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Chapter 82

Part 1 (TL by DtAndroid)

Although Tang San lived here for the past half year, during that period he was always at the Ice and Fire Ying Yang Well, only when leaving under the guidance of Poison Douluo did he hurriedly appreciate the surroundings of Sunset Forest.

Once again coming back to Sunset Forest, Tang San still felt a sense of unfamiliarity.

Comparing both Sunset Forest and Star Dou Great Forest, other than their size differing by a lot, there were also many different factors. Star Dou Great Forest was situated in the central zone of the continent; it was the center zone’s biggest spirit beast forest.

That place belonged to the tropical zone, majority of the forest was primarily tropical vegetation.

Whereas Sunset Forest’s location was at the center of Heaven Dou Empire, although it wasn’t really considered polar climate, but its temperature was much lower than Star Dou Great Forest, this resulted in more of its plants belonging to the north’s characteristical temperate vegetation.

Tropical vegetation gives people a sense of denseness and moistness. While temperate vegetation gives a more refreshing feeling, it does not have such a high density that of tropical vegetation. Hence, when moving about in the forest, it was much easier for Sunset Forest than for Star Dou Great Forest.

Of course, powerful spirit beasts generally still preferred the tropical rainforest of Star Dou Great Forest. Therefore, although Sunset Forest’s spirit beasts weren’t low in numbers, there weren’t many who had managed to cultivate to ten thousand years and beyond, the majority’s cultivation remained in between one thousand years and ten thousand years. Adding in the unrestrained hunting by the spirit masters, the spirit beasts’ quality generally dropped to some extent. By now, to want to hunt a spirit beast suitable for oneself, not only did it require strength, but patience was needed at the same time.

The official start of the Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition was half a month away, this was also the limit for Shrek Seven Devils to hunt spirit beasts. In half a month, regardless of what they gained they had to return back to the academy, participating in Heaven Dou Empire’s Heaven Dou City’s subdivision qualifiers.

Half a day had passed after entering Sunset Forest, the number of spirit beasts encountered on the road was similar to Star Dou Great Forest, but their quality was poorer to some extent. Although they also encountered several thousand year grade spirit beasts, most of them just passed the thousand year level, clearly not what everyone wished for. Also, these spirit beasts did not come forth to provoke a large unit like theirs.

“Let’s take a break. We will continue searching tomorrow.”
Flender on seeing the darkened sky, shouted towards the Shrek Seven Devils who were searching about.

Due to the spirit tools’ assistance, everyone were amply prepared. In a moment, two tents were already set up. To able to react faster in this spirit beast forest, the tents chosen by everyone were big and durable. The four teachers resided in one, and the Shrek Seven Devils resided in the other. Also, the task of keeping watch at night is naturally to be alternately carried out by the Shrek Seven Devils.

It was by far not their first time working together, and the coordination between the Shrek Seven Devils had a tacit mutual understanding. Ma Hongjun, Oscar and Dai Mubai were in charge of setting up the tents, the girls under the leadership of Liu Erlong prepared the food, while Tang San walked one round about their surroundings, using some unusual medicinal powder of his to cordon off their camp zone. Not only did it have a certain deterring effect on spirit beasts, it could also prevent some undesirable animals[1] from encroaching.

When Tang San came back to the campsite after patrolling one round, the tents were already set up. Ma Hongjun was currently using his purified phoenix flame to kindle a fire. A metal pot rested on top of the fire, the water voluntarily brought over by everyone’s spirit tools is currently in the process of being heated up.

Tang San looked towards Grandmaster with some doubt,
“Teacher? Isn’t lighting a fire not good?”

Without waiting for Grandmaster to speak, Flender smilingly said:
“Relax, this isn’t Star Dou Great Forest, there are no terrifying beings similar to the Titan Giant Ape.  Even if spirit masters come here to search, they won’t create any sort of trouble for us. Don’t forget, our Golden Iron Triangle is gathered here now.  As long as it is not a Title Douluo, nobody can harm you all. In the entire continent, Title Douluos only number ten or so. Even if we happen to meet one, there is also nothing to clash about. With their status, why would they vie with you all over some spirit beasts. The north and the south are not the same, the nights here are very cold. With a fire and hot soup, you will all be able to be more comfortable, with a good spirit we can better search for spirit beasts tomorrow!”

Tang San suddenly saw the light, so that is how it was. This was precisely experience. It appears that his own experience was still too lacking. The same situation would change under different circumstances. Perhaps, this was exactly the area he himself needed to develop the most.

Dinner was very sumptuous. After eating, Flender simply briefed the Shrek Seven Devils and then entered the tent to rest.

Although there were only four people residing in this tent, the volume of this tent was a bit smaller than Shrek Seven Devils’s.

Long before the tents were finished setting up, Flender had already finished the sleeping arrangement. Liu Erlong was on leftmost side, followed by Grandmaster, himself, and Zhao Wuji on the rightmost side. Regarding this arrangement, even Grandmaster was unable to raise any complaints. After all, although he didn’t dare accept Liu Erlong’s affection, he absolutely wouldn’t wish for his beloved to be overly close to other men, especially in the kind of dim ambience during nighttime.

Flender and Zhao Wuji returned to the tent to rest. Liu Erlong who was at the side of the bonfire gave Grandmaster several glances before entering the tent too. But right now Grandmaster was hesitating.

He had attentively checked out the tent’s beds, and almost everyone were right next to each other, turning the body over one could touch the bedding across. Although he flattered himself as an upright gentleman, if the woman he had loved for so for many years lay beside him, he couldn’t be sure his heart wouldn’t waver. In that moment, Grandmaster was sitting beside the bonfire, his mind somewhat confused.

On the Shrek Seven Devils’ side, the one in charge of keeping watch for the first half of the night was Dai Mubai, this request was by his own initiative. As the boss of the seven devils, regardless of age or spirit power, his was the greatest; naturally he had to play an exemplary role. The latter half of the night was up to Tang San, while Oscar and the girls could naturally rest with ease.

Camping out in the wilderness and cultivating in the academy wasn’t the same.

At the academy, one could use meditating cultivation to completely pass the night.

However, meditating cultivation’s biggest weakness was the need to concentrate. With a night of cultivation, although the body’s condition would become better, there would be a period of mental exhaustion. Hunting spirit beasts didn’t permit the emergence of such situations, in the event that the mind was unable to focus under the attack of a spirit beast, this could possibly result in irreparable losses. So in the process of hunting spirit beasts, when resting at night everyone had to rely on sleeping to restore their condition to the very best.

And the funny thing was that this theory was proposed up by Grandmaster.

The rest of the Shrek Seven Devils had also entered the tent, only Dai Mubai was still beside the bonfire.
“Grandmaster, please go and rest. Let me go patrol one round around the surroundings.”

Grandmaster nodded his head, said:
“You go ahead. I will sleep later.”

Dai Mubai hesitantly said:
“Aren’t you tired? It’s better to rest early. Tomorrow we still have to keep searching in the spirit beast forest.”

In terms of spirit power, Grandmaster was the lowest out of everyone here. Today, from hurrying with their journey till they reached Sunset Forest as well as searching for spirit beasts afterwards, there was nearly no time to rest. Even Dai Mubai felt somewhat weary, he didn’t believe Grandmaster didn’t feel so as well.

Regarding the matter between Liu Erlong and Grandmaster, Tang San naturally wouldn’t casually go gossipping, hence the rest of the Shrek Seven Devils weren’t too clear about it.

Grandmaster secretly let out a sigh. Forget it, anyway he was also tired, after entering he’d just go to sleep immediately. With this in mind, Grandmaster nodded to Dai Mubai, finally entering his living quarters.

The profoundness of bedding wasn’t only a matter in Grandmaster’s tent, inside the Shrek Seven Devil’s tent the sleeping arrangements were also decided after discussing it through.

The girls were most unwilling to be near Ma Hongjun, directly kicking him to the berth on the leftmost side.

And Zhu Zhuqing took the initiative to request to be on the rightmost side.

A problem appeared. Out of the seven people within Shrek Seven Devils, three were female and four were male. This resulted in that inevitably one female and one male’s beds had to be adjacent.

Dai Mubai was naturally willing to lean against Zhuqing and sleep in the center, but Zhuqing vehemently refused.

Oscar is even more willing to sleep beside Ning Rongrong at the center, but was immediately rejected by Ning Rongrong.

Thus, the female to sleep at the center of the tent was left with Xiao Wu. And sleeping next to her could also only be Tang San.

At first Tang San is unwilling, but being unable to stand up against everyone’s excuse that they were brother and sister, the beds were arranged just like that. From left to right were: Ma Hongjun, Oscar, Dai Mubai, Tang San, Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong, and Zhu Zhuqing.

Right now, Dai Mubai was keeping watch outside. Although everyone had tucked into bed, but for Tang San and Xiao Wu who are in close proximity, their hearts were beating furiously[2].

Xiao Wu is slightly more natural, after all on her other side there was still Ning Rongrong, but the berth on the other side of Tang San was empty. After lying down, he immediately straightened his body, not daring to make any movement, fearing to come into contact with Xiao Wu.

But in spite of this, that faint fragrance from Xiao Wu’s body constantly entered his nostrils.

Last night, when brushing Xiao Wu’s hair, Tang San had already recalled why he found the fragrance from Xiao Wu’s hair to be familiar. This is because the fragrance from her long hair was very similar to the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure which could restrain a hundred poisons. Tang San vaguely remembered written in the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record, this sort of fragrance that appeared on one’s body was called Innate Silk Beauty Fragrance. Although it was unable to restrain a hundred poisons like the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, it brought vast benefits to the human body. If one was able to smell it every day, not only did it have the effect of prolonging life, it could also strengthen one’s immunity and give others a sense of intoxication.

Part 2 (TL by DtAndroid)

Xiao Wu’s black hair in itself already made Tang San feel intoxicated, not to mention the current addition of Innate Silk Beauty Fragrance. Currently lying beside Xiao Wu, Tang San felt his whole body slightly feverish. Although he repeatedly told himself to hurry up and sleep, the more he thought like that the more awake he became, not having a wink of sleep at all.

On the other side, Ning Rongrong leaned closely against Xiao Wu. At this time she nestled beside Xiao Wu’s ear, laughing in a low voice:
“Xiao Wu, why do I feel that you are very nervous! What is there to be nervous about when leaning against your own big brother? If not shall we swap?”

Xiao Wu snappily pinched Ning Rongrong’s thigh.
“Annoying, not swapping.”

Ning Rongrong cannot help but let out a giggle, saying:

While speaking, Ning Rongrong deliberately turned her back over, using her tender buttocks to butt Xiao Wu once.

Xiao Wu let out a soft exclamation, unable to avoid touching Tang San.

Although separated by a blanket, Tang San was still taken aback. Hearing Ning Rongrong’s chuckling sounds on the other side, all the more he didn’t want to make a single movement. This feeling was somewhat agonizing.

The scene of combing Xiao Wu’s hair last night repeatedly played in his mind. Although Tang San himself wasn’t clear about it, but actually after last night’s incident, the feelings he had for Xiao Wu had already started to change from the pure relationship between a brother and his sister.

Compared to Tang San, the agony now suffered by Grandmaster was even more intense.

After entering the tent, Grandmaster used the fastest possible speed into burrow into his bed. He was even more careful than Tang San. Lying on his side, turning his back to face towards Liu Erlong, doing so not only allowed him to occupy a smaller area on the berth, it also made his heart somewhat steadier.

Hearing the regular breathing sounds of Flender, Zhao Wuji and Liu Erlong, Grandmaster’s worried heart gradually settled down, his body also gradually relaxed.

In specific settings, sometimes deep memories are evoked.  Right now, although silence filled the tent, Grandmaster couldn’t help but think back about that scene a few decades ago.

That day, was the day he and Liu Erlong married. If so many setbacks hadn’t occurred, perhaps, on the night of that day, Liu Erlong would have become his. But all this had already changed, and even though his most beloved woman lay beside him, he didn’t dare make a single movement. Let alone trying to get close, he even wanted to hide.

Only he himself knew the pain in his heart, that indescribable pain that he had endured silently over so many years. ‘Heaven, why do you have to punish me in this way, insisting that my most beloved be my cousin, why? Why this?’

While Grandmaster’s heart twitched, his whole body unconsciously convulsed. Hidden within the blanket his fists clenched, himself not sensing that even the nails are embedding into the skin.


Once again meeting Liu Erlong, what kind of resolve did he use just to suppress the fire in his own heart? If not for Tang San, this disciple he had entrusted with his hopes, Grandmaster would have long ago run away again. He simply didn’t wish to stay together with Liu Erlong for too long. The human heart is made of flesh, everyone has their impulsive moments. Grandmaster was truly afraid that one day he wouldn’t be able to control himself and do something beastly. Of course, these were all his own thoughts.


Just when Grandmaster’s mind was in a state of chaos, a cool and satiny hand suddenly wrapped around his fist. Grandmaster’s whole body instantly went stiff.


Liu Erlong’s soft voice sounded beside his ear,
“Xiao Gang, being together with me, does it really make you suffer so much?”


Grandmaster didn’t dare to move, and was even more afraid to utter a sound. His whole body just stiffly lay there, trying to remove his hands from Liu Erlong’s grasp, but Liu Erlong grabbed tightly, not willing to let him run away no matter what. In terms of strength, Liu Erlong was simply much stronger than him, with a spirit energy difference of several tens of grades; escape was no easy matter for him.


When Grandmaster didn’t know what he should do, the situation that he was most afraid of finally happened. The blanket slightly cooled, and a satiny body burrowed inside, that fiery body tightly nestled up to back. The hand grabbing his unexpectedly let go, but was immediately followed by Liu Erlong’s two arms encircling and tightening around his waist, making their two bodies tightly sticking together.


Although Grandmaster wore clothes, right now he shockingly discovered that Liu Erlong who is tightly sticking to him wasn’t wearing a stitch.


Startled and turning pale, Grandmaster could only suppress his voice,
“Erlong, don’t be like that. There is still Flender and others around.”


Liu Erlong serenely said:
“If not for them being here I wouldn’t have this opportunity. Xiao Gang, this time round no matter what you say I will not let you go, even if it’s rape, I will will still obtain your body first.”


Grandmaster sufferingly said:
“No, Erlong, listen to me. Even if you take my body, you cannot have my heart. We cannot be like this, we are brother and sister!”


Liu Erlong spat:
“I don’t care. I have already waited for you for so many years, waiting from when I was a young woman in my prime to an old woman[3]. Don’t tell me you really want me to wait until my hair turns white? Xiao Gang, stop tormenting me, and stop tormenting yourself. Are worldly prejudices that important? Since we have already got back together, just liberate your heart.”


While speaking, one of her hands slipped inside Grandmaster’s lapel. Right now, whether it was Grandmaster or Liu Erlong, both their hearts beat furiously. For Flender and Zhao Wuji on the other side, their breathing was seemingly not so regular now.


Flender also specially leaned towards Zhao Wuji’s side, as if wanting to give them a bit more space, while Zhao Wuji kept chanting in his heart: ‘I see nothing, I hear nothing……’


The constrained feelings burst forth like a volcano. Although Liu Erlong was full of enthusiasm, she was after all still a virgin, and regarding matters between men and women she had only an ambiguous understanding. When it really came down to the real exercise, other than tearing off Grandmaster’s clothes, she truly didn’t know what else to do.


However, every single action Liu Erlong did kept lighting up the fuse in Grandmaster’s body. Grandmaster suddenly discovered that his own determination seemingly wasn’t as firm as he imagined it to be.


At last, he made up his mind. ‘Just go for it, even if I were to die tomorrow, it will still be worth it.’


“Erlong, release me.”


“Not releasing. I am not letting go no matter what.”


“You, if you do not let go of me, how do I turn around, don’t tell me you want to remain in this position?”


Saying this, Grandmaster wasn’t the only one dumbfounded. All sounds within the tent abruptly ceased. Liu Erlong’s arms around Grandmaster’s waist gradually loosened.


Grandmaster fiercely shut his eyes. Under the spur of the raging fire that was lit in his body, he fiercely turned around, pushing Liu Erlong below him. No matter how big the strength difference was, at this kind of moment, the man has to always be on top of the woman.


“Erlong, I……”


At one side Flender scolded in his mind:

While thinking, he swiftly raised his hands and lightly poked both of his ears twice, sealing his own hearing. He didn’t wish to be provoked further.


Liu Erlong’s answer is even simpler,


Right at this crucial moment, suddenly a shout from outside the tent caused Grandmaster and Liu Erlong’s to freeze.


“We have a situation, everyone be careful.”
This shout came from Dai Mubai.


If one were to describe Grandmaster just now as an ignited raging fire, then right at this moment, that recently lit fuse immediately got doused with a basin of cold water.


“There is a… there is a situation.”
Right now Grandmaster was as fragile as a child, his hands that were hugging Liu Erlong gradually loosened.


“For fuck’s sake, this old woman is going insane.”
Liu Erlong really wanted to go crazy, seeing her long awaited wish about to be fulfilled yet suddenly interrupted, that was already something the word ‘furious’ couldn’t describe. Her body sharply slid out from below Grandmaster, Grandmaster didn’t even see clearly before she already had her clothes back on and had jumped out.


Grandmaster discovered that on his other side Flender and Zhao Wuji didn’t have a single reaction. Knowing his own strength was insufficient, he hurriedly thumped Flender,
“Go out quickly and take a look, something’s happening.”


Little did he know that right now Flender and Zhao Wuji had already sealed their hearing, naturally they couldn’t hear Dai Mubai’s shouts outside.


Flender furiously smacked away Grandmaster’s hand, saying a line that shook Grandmaster’s sides,
“Fuck, if you’re going to do it then do it, what are you groping me for? I’m not interested.”


Grandmaster stared blankly, giving him a kick. No need to ask, tonight’s incident was obviously planned by Flender for Liu Erlong.


Flender then felt something amiss. Grandmaster’s strength is also not weak, and this kick of his sent him directly sticking onto Zhao Wuji’s body.


Making Grandmaster even more speechless, Zhao Wuji whose hearing was also sealed immediately scolded,
“Flender, I have no interest in you, some husband and wife are having sex, don’t tell me you want to screw me?”


Flender just released his hearing. Naturally he heard Zhao Wuji’s words, using almost the same action as Grandmaster, one kick to Zhao Wuji’s butt.


Grandmaster’s strength couldn’t compare to his, and although Zhao Wuji’s rough skin and thick flesh did not suffer any injuries, Flender’s kick sent him straight out of the tent.


The confusion in this tent naturally wasn’t known to the Shrek Seven Devils on the other side. In contrast to Grandmaster, after hearing Dai Mubai’s warning, Tang San jumped out of his berth as if he liberated, leaping out immediately. His actions were even a little bit faster than Liu Erlong.

Part 3 (TL by DtAndroid)

Once out of the tent, Tang San saw a nearby Dai Mubai swiftly running towards him. Behind him, a ray of fiery light shot towards the sky, almost burning his back. With a leap Dai Mubai reached the side of the camp grounds, his face not having a trace of panic but a happy expression.


“A suitable spirit beast delivered itself to our doorsteps. Little San, your medicine seemingly has no effect on it. It’s at least a four thousand year old or so spirit beast.”


Before Dai Mubai has finished speaking, Tang San has already sighted the spirit beast he spoke of.


It was a scorpion with a gigantic stature. Its body wasn’t at all small compared to the Man Faced Demon Spider which Tang San killed previously; it was even several sizes bigger. What was bizarre was that this huge scorpion’s entire body was snow white in colour. Entire body emitting a strong murderous aura, its pale body moved keeping close to the ground with a surprisingly fast speed. A tail made of a chain of nine tailbones rose high up, on top of it a fiery red tail hook was connected to it.


Just as Tang San saw it, a pillar of fire sprayed out from its tail, rushing towards Dai Mubai.



“Do you think I’m still afraid of you.”


White Tiger Spirit instantly enhancing his body, two yellow, two purple, four spirit rings appeared over him. With his body enhanced by his spirit, his stature was even more magnificent than before. Both hands clasping in front of his chest, the first spirit technique White Tiger Barrier already activated.


A loud peng sound rang out. The light of fire scattered all around Dai Mubai, his body taking three consecutive steps backwards before standing firm.


Currently, Tang San could already discern this spirit beast’s species. From its outer appearance, he could conclude that this was a Giant Earth King, belonging to the fire based spirit beasts.


This scorpion called Giant Earth King was exceptionally tyrannical with a bloodthirsty nature. Although spirit beasts weren’t as fearful of it as the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison, not many spirit beasts of the same grade dared provoke it. From its nine tailbones, one could see this Giant Earth King had a cultivation age of four thousand five hundred years or so. This was because every five hundred years, its tailbones would increase by one.


The Giant Earth King was categorized into three different colours. A red coloured Giant Earth King had a cultivation of less than a thousand years, each tailbone representing fifty years of cultivation. Once it had cultivated to a thousand years, its gigantic body would return to its original form, becoming small again but its body’s colour would change from red to white. Also, if it cultivated to the level of ten thousand years, it would change colour once again. At that time, it would become dark blue in colour.


From its colour and the number of tailbones Tang San immediately concluded its strength. Correct, this spirit beast coincided with what they needed at the fortieth level spirit energy.


Just when Tang San was preparing to cooperate with Dai Mubai, as the rest of Shrek Seven Devils were exiting the tent, a shadow suddenly rushed out from the other tent. That was Liu Erlong with her hair in a terrible mess.


Right now Liu Erlong’s clothes were slightly disheveled, looking as if she had gone insane. On seeing that four thousand year Giant Earth King after rushing out from the tent, she suddenly let out a howl, directly rushing towards the Giant Earth King. Not only were her movements surprisingly fast, but that burst of momentum shocked even Dai Mubai, Tang San and the others who were watching. Due to their attention being all focused on Liu Erlong, they did not see the miserable look of Zhao Wuji getting kicked out of the tent by Flender.


“Letting you to destroy this old woman’s happy occasion, this old woman shall fight it out with you.”
While Liu Erlong scolded angrily, she released her own Fire Dragon Spirit, rushing on without a single pause.


It could be considered that this Giant Earth King was unlucky. Originally with its cultivation, when facing Tang San and the others it might have an opportunity to escape, but what appeared in front of it right now was an utterly furious Liu Erlong. It had already lost any chance.


Suddenly seeing a human rushing towards it, the Giant Earth King’s first reaction was to spray fire from its tail stinger, the same attack as it used on Dai Mubai earlier, a pillar of fire rushed towards the leaping Liu Erlong.


But Liu Erlong wasn’t Dai Mubai. Without even dodging, intense flames soared from her whole body. In the next moment, Tang San and the others clearly saw a fiery light exploding from Liu Erlong. Her seventh spirit ring instantly shined, clothes instantly disappearing, scales covering her skin, a terrifying dragon cry reverberated throughout the air.


Tang San blankly said:
“Just to handle a thousand year spirit beast, teacher Erlong doesn’t seem to require releasing her seventh spirit technique Scarlet Dragon Avatar. Didn’t principal Flender say that we are to handle spirit beasts ourselves? Why did Teacher Erlong go up by herself?”


Dai Mubai’s evil eyes are also lifeless,
“Before I always thought that the tigress was the most ferocious, now I understand that the female dragon is even more horrifying than the tigress.”


“Dai Mubai, who did you say is a tigress?”


“Of course that’s my Zhuqing……, uh……, no, Zhuqing, listen to me, I wasn’t referring to you……”
After Dai Mubai subconsciously answered, he discovered the one asking him this question was Zhu Zhuqing.


Right now Zhu Zhuqing’s expression wasn’t one of icy cold, but one full of smiles. She who was originally very beautiful, with a smiling expression she became even more thrilling. But right now Dai Mubai wore an expression of panic.


Spirit beasts’ senses were very keen, the higher the cultivation, the level of keenness naturally also increased. This Giant Earth King who had cultivated to close to five thousand years felt something wasn’t right when Liu Erlong displayed the Scarlet Dragon Avatar. On seeing enormous dragon wings stretching out from behind Liu Erlong, it knew it couldn’t run even if it tried to, only fighting with its full strength did it have a chance to escape.


Suddenly, red light burst forth from the entire body of Giant Earth King. With its body as the center, the air several tens of meters around it completely distorted, the ground below its body instantly cracked. Using its two front claws to forcefully smash the ground, the distorted air instantly produced an intense shockwave.


Even Liu Erlong who used Scarlet Dragon True Body couldn’t help but delay faced with this shockwave. And at this moment, along with a booming sound from the cracked ground below the Giant Earth King’s, a crimson pillar of fire soaring up.


This fire pillar was two meters in diameter, coincidentally covering the center of that distorted air. Right now Liu Erlong’s body instantly stiffened in midair.


Tang San had heard Grandmaster explain this skill in detail before, this Giant Earth King’s innate skill was also its strongest ability. Along with its cultivation it would keep getting stronger, called Magma Earth Rending Strike. What was most scary about it wasn’t its strong attack power, but that distorted radiance covering a semicircle shape before its attack was released.


The air in the radius of that distorted radiance could make enemies experience dizziness. The duration of dizziness was based on the distance between the Giant Earth King itself and its opponent. If the opponent’s could withstand it, then in the next moment what sprayed out, was a fire pillar that was as hot as magma which would fatally hit the opponent.


Right now, the distance between Tang San and the others and the battlefield was very large. Even if this was right in front of them, they still didn’t have any effective method to block this attack by the Giant Earth King. That time Grandmaster taught Tang San, the way to handle this type of spirit beast, was to never ever keep close to the Giant Earth King’s body. Only distancing over twenty meters from it, would there be no need to fear this terrifying technique of it. As for a ten thousand grade Giant Earth King, this distance would increase to fifty meters.


The furious Liu Erlong naturally didn’t have this kind of battle plan, watching the fire pillar violently knock into the chest of the enormous dragon body.


At this moment, Flender and Grandmaster had also walked out from the tent. Of course, Grandmaster has an ugly facial expression, while Flender wore a face of innocence.


They naturally also saw the appearance of Magma Earth Rending Strike. Grandmaster only furrowed his brows, while Flender’s hands formed the shape of a prayer, muttering a sentence,
“Pitiful Giant Earth King.”


Yes, the Giant Earth King was indeed pitiful. In the next moment Liu Erlong responded.


When that enormous fire pillar rushed and hit her, a bizarre scene occurred. The slowed down body of Liu Erlong in midair didn’t get knocked away by the fire pillar, but rather she was immersed within it. The enormous fire pillar that is like magma instantly spread over her entire body, under the heat of the flames, the crimson scales on her body dazzled like cut rubies.


The body of the Giant Earth King was gigantic, but its eyes were extremely small. If right now anyone here was able to discern the expression in its eyes, then he or she would definitely see a panicked expression.


In the next moment, Liu Erlong’s body descended from the sky. Without any fancifulness, nor using any abilities, she only furled the two wings on her back. Just like that she descended from the sky. Her hind dragon claw heavily stomped on the back of Giant Earth King with a booming sound, causing more than half of the King of the Desert’s body to sink below the ground.


The Giant Earth King let out a sharp, tragic howl, its two front claws swiftly brandishing about, but it couldn’t even make contact with Liu Erlong.


Was the body of the Scarlet Dragon True Body released by Liu Erlong really that colossal? Was its weight really that terrifying? Just with that descent and directly stamping onto the body of Giant Earth King, although it didn’t immediately crush it to death, it wasn’t too far off.


“Too violent.”
Right now Dai Mubai couldn’t pay attention to placating Zhu Zhuqing, totally shocked by Liu Erlong’s actions.


Ma Hongjun’s eyes shined,
“I have decided, from now on Teacher Erlong will be the target of my worship. Don’t tell me this is the rumored aesthetics of violence?”


The Giant Earth King struggled violently under Liu Erlong’s body, but no matter what how hard it tried it couldn’t break free from that terrifying dragon claw. If this Giant Earth King were to possess human intelligence, then he would quickly come to regret not getting instantly crushed to death by Liu Erlong’s legs.

[1] Undesirable animals (蛇虫鼠蚁) – directly translates into “snake, worms, rats and ants”.

[2] Heart beating furiously (心如鹿撞一般) – translate into heart beating like a deer’s ramming

[3] Old woman(人老珠黄) – One getting old like the pearl becoming yellow

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