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Chapter 303

Target, Deep Sea Demon Whale King

(TL by Bagelson)

Qian Renxue’s expression was so heavy you could wring water from it. She had never thought chasing Tang San would be this difficult. If last time in Star Dou Great Forest, she could be said not to have used her full strength, then this time she had fully displayed her god level strength, even using the Angelic Raiment’s abilities, but still couldn’t kill Tang San.

However, Qian Renxue also clearly sensed that after the Seagod Trident blocked her, its soul had disappeared. That the Seagod’s intent could briefly show the Seagod’s full strength definitely didn’t come without cost. Under such circumstances, he definitely couldn’t take one more of her attacks.

But seeing this bundless ocean, Qian Renxue felt a pang of powerlessness. The power of gods also had limits. Just like Tang San said, the meaning of gods on the Douluo Continent meant humans with a certain level of strength, or rather the strongest human spirit masters who broke through rank one hundred to reach another realm.

Qian Renxue wasn’t in her own domain, and even her god level strength wasn’t omnipotent. At least, her divine senses would be enormously handicapped in the ocean. The deeper the sea, the greater the hindrance, far from as free as in the air. She was well aware that with Tang San’s abilities that received even the Seagod’s attention, finding him again was as difficult as climbing to heaven.

Drawing a deep breath and calming her heard, recalling the previous underground battle, Qian Renxue couldn’t help sighing inwardly. What that divine intent Seagod said was right, even though she had become the God of Angels, she still hadn’t cultivated step by step to the god level. There were a lot of processes that her grandfather had helped simplify. She completely comprehended the spirit of the God of Angels, but she hadn’t fully grasped its full strength. Otherwise, how would there be so many delays and pauses when using the abilities, giving Tang San chances to take advantage of.

Gazing into the boundless ocean, Qian Renxue’s heart gradually calmed. She was like Tang San, also a genius to define her era. Only these days her attitude had been influenced by all the escape techniques Tang San used. Seeing that she no longer had a chance to chase him, she on the contrary calmed down. She clearly understood that if she couldn’t erase the feelings of failure from being unable to catch Tang San, her cultivation might be influenced.

Gradually calming down, the divine intent belonging to the God of Angels slowly circled around her. Bathed in sunshine, the Angelic Raiment glittered with dazzling light.

“Tang San, since you’ve stepped onto the road to the Seagod’s inheritance, then with your intelligence and wisdom, you can definitely become the Seagod. Before and until now, I chased you to destroy you. It was to erase the insurmountable shock left in my heart. But now I won’t, I’ll just wait for you here, so what if it’s once you become Seagod? Once you’ve become a god, let us properly compete and see if your Seagod is amazing, or if my God of Angels is even stronger. Tang San, I’m waiting for you here.”

Golden ripples poured into the seawater along with Qian Renxue’s voice. Even though she couldn’t rely on her divine intent to reach through Tang San’s Vast Sea Barrier, by now issuing her voice and relying on her formidable divine senses to send her voice into the ocean, then as long as Tang San was within a thousand li range, he would certainly hear her.

Having said her piece, Qian Renxue sat down crosslegged in the sand, her eyes no longer emotional, anxious, or any other expression. Everything turned calm, just like when she saw Tang San after just becoming a god, and moreover even calmer than then. Not only her heart was calm, but even her soul.

Taking the initiative to give up on chasing Tang San, and using her words to tell herself she would face Tang San as a god, allowed her to erase the feelings of failure she held. At the same time it also drew on the faith of never admitting defeat to finally raise her way of thinking from a human spirit master to that of a god. Angelic divine power connected in a flash of insight, without any more delays. It might be said that if Tang San had faced Qian Renxue in this condition, he basically wouldn’t have stood a chance of escaping. Qian Renxue could also be said to have truly stepped into the realm of gods with Tang San’s help, thoroughly becoming the God of Angels.

That she decided to wait here for Tang San instead of returning to the Spirit Empire’s battlefield, that she was able to discard the outcome of the battle, amply displayed her current level. Here she would calm down, mastering everything granted to her after becoming god, truly displaying the might of gods.

In the ocean, the swiftly moving Devil Spirit Great White Sharks suddenly slowed. Even though the seawater only rippled slightly in that undulation, at this moment, all creatures of the sea within a thousand li blanked out briefly, a clear voice reaching their minds.

This voice was naturally also heard by the Shrek Seven Devils within the Vast Sea Barrier. Besides Tang San, the other six couldn’t help simultaneously changing expression, shocked lookinf at Tang San, their eyes filled with disbelief.

In fact, even the weakest among them, Xiao Wu, still had Spirit Sage level strength, as well as extensive experience from cultivating as a spirit beast for a hundred thousand years, but they had never thought someone could spread their voice through seawater, and that instant shock also made their souls tremble. At this moment, they finally understood why Tang San was so disheveled, and moreover quickly submerged them into the sea as if anxious. What kind of existence was the owner of this voice?

Right now, with the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks moving at full speed, even though it hadn’t been long, the Shrek Seven Devils were already several dozen li from the shore. Relying on the protection of the Vast Sea Barrier, plus the cover of seawater, Tang San could be certain that even if Qian Renxue was omniscient, it would still be impossible to find them. His mind now finally relaxed a bit. However, as he saw the cavity on the Seagod Trident missing the Seagod’s Heart, he couldn’t help frowning.

Ma Hongjun wanted to ask about it, but was stopped by a glance from Dai Mubai. Ma Hongjun immediately came to himself. None of them had to ask Tang San. As brothers for so many years, they of course knew that if Tang San wanted to speak, he definitely would. Worrying was useless.

Xiao Wu sat next to Tang San, observing the closest. She clearly saw that Tang San’s right hand gripping the Seagod Trident had turned pale, the joints clearly visible, clearly caused by overexertion. This voice had clearly provoked him.

Xiao Wu silently wrapped Tang San’s big hand in her small ones. Feeling the warmth from Xiao Wu’s palms, Tang San turned his head to look at her, sighing:
“In the last few days, not only did I feel like I wouldn’t see you again, even today, if not for a miracle, you might not even have found my corpse.”

Tang San finally spoke, and everyone couldn’t help asking questions. Dai Mubai frowned:
“Was it the owner of that voice? How did she do it? How can her voice pass through the sea? Don’t tell me she’s even stronger than Bibi Dong? But Bibi Dong is already rank ninety eight or ninety nine. If someone was even stronger than her it would at most be in terms of spirit. There can’t be a triple spirit enemy. Even if there was, with your current strength plus the Seagod Trident, it wouldn’t be so bad as to force you to run like this!”

Tang San gave a wry laugh. He knew that his comrades wouldn’t think in that direction. Even though he could guess Qian Renxue’s strength, he also hadn’t thought Qian Renxue would be at such a level.

“You all know that person. Las time in Heaven Dou City, she almost gained control over the imperial family as well as the entire empire. Her father was the previous Supreme Pontiff who died from wounds caused by my father. Her grandfather is the current Spirit Hall high priest, peak Douluo Qian Daoliu.”

Oscar said:
“You’re talking about Qian Renxue? How could she chase you like that? Was she together with her grandfather?”
They could still understand if Qian Daoliu had chased Tang San.

Tang San silently shook his head,
“If it was Qian Daoliu, I would at least have thirty percent certainty of defending myself, with seventy percent chance of being able to smoothly escape. But against Qian Renxue, I don’t have ten percent chance. This time it was all due to relying on effort, courage as well as abilities, and even more luck, that I could see you all again. Because, Qian Renxue is no longer human.”

Ma Hongjun subconsciously said:
“Not human? Then what? Don’t tell me she’s a hundred thousand year spirit beast too?”

Ma Hongjun reacted slow, but that didn’t mean the others did. Understanding most clearly, Oscar’s mouth opened wide, Ning Rongrong covered her mouth, keeping herself from crying out. Xiao Wu who originally just softly held Tang San’s hand tightened her grip at the same time as her eyes filled with shock, as if afraid she would lose Tang San immediately.

Dai Mubai had the steadiest heart, but he still couldn’t help exhaling,
“You, you mean……”

Tang San nodded,
“Yes, she’s already become a god, the six winged God of Angels. If I’m not mistaken, this inheritance should always have been with Spirit Hall’s Elder Palace, or the priests or Douluo Palace or similar. Qian Renxue should have inherited the God of Angels with Qian Daoliu’s help. We’ve always worked hard these years, but Spirit Hall hasn’t been idle either! It’s truly worthy of an organisation able to control the spirit master world for so long. They actually really bred a god level power.”

Ma Hongjun gaped wide, dumbly saying:
“Isn’t, isn’t that impossible? In so few years! How could that Qian Renxue……”

Oscar had a wry expression:
“Nothing’s impossible, just look at little San. Little San could rise from rank sixty to rank ninety something in just a few years. Spirit Hall’s resources are much deeper than ours, how could they not produce a god level power? Only, it would be nice if their god level power could appear a few months later.”

Ning Rongrong said:
“Third brother, how was your fight with Qian Renxue? You…..”

Tang San laughed out loud:
“You want to ask how I could escape alive from a god’s pursuit. Frankly, this time luck accounts for at least half of it, my strength the rest. The reason I say luck is half is mainly because when I ran into Qian Renxue, she should have just finished the inheritance and obtained the position of god. Her grasp of god level strength couldn’t have been complete. Plus she might have a trauma towards me because of the fight back in Heaven Dou City, and I persuaded her not to use her full strength, which I exploited to successfully escape Star Dou Great Forest. The other time was luck, if the Seagod hadn’t helped me, I wouldn’t have seen you again. God level power really is beyond the range of human comprehension. Did you know, Qian Renxue actually used the power of the sun to attack me. Simply put, it can practically give her infinite strength. I thought I built a situation rather advantageous to me, but I still risked dying. Even surviving was at the price of the Seagod’s Heart.”

Hearing the word ‘god’, everyone grew a bit absent-minded. After all, even though they had obtained the Seagod’s approval due to Tang San, and moreover received the Seagod’s trials, so they had some understanding of gods, they had after all never really seen a god, nor could they imagine the level of power gods reached.

But, they clearly understood Tang San’s strength. Since returning from Seagod Island, Tang San relied on his formidable might to break powerful enemies time and time again. Whether gaining the Clear Sky School’s approval or reversing the tides of war, as well as ruining the Spirit Empire empress’ plans several times, he could be said to have perfectly displayed his genius strength. Even on a battlefield of millions of heros, he could become a formidable power to close the two sides. One might say that, if not for Tang San, the Heaven Dou Empire couldn’t possibly have attained such brilliant victories. But, after Tang San now spoke of god level Qian Renxue, the expression on his face was even more helpless and lucky. This showed what kind of danger he had run into. The appearance of a god level power was undoubtedly a blow to everyone’s plans.

The inside of the Vast Sea Barrier was so quiet a falling pin could have been heard. Tang San watched his comrades’ expressions change. He understood that, just like when he’d just met Qian Renxue, everyone’s confidence had suffered a blow. Moreover, the appearance of a god level power also made them feel restless.

Tang San didn’t try to persuade the others, he spoke up calmly,
“Starting from when I left for the Star Dou Great Forest, I began to raise spirit rings for the Clear Sky Hammer……”

Tang San narrated all that he had been through, in meticulous detail, without leaving anything out. Even the battles with spirit beasts, and especially that Dark Devilgod Tiger’s fight, were all covered without omissions. He even described his cultivation experiences as well as the feeling of the Great Sumeru Hammer and comboing spirit abilities were described without holding back.

Starting from killing the first spirit beast, gradually, he talked about how he almost berserk simultaneously absorbed the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors.

“After I fully absorbed them, giving the Clear Sky Hammer eight spirit rings, I didn’t even have time to sense or check the effects of my spirit rings before I met Qian Renxue. On just that instant, I sensed something wrong. Because, even with my spirit power already at rank ninety five and my mental strength once again advanced, I basically never sensed her presence. Even the connection between my Blue Silver Emperor and the blue silver grass couldn’t tell me how she arrived. At that moment, even though I didn’t want to believe it, in my heart I already understood……”

After finishing his account of killing spirit beasts, he came to the key part. Along with Tang San’s narration, his comrades’ minds were all drawn in by his words, their gazes fixed on him. Especially after he was nearly outwitted by the Dark Devilgod Tiger, everyone couldn’t help being shocked. When they heard Tang San absorbed three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors at the same time, they again felt their blood boiling. Their previous disappointment and worry was now gradually diluted by Tang San’s story.

Tang San talked about his three battles with Qian Renxue in even more detail. Not only describing the process of the fight, but at the same time also his mental state, as well as his conjectures of Qian Renxue’s mental state and how he acted.

It was true that Tang San and Qian Renxue’s battle could be described as very dangerous, but his wisdom still had a very important effect. Through his clever use of words, even though Tang San’s account didn’t differ from the factual situation, it still made everyone feel like absolute strength wasn’t everything, and that intelligence was equally important. Facing such a god level power, Tang San ultimately still escaped, standing in front of them.

“...... If could have god level strength as well, I’m one hundred percent certain I could defeat Qian Renxue. True, my spirit power hasn’t increased slower than hers in any way, and I’m even a bit faster than her. But my circumstances are different from hers. If I’m not mistaken, she has also faced a god’s test like the Seagod Nine Trials. However, the person who guided her should have been her grandfather Qian Daoliu. Qian Renxue definitely wouldn’t act towards Qian Renxue like Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi did to us. He’s bound to have helped her, assisting her in passing the crucial difficulties. But we have always relied on our own strength to succeed. At the same time, when Qian Renxue’s strength rose, Qian Daoliu might also have had an extremely important effect. Therefore, her process to ascend to the god level wasn’t solid. Even though she became god, she absolutely isn’t a perfect god. Otherwise her heart wouldn’t have had such weaknesses for me to catch. Of course, Qian Daoliu should have thought of this while raising her, but he also knew that there were no gods in this world. As long as his granddaughter cultivated to the god level, even if she wasn’t the strongest god, she would still be undefeatable. That’s why he matured her the fastest way possible. And Qian Renxue didn’t disappoint her, finally breaking through the last distance.”

At this point Tang San paused, his gaze sweeping across his companions’ faces. Right now, he suddenly exuded an incomparable confidence, even the Devil Spirit Great White sharks outside the Vast Sea Barrier clearly felt it.

“However, we’re different. Mubai, little Ao, Fatty, Rongrong, Zhuqing, Xiao Wu. All seven of us have experienced the Seagod’s trials together. We’ve relied on our own strength to, bit by bit, reach this step through repeatedly facing the risk of death. True, my spirit power has increaed very quickly, but you should understand that my growth speed is closely related to my spirits. Maybe any one of my Clear Sky Hammer and Blue Silver Emperor should be slightly inferior in quality to the Seraphim spirit, but I’m also a twin spirit holder. In this respect, even Bibi Dong can’t compare to me. Even though she also has twin spirits, her twin spirits are the same type of creatures, both based on spiders. But not my, my two spirits are poles apart, its the simultaneous expression of my parents’ genes. And since I can raise them to the peak, that proves I’ve already surpassed Bibi Dong, and that my foundation is forged even stronger than Qian Renxue’s. Therefore, as long as I can become the Seagod, even if Qian Renxue can fully master all the abilities of the Seraphim God, I’m still absolutely confident in defeating her.”

Listening to Tang San’s impassioned voice, feeling his unprecedented charisma and incomparable aggressiveness, everyone seemed to see the combined shape of the intelligent Grandmaster and domineering Tang Hao. In fact, as Tang San’s teacher and father, they had passed on everything to the current Tang San.

“We trust you, little San.”
Dai Mubai clenched his fist hard,
“You’re right, no matter how many god level powers there are, we still have an equal chance to become god level powers. As long as you become the Seagod, then what does it matter how amazing the God of Angels is? Besides, even if she’s strong, she’s still just one person. But you’re different, you have us too. We’ll always be by your side, blocking the enemy together. Our plan doesn’t change, the Seagod Island is still our only goal.”

Tang San nodded firmly, at the same time shifting the Seagod Trident to his other hand and holding out his right hand to his comrades.

Seven hands overlapped, fourteen eyes meeting in a feeling of harmony. Because the influence of Qian Renxue becoming god ended at this moment, all the barriers in each person’s heart was already gone. This included Tang San himself. Just like Qian Renxue was filled with confidence from her willpower on the shore, the questions within their hearts was already completely resolved. Of course, whether regarding Tang San or Qian Renxue, if they wanted to truly deal with the questions they had, they all had to face the enemy, had to defeat the enemy.

Tang San appeased his comrades, then said:
“We still can’t head straight to Seagod Island. Before going there we have to make a detour. My Clear Sky Hammer still lacks one last spirit ring, and that position was already set aside for it before we left Seagod Island.”

Oscar grinned:
“That repulsive creature almost destroyed us all back then, even becoming that Purple Pearl woman’s captives. This time we have to settle accounts. We’re not the Shrek Seven Devils we were then.”

Everyone of course knew what target Tang San spoke of, the demon lord of the deep sea, the strongest sea spirit beast, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.

Now Xiao Wu frowned, and Tang San quickly held her hand tightly,
“Xiao Wu, are you feeling unwell? If you don’t want me to kill a hundred thousand year spirit beast, I can……”

Xiao Wu knew Tang San had misunderstood and quickly shook her head:
“No, I won’t stop you, it’s just that this Deep Sea Demon Whale King makes me feel really restless. When you faced it back then, you and me fought it together, but it gave me a very different feeling from a hundred thousand year spirit beast. You used Invincible Golden Body to approach it and absorb a bit of its energy, thereby raising your spirit power again. But, before my soul grew unconscious together with you, I still felt two unimaginable things.”

“Oh? What?”
Tang San’s heart twitched, hurriedly asking.

Xiao Wu said:
“First is naturally its strength. That Deep Sea Demon Whale King is too strong, I’ve never seen anything with such an enormous body as well as enormous energy. I can be sure that even Da Ming and Er Ming’s energy added together would be far from enough to compare. The energy it’s saved is as vast and immeasurable as the sea, I basically couldn’t sense an end. Second is the feeling when it hit you in Invincible Golden Body. You also know that Invincible Golden Body originally was my ability, and we’ve always treated it as an unparallelled three second defence. But in fact, it also has limits. When you fought the Deep Sea Demon Whale King you went all out, and was naturally too busy to mind other things, but I was restricted from leaving your body and my soul clearly felt the state of Invincible Golden Body. Did you know, at that moment, the Invincible Golden Body you used was on the verge of collapse. At the time the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s attack definitely wasn’t made with its full strength, but more like a casual slap.”

“Just a casual strike could nearly break the Invincible Golden Body’s defense, this shows just how powerful its attacks are. It was definitely careless then, it basically didn’t expect you to have such an ability, so you broke its attack and got in close, then using the Eight Spider Lances to drain a bit of its energy. But even so, under those circumstances there was no chance of you surviving. Judging by the circumstances of your battle with Qian Renxue, the reason you could survive back then is very possibly because the Seagod’s divine intent intervened, otherwise you would definitely have died. Therefore, what I’m saying is to absolutely not underestimate the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. It absolutely isn’t as simple as an ordinary hundred thousand year spirit beast. Its cultivation has very possible already broken through the category of hundred thousand year spirit beasts. The tyrant of this ocean isn’t as easy to handle as we imagine. Even if we go hunting for it, we still have to make surefire preparations.”

Nobody objected after listening to Xiao Wu, because they knew that, as a hundred thousand year spirit beast, Xiao Wu was definitely the one with the best understanding of hundred thousand year spirit beasts. If even she couldn’t see the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s strength, it was obvious how powerful this demon beast was.

Tang San nodded,
“Xiao Wu, your warning is quite timely. Otherwise if we rushed off we’d very possibly end up losing out. Only, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King has to die. Killing it is part of my eighth Seagod Trial. Only eliminating it will be considered clearing the trial, giving the possibility to leave for Seagod Island to inherit the Seagod. When the time comes I’ll use my own strength, everyone else keep some distance. If there’s a problem, you all support me. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King has the power to control the ocean, but my Seagod’s Light should be able to restrain it to an extent. Even if Qian Renxue becoming god puts pressure on us, the more that’s the case the less impatient we can afford to be, or it’ll have the opposite effect. Safety is paramount.”

Xiao Wu couldn’t help smiling as she listened to Tang San. She knew Tang San understood what she was thinking. Being able to keep calm even now, clearly, he had progressed in all areas once again, and not in a panic due to Qian Renxue’s power.

“Ge, let’s approach the Deep Sea Demon Whale King first. It only has one eye, so as long as we don’t get close and enter its domain, we won’t draw any attention. Before we came here we already had Xiao Bau’s clansmen call her. We can start once she arrives. She understands the Deep Sea Demon Whale King better than us, and with her help we’ll be even more assured in dealign with the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.”

Tang San exulted, and couldn’t help kissing Xiao Wu hard on the forehead,
“Xiao Wu, you really are my good wife. With Xiao Bai’s help our hopes of facing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King increases greatly. At least we can leave an escape route.”

Xiao Wu’s charming face blushed. Not daring to look at their leering companions, she took the initiative to hide in Tang San’s arms, muttering in a low voice:
“Ge, I still haven’t married you.”

Tang San laughed out loud, scratching his head:
“It’s a matter of time, you can’t run.”

Ning Rongrong burst into giggles:
“Third brother, I always took little Ao as very unromantic, but compared to you he’s actually much better. You want to have Xiao Wu marry you with just a sentence! You haven’t even proposed. Really unromantic.”

Tang San looked awkwardly at Xiao Wu in his arms, then back at Ning Rongrong with a wry smile:
“My fault, my fault. Once we’ve done what must be done, I’ll definitely formally ask Xiao Wu to marry me.”

Oscar said somewhat complacently:
“Little San, even though you’re stronger than me, your sweet talking is hopeless. Later on big bro will teach you a couple of techniques that are guaranteed to give you endless pleasure.”

Ning Rongrong shot him an unhappy glare,
“Wow, so what you said to me was all sweet talking, how two faced.”

“Rongrong, my sweet talking to you all comes from my heart! Heh heh, I suddenly feel like little San’s method is also pretty good, quite direct. In any case, you only have me for the rest of your life, whoever teases you, I’ll beat him until his mother doesn’t recognize him.”

Ning Rongrong looked at Oscar with a helpless expression, he was hopeless.

“Fine, don’t be noisy. We’re still too close to the shore, just in case Qian Renxue’s divine senses tracks us we’ll be in trouble.”
Dai Mubai said, his face looking a bit unsightly, his brows tightly wrinkled.

Tang San looked at Dai Mubai,
“Boss Dai, I know what you’re worried about. But what you fear shouldn’t become reality, at least not in the short term.”

“Eh? Why?”
Dai Mubai looked skeptically at Tang San.

Tang San said:
“You’re definitely thinking that if a power like Qian Renxue joins the fray, wouldn’t she sweep everything before her, and both the Heaven Dou Empire army or your Star Luo Empire’s army doesn’t have the strength to stop her, risking the nations being extinguished at any moment, right?”

Dai Mubai nodded. The others might not care about battles between nations, but he was after all the Star Luo Empire crown prince, how could he not care? He absolutely didn’t want to see the Star Luo Empire extinguished before the Spirit Empire. Now that he saw Tang San looking like he was already prepared, his worries weakened a bit.

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