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Chapter 4: 4
The next morning .

Jude thought as he woke up with a groan .

‘I’m really weak . ’

Although he was healed by Cordelia, his Gueumjulmaek was still there .

When he woke up, he felt heavier and dizzy than usual .

‘I must hurry too . ’

He couldn’t bear to wait for a month, let alone half a year . He had to cure his disease as soon as possible .

‘We don’t have time . ’

There was still a few years left until the Great Summons, but the problem wasn’t just the Great Summons .

Various events and items that appeared in Legend of Heroes 2 .

They were literally left unattended . In other words, it meant that there was every possibility that anyone other than Jude and Cordelia could get their hands on it .

In the first place, even in Legend of Heroes 2, if a certain deadline was missed, there were many cases where a person who didn’t participate in an event or collect an item wouldn’t have a chance to do it again, so it would be even more true in this world where everything had become reality .

Even a little night walk in the garden was beyond his limits with the current Jude’s body that’s in a bad shape .

After curing his disease and gaining a healthy body, he had to start training and optimizing it .

‘Okay, first, the date… Let’s start by applying for a quest instead of a date . ’

After Cordelia accepted his offer and tried to maintain their peace of mind from the word date, Jude got up from the bed and began his morning routine .

Wake up, wash up, and eat .

Usually, there would have been a greeting for his parents here, but both his father and mother were away from home .

‘Thanks to that, it’s easy to apply for a quest . ’

A full-fledged day outside while riding the carriage – No, it’s a picnic, so it would usually be difficult to get permission because of Jude’s weak body .

‘Of course, it’s not going to be easy now . ’

Upon returning to the room after the meal, Jude glanced to the side . Maja looked differently at him than usual, because she was thinking of his mysterious conversation with Cordelia yesterday .

Her eyes were mixed with worries, concerns, and doubts that the young master might have something wrong with his brain .

‘In the meantime, should I say I want to offer Cordelia a carriage date?’

‘In the meantime, how should I say that I want to ask out Cordelia for a carriage date?’

How should he even apply for a date?

He knew that they couldn’t just meet on the same day after deciding where to meet, unlike in the past life where they could use a messaging app .

‘No, isn’t there a similar method?’

According to Jude’s memory, he could write a letter asking for a date and send it to Count Chase, and if Count Chase and Cordelia agreed, we could then go on a date .

‘It’ll take about two days . ’

But he couldn’t help it . Although they were engaged, they were both minors and even one side was weak with a disease .

“Hey, Maja . ”

“Yes, young master . ”

“That… I am . ”

“Yes, young master . ”

“That… Yellow… No, I’m requesting a quest from Lady Cordelia – No, I mean a date… Do you have any sites to suggest? That… Well, like going out for some drinks in a nice place near the mountain… Uh, yesterday! That’s right, we couldn’t talk properly during her visit yesterday . ”

Why does he have to say that he wanted to go on a carriage date with Yellow Storm?

Jude was currently in deep agony, but what mattered most right now was Maja’s help, not the anguish of his heart .

Even if his parents were away, it was not possible to do everything according to his will .

It was impossible to go out of the mansion without Maja’s help, who is practically his elder sister, and is famous and recognized in the family .

Therefore, Jude looked at Maja’s lips with nervous eyes .

He had done a lot of ‘nonsensical’ stuff in the past few days, but what if he was told to just stay home and get drunk here?

‘Please…please, Maja! Don’t make me say that I want to date Yellow Storm again!’

Did Jude’s earnest heart reach her?

Maja nodded with a subtle smile instead of a cold expression .

“Okay, let’s get ready . ”

And then Maja smiles again, with her face expressing her following thoughts…

I see, you actually wanted to get closer to Cordelia . You did it because you were embarrassed yesterday, and I thought you were all grown up, but you still haven’t . No, is this because you’re a grown up now? Ufufu – I think I can see the true intentions of your heart .

‘No, it’s not . It’s not what I’m thinking . ’

However, Jude was in a position where he could not deny it openly .

“Then let’s write an invitation to Lady Cordelia . In the first sentence, how about To my Dear Lady Cordelia whom I deeply love?”

Maja Tantalotte .

Jude Bayer’s exclusive maid .

She is usually called the Ice Princess because of her cold expression, but in reality, she is a broad-minded woman .

“Yes, yes…”

Accepting with a long sigh, Jude lifted his pen and began to write a love letter to Cordelia .


Two days later .

The carriage that departed from Count Chase’s manor and stopped at Count Bayer’s was now running smoothly over the road leading to the Belkain Mountains .

Four people were inside the carriage .

The first two was Count Bayer’s youngest son, Jude Bayer, and his exclusive maid, Maja Tantalotte, and the other two were Count Chase’s daughter, Cordelia Chase, and her escort knight, Dahlia Ale .

The people of both families took their place in the form of facing each other .

In other words, Cordelia sat opposite Jude .

‘Do you not like it? I hate it too . ’

Cordelia also had to reply to Jude’s love letter .

Cordelia’s letter was also a love letter, as it was about going out on a date in a carriage and drinking together .

‘Yes, I know how you feel . ’

He felt the same way when he wrote the letter .

But instead of sighing, the corners of Jude’s mouth raised slightly . It was because of the sight of Cordelia in front of him .

‘It’s a complete full set, perfect for a date . ’

She was going to see flowers with her fiancé .

She wore a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun out and her white and heavy dress, with a long skirt filled with laces, made her pinkish-red hair stand out .

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Of course, it completely looked good on her .

Anyone would admit that Cordelia was a very beautiful girl .

Honestly, if you separate the fact that she was Yellow Storm, her appearance was pretty and cute enough to the point of applause .

‘Yes, if only she was not Yellow Storm . ’

As the pretty girl in front of him was also letting out looks of admiration at his looks, and as he thought that she was Yellow Storm, he couldn’t help giggling and letting out a laugh .

‘Well, I’m in the same situation . ’

Jude also came here dressed in the best clothes for a date . Furthermore, Jude also had an Adonis kind of look . So, Cordelia who saw him, was blushing .

‘As expected of Yellow Storm . You’re true to your instincts . It’s just a beast, a beast . ’

‘No, I’m not? It’s not like that? Aren’t you the one whose eyes are wide open?’

They only exchanged glances once and they felt like they could hear each other’s thoughts .

Then Maja and Dahlia looked at the two, each with a happy face .

‘They’re a good match . ’

‘You’re both cute . ’

As the pair looked at each other, snarling and laughing, the other two who misunderstood their behavior as embarrassment, smiled warmly .

And half a day passed by .

The carriage finally reached their destination, the middle of the Belkain mountain range .


“Hey, isn’t the weather nice?”

“I know . The flowers are very pretty . No, not as much as Cordelia, of course . ”

“Oh, dear heavens! No . If you make fun of me like that…”

The two walked for a few minutes while exchanging words awkwardly as if reading a Korean book .

The pair, barely keeping their distance from Maja and Dahlia who looked pleased, sighed at one point .

“F*ck, I really can’t do this . ”

“I don’t care how much you curse but do it with a smile . Because I can see your face . ”

“Oh, f*ck . Really f*ck . I can’t f*cking do this . ”

Jude felt dizzy and tried to speak, but at the same time, he felt a sense of self-destruction that he was thrilled with the appearance of a beautiful girl who kept cursing .

“By all means, hold it in . We’ve already come all the way here . ”

“But what are we going to do now? It’s still quite some distance from here to the seal . ”

“I have an idea . Did you bring all the supplies?”

“Excuse me, of course . Who do you think I am?”

“Yellow Storm who’s 2nd in the server . ”

“Yeah, I’m the server’s… DIE! No, should I just go back?”

“Aww, don’t be upset being second . Don’t lose your smile even when you turn around, okay? Now, smile?”

Cordelia, who gave him a middle finger instead of a smile, laughed as she glared at Jude, who said after coughing in vain .

“At least, you’ve got the items . ”

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“Huh, did you know I was troubled hiding it inside my skirt?”

As she said that, she lightly shook her skirt .

“Good . As expected, it’s Yellow Storm . I believed in you . That’s my Yellow Storm . ”

“I don’t really want to be your Yellow Storm, so tell me the plan first . How do you intend to go from here to the seal?”

It was just the two of them here, so Maja and Dahlia were watching with their eyes wide open .

Jude stealthily moved his body, completely turning his back on Maja and Dahlia, and said in a quiet voice .

“It’s simple . See that cliff over there?”

“I see it . It’s the end of the flower field . ”

“Once we get there, you carry me and jump off . ”

It sounded crazy, but Yellow Storm was convinced of his plan . She could tell that Outboxer009 could say this to her because he had a ‘map . ’

“Is there a secret passage under the cliff?”

“It’s not a secret passage, but about 10 meters downwards, there’s a path under the cliff . We’ll go that way to the seal . ”

Jude had checked the terrain on his way here .

And he was sure of one thing .

Although there were some slight differences, if one looks at the big picture, the terrain of this world and that of Legend of Heroes 2 matched .

Of course, remembering the way was possible because he was the one who had reached rotten water status from just stagnant water .

“Will Maja and Dahlia come after us?”

“Because it’s 10 meters down, they won’t be able to come down quickly . And we have a solution for that too . ”

“What is it?”

Instead of answering Cordelia’s question immediately, Jude took a moment to pause . At the time that Cordelia, who as always tried to interject him, he opened my mouth .

“Just make one promise first . ”

“What promise?”

“The promise to hear me and not be angry . Don’t even hit me . ”

“…what are you going to say?”

“Is that a promise?”

“Yes, so what the hell is it?”

“It’s this…”

Jude started talking in a low voice .

After a while…

At the edge of the flower field .

Jude looked behind his back and signaled to Cordelia .


As promised in advance, Cordelia suddenly held Jude’s hand . Maja and Dahlia, who saw the bold skinship, let out surprised voices, but there was still more to be surprised .


Jude and Cordelia ran towards the cliff edge and leapt without any hesitation .

“Young master?!”

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No, what are the things that those who are already engaged doing now? It’s not that their love is unachievable in this life that they’re trying to achieve it in the next life .

Either way, the surprised Maja and Dahlia reached the cliff edge in the blink of an eye . And they both breathe a sigh of relief .

This is because they witnessed the sight of Cordelia, who carried Jude in her arms, landing on the ground with magic .

“Young master!”


Maja and Dahlia, who both raised their voices, looked around helplessly . They were trying to find a way down .

‘As expected!’

Dahlia did not know how to use magic .

Jude hurriedly urged Cordelia, and Cordelia shouted with a completely red face .

“I want to spend time together with Ju-Jude! We’ll be back before dinner, so just wait! Don’t worry about us!”


Dahlia shouted out of panic, and Jude urged Cordelia again .

“Quickly! Quickly, the next line!”

“We’re not going to do anything weird! So, don’t worry! Ju-Jude is a gentleman!”

This was enough .

Maja and Dahlia were the only ones here anyway . Count Chase’s coachman was taking a nap in a faraway place, so if only Maja and Dahlia were to shut their mouths, the coachman would not know .

Either way, they succeeded in getting away from Maja and Dahlia, and they also finished making excuses to earn time . Now, the only thing left was to head for the seal quickly .

“Let’s go! Quickly!”

Cordelia reacted quickly to Jude’s prompting . It was also because she felt like she wanted to hide herself in a mouse’s hole .

After a few minutes .

Once they could no longer see Maja and Dahlia, Cordelia burst into anger .

“Oh really! Why did I have to do it! No, carrying you while jumping off a cliff, making excuses, and then I felt like you tried to hit me!”

She said that with a terrible face .

For such a Cordelia, Jude explained in his calmest possible tone .

“I’ve already said it once, I have Gueumjulmaek . I can’t carry you with this slender arm . And how will I hit you? It doesn’t make sense if I hit you . Why, I’m a man with a disease . ”

“That Gueumjulmaek! Gueumjulmaek! Just heal that Gueumjulmaek!

“Yeah, I’ll hug you so that you’ll feel better, I’ll also hit you . ”

“No thanks? What is this crazy guy saying?”

“Yes, yes . Anyway, are you feeling better now? Then let’s hurry up . We don’t have much time . ”

The possibility that Maja and Dahlia would really wait for them was zero . They had to finish their job before the two finds them .

“Ha, really . Just heal that Gueumjulmaek . ”

“Yes, as soon as it gets better, I’ll bake or boil or do whatever you want, so let’s go to the seal first . ”

“Take the lead . ”

“Come along then . ”

Looking back on the surrounding terrain, Jude strode along .

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