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Chapter 19: 19
Time had passed, and when Jude and Cordelia opened their eyes, they suddenly found themselves sitting in the valley at midnight instead of the fairies’ banquet hall .


We were in a daze for a while, but when Jude suddenly sneezed, Cordelia came to her senses and looked around .

“The valley? Are we back? The banquet’s over, right?”

They had been desperate earlier, but now, Jude nodded to her comment .

“That’s right, it’s the valley . The banquet is over . It’s over!”

“Wow! It’s over! It’s finally over!”

Cordelia jumped up and down in the water and hugged Jude . He embraced Cordelia too, as they both felt emotional and relieved .

For twelve hours, Jude and Cordelia spent their time at the fairies’ banquet hall after their meeting with the Fairy Queen .

“Ah, f*ck . I will never sing Little Star again . ”

Cordelia shuddered as she was fed up with it .

She was made to sing it not just 6 times but more than a dozen times . Moreover, it wasn’t just Little Star .

“Yellow Storm . ”


“Do you only know the nursery rhymes?”

She had sung Three Bears after Twinkle Twinkle Little Star .

Cordelia said with a snort .

“No, it’s not? I know a lot of other songs . I adjusted it to that of a fairy’s level, okay?”

“Okay…well, it was cute . ”

In fact, Jude himself could only sing in full a handful of popular Korean songs .

Jude laughed and moved on, and Cordelia pushed Jude away from their hug and then grumbled .

“Moving on, I really thought I was dying . In the game, I didn’t understand the true meaning of the line, ‘Time has passed,’ that was said in passing . But now, I realize that this isn’t something a normal human could completely do . ”

“I agree . ”

Playing with dozens of fairies felt like taking care of dozens of beagles at the same time .

Cordelia was made to sing endlessly, but both also had to struggle hard among the fairies, especially Jude, who was well liked because of his handsomeness .

“The Fairy Queen too, was a fairy . ”

“Yeah . ”

Jude could still remember in his eyes the elegant-looking figure of the Fairy Queen smiling and even encouraging the fairies trying to undress him .

If the Fairy Queen hadn’t come out in person, I would’ve been very thankful to her .



Sighing almost at the same time, Jude and Cordelia soon sneered and laughed .

“Regardless . ”

“Mission clear . ”

The two did a high five before looking at their own loot .

Cordelia got her hands on the sacred rod, Moonlight .

Moonlight is an item that can be recharged by converting moonlight into mana . It was a very useful tool for wizards who always had to suffer from constantly running out of mana .

‘It has a built-in lethal move too . ’

It was the true reason why Jude tried to get the Moonlight .

It would clearly play a big part in their fight against the Devil’s Hand .

‘And the Fairy Steps . ’

Looking at the silver ring on his right index finger, a smile was drawn on his face .

The number of uses was limited to once per day at Jude’s current level, but that alone was something to be very grateful of .

In essence, it was like having another life .

“Hehe, the Bicorn’s good too . ”

“Yeah, it’s good . ”

Twelve hours have passed at the fairies’ banquet, but in reality, only ten seconds have passed .

Jude and Cordelia looked back in the direction where the Bicorn collapsed . With faces mixed with joy and awkwardness, they looked at the Bicorn’s corpse floating halfway in the water .

The reason was simple .

“Umm…I suppose we’ll have to pull it out from there?”

At Cordelia’s question, Jude nodded .

“Because it doesn’t drop like in the game . ”

But it was also a good thing .

When you defeat the Bicorn, you can get two horns .

In the game however, it was very natural for it to be an uncommon drop .

‘I defeated it, but I only got one horn or didn’t get any at all . ’

Whereas in reality, you could obtain not only the horns but everything else too .

“Don’t worry too much . The knights would do the collecting . ”

“Oh yeah . We’re the children of counts, right?”

Cordelia felt the sweetness of power again .

“Miss! Young master!”

“Where are you! Young master!”


From afar came the voices of the knights .

It would be strange for them to not notice the bursting of a tremendous amount of light and the roaring sounds .

“Miss! Where are you! Lady Cordelia!”

“Young master Jude!”

Dahlia and Maja’s voices gradually approached . Cordelia made a long face and said while looking at Jude .

“We are…”

“Yes, we are . ”

“…in a lot of trouble, right?”

“In a lot of trouble . ”

We’ll certainly not be scolded…

It didn’t stop at the two of us stealthily sneaking out, but we also fell into the water and made a mess of ourselves .

“Don’t worry, Cordelia . ”

“Huh? Do you perhaps have a plan so that we won’t get scolded?”

“No, just…”


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“If you give up, it’s easy . ”

Jude smiled refreshingly, and Cordelia gave him a middle finger .


Jude and Cordelia were exceedingly scolded .

Sir Zebeck, a knight from Count Chase, was in charge of the party’s journey . Count Bayer and Count Chase had put him up as their proxy, and so, he issued Jude and Cordelia a ban on going out of the carriage .

“If the young master and miss would find it necessary to spend some time alone together, this humble knight would offer to make it possible . ”

In front of Sir Zebeck who spoke very seriously, Jude and Cordelia could only bow their heads .

But it wasn’t really that bad for them .

In the first place, there were no more matters that we persistently need to go out and take care of in our journey to Langesthei .

Rather, it was good for the two to discuss their future plans while being alone together in the carriage .

‘I’m sorry for Dahlia, but…’

Sir Zebeck severely scolded Dahlia for forgetting her escort duty and exposing the two to danger . He imposed on her a pay cut measure as punishment .

Cordelia worked hard to defend her, but it was inevitable .

‘However…is it fortunate that our public opinion is favorable?’

The public opinion referred here was the knights of Count Bayer and Count Chase .

In reality, they now didn’t find it surprising for the two to go to the valley . It was because of the circulating rumors about how Jude and Cordelia deeply yearn for each other since last week’s daytime runaway .

What the knights paid attention to, was the fact that Jude and Cordelia defeated the Bicorn together .

“Young master, you’ve become very strong . ”

“Ha, the young master inherited the count’s talent after all . ”

In the memories of Count Bayer’s retainers and knights, Jude was always sick and couldn’t even freely go outside .

They were naturally thrilled that Jude was not only healthy now, but that he could also defeat not just a goblin, but a Bicorn .

Especially in Jun’s case, as he was delighted and in a hurry to write and send a letter to the Count .

Count Chase’s knights rejoiced in a slightly different sense, focusing more on the fact that ‘Jude has become stronger,’ than on the fact that Cordelia defeated the Bicorn with Jude .

Cordelia was Count Chase’s youngest child, and a pretty woman that everyone in the family sincerely loved .

Since Cordelia was going to marry an always sick man like Jude, no one had spoken openly . However, a few were concerned and worried, and there was also a lot of dissatisfaction .

Well, how can you not be happy now that Jude was showing quite a reliable figure?

Sir Zebeck also immediately wrote a letter to Count Chase after scolding Jude and Cordelia hard .

“I like him now . ”

It was a short and bold comment, but it really was Sir Zebeck’s respectful feelings .

Anyhow, it was sorted out to some extent, and half a day passed .

Jude was lingeringly sick inside the carriage .

“It’s a cold . ”

As Cordelia had briefly commented, Jude caught a cold .

It was caused by having fallen into the valley water on an autumn night, but the biggest cause was wandering around while wet .


Jude was covered with a blanket and had a wet towel on his head . He was half-asleep as he was lying on the carriage seat, and Cordelia clicked her tongue .

“I didn’t get sick . ”

What about it?

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It was the perfect time for Jude to talk back to her, but he had to agonize over his headache .

“I’ll change the towel . ”

Cordelia personally changed Jude’s towel, and wiped the sweat off on visible parts like his forehead and neck .


“Yes, yes . ”


“Yes, yes, I’ll carry you, hit you, cross the wall, stand in the front line, and nurse you when you’re sick, right?”

When Cordelia spoke fluently, Jude had a blank look, and she soon had a little laugh .

“I remember everything, so be prepared?”

At any rate, she was very happy to have fought back against Jude .

“For now, just go to sleep without thinking . ”

Cordelia arranged the towel and sat down again, opening a book . Jude looked at her for a moment before closing his eyes .

Late in the afternoon, Jude barely opened his eyes and stood up . He shook Cordelia who was dozing off on the opposite side .

“Hey, hey . Wake up . Stop drooling . ”


Cordelia quickly lifted her head and wiped off her drool while floundering .

‘She’s really pretty . ’

She was pretty even though she was drooling and floundering .

After a moment’s thought, Jude looked outside the carriage window and continued to talk .

“Let’s get down to business . ”

“Uh, oh . Huh…are you okay?”

Cordelia shook her head and came to her senses . She opened the lid of the water bottle and asked .

“Oh, after a good night’s sleep, I think I feel better . This guy’s also effective . ”

When he lifted the Sun’s Necklace from his neck, Cordelia laughed and spoke .

“What’s the 2nd cure to Gueumjulmaek?”


“It’s Muan Sweet Water . ”

After a certain amount of big talk, the two became ready to discourse .

Jude sat down and opened the lid of his water bottle as he said .

“Perhaps if we go like this, we’ll arrive at Langesthei in three days . ”

Even if they slowly traveled and run for several days by carriage, their destination was still quite a distance to reach because they both came from the faraway town of Bailon .

Cordelia used her fingers to count the days and said as she blinked her eyes .

“Uh, so is it about four days before the event starts?”

“Perhaps . ”

Jude and Cordelia were currently a day ahead of the Cordelia in the main scenario .

The events in Langesthei were more than ten, from large events to small ones . But Cordelia was talking about only one event now .

The first main event in Cordelia’s main scenario was ‘The Devil’s Hand’s Attack . ’

This is how the original story unfolds .

Minors from the 12 northern families gathered in the commercial city of Langesthei .

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Not all children from the 12 families gathered, like Jude who was absent in the original scenario .

There were quite a few families who have been absent for reasons such as a lack of minors or being busy at home .

In Cordelia’s main scenario, the number of families that participated was only half, or six .

With Jude added to this, seven families were now gathered .

“Langesthei does not belong to any of the 12 families . ”

It was the reason why it was chosen as the social gathering place of the 12 families’ members .

But not all 12 families in the north were on good terms .

After all, it was just the 12 strongest families in the north, and not because they had a great bond or solidarity amongst each other .

Depending on the location, there were some families that were competitors, and in severe cases, had hostile relations .

‘We are the exception . ’

Engagement and political marriages were common amongst the 12 families, but there was only a handful of families that really got along, like Count Bayer and Count Chase .

“In addition, as you know, this event is very hard from the start . To undergo pain from the beginning of the story…that is to say, how the scenario occurs . ”

As for the conclusion, the attack of the Devil’s Hand succeeded .

They killed some of the children from the 12 northern families, and after kidnapping some, they even committed brutalities like using the victims as a sacrifice for summoning the devil .

The world of Legend of Heroes 2 was moving towards Armageddon . In short, it was a world moving towards the end, and one of the starting points was the attack of the Devil’s Hand .

“Can we really stop this?”

The story was a little strange, but Cordelia liked the character Cordelia .

That is, she played as Cordelia several times when she was Yellow Storm .

Therefore, Yellow Storm knew the severity of the attack of the Devil’s Hand . The number of enemies mobilized in the immediate attack exceeded 100 by a ridiculous margin .

Even though she now possessed Moonlight, she wondered if they could stop the event with just the power of Jude and herself .

“Isn’t it better to just cancel the event itself?”


When Jude asked back, Cordelia opened her lips, but soon shut it again . It was because she couldn’t think of anything .

It was doubtful if people will believe Jude and Cordelia if they talk about the attack of the Devil’s Hand .

However, it was too much to create a mess in the social gathering itself just for an excuse to cancel it . If that happened, it was highly likely that Jude and Cordelia would be kicked out of the social gatherings .

There was no clear evidence that there would be an attack by the Devil’s Hand .

Furthermore, it was possible that the story would get messed up if it was dismissed carelessly .

The Devil’s Hand could have attacked the 12 families individually .

“Ugh . ”

As Cordelia racked her brains and was distressed, Jude clicked his tongue and unfolded a paper .

“I have an idea . ”

“What is it?”

“A good idea . ”

“F*ck . ”

When Cordelia got angry, Jude laughed and continued to talk, moving his pen on the paper .

“First of all, let’s do this . ”

It was a plan that the two rotten waters, Jude and Cordelia, can pull off in this world .

Jude began to explain, and Cordelia listened attentively . She soon opened her eyes wide .

Cordelia had a bright smile on her face .

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