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Chapter 102

If the Great Storm tribe inherited the blood of the Winter Elves, one of the ancient elves, then the Blade Song tribe inherited the blood of the Hyjal Orcs, one of the ancient orcs .

‘Just as I thought . ’

The Great Storm tribe or the Gentle Snow Breeze tribe that they had met so far were somewhat different from what the people of the northern part of the Sälen Kingdom thought of as “barbarian . ”

The barbarians were like large, fierce, and wild beasts .

This was their prejudice, but the Blade Song tribe resembled what the northerners thought of barbarians in many ways .

‘Because the Blade Song tribe or the Angry Bull tribe were the ones who led the invasion every time in the first place . ’

It had always been the Angry Bull or the Blade Song tribes who directly fought against the Jackdaws for hundreds of years .

‘But it’s a little different . ’

In the game, they looked more like beasts or monsters than ordinary orcs, but at the present, they looked more like humans than orcs because they had not been corrupted .

Their heads were larger than ordinary humans, and they had large bodies and broad shoulders . Their upper bodies were larger and bulkier than their lower bodies that it looked like an inverted triangle .

They looked like orcs up to this point, but their faces were different . The tips of their ears were a little sharp and their overall appearance was masculine and bold, but their faces itself were clearly that of humans .

‘And gray skin . ’

The clearest proof that they possessed the blood of the Hyjal Orcs .

“Nine Blades greets Gentle Snow Breeze . ”

Their leader, Nine Blades, courteously greeted her with a raucous voice .

One way or another, for him who was born and grew in the wild lands, the wild gods were beings they worshipped and respected .

“Welcome, Nine Blades . ”

Gentle Snow Breeze smiled at Nine Blades whose hair was tied into nine braids as if to reflect his name . The wild god then glanced at Sun Song .

“You are Sun Song . ”

“It’s an honor to meet Gentle Snow Breeze . ”

Sun Song politely bowed and greeted her .

And Cordelia stared at such Sun Song with narrowed eyes .

‘Umm…doesn’t he seem to be better than the one in the game?’

‘Somehow . ’

Because in the game, he was literally a raving beast .

Compared to then, his personality seemed calm, and he was a little smaller in size . Or more like, his height was the same, but his muscle mass was different .

‘He’s still big . ’

He was roughly 2 meters tall .

In addition to the characteristics of the Blade Song tribe whose upper bodies were greatly developed, his shoulders, arms, fists, and so on, were much bigger than a normal human, making him look larger than he really was .

“Eueue…it’s not fair . Their weight classes are incomparable . ”

Cordelia let out a very small groan .

And she was correct .

Aside from being six years older, Red Wind was basically no match for his weight class .

Red Wind’s height was in the lower 160’s .

She only weighed 40kg since she inherited the lightness of the elves .

On the other hand, Sun Song seemed to be around 150kg, so their fight was more like a fight between a flyweight and a heavyweight .

It was unfair .

Everyone who saw it could tell that it was an unfair match .

“But that’s why we can do it too, right?”

Cordelia nodded at Jude’s words .

It wasn’t just Sun Song who could take advantage of this notion of unfairness .

“That’s right . Let’s show them unfairness too . Let’s show them the power of capitalism . ”

“Something seems to be wrong with your words…but then again, it doesn’t sound very wrong . ”

Jude grinned before he and Cordelia watched Sun Song again .

Red Gale was greeting Nine Blades .

“It’s not as bad as I thought, huh?”

“Because they thought of each other as rivals . If he was a real rival… he would hate seeing Red Gale’s sickly appearance . ”

Just as Jude said, Nine Blades had a very bitter expression when he saw the weak Red Gale, and he was furious at the west – or to be exact, the Angry Bull tribe and Haraken .

“The alliance itself will work out well . ”

“The remaining question is, who will lead it?”

If Nine Blades’ tribe gained supremacy, the fight against the demon followers could even lead to a fight against the northern part of the Sälen Kingdom .

“Let’s believe in Red Wind . ”

“Yes, and the power of capitalism . ”

Cordelia nicely smiled as her canines glistened, and Jude looked back at Red Wind .

Karaval traditionally started in the late afternoon, and supposedly came to an end when the sun set .

“It’s time… I guess we should start . ”

As Gentle Snow Breeze stared at the sky and spoke, Violent Avalanche who was sitting next to her also nodded .

In fact, the chieftains and warriors of various tribes had already gathered .

The venue of the fight was in the field where Jude and Cordelia had ‘cleared away’ (because they had burned it down) .

An arena was built by driving stakes into the ground to mark the area, and colored flags that symbolized each tribe were also set up, creating a fairly decent stage .

“Here they come . ”

The first one that appeared was the Blade Song tribe .

The group headed to their place in the north before sitting down, while their opponents, the Great Storm tribe, naturally sat down in the south .

“Everyone’s excited . ”

The faces of the Great Storm tribe and the Blade Song tribe were filled with tension, but not for the other tribes .

The other tribes couldn’t enjoy it because the nature of the alliance would change depending on which tribe wins, but the overall atmosphere was still close to a festival .

“Because it’s Karaval . ”

Violent Avalanche nodded at Gentle Snow Breeze’s words .

Karaval .

A violent custom of determining everything through a duel .

But if one thought about it a little seriously, Karaval was rather the violence to prevent brutal violence .

‘Because it ended conflicts between tribes through a one-on-one fight . ’

It was obvious that if two tribes directly fought each other, much blood would flow .

Death, killings, and loss of possessions .

If such a thing was repeated in the wild lands that was already difficult to live in, the only thing left was the annihilation of both sides .

So Karaval was created .

It was measure that allowed the tribes to accept the results and minimize the damage at the same time .

‘Therefore, it’s not just a one-on-one confrontation . ’

Because Karaval was a substitute for wars between tribes .

It was a means to show off the capabilities of the entire tribe .

Our tribe can train such a strong warrior .

Our tribe can strengthen a warrior to this extent .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Fine Snow and Clear Snow beat the drums to announce the opening of the Karaval .

The ferocious chieftains and warriors suddenly yelled out cheers around the arena, and the Gentle Snow Breeze tribe gave their enthusiastic support too .

“Gentle Snow Breeze and Violent Avalanche are here to witness this event! I hereby declare the beginning of the Karaval!”


The atmosphere heated up as hundreds of people cheered at the same time .

Gentle Snow Breeze and Violent Avalanche had flushed faces at the heated atmosphere .

The children of the wild lands were also excited and happy as they were influenced by the wild gods who took care of them .

And so were Fine Snow and Clear Snow, who became excited too .

Although Fine Snow was usually serious, he was laughing with lively eyes before he shouted as he pointed to the Blade Song tribe with a drumstick .

“Warrior of the Blade Song tribe! Sun Song!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!


The whole field shook with the loud cheers of the Blade Song tribe .

And Sun Song came forward . His outfit was completely different from when he first entered the land a few hours ago .

“Woah! Isn’t that a purple marten’s leather?! They say that it can block any blade despite it being leather!”

“Wow! They have such a precious item?”

“After all, the Blade Song tribe are incredibly wealthy!”

Smiles spread on the faces of the Blade Song tribe’s warriors, including Nine Blades, as the tribal chieftains and warriors chattered when they saw the marten leather clothes Sun Song was wearing .

“That isn’t all though? Look at that bracelet . That’s obviously Murmur black steel . It’s an equipment that grants superhuman strength to its wearer!”

“Woah! That means the Blade Song tribe defeated a Murmur!”

“You are right! It is as you have guessed . It’s a feat worthy of the Blade Song tribe . ”

Nine Blades shrugged his shoulders and everyone from the Blade Song tribe cleared their throats .

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But it was still not the end .

“What he’s wearing on his neck is Bardo’s Light . Have you heard of it?”

“I’ve heard of it . Isn’t that a mysterious gem that can only be collected by luck from the bodies of Bardo, which are hard to catch and see?”

“That’s it . It’s a very precious, expensive, and amazing item that bestows its wearer a mysterious power . ”

“As expected of the Blade Song tribe . But how do you know all these things?”

“I’m a little knowledgeable . ”

In fact, the Blade Song tribe had dispatched a storyteller to intentionally create such an atmosphere .

“Kyaa…look at Sun Song’s imposing body . The purple marten leather garments he’s wearing, the Murmur’s Steel Bracelet, and Bardo’s Light Necklace!”

“His equipment is overwhelming . ”

“Is this even a fight?”

Roars of laughter spread, and Nine Blades’ smile deepened .

“How much money did they spend for today?”

The use of various expensive equipment was not just to boost Sun Song’s fighting power .

It was to show off the power and wealth of the Blade Song tribe to the various tribes, and to inform to the world that the Blade Song tribe was the rightful tribe to lead the alliance .

“Of course, his performance is excellent too . ”

Even if he didn’t have those equipment, Sun Song’s physical abilities were overwhelming . It was even boosted by his expensive equipment, so Red Wind was no match for Sun Song no matter how hard she tried .

“Haha, I guess the other side would be coming out now . ”

“Poor thing . If she had come out first, she wouldn’t look so awkward . ”

“You’re right . I feel so sorry for her . ”

It was clear that she wouldn’t be a match for Sun Song no matter how hard they adorned her with items .

She must have done her best to adorn herself, so how could they not feel sorry for her now that she was being ridiculed?

“I heard that Red Wind was a young girl, so it’s really pitiful . ”

“Would she be crying even before the fight begins?”

“Hahaha! That’s ridiculous!”

“But don’t you think she’ll end up crying?”

“Perhaps yes . She’ll be sad at her miserable reality and cry . ”

As the warriors laughed out loud, Nine Blades raised his hand to calm everyone down .

“That’s enough . They can hear it . ”

But there was a deep smile on his face .

It was regrettable that he could not directly fight Red Gale, whom he had considered his rival for many years, but he continuously smiled at the thought of winning the Karaval with an overwhelming victory .

“Now, let’s continue watching . ”

What would she do when she comes out?

Nine Blades looked at the other side, and Clear Snow soon shouted as he raised the drumstick high .

“Warrior of the Great Storm tribe! Red Wind!”


The Great Storm tribe cheered, and Red Wind came forward . Soon after, astonishment spread throughout the tribal chieftains and warriors .




Everyone couldn’t even speak properly .

The Blade Song tribe, who was in high spirits earlier, was also mesmerized for a moment as their mouths were left open .

She was sparkling .

She was flashy and brilliant from head to toe .

It was not an exaggeration, because Red Wind’s entire body was really sparkling .

She had a tiara on her head, earrings on her ears, necklace on her neck, bracelets on her arms, rings on all her ten fingers, a sparkling belt, trinkets around her thighs, and anklets on her ankles .

It wasn’t just flashy ornaments .

Breathless voices flowed from the mouths of those who were watching .

“T-that… isn’t that a dragon scale?”

It was the blue shoulder armor on Red Wind’s shoulders .

They were right, as it was really dragon scales .

Because Jude earnestly packed the scales that fell off when Blue Whiskers was hit directly by the curse .

“Seriously! Look at that! Isn’t that Murmur’s steel?”

“No! It’s not just Murmur’s steel! That’s the steel of Murpara, the higher species of Murmur!”

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It was a correct answer again .

Thanks to Kaplan, Jude and Cordelia received a lot of materials from the rare named monsters .

They had so much that their sled was filled with rare items .

“W-what the heck . Are you saying that she’s wearing all that in her body?”

“T-the Great Storm tribe had that much wealth!”

The tribal chieftains and warriors were astonished, and the Blade Song tribe led by Nine Blades could only shake and clench their teeth but couldn’t say anything .

And at their appearance, Cordelia puffed out her chest and sneakily laughed .

“Heu heu heu, heu heu heu heu . ”

This is the power of capitalism .

You have no such thing in your house, right?

“Agh! Sun Song! Take it out!”

When one of the Blade Song tribe members suddenly shouted, Sun Song flinched before taking out what he had brought from his waist .

“Oooh! Is that a scroll?!”

“Aren’t those only found in ancient ruins!”

Scrolls containing magic were rare in the wild lands where shamanism was more advanced than magic .

However, Sun Song took out as many as five scrolls from his waist .

“Oooh! Is he going to use all five in this Karaval?”

“As expected, as expected of the Blade Song!”

The atmosphere was somewhat reversed .

And Cordelia smiled again .

“Scroll? A scroll?”

The reason for that smile was…

When Red Wind opened the pouch on her waist, a second wave of astonishment spread out in the entire field .

A bunch of scrolls, no – something as great as a scroll book was taken out .

“This is my Jude, okay? This is MY Jude, okay?!”

Cordelia puffed out her chest while Jude had a faint smile .

He had stayed up all night drawing all of that, but Cordelia’s smile and the reactions around her seemed to wash away all his fatigue .

“Ughh… Uuugh…”

The faces of Nine Blades and the Blade Song tribe were crumpled, and Red Gale only had a satisfied smile .

And Violent Avalanche said .

“As expected, those two are ecological disturbances . ”

Jude and Cordelia .

When Violent Avalanche first met them, they didn’t have anything, but they have so much stuff now .

“Hey! Sun Song! Use the scroll! Quality over quantity!”

Since both sides have gone to their positions, the Karaval had formally begun .

Sun Song followed his father’s orders and tore the first scroll .

. ”

Red Wind also tore a scroll after he did .

The magic dispelled the magic so Sun Song hurriedly tore the second scroll .

. ”

. ”

. ”


. ”

Five scrolls were torn from his side, and five scrolls were torn in return from her side .

“T-that’s unfair…”

Someone who was watching exclaimed as the now five useless scrolls rolled on the floor and got swept by the wind .

But from that moment on .

It really became unfair .

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“S-sorry . ”

Red Wind unconsciously apologized as she also began tearing two scrolls at a time .

, . ”

, . ”

The magic spells brilliantly enveloped Red Wind . Nine Blades blankly stared at the sight before he hastily shouted to his son .

“Sun Song! Attack her!”

He could no longer just watch her strengthening herself with the scrolls .

Sun Song also thought the same . He had already kicked the ground before Nine Blades had shouted .


The giant Sun Song came rushing at a terrifying speed, and his momentum was like a tank . But Red Wind remained calm . She didn’t stop tearing the scrolls despite retreating greatly .

, , . ”

It strengthened her skin, increased her courage, and raised her entire body’s energy .

The double Red Wind had on her tremendously increased her speed .

Sun Song was fast but even touching Red Wind seemed to be impossible .

“Spirit! Use the spirit, Sun Song!”

Nine Blades shouted again .

Spirit Warrior .

It wasn’t something common . Only the best warriors in the wild lands could form a contract with the spirits to become spirit warriors .

“Child of Flame!”

As Sun Song shouted as if singing, flames rose from his scimitar .

Salamander, a mischievous flame spirit, sat on Sun Song’s shoulder .

“Oooh! A spirit!”

“That’s clearly a Salamander!”

The atmosphere was overturned again .

But instead of quickly smiling, Nine Blades looked towards the Great Storm tribe .

And then frowned .

Because the beautiful red-haired girl still stood with a triumphant smile .

Red Gale and the warriors of the Great Storm tribe couldn’t hide the smiles on their lips .

“How come?”

It was the moment he said so .

Red Wind drew her sword and wildly swung it . She called the name of her new friend .

“Bold Flame . ”

Reckless Fire .

Flames soared in response to her call .

It was a beautiful and huge flame that was the stuff of fantasies which was incomparable to Salamander’s measly flame .


The bird of flame spread its wings and roared . Those who were watching, and even Sun Song, was fascinated for a moment as they gazed at the bird of flame .

“P-phoenix . ”


The bird of fantasies .

The beast of flames .

The Phoenix perched itself on Red Wind’s shoulder . It piercingly stared at Salamander with fierce eyes, and the Salamander hid itself inside Sun Song’s clothes as it was petrified from fear .

An overwhelming difference .

No, it was overwhelming difference in gears!

T/N: 템빨 (tem-ppal) is actually used when you say that someone is good at games thanks to their items and not because of how good the person is at playing the game . Interestingly, the Korean title of the series ‘Overgeared’ is ‘tem-ppal’ too, but I couldn’t use the word ‘over’ again since there was an ‘overwhelming’ word before it, so I translated it as ‘overwhelming difference in gears . ’


“This is the power of capitalism . ”

Cordelia laughed and beautifully smiled as she spoke, and Violent Avalanche who had called the two as ecological disturbances also cackled .

After all, the two were the ecological disturbances on the wild god’s side now .

And Jude said .

“Show them, Red Wind . ”

That she wasn’t just good at fighting because of her items .

Red Wind kicked the ground . As her name implied, she and the Phoenix became the red wind .

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