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Chapter 35: 35
The content of the Legend of Heroes series grew in scale for every succeeding work .

In the first episode of the series, there are a total of five playable characters . The stage of the story was also limited to a small country located between the Sälen Kingdom and the Argon Empire .

‘The queen of the Paragon Kingdom was brainwashed by the demon followers, and summons a demon by offering a prince as a sacrifice…’

The summoned demon, Demon Prince Baikazel, kills the king and turns the entire palace into a demon’s den .

The story of Legend of Heroes 1 was about becoming one of the five main characters, and defeating Baikazel, who took over the Paragon Kingdom .

“The story of the second episode takes place in the Sälen Kingdom and Argon Empire…”

“The story of the third episode takes place in a world devastated by Armageddon and is about settling the fight between the angels and demons . ”

Inside one of the rattling carriages, Jude and Cordelia were laying side by side on a temporarily made bed as the two carriages headed to the northern viscount’s mansion .

They weren’t lying on the same bed, but on two beds with a low partition in between .

The two carriages were prepared in a hurry by Lucas for their group after they wandered through the witch’s forest .

“Landius of the Red Flame . ”

“He is one of the five main characters in the first episode . Landius, along with Sword Noble Kamael, are considered to be the de facto main characters of the episode . He is the son of the Paragon Knights commander, and after defeating Baikazel, he is wandering around the continent looking for the demon followers who were behind everything . ”

“Good job, JudeWiki . ”

As Cordelia clapped and applauded like an idiot, Jude was somewhat embarrassed but continued his words .

“First of all, depending on which character you played in the first episode, the hero was different…so based on the game’s history, it was either Landius or Kamael who defeated Baikazel . ”

“Search ‘Kamael,’ Enter . ”

Cordelia spoke, pretending to type in the air, and Jude narrowed his eyes, but soon opened his mouth again .

“Kamael the Sword Noble . He is the illegitimate son of King Paragon who was murdered by Baikazel . He is a main protagonist of the first episode and is the only one who survived and is active in the second episode . ”

If the main characters of the first episode, who have already become stronger, played an active part in the second episode, it would be difficult for the main characters of the second episode to stand out . Perhaps because of this, the five main characters of the first episode all met a miserable end in the second episode .

“Umm…Landius was killed by a demonic human, right?”

“Yes, it’s a story that doesn’t actually appear and only exists as a setting…but he was killed by demonic human Duke, the chief executive of the Devil’s Hand . ”

In fact, the context of this situation was not perfectly revealed in the series .

It was a guess made by the users because demonic human Duke carried Landius’ sword, the ‘Solar Blade . ’

“So you’re saying that he’s not dead yet?”

“Yes, that’s exactly the important thing . ”

Landius is not dead yet .

In the original story, Landius meeting with either Jude or Cordelia was something that did not exist .

However, the two had crushed the Devil’s Hand’s kidnapping plot, causing the current situation to happen .

Lucas was not kidnapped, and Count Hræsvelgr asked Landius, who had ties to them, to pick up Lucas from the northern viscount’s place .

Thus, the encounter between the main characters of the first and second episodes, which was not originally possible, was about to be realized .

“Can we…save him?”

Cordelia raised her upper body and turned to Jude, as she asked with expectant eyes .

Save Landius .

Prevent the death of the physically strongest main character in the first episode and make him active in the second episode .

“We can save him . No, we must save him . ”

After all, the goal of Jude and Cordelia was to create the ultimate happy ending .

There was also a fact that having a strong man alive like Landius, could be a disaster for the demon followers .

So we must save him .

We had to somehow create the Landius survival route with our upcoming meeting with him .

“Awesome . ”

Cordelia spoke quietly as she lied down again and smiled .

“I wanted to save Landius . ”

“Do you like him?”

“Yes, he’s my second favorite character among the main characters in the first episode . ”

“Who was your most favorite? Lena?”

“Yes, Lena . ”

She was the wizard lady and the only woman among the five main characters of the first episode .

Lena was a disciple of the Paragon Kingdom’s Royal Wizard, and she also faced a miserable end in the second episode .

“Can we save Lena too?”

“We can save her . It was relatively clear when and where Lena dies . ”

He had not talked to Cordelia about it in detail yet, but Jude already had a rough plan on how to save Lena .

‘Because there’s so much work to be done in the north . ’

The Sunflower event for curing his Gueumjulmaek .

The perfect blockage of Jude’s main scenario, ‘The Northern Barbarians’ Great Attack . ’

The rescue of Lena, one of the main characters in the first series .

And at this moment, the mission called ‘Saving the life of Landius’ was added .

“Since Landius is strong, just telling him his weaknesses will dramatically increase his chances of survival . ”

“That’s highly likely . ”

Jude replied and nodded . He then turned to Cordelia in silence and she tilted her head in confusion .


“No, it’s just that your enthusiasm is vastly different from when you were about to meet Lucas . ”

“That’s because Landius is cool . ”

“Is Lucas not cool?”

“Hmm…how should I say it…he’s a cute one?”

“You don’t seem to hate him anymore . ”

“Because he’s cute . ”

Should I say that he’s like a puppy?

At Cordelia’s evaluation, Jude wryly smiled, and then turned his gaze back to the ceiling .

But this time, Cordelia sat up again, tilted her head in curiosity as she turned to Jude and asked .

“Erm, well…Jude . ”


“Can I ask you a question?”

Cordelia lightly assumed an air of cuteness as she asked, and Jude unwittingly flinched at her suddenly acting cute and charming .

“Whwhat are you going to ask?”

“No, well…it’s not a big deal…”

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As the end of her words became a little unclear, Cordelia leaned against the partition and spoke .

“Well, I mean . ”

“Uh, you mean what?”

“So…uh…umm…darn it! Hey, what did you do?”


“What did you do? Outboxer’s job, your previous job . You couldn’t have been a real boxer . ”

Cordelia, who had been agonizing over how to say it, gave up thinking and almost shouted .

“Why are you suddenly asking about my job?”

“Something’s weird . No, I’m also curious . ”

Cordelia straightened her sitting position as she continued while pointing her finger at him .

“First of all, your memory is ridiculously good . ”

“Maybe it’s yours that’s just bad?”

“Hey, grab a hundred people passing by and ask . Whether I’m the one who’s normal or you are . ”

Cordelia snorted as she continued pointing her finger .

“You said that the soil has changed while we’re walking, but where can you find a person that notices that the soil has changed, unless you’re paranoid and checked the soil when entering the forest?”

“Here’s that person . ”

“Would you please stop talking?”

“Yes, yes . So, what else?”

“From the very idea of scamming and the tremendous forgery skills, and even telling lies skillfully without displaying any nervousness…it’s not normal no matter how I think about it . ”

Cordelia nodded as she was intoxicated by her own words and said again while she looked straight into Jude’s eyes .

“It was a previous life anyway, so it’s okay . I completely understand . Then, were you a scammer? Am I right?”

“No, it’s not? I was an exemplary citizen who paid taxes well, even local taxes, national pension, and health insurance . ”

“Local tax? Health insurance?”

“Why? Did you not pay? You are…”

“Ah, no? I know about it too? I mean, I paid it too?”

Cordelia quickly answered as she clenched her fist and tapped on the partition .

“Whatever! What if you weren’t a scammer? Then what? Tell me . Okay?”

“What is with this cute act?”

“Awww, come on . ”

“Aw, f*ck . ”

Jude unintentionally cursed as he recoiled and retreated, but Cordelia brought her face closer to Jude .

And Jude involuntarily broke into a cold sweat .

Because Cordelia was an incomparably beautiful girl .

Her cute act had a destructive power beyond imagination .

“Hwoooo, I can’t help it then . ”

“Wow! Are you finally telling me?”

“I am…”

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“You are?”

“I used to be a spy . Until…”

Cordelia became wide-eyed at him suddenly speaking in the English language, blinked in surprise and then asked back .

“Spy? Undercover agent?!”

Jude did not answer and just looked at Cordelia, and she exclaimed ‘Ah!’ and nodded .


He was similar to the main character of the spy drama that she watched before .

Excellent acting skills to hide their disguise and identity .

Trained forgery skills for the sake of forging various documents .

Excellent memorization, concentration, observation, and so on .

“Oooh, ooooooh . ”

When Cordelia was finally convinced as her eyes shined, Jude stifled his laugh but soon burst into laughter .

“What spy? Hey, no . No, so don’t have such a strange delusion . ”

“F*ck! Then what really was your job?”

“Then what’s yours?”


“You . What about yours? Isn’t this give and take? If you tell me first, I’ll let you know mine . ”

“That’s so mean . ”

“Hey, isn’t it mean to just ask me but not let me know yours too?”


Jude’s logic was right, but Cordelia didn’t want to talk about herself .

‘I might have to call him oppa!’

I don’t know what Jude’s job is, but it seemed like he was older than me .

We can let it pass now that we’ve reincarnated with a similar age and that we don’t know each other’s past, but once we talk about it and express it clearly, the atmosphere between us would become strange .

Cordelia pouted as she lied down and said again .

“You know what, can you just tell me one thing then?”

“You just can’t tell me your job . ”

“Not that . Your memory . ”

“My memory?”

“Yes, your memory . It really doesn’t make sense to me . Just teach me that . How did you do it?”

When Cordelia stuck her face out of the partition again and asked, Jude frowned a little and then nodded .

“Okay, I’ll teach you that . ”

“Oh, is this something secret?”

Cordelia stuck her head out even more in her excitement .

Jude was struck by Cordelia’s hair spilling over his head, so he moved over to the side .

“There are two things . ”

“What is it?”

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“First of all, I’m highly intelligent . ”

“F*ck . ”

What kind of secret is that?

Cordelia impulsively curs…no, that was just her saying an interjection, but she did not deny Jude’s statement .

She already knew that Jude was smart from the time when he was still Outboxer .

“And…do you know of the Memory Palace?”

“Memory Palace? Uh…ah! I know that! That’s the one Sherlock used, right?”

“Yes, it’s a mnemonic system that has been passed down since ancient Greece . ”

The Memory Palace .

It was a method developed in the ancient times when the means of recording was trivial . It is a mnemonic system where one imagines a virtual space and store memories in the places they have walked step by step . So, when one needs to remember a certain memory, they “walk” through that place to remember it .

T/N: Here’s another definition of it . The memory palace, aka the Method of Loci, is a method of memorizing information by placing each item to be remembered at a point along an imaginary journey . The information can then be recalled in a specific order by retracing the same route through the imaginary journey .

And regarding Sherlock Holmes, the Memory Palace was only mentioned in the BBC’s 2010 TV series, ‘Sherlock,’ and not in the original novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle .

Source: Method of Loci


The ancient Greek philosophers said that they memorized the content of speeches or books through the Memory Palace . It was a technique that seemed like a superpower at first glance, but it was a skill that ordinary people could acquire through training .

“Of course, there are individual differences, and I belong to the special cases, but for the present, I’m using the Memory Palace . ”

“Wow…then, are you putting it in something like a library in your head, just like what Sherlock did?”

“It’s similar . But mine is a bit old-fashioned . ”

“Amazing . ”

Cordelia looked at Jude with pure admiration, and Jude cleared his throat as he was somewhat embarrassed .

“Do you want me to teach you?”

“Really? Can I do it too?”

“Although repetitive learning is necessary . And Cordelia must be smart . ”

“Well, of course…hey! Yellow Storm is smart too . ”

“If you say so . ”

It was when Jude laughed a little…


At that moment, the carriage shook and rattled greatly . Cordelia, who was leaning over the partition, lost her balance and fell on top of Jude .

“Ugh . Hey, are you okay?”

“Ah, yes . ”

At the time Cordelia’s head fell on top of Jude’s chest and she responded with a groan…

“You’re both fine…umm, you’re all right . Have a good time . ”

Lucas had quickly opened the carriage door to check on them after the carriage shook, but soon retreated and closed the door with a red face . Jude and Cordelia sighed, instead of getting angry .

“How do I say it…wasn’t there a scene like this in novels or manhwas (comics)?”

“Yeah…I know . ”

The two sat up and lay down on their respective beds again, and the carriage continued to shake .

More than an hour passed like that .

The carriage finally arrived at the northern viscount’s mansion .

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