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Chapter 27: 27
Sunflower .

Beyond the northernmost border of the Sälen Kingdom, at the entrance to the land of barbarians, lies a historic site called Frost Anvil .

The most prevalent theory is that it is the ruins of an old kingdom built by the Frost Dwarves . However, the important thing about the Frost Anvil area is that it was an extreme land with the harshest temperatures .

‘What’s the coldest place on the continent? It’s Frost Anvil of course . ’

In fact, it wasn’t just a cold place . It was a place where if you sprayed water in the air, it would become icicles .

Opinions were divided on why this extreme zone was created, with some saying that the Frost Dwarves’ device was still in operation, and the theological view that it was created because of a god’s curse .

‘There is one legend in Frost Anvil . ’

Once every 20 years, somewhere in Frost Anvil, a ‘Sunflower’ blooms with Yang energy .

A flower rich in Yang that blooms in an extreme land .

And this story was a fact, not a legend .

‘In a way, it’s more useful than the Sunfire Carp . ’

Among the items with Yang energy that appeared in Legend of Heroes 2, the king of items was obviously the Sunfire Carp, but in fact, the Sunfire Carp was an item that didn’t have any other uses except for its Yang energy .

On the other hand, the Sunflower may have less Yang energy than the Sunfire Carp, but it had a function that increased the overall abilities of the body, and also transformed the body of the person absorbing it into having a special physical constitution .

‘Lucas had said it first . ’

In the original story, the Sunflower event didn’t happen until the main event .

It was close to a hidden event like “Cordelia and the Fairies’ Banquet,” and it could be said to be an event prepared for Lucas, although any character in the north, including Jude and Lucas, could trigger it .

‘Well…Lucas only knows that the Sunflower is a flower with Yang energy . ’

There is a saying that those with too much Yin or Yang energy can be rather harmful to the body because the energy is biased towards one side .

An example is Gueumjulmaek .

“I have heard of it . It’s a flower with Yang energy, right?”

“Yes, it’s a flower that is passed down like a legend in the north . But…”

Lucas suddenly lowered his voice and approached Jude a little closer before speaking in a low voice .

“It’s a fact, not a legend . Count Hræsvelgr’s records show the story of a man who discovered the Sunflower 20 years ago . ”


Although Jude had already known it, he acted like he didn’t knew .

The listener’s interest was the best way to open up a story .

“This is now the 20th year . Winter is coming soon in the north…it is timely too . ”

At this point, it was obvious what Lucas intended to say about the Sunflower .

It was a situation in which he was recommending the Sunflower to Jude .

‘The question is why is he doing this . ’

No, he already has an idea why .

Jude already knew what kind of person Lucas Hræsvelgr was .

“That’s an interesting story . ”

Jude said, gulping down his saliva .

Pretending to be uninterested but making it look like he is actually interested…it was the kind of acting that Cordelia couldn’t do, but Jude could .

Lucas’ dark blue eyes glistened in excitement .

“Mr . Jude Bayer, would you like to go to the north with me?”


Jude, who was cheering inside, did not hide his feelings . He played the role of a young master who was still immature by expressing joy all over his face and then hurriedly calming himself down .

“You mean…to the north?”

“Yes . If you are fine with it, Mr . Bayer, I would like to invite you to Count Hræsvelgr . If you want, you can even take Lady Cordelia with you . ”

‘Oh, Lucas . Oh, Lucas . ’

He was very useful in the fight against Minos .

Jude tried to suppress his desire to kiss Lucas’ forehead, and continued his acting by speaking with quivering lips .

“Really…I’m very grateful for the offer . But…why though?”

The relationship between Count Bayer and Count Hræsvelgr was neither good nor bad .

At first glance, it would seem that there was a bad relationship between the two because Count Hræsvelgr took over the margrave position, which was previously monopolized by Count Bayer, but in fact, there was one more family between the two .

‘From Count Bayer to Count Pael before to Count Hræsvelgr . ’

It was nearly 50 years ago that the Count of Bayer held the margrave position .

Due to the death of that time’s Count Bayer from a large-scale battle with the northern barbarians, the position of Margrave was transferred to Count Pael . However, it wasn’t long before another tragedy happened, and the newly appointed margrave, Count Pael, unexpectedly died .

Therefore, the center dispatched Count Hræsvelgr, who was a talented man and at the forefront of the ten swordmasters at that time, and from then on, Count Hræsvelgr maintained his position as the head of the 12 northern families .

‘We’re not enemies, but that doesn’t mean we’re on good terms . ’

Should I say we’re just friends?

At Jude’s question, Lucas’ face slightly turned red as he looked away and said .

“Because…I thought I met a good rival . ”

‘As I expected . ’

Jude felt like his laughter would leak out at the expected answer, but he kept a serious expression .

“You mean…your rival?”

“Yes, I’m a little embarrassed, but up until this day, I’ve never met someone my age who was a good match against me . ”

Lucas was a sword genius .

He wasn’t born with Gueumjulmaek like Jude, so he grew up demonstrating his brilliant talent from childhood .

“I have no peers I can compare with…that may sound good, but in fact, I’ve always felt lonely . An existence that can stand on equal footing with me and move forward with me…I’ve always longed for such a rival . ”

Lucas’ face and voice was full of sincerity .

He looked like a handsome and attractive-looking man out of a painting, so the listening Jude had to use his all to maintain a serious face .

‘Ah, really . It’s so cheesy . ’

I already knew it from Lucas’ character settings but listening to it in person felt new in many ways .

“Mr . Jude Bayer . ”

“Yes, Lord Lucas . ”

When Jude barely answered in time, Lucas stared at Jude with a serious face and abruptly grabbed Jude’s hand .

“I was convinced when I saw Mr . Bayer fighting . It became clear to me that Mr . Bayer was my long-aspired rival . ”

‘Well, Maximilian was originally his rival, but Jude has Cheonmujiche, so I’m worthy of being his rival . But why is he holding my hand?’

Jude barely suppressed his inner thoughts as he faced Lucas’ strong gaze head on .

“So I thought . Let’s heal Mr . Bayer’s disease as soon as possible . ”

If that happens, Jude can use his talents properly .

In fact, after we defeated Minos, Lucas’ mind was filled with thoughts of Cordelia .

It was not because he fell in love with Cordelia, but because her true colors were so shocking .

But as time went by, Jude’s fight kept coming to his mind .

The movement shown by Jude .

His unmatched fighting method .

A talented genius that can be recognized by a fellow talented genius .

“Mr . Bayer, let’s go to the north together . I will help you find the Sunflower . ”

It was an unexpected proposal .

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But this time again, instead of answering right away, Jude paused and took his time .

It was to keep Lucas in suspense .

‘Hmm, this should be okay . ’

Was it roughly 20 seconds already?

During that time, Lucas’ eyes shook, before Jude finally responded in a heavy yet serious tone, as if he was opening his mouth after careful consideration .

“Thank you very much . However…rather than asking to find the Sunflower together, I am more touched that Lord Lucas, who is called the Girin of Hræsvelgr, regards me as a good rival . I have just begun walking the path of martial arts, but I want to live up to Lord Lucas’ expectations . ”

“Mr . Bayer, your words are…”

“Yes, I will go with Lord Lucas . ”

When Jude spoke with a big smile, Lucas breathed out in relief and brightly smiled too .

“I look forward to going north with Mr . Bayer . ”

“Yes, I look forward to it too . ”

Once the story came to an end, Lucas rose from his seat with a happy face and returned to the knights of Count Hræsvelgr .

Seeing that Lucas’ lingering excitement could be seen in his steps, Jude thought he was still a young boy of sixteen years .

‘He’s a heroic novel enthusiast . ’

The current situation itself was almost the same as the beginning of ‘Biltwein the Hero,’ one of Lucas’ favorite hero novels .

The words that Jude said in the end, about being happier that he became Lucas’ rival more than the Sunflower, was almost the same words that Catelan, the rival of the main character Biltwein, said .

Lucas must have felt like he was Biltwein during our conversation .

‘So, does that solve one thing?’

Jude’s shoulders lightly drooped as he turned to Cordelia .

Cordelia was even using body movements in telling Sylvia and Viola, who were so absorbed in the story, about the fairies’ banquet .

‘After all, her Cordelia self becomes stronger except when she’s with me . ’

Jude and Cordelia have awakened their memories of their previous lives .

And as a result, many things have changed .

With the sudden addition of twenty or so years of memories to a life that has only lived for more than a decade, his Outboxer009 self was a little more prominent than his Jude self .

And it got even worse as he faced Cordelia who equally had memories of her previous life as Yellow Storm .

Although Jude and Cordelia were engaged, they were originally in an indifferent relationship .

But it was not for Outboxer009 and Yellow Storm .

It’s been 5 years since I’ve known her, and nearly 3 years since we’ve been arguing with each other in the chat rooms every day, so when we’re together, our identities as Outboxer and Yellow Storm were more prominent than our Jude and Cordelia selves .

The proof was that we still call each other by our past lives’ nicknames rather than our present lives’ names .

‘The affection for our previous lives that only the two of us share…maybe it’s something like an obsession . ’

Of course, as time goes by, it would change little by little .

Right now, the memories of Jude and Outboxer mixed with each other, so his personality has changed as well .

The current Jude was close to a new person who was a little different from the existing Jude and the previous life’s Outboxer Kang Jin-ho .

‘The way we address each other will also change someday . ’

Since the first meeting, the frequency of calling each other’s nicknames has gradually decreased .

The day may come that we’ll call each other with new nicknames that have special meanings .

“Someday . ”

Jude stood up and walked to Cordelia who was still excitedly talking .


Time has passed, and it’s been two days since the Devil’s Hand’s attack .

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The first to arrive was Count Dahut, who was the closest in geographical location .

The Golden Deer Knights, the pride of Count Dahut, quickly left Langesthei with the twin brothers . The next to arrive were Count Crossbell and Viscount Langue’s knights .

“Cordelia, this social gathering was scary, but it was really nice to meet you . I look forward to next year’s social gathering . ”

“Me-me too . Cordeliunnie . ”

They were two people who sincerely regretted breaking up with Cordelia because they had become close in the last few days .

“I look forward to it too . I’ll miss the two of you so much . ”

Cordelia hugged Sylvia and Viola in turn, and the hug of an incomparably beautiful girl made the absolutely beautiful woman and cute girl blush their cheeks .

Three days from the Devil’s Hand’s attack, Sylvia, Viola, and Felix have left . Now, only three people were left in Treigian: Jude, Cordelia, and Lucas .

“My family’s knights will be joining halfway through our journey . ”

Lucas, who had been in touch with his family for the last few days, smiled as he said that .

The Thunder Doom Fortress, where Count Hræsvelgr is located, was too far from Langesthei .

It meant that if Jude and Cordelia were together, then Count Bayer and Count Chase’s escort would be together too, so there would be no problem in terms of escorts .

It would be all right for Count Hræsvelgr’s knights to join in the middle .

“Are we the ones left?”

They from Count Bayer and Count Chase .

And in the next morning, the group from the two counts finally arrived in Langesthei .


“Hmph, you’re still weak and frail . ”


Surprisingly, it was Count Chase himself, not anyone else, who came from the Count Chase side .

“Hahaha, Jude . I heard the story . You’ve become incredibly strong in just a few days . ”

It was Gaël Bayer, the next Count of Bayer, who came from the Count Bayer side .

“Count Chase himself went, so shouldn’t our side match their assortment?”

Gaël whispered to Jude with a smile .

Since it was Count Chase himself who went, Count Bayer’s heir would at least be approximate to match Count Chase’s group assortment .

Count Chase looked at Jude with a stern face as usual, as he said with a snort .

“You fought against a demonic human?”

“Yes, thanks to Lady Cordelia and the wizards of the Red Dawn Tower, we were able to take it down . ”

“Hmph, you’re still weak if you can’t take it down alone . ”

Count Chase’s harsh criticism embarrassed those around him, but not for Jude . He had a happy smile when he saw Count Chase, who was now searching for something in his inner pocket .

“You’re too weak that my mind can’t be at ease . This isn’t something big so take it . ”

“I love you, father . ”

Jude took the pitch-black bracelet from Count Chase without hesitation and smiled again .

It was because the C-rank dark bracelet had a blessing to increase one’s magic defense .

“Tsk tsk, you still look dried up as before . This is something I bought by chance on the way here . Take it . ”

Jude looked back and saw Count Chase’s knight with an awkward smile, who lifted up a paper bag he was holding in his arms .

It was clear that the contents were healthy food that was good for the body .

“I didn’t really prepare it for you, so don’t be mistaken . ”

“Of course, father . ”

It was at that time when Jude’s eyes were sparkling . Cordelia stealthily peeked at Jude’s side .

‘Why? Do you want us to properly divide this again?’

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‘This crazy bastard…it’s not that . You know, that one . ’

‘Ah, that one . ’

After communicating with their eyes only, Jude and Cordelia looked back at Count Chase together, and Jude cleared his throat and adjusted his breath before opening his mouth .

“Father and brother . I have something to tell you . ”

He then told the story of the Sunflower and of Lucas’ invitation .

He also added about Cordelia joining him .

“I-I want to go with my beloved Mr . Jude Bayer . I-I don’t want to be separated from hi-him . ”

Cordelia held Jude’s arm tightly as she said that with a flushed and tearful face .

She was embarrassed by her act, but in the eyes of others, she seemed like a girl who was strongly in love with him that she even had tears in her eyes because she wanted to be with her fiancé .

‘My brother will say okay for sure . ’

Gaël was staring at Cordelia with a fully satisfied smile .

Jude turned to Count Chase with his arm held by the clinging Cordelia as he gulped unconsciously .

Count Chase’s gaze was too scary .

But it was only for a moment .

Count Chase snorted as he searched around in his inner pocket again and said .

“I wonder if this weak guy can protect Cordelia . ”

The way he spoke was aggressive, but there was a new item in his hand already .

“These are trivial items, but still take it . ”

What Count Chase offered was a pair of rings .

It looked like he casually bought and prepared it for Jude and Cordelia, but it seemed to be items that he had carried for a long time, as one could feel the energy of powerful mana emanating from the rings .

It was at that moment .

‘Please take care of Cordelia . ’

Jude heard those words in his mind from magic .

As Jude raised his head, Count Chase turned around with a cold expression .

“Now that I’ve finished my business, I’m going home . I’ll tell that old man, Count Bayer, well, so make sure to get back safely from the north . ”

“Thank you, father . ”

“Father! I’ll be back!”

Count Chase replied by raising his hand at the greetings of Jude and Cordelia, as he settled down in the drawing room because he had other business before leaving Treigian .

His business with Jude and Cordelia was over, but there were still other things to do, such as meeting with Ronin and the other wizards of the Red Dawn Tower .

“Hmph, do your work . ”

When the slightly red-eared Count Chase turned his head and waved his hands, the Count’s knights went to Sir Zebeck, who was in charge of the journey and began to coordinate this and that .

Because we were going on a long trip again, there were a lot of things to discuss, which included the composition of escorts .

“Father won’t say much either, so don’t worry and leave . ”

Gaël spoke without hesitation, as he personally arranged the escort group who’d follow Jude .

As for the remaining two, Cordelia was fiddling with the ring Count Chase gave her, as she slightly pouted her lips and looked at Jude .

“Well…what the hell just happened?”

Jude was invited by Lucas, and I got permission from my father .

There’s even a couple ring…no, we got a magic item .

“It’s a great success . ”

Jude smiled in satisfaction as he held out his fist to her . Cordelia laughed and snorted as she bumped her fists with him .

The next morning, the three groups of Count Bayer, Count Chase, and Count Hræsvelgr set off for Thunder Doom Fortress, in the northernmost part of the Sälen Kingdom .

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