, but eventually sighed helplessly and removed the scarf around his head. Something like this could only be hidden for a moment, it was impossible to hide forever. Moreover, after a short period of time, everybody would become monsters as well, nobody would appear to stand out too much.

Pig Head!

Not in a figurative sense (TN: pig head means stupid/has the brain of a pig), but a true literal pig head. If we were to say that Ning Xue looked quite cute with her features of a cat, then Qin Kai Rui’s features could only be described as ugly.

“Uncle Bai, what genes did you fuse, why can’t I tell?” Dai Yu Yao asked.

Woolf’s dog head and cow horns, Yu Han’s snake eyes and ant mandibles, Ning Xue’s cat head, and Qin Kai Rui’s pig head were all quite indicative of which animal’s genes they fused with. However, for Bai Yi, although they could see some changes in him, it was just some faint patterns and colourful irises.

“It’s probably butterflies; on the 23rd I brought Momo to the Butterfly Garden to look at butterflies and it was on that day that we discovered that we grew hungry very quickly.” Bai Yi explained.

Once he said that, the rest suddenly realised that the patterns on Bai Yi’s face resembled that of a butterfly, but why did his eyes turn so colourful? Moreover, Momo should have fused with butterfly genes as well, why weren’t there any changes for her?

“Due to differences between people, even if they fused with the same genes, it is not necessary for them to have the same changes.” Martin stood out to explain. Nobody was dumb here, so a simple sentence was enough for them to understand.

“Martin, is there any way to not fuse with genes?” Bai Yi asked.

“It’s actually rather simple, as long as you do not come into contact with fluids from other lifeforms and do not consume any raw food you will be fine. In other words, when eating, it’s best if you consume thoroughly cooked food.” Martin explained. After Martin’s explanation, the rest of them could more or less guess how the genes they fused with came about.

“Now then, let’s do our own preparations, and then we will head to the research facility that Martin was talking about.” Bai Yi said

This time there were no objections, but now there were problems when it came to allocating the cars. Other than Bai Yi and Woolf who sat in the same car, the rest of them did not want to sit together with Yu Han and the others who were transformed. Even if it was the normally lovable Ning Xue, nobody wanted to sit with her as they were afraid of being transformed into monsters as well. Ning Xue could only stare dumbly at them, her eyes starting to water.

“Come with me.” Yu Han held onto Ning Xue and went to the garage. The owner of this villa looked pretty rich so there probably were a few cars inside his garage. Yu Han pulled Ning Xue into one of the cars and then stared seriously into her eyes.

“I will protect you, I guarantee it.”

At the start, Ning Xue was still trying to pull away, not daring to look Yu Han in the eyes. However, after a long while, she realised that Yu Han was still holding on to her with his eyes unmoving, causing her to raise her head again. Yu Han’s eyes were very serious; although his stare looked quite sinister now with his slit eyes, once Ning Xue thought of the alienation from the others she couldn’t help but feel her heart soften.

“En, thank you!” Ning Xue replied softly.

At this time, Khina suddenly opened the car door. Ning Xue instantly jumped and tried to remove herself from Yu Han’s hands. The two of them, the two of them…Khina did not know how to respond; although she was Yu Han’s real girlfriend, she felt like the third wheel right now. In truth, Yu Han was feeling unhappy now too. Ning Xue was at her most vulnerable right now; with just a little more effort he could have successfully captured her heart! However, everything was ruined with Khina’s appearance.

“What are you here for?”

“I want to go along with you.” Khina pursed her lips.

“Forget about it. We are now monsters, it’s better if you follow the others,” Yu Han said as he closed the door and started the car. With those words, in Ning Xue’s heart grew a sort of acknowledgement and acceptance. Yes, he’s right, we are monsters; only monsters will not disdain monsters. 

“Yu Han!” Khina shouted for him but did not receive any reply.

Khina bit her lips at Yu Han’s cold behaviour. Just a few days ago they were still so loving, what did she do wrong? She didn’t think that it was just because guys loved beautiful girls; if there was a chance to get a girl as beautiful as Ning Xue, of course he would abandon the fatty Khina.

“Damn it, I really became a monster now.” Woolf cursed and then punched the car in frustration. However, just that one punch almost produced a dent in car.

“Woolf, you idiot, what are we going to sit in if it breaks?” Bai Yi immediately stopped him.

“Everybody let’s get in the cars, there’s no need to alienate each other so much. It might be that all of us have fused with some genes, just that it hasn’t shown itself yet. Moreover, aren’t we going to look for the drug to regain human form now? Enough with being difficult. Once everyone is done with their preparations we will head out, before the monsters get a chance to come here.” Bai Yi said, putting Momo in the passenger seat and then sitting in the driver’s seat.

“Woolf, what are you zoning out for? Hurry and get in.”

“Ba-Bai Yi, my strength increased by a lot! Did you see how I almost smashed a hole in the car?” Woolf sat in the car and said dumbly.

After the lecture from Bai Yi, everybody started to move and got into their cars, preparing to search for the drug that could let them regain human form. Hong Qi Hua looked at Khina’s blank look and shook her head, pushing her into the car as well.

For all guys…no, rather, for all people, the first thing they see is someone’s appearance. Maybe some will talk about inner beauty, but something like the heart needs a long period of interaction and getting to know each other before it can be truly seen. If the other party is ugly, one’s first reaction would be just disgust, what long term interaction was there to talk about? Even though judging people by their appearances seems quite superficial, it is a reality of life that nobody can deny.

“I really hope that things will go smoothly…” Bai Yi muttered.

“What do you mean?” Woolf asked. At this time, Sharpei laid on the seat in front and suddenly turned its head to the back. He seemed very curious towards this human who now looked very similar to him.

“Woof!” Sharpei barked at Woolf and affectionately stuck out his tongue.

“Sharpei, this is Uncle Woolf, not your friend.” Momo hugged Sharpei and spoke in a young and tender voice.

Woolf immediately felt like crying when he saw Sharpei’s watery eyes that were filled with curiosity. Just as Bai Yi said, he really hoped that they could easily find the drug mentioned by Martin. Otherwise, how could he meet anyone again looking like this?

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