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大嫂 dasao: older brother's wife 弟妹 dimei: younger brother's wife

Chapter Ninety-Seven: Let's Have A Child

When the Hua Family heard that there had been an assassination attempt on Hua Xi Wan, Lu shi was so frightened she wasn't able to breathe. She finally recovered when the people from Xian Wang Fu said that Hua Xi Wan was all right.

When she found out about the complete process of the matter, Lu shi immediately smashed a porcelain. Turning round and taking along a few female servants, she hurried to the fu of Assistant Minister Hua.

"That girl really has good luck to be able to return from all that unharmed." When Zhang shi finished listening to the servant tell how Xian Wang Fei had been attacked, she complained with slight regret. Then she found that the expressions of her servants were not quite right before she finally woke up. She was slightly discontent with Hua Xi Wan, but it was not appropriate to say such things in front of servants. If this passed to the ears of her husband, it would not be good.

"My daughter has a good life. This is something that other people won't get no matter how jealous they are." Zhang shi door was suddenly kicked open from outside. It gave Zhang shi a fright. She raised her head and saw that it was her dasao who came in. Thinking about what she had just said, she felt slightly anxious, but seeing Lu shi kick open her door like this, she felt she had been embarrassed. She said harshly, "Dasao, what do you mean?"

"What do I mean?" Lu shi snorted coldly. Ignoring the fact that they were relatives, she and the servants smashed everything in Zhang shi's room, regardless of whether it was gold, silver or porcelain.

Zhang shi was furious and wanted to fight physically with Lu shi. However, she was afraid of Lu shi's aggressive manner. She had heard before that the males and females of the Lu Family were very strong. While Lu shi was not easy to bully in the past, she had never shown such a rough and vicious side. Her actions today really frightened Zhang shi.

After smashing everything that could be smashed, Lu shi ignored the servants who were peeking in her direction and said directly, "Zhang shi, remember this—our main branch does not owe you anything. If your daughter dares to scheme against my daughter in the future, I will not spare you even if I have to die."

The servants in the surroundings heard the marquis furen say this, and their minds swirled. From this, it seemed that the attempted assassination on Xian Wang Fei was related to Eldest Miss?

"Dasao, what do you mean? As an aunt, I was very worried that someone tried to assassinate Third Miss, How come it has changed when you say it? You cannot speak arbitrarily." Zhang shi was shocked inside but she did not show it. "Our second branch might not have inherited the title, but we will not allow you to bully us like this."

Lu shi sneered and looked coldly at Zhang shi. "You think that I don't know what you and your daughter have done in secret? Just because I do not say it does not mean that I do not have the means of dealing with you."

When Zhang shi heard Lu shi say this, her face paled. She was guilty, and she was afraid that Lu shi would have evidence. She could only force out, "Dasao, how to say…"

"This is a warning; there will not be another one." Lu shi kicked aside the pieces of porcelain by her feet and said with disdain, "Behave."

Zhang shi faltered and didn't dare to speak. She could only watch as Lu shi walked out of her room.

Just out of the door, Lu shi saw Hua Zhi Ming walk into the yard. Lu shi stopped and looked at Hua Zhi Ming expressionlessly.

Hua Zhi Ming looked at Zhang shi's messy room behind Lu shi and then gave a bow towards Lu shi. "Greetings, Dasao."

"Second Brother is too polite." Lu shi was also cool towards Hua Zhi Ming. Even though he was her husband's full-blood brother, in her view, the things that Zhang shi and Hua Yi Liu had done in private were not completely unrelated to Hua Zhi Ming.

Hadn't Hua Zhi Ming implicitly agreed for Hua Yi Liu to marry a man like that? Hadn't Hua Zhi Ming ever thought to stop Zhan shi from doing what she did in the past?

Her enemy was anyone who dared to act against her children. She did not care who they were, what their relationship to her was. Even if it was her husband's younger brother, he was just a fake gentleman in her mind right now.

Hua Zhi Ming saw Lu shi's ugly expression and saw Zhang shi's eyes flickering around. When he recalled the attempted assassination on Hua Xi Wan, his heart jumped. Before he could speak, Lu shi spoke first.

"Only those who manage their home can manage the country. Second Brother, what do you think?" Lu shi nodded minutely at Hua Zhi Ming. Not waiting for Hua Zhi Ming to respond, she left the Assistant Minister Hua's fu with her servants.

When Hua He Sheng heard that Lu shi had taken people and smashed Second Dimei's fu, he sighed. He only told the servants not to gossip but did not say anything else. He had been married to Lu shi for many years and knew where her bottom line was. Moreover, as a father, he also loved his daughter. As a man, he could not participate, but he had a feeling of getting vengeance.

"What will other people think if they know?" Hua He Zhen said in front of the servants, but when he turned around, he had the steward gather all the good medicine in the fu for replenishing blood and recovering from shock and sent it to Xian Wang Fu.

At the moment, Xian Wang Fu's storeroom was overflowing with all kinds of medicines. In order to deal with the stewards who had come from other fu, Mu Tong sweated heavily. Even the lower-ranked servants were constantly on their feet and wanted to grow another pair of hands.

It was no wonder that the prestigious families in Jing were so enthusiastic. Everyone knew that the two competitors for the throne were Xian Wang and Sheng Junwang. Even though Xian Wang did not seem very interested in the throne, people only knew his appearance but not what he thought. Who knew what Xian Wang really thought inside? Also, it appeared that the Emperor did not like Sheng Junwang, so regardless of whether in the future Xian Wang ascended the throne or not, they could not offend him. It was just a generous gift—what was that worth?

To speak of no one else, even Princess Rui He's fu had sent a steward who was much more polite in tone than usual. The gifts were also very generous. If one did not know the truth, they would think that Xian Wang Fei was very good friends with Princess Rui He.

After Hua Xi Wan finished reading the lists that Mu Tong had presented, she covered her mouth with a handkerchief and yawned. "The list is very clear. It has been a lot of work for Chief Steward Mu."

"It is this subordinate's duty; it is no burden," Mu Tong replied humbly. "These are just things that appear famous and valuable, and are not as considerate as what the marquis fu has sent."

Hearing Mu Tong mention her paternal family, Hua Xi Wan thought of her eldest brother who had came early in the morning with all kinds of medicines. She covered her forehead and smiled helplessly. "It is my fault they had such a fright this time, yet they still sent so much over. I do not have the face to see them."

"Parents always think to be better to their children. They will only be reassured if you accept what they send. If you refuse, that would hurt them." Yan Jin Qiu walked in with a fan in his hand. He looked elegant and handsome. If he was walking outside, he would have stolen away the souls of numerous young females.

Seeing him come in, Hua Xi Wan put down the list and glanced at him with a smile. "You know just what to say." Thinking about her family's good qualities, she smiled helplessly and said, "Regardless of how parents are, it is my fault that they worry for me."

"It is my fault." Yan Jin Qiu sat next to her and lightly grasped her hand. "If I had protected you well, you would not have encountered such a thing."

"If I accidentally trip and fall one day, will I blame you for not having people build the road properly?" Hua Xi Wan sighed. "It was unexpected to everyone that this accident occurred."

Yan Jin Qiu smiled and disguised the emotions in his eyes. He lightly caressed her hand and said, "I heard that Mother-in-law went to Assistant Minister Hua's fu and made a fuss. Zhang shi is guilty, so she did not dare to spread this. Right now, no one knows what has happened."

"This is my mother." Hua Xi Wan felt moved. "From childhood, she was extremely protective of my brothers and I. If someone dares to act against us, she will not forgive them easily.

"Mother once said that children are the greatest weakness of a woman but also a woman's strongest weapon. Acting against a woman's child is equal to killing her." She laughed lightly and her eyes were warm.

Yan Jin Qiu thought of his own mother. She had been so ill, but she had still worked hard to help him find a path of retreat. No matter how forceful that cefei in the wang fu had been, the other had been unable to climb on top of her.

After his father died, he did not bury the two of them together. Before death, Mother had a hard life. Why should he let that man disturb her rest and peace even after death?

As for that cefei—she didn't even qualify to enter the tomb of the Yan Clan. As for her saying that Father had promised that she would be buried in the side tomb—who could prove that?

He said there was no such thing, and naturally, there was no such thing.

"Mother-in-law is right." Yan Jin Qiu showed a warm smile. "Mothers are the strongest people in the world."

Mu Tong saw the two gaze lovingly at each other and quietly left after placing down the tea and fruits. Coming out of the main yard, Mu Tong saw one of his closest subordinates walk over. He knew that something had happened and asked in a small voice, "What happened?"

"Chief Steward Mu, something big happened to Sheng Junwang Fu!"


"Sheng Junwang Fei fled from the junwang fu with disheveled clothing and screaming for help and to be saved. She has entered the palace now and is taking refuge in Shu Fei's palace."

Shu Fei was currently the highest-ranking consort in the palace and held the phoenix seal. While she was childless, she was from a prestigious family, and her father and brothers had some reputation in court. While not everyone in the inner palace obeyed her, she was the best choice to temporarily hold the phoenix seal.

Mu Tong's brow furrowed. What was Sheng Junwang Fu playing at?

"Wait out here. I will report this to Wang Ye. If Wang Ye summons you, tell him this in detail."

Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu were just at their sweetest time. Hearing that something big had happened to Sheng Junwang Fu, they immediately had a desire for gossip and summoned the person.

Hou shi had screamed "save me" as she fled the junwang fu.

Why did this scene look like the ruthless husband beating and killing his wife?

Hua Xi Wan's eyebrow couldn't help but rise. If it was true, then Sheng Junwang was really vicious. If Hou shi was acting, than Hou shi's action was vicious.

"The love between man and woman in the world is just this. At the beginning, it is the greatest promises, to remain together in life and death. Yet in the end, they will feel that the other is always wrong, and will wish to never see each other again." Hua Xi Wan sighed. "It is all right if both do not invest emotion, but if it is one-sided and they become enemies in the end, I really don't know how they feel when they think back to the past.

"At least there is one thing to rejoice about since they have reached this state—Hou shi does not have a child." Hua Xi Wan did not feel that this matter was interesting. She stood and said, "If there were a child, maybe she would not have done this."

"Let's have a child," Yan Jin Qiu said.

Translator Ramblings: One, Hua Xi Wan's mama is a protective mother bear. Two, Yan Jin Qiu gives new meaning to "revenge served cold." This is revenge served after the corpse is cold. Three, the crown princess is probably the unluckiest person in the story, but Hou shi isn't far behind.

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