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Chapter 62.2: 62.2
Terms used in this chapter:

Podaegi – a Korean baby sling/carrier with a medium to large rectangle of fabric hanging from a very long strap . Traditionally the rectangle is quilted for warmth and wraps around the mother’s torso, while the straps are wrapped snug under the baby’s bottom and tied around to the front to support and secure the baby on the mother’s back .

“Ah . ”

Cordelia opened her eyes .

She had a headache and her whole body had no strength .

“Uh . ”

She uttered again . She then heard a familiar voice .

“Did you wake up?”

Instead of answering, Cordelia firmly closed her eyes once, before she opened them and looked around .

They were still in the cave .

She was on Jude’s back .

“Uh…where are we?”

“Inside the cave . The deeper we go, the less Snow Goblins there are . ”


“…Isn’t it obvious?”

“My head hurts . I don’t want to think . ”

Cordelia whined and hit Jude’s shoulder several times with her chin, and Jude said after clicking his tongue .

“The divine power is getting stronger . That, do you remember the Leisegang’s seal? It’s similar here . ”

“So, we’re in the right place?”

“Yes, I’m certain there are ruins of Solari here . ”

“Hey, that’s exciting . ”

Cordelia weakly responded and then looked at herself . She soon realized that she was tied to something like a podaegi and was hanging on Jude’s back .

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t find a diaper . ”

“Don’t go too far . ”

Instead of creating a magic light, Cordelia stared at the torch Jude was holding before she spoke .

“So, how much longer do we have to go?”

“I think we’re almost there . ”

It was as Jude said . When Cordelia looked straight ahead, she could see something like a door in that place .

“Solari’s crest . ”

“It’s not a mere ruin . It’s similar to a grave . ”

Jude brought the torch closer to the crest engraved on the stone door and scrutinized it once before he spoke .

“Cordelia, are you able to walk by yourself?”


“Then I’ll let you down first . ”

When Jude untied the podaegi, Cordelia seemed to somewhat wobble, but soon succeeded in standing on her own feet .

“Huu, Wind’s Wing Arrow consumes too much mana . ”

“Its power was a little weak . But its mobility was amazing . ”

“Mana…it seems that its power will increase if I pour more…but to do that, I think I need to raise my level a lot more . ”

After she said that, Cordelia took out the mana potion from her waist pocket and gulped it down .

“Uh…bitter . Anyway, let’s go in now . ”

Solari’s historical ruins .

If this was a grave, it would certainly have items that would be helpful in fighting demons in the future .

“Wait a second . ”

Jude lightly loosened his shoulders before carefully opening the stone door .

“Wow . ”

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It was like a cave even beyond the stone door, but its appearance was completely different .

Far from being dark and dreary, jewels that emitted a blue light were embedded here and there, creating a mysterious atmosphere .

Moreover, the water stream flowing down the wall was so clear that one could see the water about a meter deep .

“This is clearly Solari’s power . ”

Thanks to the Sun’s Necklace, Jude was familiar with Solari’s divine power .

“Can you figure out whose tomb is this?”

Rather than immediately answering Cordelia’s question, Jude shifted his gaze towards the end of the sarcophagus (stone coffin) some distance away .

It was a huge sarcophagus measuring 1 . 5 meters high and 4 meters long .

In addition to Solari’s crest engraved in the coffin, there were several sacred texts inscribed on it .

“Oh my god . ”


“It’s the tomb of Galleon . ”

At Jude’s reply, Cordelia blinked before her eyes widely opened and she asked back .

“Galleon? The disciple of Gallus? Saint Galleon?”

“Yes, Saint Galleon . ”

Gallus, Solari’s champion who sealed the Demon Prince Leisegang, had three disciples who inherited his skills .

They were Saint Galleon, Paladin Berfa, and Crusader Amelia .

T/N: The word ‘Saint’ in Saint Galleon refers to the ‘saint’ in the Saint Seiya series, and not the Catholic saints . Saints in the Saint Seiya series are also something like holy fighters .

As fo ‘Crusader’, it means ‘holy warrior’ in the literal translation of its Korean word, but I used ‘crusader’ because Diablo 3 used that word for the Korean translation of its crusader character class .

“Wow, isn’t there something great here then?”


Galleon was also a named person in Solari’s denomination .

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Cordelia’s eyes began to sparkle .

“Let’s quickly open it . ”

If there was something here, it would be inside the sarcophagus .

Moreover, Saint Galleon was the progenitor of the God’s Fist used by the Guardians of the Holy Cross .

There was a high possibility that it contained useful stuff for the present Jude .

‘Though if you think about it, isn’t this a tomb robbing?’

It wasn’t a sealed demon or a villain, but a saint’s tomb .

“Well, we can’t help it right?”

They were two people who were likely to clash with the Devil’s Eye during the time that they would be examining the condition of Violent Avalanche’s sanctuary .

In order to prevent the future that would escalate into a catastrophe, they needed a power to fight the demons .

“But let’s at least offer a prayer first . ”

“Yes, let’s offer a silent prayer . ”

It was different from the game .

Jude and Cordelia prayed to Solari together and held a moment of silence for Galleon .

And after one minute…

Jude and Cordelia smiled after looking at each other before they touched the coffin . Trembling in excitement at the thought of finding a completely new item, they tried to lift the seal that locked the coffin .

And it was at that moment .

[Who dares touch the tomb of the holy fighter!]

A rough and angry voice violently shook not only the inside of Jude and Cordelia’s heads but also the entire cave .


When Cordelia covered her ears using both of her hands, Jude grabbed Cordelia’s waist . He immediately used Twenty-Four Gale Steps to leave the spot where they were standing, and at that very moment, lightning bolts fell from the ceiling and struck the place where Jude was standing .


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It was a blue thunderbolt .

Blue light continuously gathered over Galleon’s tomb and soon took the shape of a winged leopard .

[He who defiles the tomb! Ye cannot avoid Solari’s retribution!]

A giant leopard with blue fur stood at the top of the coffin and stared at Jude and Cordelia .

It was clearly the guardian of the tomb, who often appeared in historic ruins related to Solari .

“Tomb Guardian . ”

“The lowest ranked angel . ”

“No intelligence . Virtually a gargoyle . It’s highly likely that its words are pre-recorded . ”

“Holy attribute . Solari’s angel with an additional solar attribute . ”

“What should we do?”

“We have to fight . ”

It seemed like prayers and silent tributes were not enough .

Whether they had wanted to open Galleon’s coffin or run away, they had no choice but to fight now that it had come to this .

Furthermore, their party had one more reason to fight it .

“By the way . ”


“Is that an angel?”

Angel .

It was the lowest of the angels, but it was still an angel .

It may be similar to a gargoyle, but in the first place, it was a being made up of flesh and blood .

“Angel’s blood . ”

Cordelia said, and Jude nodded his head .

The eyes of the two rotten waters began to brightly shine .

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