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Chapter 51

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Before this fight, the record Tang San obtained couldn’t only be twenty seven wins, at the same time, he and Xiao Wu’s record in the thirtieth ranked two versus two spirit fights was equally twenty seven total victories. Perhaps they were lucky in some spirit battles, but how could they have been lucky in all twenty seven bouts? In coordination alone, the seven years they already had together undoubtedly made them the most familiar out of the Shrek Seven Devils. Therefore, even though they faced three over thirty fifth ranked peak strength opponents with optimal spirit ring configurations, they still had no fear. Especially the other side’s soul, control system Spirit Master Dugu Yan’s confidence was already cracked by her third spirit ring ability being dissolved.

The Black Tortoise Spirit Master Shi brothers’ heads and legs had already stretched out from their tortoiseshells, the two simultaneously issued deep bellows, their second spirit rings flaring, the edges of their tortoiseshells shining with a not at all intense light.

“Shield Form.[1]”
The two brothers bellowed with tacit understanding, the tortoiseshells on their chest and back bizarrely separating, each moving into their two hands, becoming two one meter in diameter immense shields. But having lost their tortoiseshells, their bodies were not only much smaller than before they used their spirits, but their sturdy builds had also become thin and weak, apparently as if those tortoiseshells were formed from their bones and essences, truly a bizarre sight.

Until now, the most conspicuous of the Emperor Team was the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master, captain Yu Tian-Heng. But in fact, in fighting strength among the Emperor Team, the Shi brothers weren’t in any way inferior to Yu Tian-Heng, regardless of whether it was the Black Tortoise Spirit, Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Spirit or Yu Tian-Heng’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit, all were first rate spirits. The low key Shi brothers were even more powerful than everyone imagined, just that in fights there was basically no need for them to display their powerful side. But now, Yu Tian-Heng previously suffering such heavy injuries clearly made these otherwise unflustered Shi brothers truly angry. Right now, two of the pair’s spirit rings shone. Their gazes burning, staring fixedly at Tang San.

The two Shi brothers glanced at each other, simultaneously shouting loudly and unexpectedly throwing the enormous tortoiseshell shields in their hands, directly at Tang San and Xiao Wu.

The tortoiseshell shields spin whistling through the air, that incomparable energy enough to make people fearful. Most peculiar were the strands of yellow spirit power that connected the back of each tortoiseshell shield with the hands of the Shi brothers. The sharp edges of the tortoiseshell shields cut the air as they passed, creating an extremely disturbing sharp hiss.

The green mist had already inundated everyone, bringing a faintly sweet fishy smell to everyone’s nostrils, despite already having eaten Oscar’s small sausage, apart from Tang San each person of the Shrek Seven Devils felt a burst of dizziness. Fortunately the detoxifying effect of the small sausages was good, and they could persist without signs of defeat.

Right now, a bit relaxedly confronting the other side’s strongest was Dai Mubai.

Once again fighting Yu Tian-Heng, Dai Mubai immediately became aware that the opponent’s condition really hadn’t recovered to its peak. Although those bizarre white light petals helped cure Yu Tian-Heng’s physical injuries, the spirit power he released previously hadn’t recovered. In fact, under the previous siege of the Shrek Seven Devils his spirit power consumption was substantial, an unknown amount more than Dai Mubai.

Bodily injuries recovered quickly, but although Yu Tian-Heng’s fractured Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon arm had barely managed to heal, he still didn’t dare exert himself. Right now he was only relying on his thunder energy to contend with Dai Mubai. With his spirit power already lower than Dai Mubai under the effect of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda boost, Yu Tian-Heng calmly chose a roaming battle, without meeting Dai Mubai straight on.

Dai Mubai was unable to grab the chance for victory he desired, able to become a control system Spirit Master, Jade Phosphor Serpent Dugu Yan’s poison battle control capability was no small matter. Were it not for Tang San exploiting his familiarity with every kind of poison, relying on realgar alcohol to dissolve her strongest third spirit ability Jade Phosphor Violet Poison, perhaps now the Shrek Seven Devils would all have fallen.

But Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun’s circumstances weren’t so optimistic.

The opponents the two confronted both had seven or eight ranks higher spirit power, even though Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda’s effect was able to shrink the spirit power gap between them, but it still couldn’t make up for a difference in one spirit ring.

One more spirit ring wasn’t just as simple as one more spirit ability, all the supplemental attributes that promoted when absorbing a spirit ring couldn’t be made up for with spirit power. Just like how Tang San when entering the thirtieth rank realm gained comprehensive improvements in strength and control.

Although Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Spirit was also a flying type, right now he still couldn’t fly, and could only rely on Phoenix Fire Wire to vanquish the opponent.

But that Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master Yu Feng’s attacks were extremely crafty, constantly swooping down with wings like sharp blades, as long as Ma Hongjun was the slightest bit slow in attacking, he might be hit.

What made Ma Hongjun even more depressed was Yu Feng’s wind abilities. Although he didn’t dare letting himself be hit by Phoenix Fire Wire, relying on his wings to instigate wind force he was frequently able to disperse the Phoenix Fire Wire attacks.

In order to be able to keep his opponent at a distance, Ma Hongjun was forced to constantly keep up his Bathing Fire Phoenix ability, thereby bringing the Phoenix Fire Wire’s attack power to its peak. Although he was able to temporarily keep his opponent in check like this, his spirit power consumption was also substantial.

Were it not for Oscar periodically handing him one of his big sausages, perhaps he would already have been unable to persist.

Zhu Zhuqing’s circumstances were even more unbearable than Ma Hongjun, Ma Hongjun still had Oscar’s support, she could only rely on her own strength.

Black Leopard Osler’s speed was under ordinary circumstances higher than Zhu Zhuqing’s, the Black Leopard Spirit in itself was an extremely outstanding existence among agility attack spirits. Zhu Zhuqing was unable to close the gap between the two even under the speed boost of Seven Treasures Great Tile Pagoda, and could only keep up a constant moving battle with the opponent.

Osler’s attacks were becoming fiercer and fiercer, and with the spirit power consumption, Zhu Zhuqing was already gradually becoming unable to resist.

“Zhuqing, over here!”
Dai Mubai shouted loudly.

Zhu Zhuqing understood intuitively, figure flickering, she already appeared at Dai Mubai’s side.

The pressure Yu Tian-Heng gave Dai Mubai was insufficient, and relying on White Tiger Vajra Transformation, Dai Mubai forced off Osler, together with Zhu Zhuqing confronting Osler and Yu Tian-Heng, creating a two versus two situation. Thus, Zhu Zhuqing’s crisis was temporarily averted.

But when Yu Tian-Heng had Osler’s assistance, he also had the chance to catch his breath.

The four enormous tortoiseshells cut spinning through the air, attacking Tang San from four different directions.

“Xiao Wu.”
Tang San made a simple gesture.

Xiao Wu soared up, with a leap already jumping over Tang San. Tang San’s both hands used strength under Xiao Wu’s feet, Capturing Dragon force bursting out, sending off Xiao Wu like an artillery shell.

The Black Tortoise Spirit Masters’ defense no doubt mainly relied on their tortoiseshells, right now having thrown the tortoiseshells, their defensive power naturally would have substantially reduced.

Tang San had considered letting Xiao Wu attack the opponents’ control system Spirit Master Dugu Yan, but that was after all to dangerous. Tang San wasn’t certain he would be able to dispel the poison on Dugu Yan’s body.

But, with Xiao Wu having left this side, right now Tang San alone had to confront the attack of two Spirit Masters with spirit power six ranks higher than his. Was he able to block them?

Tang San revealed a confident smile, he wasn’t just a control system Spirit Master, at the same time he was a Tang Sect disciple. That martial ability not of this world was his true background.

Moving with Ghost Perplexing Shadow Track, after Tang San threw Xiao Wu he advanced rather than retreating, dashing to meet the four tortoiseshell shields, Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength surging, both palms already becoming a lustrous glossy jade color.

The four tortoiseshell shields seemed to leave death the only result for Tang San, but a Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track rotation unexpectedly let him evade the sharp edges in front.

Immediately afterward, both Tang San’s palms simultaneously clapped the leftmost side of a shield.

Figure flickering again, again both palms swatted another side.

Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon’s force launched, cleverly leveraging force to jolt those shields suffused with spirit power, in a moment, the four shields would crash together.

Two muffled grunts issued from the Shi Brothers, the spirit power light connecting to the backs of the tortoiseshell shields abruptly tightened, the four shields breaking off in different directions.

This time, it was Tang San’s face that changed color.

It wasn’t at all because he was worried the tortoiseshell shields would injure him, with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, he basically didn’t have to be worried about being hit by this kind of cumbersome weapon. The reason he was shocked, was that the tortoiseshell shields no longer targeted him, but the Blue Silver Grass released from him.

With ear-piercing air-splitting intense sounds, the four tyrannical tortoiseshell shields plunged among the Blue Silver Grass released from Tang San and unexpectedly severed more than half, especially those few strands of Blue Silver Grass connected to the other Shrek Seven Devil team members, even more all of a sudden completely severing their seven member integral formation.

Tang San’s heart chilled, right now he already understood that these two appearing unflustered Black Tortoise Spirit Masters absolutely weren’t as simple minded as they appeared on the outside. Their true purpose was admittedly to attack him, but even more important was to destroy their side’s linked condition.

Right now, Xiao Wu already crossed the covering range of the four shields, in a moment, the two Black Tortoise Spirit Masters were already in range.

Part 2 (TL by Jax)

“Xiao Wu, look out!”

A sense of unease washed over Tang San from the bottom of his heart. He subconsciously reminded Xiao Wu. This was because he suddenly remembered something. The twin Shi Brothers had yet to use their third Spirit Ability. After all, they were strength based defensive spirit masters, how could they throw away their shells and not think about their defense?

Just as Tang San had predicted, both faces of the Black Tortoise Spirit Masters changed, just as their body shone with a purple hue. Their thousand year spirit ring activated[2].

Xiao Wu naturally had heard Tang San’s cry, but at that point in time, her body was still in mid-air. There was nothing she could do. However, during the critical moments, Xiao Wu demonstrated her quick reflexes. Her second and third spirit ring lighting up at the same time.  Dazzling and mesmerizingly, with red eyes, she intensely gazed upon Shi Mò.[3]

The Soft Bones Demon Rabbit’s second spirit ability, Demon Confusion, the effect, depending on the opponent’s spirit power, it would leave them in a frozen state. The length of this effect was dependant on the difference in their spirit power. However, if there was a large difference in their spirit power, it would backfire.

Just like before[4], when they were fighting Zhao Wuji, he directly reflected Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion ability. The twin Black Tortoise Spirit Masters before them obviously didn’t have such an overwhelming difference in Spirit power, thus they could only be frozen for a very short period of time. However, Xiao Wu, using a momentary outburst of power could still obtain the desired result.

Shi Mò’s entire person was still for a while. The purple glow around his body naturally dulled a little. Taking advantage of this split second opportunity, Xiao Wu used her teleportation ability to, as before, charge ahead. Just using the teleporting abilities’ range of five meters to dodge in front.

To lure the enemy in deep. The Shi brothers had dealt with Xiao Wu, using Tang San’s very own method of dealing with Yu Tian-Heng before..

The four tortoise shells, that had cut Tang San’s blue silver grass before, with a speed that was hard for the human eye to catch, were recovered. Every Tortoise shell glowed with a purple light as it was explosively rendered into sixteen diamond shaped pieces and shot off within moments. It just about sealed anyone in the vicinity of the defensive Black Tortoise Spirit Masters. At this time, if Xiao Wu’s waist still had Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass, then maybe he could’ve still pulled her back. But now, in the air, she had nothing else to rely on.

The Black Tortoise Spirit Masters’ Tortoise Shell Burst[5] was a kind of area of attack, mainly used to protect themselves and attack the enemy at the same time.

Each Shi Brother’s Tortoise shells had split into thirty two pieces[6]. With an area of effect of ten Meters squared, the pieces raced around them in the air, making a sharp piercing sound as they spun around the spirit masters, violently distorting the air within the coverage of their shell burst. To others, it looked like a giant meat grinder.

No one knew when the Shi Brothers had split up and moved, but in order use their third spirit ability to their fullest potential, they had to avoid meeting each other, thus preventing the shell fragments crashing into each other.

When Xiao Wu teleported five meters, she could escape the incoming tortoise shell, but she was unable to dodge the shell burst attack. Her delicate body turned in the air, blood splattering as Xiao Wu painfully cried out, the vigorously rotating shells in the air, had shredded her, causing her to spin several times before falling to the ground.

Seeing Xiao Wu fall into the enemies’ Tortoise Shell Burst range, Tang San’s heart broke. Unable to maintain his composure any longer,

“Xiao Wu!”

The Blue Silver Grass finally caught up to the falling Xiao Wu, wrapped around her waist and quickly pulled her back to safety.

Xiao Wu’s eyes were shut tight, her body trembling fiercely. Her right arm, the right side of her waist and even her thigh was bloody and cut, blood already staining red half her body. Even more serious, the Black Tortoise Spirit Masters’ spirit power had penetrated her body, already injuring her internal organs.

Tang San’s heart beats just about stopped. With his right hand, he was quickly pressing and blocking the pressure points around Xiao Wu’s injuries to seal the veins so that she wouldn’t bleed too much. With the other, he was pressing on Xiao Wu’s back, using the warm Mysterious Heaven Skill’s to quickly push spirit energy into her, combining her spirit power with his own, forcing out any lingering malicious Spirit Power inside her. While this was happening, the shell fragments merged back in the air, once again becoming the tortoise shells on the backs of the Black Tortoise Spirit Masters. Their attack, had been a great success. Not only were they able to cut off Tang San’s support, they had also heavily injured Xiao Wu.

Originally, the Shi Brothers didn’t even think about using their third spirit ability, even Qin Ming had previously reminded them not to mortally injure any of the opponents.

But Yu Tian-Heng’s heavy injuries had caused them to be very angry, even though their expressions didn’t show it, in reality, they were infuriated. This caused them to pull all the stops and thus their full force attack resulted in the current scene.

Dugu Yan happily shouted:


Opening her mouth, she once again spit out another mouthful of thick poison, causing the poison mist on the stage to become even thicker. Oscar and his small sausage was finally already starting to show its ineffectiveness.

The two Black Tortoise Spirit Masters leaped with large strides towards Tang San, very clear that they only needed to take down this control system Spirit Master. Then, today’s spirit battle would end in their victory.

The Emperor team came to the same understanding after looking at Xiao Wu’s injury. Tang San would soon have to face the Black Tortoise Spirit Master twins who had the support of the Jade Phosphor Serpent from behind.Thus all at once, they engaged they other Shrek Seven Devils in their own all-out battles. Their objective was simple. To ensure that Tang San’s teammates would not get the opportunity to save him.

Xiao Wu’s injury had all the same ignited the flames of fury in the other Shrek Seven Devils’ hearts. Ma Hongjun no longer spared any remaining spirit power. His Phoenix Fire Wire painted a horrifying picture of fire in the air, rushing towards the Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master.

“Air Surge”[7]. At the critical moment, the gust could no longer be maintained, the purple spirit ring lit up. Floating in the air, both wings rapidly flapped. A layer of green coloured cloudlike spirit power was being released in waves, inviting Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Fire Wire to slap against it.

The green spirit power gathered in the air, forming the shape of a giant bird and swooped down. Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Fire Wire mightily clashed with it.

“Ah!…” The intense pressure and Xiao Wu’s injury had brought out the darkness in Ma Hongjun’s heart, even though his spirit power was comparatively weaker than his opponents, at this moment, the Phoenix Fire on his body was burning with a heat incomparable to before.

With the Bathing Fire Phoenix out in full force, he grabbed a sausage from Oscar who was beside him and swallowed it. Once again, spitting out an intense Fire Wire.

Ma Hongjun clearly knew that at this side wasn’t just him alone, there was also Oscar and Ning Rongrong. Once he was unable to block the enemies’ spirit ability, then the support from the Seven Treasures Glazed Tiles Pagoda would be lost. Which would only make matters worse.

The purplish red coloured Fire Wire, under Ma Hongjun’s rage slowly turned a deep purple colour. The third spirit ring ability, wind surge, should’ve broken through the fire, but under these circumstances, was currently being held back by force. The originally ability shaped bird’s body had even started to show signs of being burnt.

Yu Feng felt a special sort of pressure coming from Ma Hongjun, making him feel, from the bottom of his heart, a pressure as if Ma Hongjun had an indisputable, tyrannical strength .

He of course didn’t know that the current situation was just like the female Spider spirit master’s situation when Tang San faced the Mad team. This was the sort of pressure brought about by the difference in battle spirit.

Ma Hongjun had the Phoenix spirit, even if it was a Evil Fire Phoenix Variant, it was a phoenix all the same. Phoenixes were the emperor of birds, the strong ones capable of even commanding the heavens. This standard was naturally something the wind Chime Bird wasn’t comparable to.

Thus, even if Yu Feng’s Spirit power was much higher than Ma Hongjun, in this battle of spirits, the pressure brought by the Phoenix was inescapable.

Of course, it was because of this difference in both parties’ spirit power that this pressure was only brought out under such conditions, when Ma Hongjun’s body was showing all its potential.

“Zhuqing, Hell White tiger.”

Dai Mubai roared. As the captain of the Shrek Seven Devils, seeing Xiao Wu getting injured, he couldn’t hold it in. Thus he no longer held anything back.

Grandmaster once said in this Arena before, if Shrek Seven Devils wanted to achieve a victory in the Arena, then, it would all depend on Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Tang San these three people.

Of which, when he was referring to Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, it wasn’t their individual physical ability he was talking about. After all, if one was to compare Dai Mubai and Yu Tian-Heng’s abilities, they would need a thin wire. What he was actually referring to was the secret between Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing. Their Spirit Fusion ability.

Accompanied by the roars of a tiger, Dai Mubai, already in his White Tiger King State, once again transformed. White fur was mixed with black coloured tiger spots as they started to wildly appear.

Zhu Zhuqing lightly bit her lower lip, as her entire body was covered in a faint black glow. Her body became faint, as if it was transparent, rushing towards Dai Mubai.

Seeing the two people’s body change, Yu Tian-Heng could not help but be shocked.

“This is not good. It’s the Spirit fusion ability. Osler! Go all out!”

At this point in time, Yu Tian-Heng no longer cared about the consequences of overusing his spirit power. While he was slowly losing the ability to support his Thunder Rage’s status but was still able to forcefully maintain it. He raised his huge dragon arm, roaring, once again using Thunder Crash.

This time it was to stop Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing. He used the last of his spirit power to forcefully emit his Thunder Crash ability towards the two people.

The Black Panther Spirit Master’s third spirit ring lit up at the same time. Opening his eyes wide, as the purple spirit ring floated around his body, a series of cracking and snapping could be heard from all over his body. From his original body, separated a leopard shaped light figure, charging towards Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing.


The Black Panther Spirit Master’s 3rd Spirit ability, Leopard Shadow Doppelganger, activated.

However, Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai never paid their opponents any attention. With all his attention focused, Dai Mubai’s only had Zhu Zhuqing in his eyes. With arms wide open, he welcomed Zhu Zhuqing’s dreamlike figure.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

At this very moment, Dai Mubai was suddenly astonished to discover that the icy chill in Zhu Zhuqing’s eyes had faded away, her gaze towards him somewhat dull, still with a somewhat unusual mood.

The two silhouettes finally met each other as the opponents’ attack approached, Evil Eye White Tiger and Hell Civet’s energies at this moment completely blending. The next moment, everyone present felt a fluctuating energy.

The spirit fusion ability wasn’t one plus one equals two, even if it was two perfectly identical spirits they still might not be able to use the spirit fusion ability, because this required a perfect mutual match. When the spirit fusion ability arose, that kind of formidably powerful incarnation wasn’t just two Spirit Masters’ levels, rather a surpassing existence.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s bodies both vanished in that fusion, remaining on the spirit ring was only an enormous White Tiger. The White Tiger’s body was transparent, white fur with black stripes, double purple pupils, coldly watching the onrushing attacks.

Black Leopard Spirit Master Osler’s Leopard Shadow Doppelgänger was first to reach the transparent White Tiger, compared to the eight meters long and more than two meters high enormous silhouette of the white tiger, it looked insignificant.

The Hell White Tiger simply leisurely raised its right claw, and slowly swatted down. With a popping sound, that faintly purple leopard shadow already became countless specks of light and disappeared unseen, and the Hell White Tiger’s transparent body only rocked slightly once. The next moment, it suddenly transformed into a streak of light, directly rushing into that mad thunder, forging ahead bathed in lightning.

The enormous White Tiger flashed brilliantly in that moment, raising its head high. That ‘looking down on the world’ arrogance appeared, the graceful bearing of a mighty world tyrant and king among beasts.

In the air the White Dove Spirit Master Doudou already stared in awe, all the Emperor Team members were sluggish in that moment.


Two silhouettes were sent flying simultaneously in response, Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master Yu Tian-Heng was already wildly spouting blood in midair, the arm healed by the effect of the Nine Heart Flowering Apple once again snapping.

His team member Osler wasn’t as powerful as him, already suffering the spirit power backlash of his third spirit ability being broken, in the Hell White Tiger’s sudden explosion, vomiting out blood in midair he already lost consciousness. Fortunately his own spirit power wasn’t weak, adding to not having suffered as heavy injuries as Yu Tian-Heng previously, otherwise his current circumstances would only be even more messy.

After the Hell White Tiger unleashed this attack it disappeared in a flash, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing simultaneously appearing on the spirit fighting ring.

Because of Zhu Zhuqing’s large spirit power consumption, she directly lost consciousness in Dai Mubai’s arms, Dai Mubai himself not feeling any better, because of having unleashed the spirit fusion ability, his White Tiger Vajra Transformation supplementary energy had been completely emptied out, right now in an ability backlash condition, he had also lost the capability to fight. But they had also successfully beaten the Black Leopard Spirit Master and the opposing team’s captain Yu Tian-Heng.

Dai Mubai believed that even if the Nine Heart Flowering Apple was even more miraculous, under these kinds of conditions it would still be impossible for those two to recover their fighting strength.

With spirit power practically exhausted, the effect of Oscar’s little sausage also gradually disappeared, Dai Mubai was already on the verge of collapse within the poison mist. Right now, Oscar and Ning Rongrong were both under Ma Hongjun’s protection, basically unable to deliver any detoxifying small sausage to him.

The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon was worthy of being called one of the most tyrannical of Beast Spirits, despite twice suffering heavy injuries Yu Tian-Heng still hadn’t lost consciousness, but right now he was only crawling on the ground without standing up.

Making his courage tremble was, in the middle of the spirit fighting ring, the battle between the Shi brothers and that control system Spirit Master Thousand Hands Asura.

Tang San gently released Xiao Wu on the arena floor, right now Xiao Wu’s face was already waxen, although with the assistance of Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill orthodox school inner strength the foreign energy in her body had been expelled, she had still suffered great shock to her energy channels and internal organs, in the three places where she’d been injured even the bone could be seen. If Tang San hadn’t promptly blocked the veins at her wounds, the bleeding alone would have already taken her life.

Slowly standing up, confronting head on the two Black Tortoise Spirit Masters charging towards him, Tang San’s face under the Shrek mask was entirely expressionless, but, in the eyes his opponents could already see a faint red light.


Tang San’s jacket under the effect of his spirit power ripped into scattered butterflies fluttering in the air. The gazes aimed at his back could all clearly see that from Tang San’s middle vertebrae eight bulges were swelling up, immediately afterwards, eight strange strands of Blue Silver Grass broke out, with lightning speed abruptly extending.

These eight “Blue Silver Grass strands” stood out from the normal ones. Completely glossy purple, glittering under the stage lighting. Precisely the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances.

Along with the appearance of Eight Spider Lances, the spirit power fluctuations over Tang San changed peculiarly, his whole atmosphere becoming a lot darker and colder, around his arrogant body the temperature clearly dropped. On the Eight Spider Lances was a supplementary layer of faint purple.

Where Jade Phosphor Serpent Dugu Yan’s poison mist just came near Eight Spider Lances, it immediately melted away like ice and snow.

“Variant spirit? Shi Mò, Shi Mó, careful!”
Dugu Yan seeing Eight Spider Lances boring out from Tang San’s back, immediately felt discouraged. But, just like what Grandmaster said, since Eight Spider Lances was excessively similar to Blue Silver Grass, as long as he didn’t say anything, nobody would link this back to external spirit bones.

The two Shi brothers’ charging momentum immediately came to a halt, their second spirit rings simultaneously flaring, tortoiseshells once again becoming shields in their hands.

At their present level, their most powerful skill was the combination of their second and third spirit abilities, the shields could in any position burst into splinters to launch an attack.

Their tortoiseshell shields weren’t just extremely hard, their cutting power was furthermore extremely high, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to sever Tang San’s durable Blue Silver Grass.

The Shi brothers approached cautiously, but Tang San like they were without the slightest bit of value in his eyes didn’t launch any attack at the Shi brothers, rather half turning, looking behind him towards the Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master Yu Feng in the air using his third spirit ability to pressure Ma Hongjun who was gradually becoming unable to endure.

“Come down.”
Two words like they were dripping with ice issued from Tang San’s mouth. With just a casual throwing motion of his hand, a green ball of light already cut through the air, flying towards Yu Feng.

Nobody had expected Tang San, when facing three of the Emperor Team’s great Spirit Masters, would still attend to a battlefield on another side, even if they had the words it was already too late to warn Yu Feng.

Yu Feng was right now urging his third spirit ability, gradually obtaining an overwhelming advantage, in a moment he would be able to rout Ma Hongjun’s trio. But controlling the third spirit ability put him under not inconsiderable burden. When he suddenly realized there was something approaching from behind he could only as far as possible rise in the air, hoping to avoid Tang San’s attack.

But this attack of Tang San’s had been launched with an accurate estimate of Yu Feng’s response, the green light cut through the air in a graceful arc, in an eyeblink already catching up to Yu Feng, in just a moment the green light extended and again abruptly closed in, Yu Feng’s wings in a flash already restrained.

Tang San always restrained himself, all along without launching his third spirit ring ability, although Spider Web Restraint was good, the spirit power consumption was too high. Once he used it, his own strength would immediately suffer. Even with the assistance of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda his fighting strength would drop somewhat.

But right now was exactly the opportunity Tang San waited for, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing had defeated the other side’s most threatening members. Right now the Emperor Team’s remaining fighting strength was only the Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master, Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Master and the two Black Tortoise Spirit Masters.

First settling the Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master was naturally because of the opponent’s speed and air superiority, as well as the threat to Ma Hongjun and their side’s two auxiliary system Spirit Masters.

First settling the enemy in the air behind him, next Tang San only had to confront the three remaining people in front.

The certainty in their strength the Black Tortoise Spirit Masters had absolutely wasn’t weak, at the same time as Tang San threw out Spider Web Restraint, they already threw the four tortoiseshell shields in their hands.

The four enormous shields once again made ear-piercing sharp whistles, they firmly believed that even if Tang San possessed a variant spirit, he still couldn’t block their combined effort. Let alone if they like just now used their third spirit ability, especially right now when his spirit power had dropped.

[1] (化盾) “Transform into shield”

[2] Trap card activate!

[3] 629? *wink wink*

[4] During the third stage of tests into Shrek academy when they got wrecked by Zhao Wuji

[5] (龟甲爆裂)

[6] their tortoise shells originally split into 2, now split into 16 each again. Thus its now 32 per brother

[7] (风起云涌) Literally “Rising Winds, Rushing Clouds”, an idiomatic expression for turbulent times or violent developments.

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