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Published at 18th of November 2020 07:25:32 PM

Chapter 63.1: 63.1
1st part of chapter 63 . This isn’t exactly half of this chapter, but I translated it so that the content of 62 . 2 and 63 . 1 would be equivalent to one chapter .

Edit: Since it’s Sunday tomorrow and that’s my usual break day, there won’t be any releases then . Next chapter (63 . 2) would be released on Monday .

All of the angels were classified into nine ranks, and the Tomb Guardian in front of them was a ninth-ranked angel belonging to the lowest rank .

However, even though it was of the ninth rank, it was still a heavenly being .

If only its natural skills were taken into consideration, it was a superior existence incomparable to that of human beings .

Jude and Cordelia recalled the Tomb Guardian that they had encountered in the original story .

It would have been possible for them to fight and wipe out an entire army of tomb guardians if it was their original game characters, but now, they were only two level 30 humans .

“In terms of level, we can never win . ”

The Tomb Guardian was virtually treated as a level 40 monster .

Moreover, this place was a historic ruin saturated with Solari’s power . Calculating the buff effect that the Tomb Guardian will receive, the two had a long way to go if they wanted to win .

However, the tenacity of rotten waters couldn’t easily be extinguished once it had begun to catch fire .

“Should we still do it?”

“We should . We should at least get some blood . ”

Jude had said that they shouldn’t leave the opponent, and Cordelia nodded .

“Then we have to defeat it . ”

“We have to defeat it . ”

Literally obtaining the blood was just the minimum .

The two looked in front again and saw the Tomb Guardian sitting in a posture full of dignity on top of Galleon’s sarcophagus .

Its appearance looked really strong due to the golden light wrapped around its body that came from Solari’s buff .

“It reminds me of the old days . ”


“When I first played Legend of Heroes 2 . ”

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For the Cordelia who was a newbie that had just started, the Tomb Guardian was definitely a terrifying boss that was the embodiment of despair itself .

“Yeah . ”

Jude also remembered his newbie days . He started playing Legend of Heroes 2 by chance after his retirement .

‘If I hadn’t met that person, I wouldn’t have been here for this long . ’

There were two reasons why Jude’s past life, Outboxer009, was crazily immersed on Legend of Heroes 2 .

One was for fun, and the other was…

“Why? You’re thinking of something weird, aren’t you? You have a wicked look in your eyes, you know?”

“Maybe . ”


Jude smiled again .

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After somehow winning 1st place, teasing the 2nd place Yellow Storm became one of his life’s pleasures .

Even Jude himself honestly found it to be really childish .

If his former colleagues knew what he was doing, they would have disappointed expressions .

But still, he couldn’t help it .

He could say that Yellow Storm’s existence made Legend of Heroes 2 really fun .

“It’s because of you . ”

He had been playing Legend of Heroes 2 for so long that he had put in his head all those different and unusual knowledge that were useless in real life .

“Hey, what’s wrong with you! We’re in a situation where we have to fight the boss, okay?”

At Cordelia’s prodding, Jude nodded and looked towards the sarcophagus again .

The Tomb Guardian was not like a mob with the name and title of ‘guardian’ who attacked first . Unless the other side attacked first, it would just sit on the sarcophagus and only watch .

“In other words, we still have time to prepare . ”

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“We can’t cast strong spells in advance . Because it reacts to spells . ”

“I know, so let’s do this . ”

Cordelia frowned at Jude’s glance before she nodded .

“Okay, let’s do that . ”

“Did you understand what I wanted to say?”

“Roughly . Plus…the number of times I’ve defeated the Tomb Guardian was twice as many as you…no, was it triple?”

There were things that the current Jude and Cordelia could do with the power they had .

After all, in terms of combat, it could be said that Cordelia was a natural at it . Jude nodded again and said to her .

“Okay, then let’s begin right away . ”

No matter how good they were in having a telepathic conversation with their eyes, the two still had some parts that they had to directly put into words .

The two exchanged a quick conversation while they began working at the same time, and within a minute or so, they had finished all their preparations .

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