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Chapter 14: 14
The mornings in Count Bayer’s mansion were originally quiet .

However, it was different today .

Led by Barone, the long-serving butler of Count Bayer, all of the servants of Count Bayer’s mansion has been very busy since morning .

This is because the news that Count Bayer, who had been away for more than two months on an expedition, will arrive three days earlier than scheduled .

It was the return of the Lord of the Bayer family after their annual expedition to reduce the number of monsters in the Bailon area prior to winter .

After all, the preparations for the reception could not be neglected .

While sitting in a sunny spot and looking at the bustling servants, Jude turned to his side and asked .

“But why are you here?”

“I know . ”

Cordelia, who was dressed up and sitting next to Jude, answered with a slightly absentminded voice .

In fact, both of them knew why Cordelia was here now .

“I didn’t realize that your father was this great until today . ”

“He is great, isn’t he?”

Count Chase .

It was because he had appeared with Cordelia today .

Count Chase and Count Bayer were comrades who have experienced life and death several times .

‘Is father-in-law in my house to give greetings?’

As Jude looked at the front gate as if he were welcoming Count Bayer’s return, he was secretly feeling stressed as he thought on what would happen once word gets out that he had made Cordelia act rashly .

“You know what?”

“Huh . ”

“Isn’t our situation too peaceful?”

About a month after awakening the memories of a ‘past life’ .

At Cordelia’s words, Jude turned his head, and soon he laughed .

“Ah, enjoy it now . You know we haven’t started the main scenario yet, right? It’s hard work when we leave home, hard work . ”

“Ugh, I know, right?”

“Is that the look of a person who knows that?”

When Jude kicked his tongue, Cordelia wanted to refute it, but she had nothing to say, so her lips were puffed up .

As Jude said, once the main scenario began, the hardship gate would be wide open .

‘Because the attack of the Devil’s Hand is very hard . ’

It was a brutal event where several children of the 12 northern families were killed and kidnapped .

Even in the game, there were only three routes for Cordelia: be kidnapped by the Devil’s Hand and sacrificed, be killed on the spot, or be in a struggle to survive by barely escaping .

In the first place, Jude’s main scenario began with a trip to find out the whereabouts of the missing Cordelia in Bailon, and if it really went as the original, the future of Cordelia was itself a path of flames that crossed the thorny road .

‘I’m not going to let that happen . ’

They have to change the original story and create a new ending .

Changing Cordelia’s main scenario was the beginning .

‘Well, it’s not because of that . ’

When Jude suddenly smiled, Cordelia said with a startling look .

“What is it? Those sad eyes?”

“Jude’s eyes are worrying about the Lady Cordelia he yearns for?”

“Hey, I got goosebumps . That, aren’t you getting too used to it?”


“That . ”

“That what?”

“You know, that one?”

“Yearn for? Dear? The cute and lovely Lady Cordelia who is the apple of my eyes?”

Cordelia shuddered and blushed as Jude spoke shamelessly .

“Whwhat is this crazy bastard saying?”

“Because your father is coming . ”


“Father . ”

Cordelia also understood . When she looked back, Count Chase was walking their way .

“Lady Cordelia, you’re beautiful again today . ”

“Oh, my goodness, I’m so embarrassed . Thank you, Mr . Bayer . ”

By the time Cordelia responded with a clumsy smile, Count Chase, who had arrived before the two, looked at Jude and said with a disapproving look .

“Tsk, you’re still skinny . ”

He had a dissatisfied expression, disagreeing eyes, and was clicking his tongue .

But Jude was not afraid at all . Because he knew the next words .

“This isn’t much but eat this up . ”

“Thank you, father . ”

When Count Chase pulled out a small box, Jude quickly accepted it and thanked him .

He was a very precious treasure father .

Meanwhile, Cordelia blinked her eyes with a blank face . She had heard it the other day, but it was indeed a strange sight .

“Hmm . ”

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Count Chase, who looked at the two for a moment to see if he could tell their inner thoughts, said as he turned his eyes .

“He’s coming . ”

It was pretty straightforward, but Jude and Cordelia immediately understood .

Beyond the main gate .

Count Bayer was coming back .


It was the Count of Bayer who would normally lead and improve the order of the knights, but today he was only accompanied by a few subordinates and his eldest son, Gaël Bayer .

Because he hurried home when he heard news of Jude .

Count Bayer’s servants lined up in front of the main gate, and Jude stood alongside Cordelia .

And how much time had passed?


Called out a knight riding a red horse that sped up and arrived at the main gate .

It was Gaël Bayer, Jude’s older brother and the next Count of Bayer .

With blue hair and blue eyes, he jumped off the horse at once and for a moment, hugged Jude tightly but did not forget the situation .

“I greet Lord Chase . ”

“It’s been a long time . ”

It was a hard and cold tone, but Gaël was more familiar with Count Chase than Jude .

After accepting it with a big smile, he looked back at Jude .

“You’ve become really healthy . I can tell just by looking at your face . ”

Gaël’s face, which resembles Jude, showed no sense of self-interest .

Gaël Bayer .

He is a brother who is ten years older than Jude Bayer .

As Outboxer009, Jude was reminded of Gaël Bayer in Legend of Heroes 2, but only for a short time .

Because he was Outboxer009 and Jude Bayer at the same time .

A smile also spread on Jude’s face .

Gaël Bayer was a really good brother .

“Jude Bayer” remembered a number of anecdotes that were not described in Legend of Heroes 2 .

A genuine brother .

One who has faced Jude’s seventeen years of life .

“You were lucky, you were really lucky . No, come to think of it, is this all thanks to Lady Cordelia? It is said that they found the Sun’s Necklace when they went out to see the flowers together . ”

Gaël, who spoke pleasantly, looked at Cordelia again . He looked like Jude – but with a more masculine face and a picturesque smile .

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“Thank you very much, Lady Cordelia . Meeting you would be the luckiest thing for Jude . You are the goddess of luck for Count Bayer . ”

“I’m flattered . Oh, brother-in-law . ”

Gaël smiled again as Cordelia managed to answer . It was because she was so cute when she was shy .

“What a lucky thing you are . I envy you . ”

Gaël, who even winked at Jude, stood aside with a big smile .

Because today’s true protagonist has arrived .

“Jude . ”

Count Bayer .

Count Bayer, riding a black horse, jumped off the horse .

With a tall height and broad shoulders that were second only to Count Chase, he was a black-haired, blue-eyed beauty .

Although he did not make a fuss like Gaël, Count Bayer’s eyes were also filled with joy .

“You have a lot of stories to share . Let’s go in . ”

“Yes, father . ”

It was Jude who reflexively answered, but the moment he answered, he felt like his heart was shaking .

It was because he could clearly feel his father’s heart, Count Bayer, who cared and worried about Jude himself .

“I guess I’m invisible . ”

“How can I not recognize a man as big as you? Thank you for coming . ”

Count Bayer, who laughed and tapped Count Chase on the shoulder, also did not forget Cordelia .

“Gaël already said it but thank you very much . Thank you so much . ”

If it weren’t for the daytime runaway, I wouldn’t have found the Sun’s Necklace .

Gaël, nodding his head as if he agreed, spoke out .

“Father, the love between Jude and Lady Cordelia caused a miracle . ”

“Hha, it really is true, but let’s stop it . Isn’t Cordelia embarrassed?”

Cordelia was really embarrassed at the father and son’s exchange of words .

Her face was red, and she looked helpless, so she eventually tugged the hem of Jude’s shirt .

‘Hey! Do something!’

‘Hha, this will all come to pass . ’

To Cordelia’s desperate eyes, Jude answered with tranquil eyes, and everyone who watched the small actions between the two smiled warmly .

“Let’s go in for now . Barone?”

“Yes, my Lord . The banquet is ready . We sincerely welcome your return . ”

As Barone, the butler who had been taking a step back, stepped forward, things proceeded quickly .

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Inside the banquet hall of Count Bayer .

Like other places in the mansion, it was a place that felt like a hard fortress, but it still looked good because of the various delicacies that were on the large table .

At the head of the table was Count Bayer, and at each side were Count Chase and Gaël .

Jude and Cordelia were seated next to Gaël at a table full of gloomy men, and the pretty boy and girl sitting side by side stood out more than Count Bayer sitting at the top .

“What a happy day, a happy day . ”

Count Bayer, who had a drink with Count Chase, spoke with a pleased face, and all those around him nodded their heads, with eyes gathered not on Count Bayer, but on Jude and Cordelia .

‘Fu-f*ck . I can’t even eat . ’

‘Hha, this too shall come to pass . ’

When he answered Cordelia, who had sent a desperate gaze, his eyes were like that of those who attained Nirvana . Jude then looked at Count Bayer and said .

“Congratulations on your safe return, father . ”

“Yes, this expedition was a great success, with no one dead, even though there are injured people . Your brother, Gaël, was also very active . ”

“Hha, so are you, father . I’m embarrassed in front of Lady Cordelia . ”

He said so, but he was really happy that his mouth was full of smiles .

‘Hmm, don’t tell me Gaël likes Cordelia?’

Based on the original story, Gaël had a fiancé whom he was about to marry .

By the time Jude was on guard, Count Bayer opened his mouth again, looking at Jude .

“Jude, I heard from Victor . You said you wanted to join Cordelia in the social gathering, right?”

“Yes, father . I’d like to join Lady Cordelia . ”

When Jude decisively answered clearly, the eyes of the knights and retainers of the Bayer family were pervaded with delight, and Count Chase also smiled a little with a humming sound .

Count Bayer nodded .

“Yes, you are a son of our Bayer family, so you deserve to participate . But Jude, our Bayer is a family of warriors . Therefore, in order to leave the house, one must pass a test that proves one can protect one’s own body . You know that, don’t you?”

“I know, father . ”

Father’s Test quest .

When Jude gave an outspoken answer this time, Count Bayer, who became happier, stood up .

“I’d have to set a date for the test, but that would delay the journey . What do you say, Jude? Would you like to be tested right now?”

It was a sudden offer, but Jude was not embarrassed . As the preparation was already done, the earlier the test schedule, the better .

‘Can you do it?’

‘I can do it . ’

Jude, who answered Cordelia with his eyes, took a breath once and stood up from his seat .

“I’ll take the test, father . ”

The last hurdle to start the main scenario .

It was a natural conversation, but Jude knew the correct answer .

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