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Published at 17th of April 2019 09:14:21 PM
Chapter 9

Liselotte’s Side (Part 1)


Recently the Crown Prince, His Highness Prince Siegward, has been acting strangely .


Although the two of us are engaged, neither of us had the opportunity to meet with the other often before attending the academy, so our relationship still isn’t wholly familiar .

His Highness is of a calm mind and spirit, whilst I’m headstrong and not cute at all . It’s difficult to say we suit one another .

I don’t want to believe it, but I know I’m not liked .

We have never called each other by a nickname and unlike Artur Richter, I have never held a casual talk with His Highness .

There has always been a sense of distance between us .



Even so…


“Finne . It is unbecoming to become so familiar with a gentleman who already has a fiancée . Putting the cases of Artur Richter and Bard aside… His Highness is officially engaged to me . Even if you do not care much for what people think, there still might be trouble if you are whispered about in vulgar rumours related to myself and His Highness . Could you please keep such a thing in mind?”

Just why is it that I can only speak in such a curt and uptight way?

Even though I hate how I sound, my words don’t stop .

That poor girl on the other end of those venomous words looked like she was on the verge of tears .

“Liselotte, are you jealous?

Yet despite that, His Highness boldly cut into the heavy atmosphere between myself and that cute girlFinne with an effortlessly elegant smile on his face .

“W-What, that is… I…”

Ah, it really is strange after all .

Just when has His Highness ever looked my way with such a heartwarming smile?

A mixture of shame about having been so easily read and a feeling of wanting to cry being stared at by those tender amber eyes washed over me .

All I could do was foolishly stand there with my mouth agape, struggling to find any words .

My cheeks getting warmer .

“During the practice match before, I didn’t call out to you because I didn’t know if a lady would be interested in seeing such things . Shunning you or leaving you out of the fun, I never had any intention of doing that . ”

It really is strange after all .

Lately, it feels as if His Highness can read me perfectly .

And what’s more, those eyes… Was he really looking at me with eyes as if he was looking at something dear to him?

“So, I apologize if I made you feel lonely?”


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I was lonely .


It was as if he had laid my heart bare for all to see… I’m embarrassed, I’m happy, I’m embarrassed to be so happy… Basically, jeez, I don’t know what to think .

“I… It’s nothing like that, however, ah, my pride and honour won’t allow you to… Ah! …Uu!!”

Those hateful words began to tumble out of my mouth without permission once again as I angrily tried to bite them back .

Feeling like I couldn’t stay around them anymore, even though it was rude and unbecoming I tried to escape without offering a proper parting .

“Where are you going, my adorable lady? Isn’t it important that you’re here as well, to prevent any vulgar rumours starting?”

But before I could, His Highness caught my hand .

As I looked back with teary eyes, I saw His Highness, Bard, Artur Richter and even Finne with warm smiles on their faces, even though I had just done something so rude .


Just why was that?


Lost in confusion, a small sound escaped from my lips like a whistle .

“What on earth, that’s too cute . ”

His Highness said that with a completely straight face .


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What? Too cute?

He was calling me cute? Like Finne?


“Heey, earth to Sieeeg, have you forgotten we’re here too?”

In amazement, Artur Richter called out to His Highness .

“Don’t you think you’re too mean too, princess…? Even though you smacked my hand away, you let Sieg take it so easily like that . ”

Despite how embarrassing it was to hear those frivolous words behind his smile… I couldn’t shake off His Highness’ hand . It goes without saying I couldn’t smack it away either .

“Well that’s because she’s my fiancée, right?”

His Highness, saying that with a calm smile, slowly bent down to place his lips on my hand just like what had been attempted before .

“…Ah . ”

His lips touched it .

I needn’t even say it .

And when he looked up at me, I… Ah…


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As of late, even before the sun rises, the thumping of my heart wakes me before I open my eyes .

Horrible, horrible dreams . Those terrible nightmares that swallow me whole in a dark abyss of envy as I sleep are enough to shake me awake in a cold sweat .

I don’t sleep well anymore, I’m constantly irritated and wondering just what is wrong with me and I’m ashamed by it . To put it simply…

I think that I am losing my mind .


The last thing I saw was that bright blonde hair and those amber eyes .

Prince Siegward’s colours .

My light .

My love .

I love him so much that the word love doesn’t do it justice .


I love Prince Siegward .

As I lost consciousness, that was the only thing that was clear in my clouded mind .


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