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Chapter 238

Tang San’s Eighth Spirit Ring

(TL by Bagelson)


The other Shrek Seven Devils naturally wouldn’t stay idle either. In order to complete the mission as soon as possible, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing directly used the spirit avatar form Hell White Tiger. The Hell White Tiger had two wings on its back, and in the spirit avatar state, the Hell White Tiger not only could attack from the air, but moreover didn’t lose out to the Evil Spirit Orcas below in size.


Even Xiao Bai would be at a disadvantage against the Hell White Tiger, let alone these exhausted Evil Spirit Orcas. For a moment, flesh and blood splashed out wherever the Hell White Tiger passed. A great many Evil Spirit Orcas hadn’t even used any abilities before they were those giant tiger claws had reached their head, dying with their brains bursting out.


Ma Hongjun unfolded an offensive on his own. His strength naturally couldn’t compare to the Hell White Tiger, but water and fire mutually restrained each other, and his Phoenix flame was further the natural enemy of these fish. After transforming into the Seven Headed Fire Phoenix, his Phoenix Domain gathered around him, causing the capability of the flame to erupt to its peak, constantly swooping down from the air. Even though a single dive might not be able to kill an Evil Spirit Orca, each one would still have some rewards. Cooperating with the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks, his mission number was still constantly rising.


Among the seven devils, if you had to say who was the most wretched, that was undoubtedly Oscar. He also knew the principle of fire suppressing water, and Fatty could moreover freely move in the air with spirit avatar. Consequently, the clone mirror sausage he ate was made from Ma Hongjun’s blood. Transforming into a single headed Fire Phoenix, he circled in the air. He didn’t collide with the enemy head on the way Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun did, but rather specially picked up the leaks. As soon as he saw an Evil Spirit Orca wounded and close to death, he immediately dove down and ended its life. Even though this was a bit wretched, his mission score still didn’t fall behind.


If the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks and Evil Spirit Orcas could be described as colliding armies, then the Shrek Seven Devils were undoubtedly the generals leading the Devil Spirit Great White Shark forces. With them in the lead, helped by Tang San’s Deathgod Domain, for a moment they swept everything before them. The number of Evil Spirit Orca casualties was constantly climbing. Blood splashed, and immense energy fluctuations constantly erupted from the sea.


Tang San didn’t stay idle in the air either. As the soul of the Shrek Seven Devils, everything he did now was to control the overall situation. In the spirit avatar state, there was always a Blue Silver Overlord Spear condensed on his right hand. When there were Devil Spirit Great White Sharks in danger over there, his attack would immediately descend. Relying on his terrifying spiritual force, there was nothing about the Blue Silver Overlord Spear’s attack path that wasn’t under control. With Tang San’s hidden weapons skills, one might say that the spear never missed, and moreover always found the Evil Spirit Orcas’ vitals.


As the battle just began, the Evil Spirit Orca King was still full of confidence. After all, the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks had never had the strength to resist when they’d suppressed them before. But as he violently collided with Xiao Bai, after launching his attack, the Evil Spirit Orca King began to discover something was wrong.


Xiao Bai who should have been suppressed by him in all aspects was unexpectedly evenly matched with him. On Xiao Bai’s back there was constantly one line after another of dazzling light entering her, substantially upgrading her attack, defense, speed, strength and all capabilities. At the same time, the Evil Spirit Orca King discovered that its own physical strength actually didn’t even reach seventy percent of its peak condition. Now tired for so long, Xiao Bai whose strength was clearly weaker than him actually constantly left wounds on his body.


What made the Evil Spirit Orca King most furious was the surrounding Deathgod Domain’s Asura Hell effect. No matter how, he still couldn’t display his full strength. Tied up with Xiao Bai’s attacks, even if he wanted to go help his clansmen it was impossible. He could only watch with open eyes as his clansmen constantly died.


The Evil Spirit Orca King understood that if it went on like this, the might really be completely wiped out today. Even though Xiao Bai was strong, he could still block her. But his clansmen were already less and less able to endure. The number of casualties was far greater than for the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks.


To be able to cultivate to the hundred thousand year level, the Evil Spirit Orca King naturally wasn’t an idiot. He understood that the key was Tang San hovering in the air spreading the domains. The fighting strength of the clansmen within the enormous range of the domain was weakened by at least ten percent, but strengthened the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks by more than ten percent. The result of this was that his clansmen were actually unable to defeat the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks even when they were equal in number.


Thinking of this, Evil Spirit Orca King’s enormous body rolled sharply in the water. Immediately after, he shot out as if fired from a bow, tanking one of Xiao Bai’s Devil Shark’s Teeth and suffering dozens of wounds. But he had also already charged up power, and an iron gray pillar of water the thickness of a barrel shot out from his blowhole, directly at Tang San in the sky.


Xiao Bai snarled. Leaping up, she heavily rammed the Evil Spirit Orca King, sending it flying. Then once again transformed into a violent woman, attacking fiercely.


In midair, Tang San’s attention was always highly focused, as if he was already aware the Evil Spirit Orca King would launch an attack at him. Facing the iron grey pillar of water targeting him, Tang San didn’t dodge. Gathering the forefinger and middle finger of his right hand, he softly pressed the golden trident brand on his forehead, then once again tossed downwards.


A crystalline blue triangle flew out with his cutting gesture. The triangle expanded in the air, and in the blink of an eye its sides were already a meter long, emanating deep blue and meeting that grey blue jet of water head on.


The Evil Spirit Orca King’s attack could be said to be his all out effort, in order to finish Tang San in one shot and free his clan from the Asura Hell, otherwise he wouldn’t have tanked several of Xiao Bai’s attacks in order to charge power.


Would Tang San dare stiffly block a hundred thousand year spirit beast’s full strength attack? The answer was yes. That deep blue triangle attacked the iron grey water jet from the front.


Incomparably enormous energy fluctuations erupted in midair. The deep blue triangle spun, just like the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud. But even though that explosive iron grey jet of water was powerful, one could clearly see how the energy within it was separated out by the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud, a gray aura scattered in all directions, and countless blue specks of light were forcefully absorbed by the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud.


What Tang San threw out of course wouldn’t be the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud itself, but rather the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud’s ability, Cosmic Devilbreaker. After the skull evolved, this ability had become powered purely by the mind. Indeed, Tang San’s spirit power by far couldn’t compare to the hundred thousand year Evil Spirit Orca King, but his spiritual force was already on the same level as Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi. The Vast Sea Ocean Shroud was only effective on energy attacks. Funnily enough, in order to pursue attack power, the iron grey jet of water the Evil Spirit Orca King spit out wasn’t actually water, but rather his purified energy. Naturally it was stiffly blocked by the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud.


Tang San had long since made preparations, even if the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud couldn’t block it, he still had Invincible Golden Body as backup. Naturally there wouldn’t be any problem.


Red light flickered, after blocking this attack, Xiao Wu also crawled out from Tang San’s Hundred Treasure Purse, her soul returning to her body. Tang San circled her waist with one hand, and wouldn’t let her fall. Her trial was to accompany Tang San to complete his missions, so staying in the Hundred Treasure Purse naturally wouldn’t do. Now that the situation was already in order, Tang San naturally brought her out.


With great difficulty once again warding of Xiao Bai’s attack, the Evil Spirit Orca King’s heart sank to the bottom. Watching that sparkling blue triangle return to Tang San’s forehead, he roared,
“It’s really the Sea…...”


Before he could finish, Xiao Bai had already pounced once again, fiercely tearing off a huge chunk of flesh from his belly in one bite.


Tang San coldly swept the Evil Spirit Orca King with a glance, and threw out a Blue Silver Overlord Spear with his right hand, penetrating deeply into the head of an Evil Spirit Orca that had almost bitten a Devil Spirit Great White Shark. His spiritual force strengthened once again, and the Asura Hell’s tyrannical suppressive effect rose further.


There was no longer any suspense in the battle between the Evil Spirit Orcas and Devil Spirit Great White Sharks. Relying on the terrifying power of the Hell White Tiger, in just a while, the Evil Spirit Orcas that had died by Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s hands numbered more than thirty. Fatty had also reaped thirteen. Even Oscar had already finished his mission.


Ning Rongrong stood leisurely on the back of a Devil Spirit Great White Shark that still hadn’t gone into battle, constantly pouring line after line of boost abilities into Xiao Bai. The light of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda covered her whole body, she had clearly already used the seventh spirit ability spirit avatar. In her present state, boosting only Xiao Bai, she could hold out for an hour without problem. The Nine Treasure Avatar’s greatest benefit was was to lengthen the boosting time. At leisure, she could still occasionally temporarily free her hands to boost some Devil Spirit Great White Sharks who were at a disadvantage, letting them reverse the situation.


The numbers of Evil Spirit Orcas was growing fewer and fewer. At the start only the adult Evil Spirit Orcas had gone into battle, but later the ones with lower cultivation had also joined in. The Devil Spirit Great White Sharks already held an overwhelming advantage.


The Evil Spirit Orcas all clearly understood that it was impossible for them to compete with the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks in terms of speed, they only had some chance in a melee. Therefore there basically was no chance for them to retreat. But unfortunately they were enveloped in Tang San’s terrifying Deathgod Domain. Battle spirit lowered considerably, unable to use their strength, and further adding the Shrek Seven Devils’ highly explosive attacks, how could they still resist.


A giant flame silhouette suddenly exploded from the Seven Headed Fire Phoenix, causing intense phoenix flames to fall from the sky, heavily bombarding the back of an especially enormous Evil Spirit Orca. Amidst the explosive blast, that Evil Spirit Orca’s whole body trembled as a large scorched black pit opened in its back. That was the Phoenix Cloud Piercing Strike when Ma Hongjun in spirit avatar state used the Phoenix Domain to amplify his strength.


This one attack completely destroyed this Evil Spirit Orca with at least twenty thousand years of cultivation in one hit. Ma Hongjun then also transformed into his human form. The spirit avatar consumed an enormous amount of spirit power, and he couldn’t quite endure the uninterrupted fighting. Floating in midair, he ate a few large recovery sausages to replenish his strength.


Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing also rested in the back. Having equally finished their missions, everyone’s mood relaxed.


As the numbers of both sides changed, the battle grew even more unbalanced, the remaining Evil Spirit Orcas were besieged by at least three or four Devil Spirit Great White Sharks, and basically stood no chance. There was no longer need for the Shrek Seven Devils’ assistance, so the people who had already completed their missions could relax.


Just at this moment, suddenly, a special energy fluctuation erupted from the middle of the battle, and Xiao Bai who had originally been gradually suppressing the Evil Spirit Orca King was suddenly shot out with enormous force.


The Evil Spirit Orca King’s immense body floated on the surface of the sea, without pursuing Xiao Bai, and the original metallic sheen of his skin was replaced by a dull gray. Incomparably immense energy fluctuations seemed to blockade the entire sea area. A situation similar to Xiao Bai’s third stage domain solidifying the sea appeared, making the movement speed of both Evil Spirit Orcas and Devil Spirit Great White Sharks lower.


“Not good.”
Xiao Bai cried out in alarm, once again charging forward. However, the Evil Spirit Orca King was surrounded by a peculiar intangible force that shot her out once again. At this moment, even its blood red eyes had turned ash grey, and the space around it began to distort violently.


“It’s going to explode, quickly stop him!”
Xiao Bai yelled in fright.


Nobody present knew what would happen if a hundred thousand year spirit beast self detonated, but they could all imagine it. A spirit beast with hundred thousand year cultivation simultaneously exploding with its stored up energy and soul would be a terrifying force. If it really happened, there might not be many present who could survive.


Nobody had expected the Evil Spirit Orca King to be this ruthless in its final moments, to thoroughly extinguish himself from this world in order to bring the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks and the Shrek Seven Devils down with him.


All the Evil Spirit Orcas showed their unreasoning power in this moment. Not only didn’t they show the slightest thought of retreat, but on the contrary launched their final attacks. Each Evil Spirit Orca frantically attacked the surrounding Devil Spirit Great White sharks, at the price of their vitality. Not in order to kill their opponents, but just to tie up these mortal enemies and keep them from leaving the battlefield.


The golden blue silhouette floated over above the Evil Spirit Orca King’s enormous body. Ice cold eyes held no trace of emotion. In his palm once again appeared that jar of Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well water that had killed dozens of Evil Spirit Orcas.


What Tang San thought of right now wasn’t the previous battle, but rather when he almost died miserably from the immense attack of the Deep Sea Demon Whale. If he could have thought of taking out this jade jar, the circumstances might have been completely different.


“Die together.”
The Evil Spirit Orca King roared in a deep voice. His body began to swiftly expand, clearly igniting all the energy within its body.


“Self detonating won’t be that easy.”
Tang San naturally didn’t think he was capable of breaking the intangible barrier that even Xiao Bai couldn’t touch. What he did was very simple. Opening the jade jar, the two colored spring water poured out.


Ear piercing cracking sounds came from ten meters above the Evil Spirit Orca king, and a huge cloud of white mist rose. The originally intangible barrier turned visible, only only half of it remained, solidified with cold frost. The other half had quietly melted away.


The extremely cold yin water and blazing hot yang water’s abilities didn’t only affect substantial objects, they were equally effective on energy. How could it otherwise be known as the most extreme cold and heat between Heaven and earth.


The red spring water, under Tang San’s control, accurately dripped on the Evil Spirit Orca King’s back and flowed in through the breathing hole.


If the Evil Spirit Orca King was in its normal condition, he would have at least a hundred different methods to dodge or use instant energy eruptions to blow off the spring water. But right now he was about to self detonate, and was basically immobile. Its immense body also only relied on the self detonation process to release the intangible barrier. That was a shield that even the hundred thousand year sea spirit beast Xiao Bai was helpless against. How could he have imagined the enemy would actually have a way like this to break it?


His just violently expanding body abruptly stopped. Tang San also stopped tipping over the jade jar, cautiously stoppering it again.


The previous forty crossbow bolts had only used forty drops of hot yang water, less than a tenth of the jar. But right now, for fear the Evil Spirit Orca King wouldn’t die, Tang San fully poured out close to half the yin yang spring water in the jade jar.


Indeed, the yin yang well water mutually restrained each other, however, this Evil Spirit Orca King hadn’t taken the two great immortal herbs Tang San had, the Infernal Apricot and the Octagonal Ice Grass, and the spring water moreover directly entered its body.


After its enormous body paused for a moment, suddenly, with a ripping sound, it was like a balloon being popped. A chaotic energy jetted out from the hole on its back, sending Tang San just above flying, only with difficulty managing to regain his balance. But the Evil Spirit Orca King’s expanding body also began to quickly shrink, soon shriveling. The strangest part was that only half his body was wizened, the other half was frozen as hard as steel from the extreme cold yin water. His originally incomparably tyrannical aura scattered like vapor, leaving no trace behind. The ocean tyrant of a generation, the hundred thousand year spirit beast Evil Spirit Orca King died from the two divine waters produced by the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.


Speaking of, this also counted as his bad luck. If he hadn’t used something like self detonation, Tang San also wouldn’t have had the chance pour the spring water on him. If he hadn’t been a whale, and had that enormous blow hole on his back, Tang San would also have been unable to let the spring water enter it to show its effect. If it had been Da Ming or Er Ming infected by the spring water, as long as they immediately cut off that portion of skin, with the powerful resistance of hundred thousand year spirit beasts they would only have taken some injuries. This Evil Spirit Orca King could be said to have been killed by Tang San’s schemes, and he could also have been said to have been killed by the attributes of his own body. Even his final wish of self detonating to annihilate the enemy came to nothing.


Without the leadership of the Evil Spirit Orca King, the remaining Evil Spirit Orcas basically couldn’t resist much. In front of Xiao Bay, they had even less of a chance to self detonate. With the Shrek Seven Devils having caught their breath and helping the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks work with a common purpose, very soon, they had swept away all remaining Evil Spirit Orcas, drawing a perfect period to this scene.


Delightfully familiar screens of light appeared once again. In Dao Mubai, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, Zhu Zhuqing, and Ning Rongrong’s minds appeared the same words.


“Fourth test, Shark Whale Battle, completed. Due to special circumstances reducing the difficulty of the trial, rewards are reduced by half. Devil Spirit Great White Shark casualties less than ten percent, rewards multiplied by two. Award. Spirit power increased one rank.”
This time, Ning Rongrong’s reward of five hundred years of spirit ring cultivation didn’t reappear.


Xiao Wu’s rewards were still superimposed. But as the golden light screen shot out from Tang San’s forehead, he obtained an Outstanding evaluation.


An ancient dignity hovered in Tang San’s mind,
“Taking the victory with wisdom, reducing losses to the minimum, alone killing more than fifty Evil Spirit Orcas, personally killing the Evil Spirit Orca King. Equally stressing wisdom and strength, the fourth trial is completed above quota. Seagod affinity score increased ten percent. Overall score thirty five percent.”


The golden trident brand brightened, changing from its previous dark introverted appearance, flashing with gaudy light, like stars on Tang San’s forehead. At the same time, Tang San also felt like a great door appear in his mental world. Using spiritual force to push it open, he would immediately enter a world of gold.


Subconsciously, he projected his spiritual force to pour into this all new world. Immediately, the golden trident brand on Tang San’s forehead glared with golden light, illuminating the blood colored seawater, and also shining on all the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks.


The Shrek Seven Devils didn’t feel anything special, just that the golden light was warm and extremely comfortable, with a somewhat dignified aura.


However, each of the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks began to tremble. Even Xiao Bai was no exception. Heartfelt fear and respect made them all lower their arrogant heads, circling around Tang San to quietly worship.


The Seagod’s Light. This was the Seagod’s Light. Tang San inwardly exulted, feeling that golden light without offensive or defensive abilities bathe his whole body, he was even more excited than when the Purple Devil Eye upgraded to the Boundless realm. Because, this golden light meant that Xiao Wu was one step closer to resurrection. Right now he only still lacked the strength to rise to the Title Douluo level.


Withdrawing the spiritual force he had infused into the golden trident brand, the Seagod’s Light immediately vanished. But the golden trident brand on Tang San’s forehead was still shining, an important difference compared to before.


Without the illumination of the Seagod’s Light, the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks clearly calmed down. This made Tang San discover another effect of the Seagod’s Light. Deterrence. Strictly speaking, it should be deterrence to sea spirit beasts.


Oscar mumbled a bit resentfully:
“We all completed the mission above quota. How come the mission difficulty lowered?”


Dai Mubai snapped:
“You still don’t figure it lowered? Think about it, how did our fourth test differ from the previous three? If we didn’t have little San going first to tire out those Evil Spirit Orcas and kill a bunch of them, could we have finished the trial so easily? It’s pretty good to get the whole reward. That’s one spirit power rank! At our current level, you might not be able to raise it with a year of bitter cultivation.”


“Lord Tang San, thank you.”

“And thank you.”


Even she herself didn’t know how many years she and her clansmen had lived under the shadow of the Evil Spirit Orcas, didn’t know how many of her kin had died in the racial wars with them. Today it was settled, and their casualties wasn’t even ten percent. To her, this was like a dream. It also strengthened her belief in the Seagod even more.


Tang San said stunned:
“Xiao Bai, why do you call me that?”


Xiao Bai smiled wryly:
“Lord, do you believe just anyone can possess the Seagod’s Light? I won’t say more. Only, right now you’d best hurry up and take that bastard’s spirit ring. With its cultivation, even if its attributes aren’t completely lined up with your spirit, it should still result in a quite powerful spirit ability. No matter what, he was still an existence among sea spirit beasts second only to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.”


At Xiao Bai’s reminder, Tang San recalled that his spirit power had already reached the eightieth rank, and wasn’t the Evil Spirit Orca King he had just killed an extraordinary choice? He didn’t need to be polite with his comrades either, besides him here, the others didn’t have the ability to absorb a hundred thousand year spirit ring, nor had they reached the spirit power cultivation bottleneck.


“Not just me. Xiangxiang, you come down too. There’s plenty of Devil Spirit Orcas close to death here. You can also pick one that suits your current level and kill it for its spirit ring. Even if the Evil Spirit Orcas aren’t flying type spirit beasts, its scouting ability and spirit ring quality should still be quite good. You pick and absorb one at your limit. Your current spirit power shouldn’t be just at the fiftieth rank, so when choosing, pick one with cultivation a bit higher. Xiao Bai, I’ll trouble you to let your clansmen help her ascertain an Evil Spirit Orca’s precise cultivation age.”


“Thank you, third brother.”
Bai Chenxiang fell from the sky. Her spirit power had reached the fiftieth rank a very long time ago, and even though she had always cultivated very hard, she never had a fifth spirit ring to increase her strength, and now she had all these ten thousand year level Evil Spirit Orcas. Those near death had already lost the strength to resist, and she could naturally find one with the most ideal age to absorb. Just like Xiao Bai said, the Evil Spirit Orcas’ spirit ring quality was enough to make up what it lacked in attributes. On this point they were quite good for Tang San as well as Bai Chenxiang.


Xiao Bai let a comparatively large Devil Spirit Great White Shark temporarily serve as Bai Chenxiang’s mount, helping her choose, and staying while she absorbed the spirit ring. And she herself personally served as Tang San’s mount.


Tang San originally planned to absorb the Evil Spirit Orca King’s spirit ring aboard the Dragon Abyss Boat, but Xiao Bai told him that the Evil Spirit Orca King’s energy was extremely overbearing. It would very easily leak out, destroying the hull and influencing Tang San absorbing it. Tang San then no longer declined, sitting on Xiao Bai’s back and began the absorption process.


Deep red light rushed out, entering Tang San’s body in practically an instant. As Tang San truly began to absorb the Evil Spirit Orca King’s spirit ring, he she understood why Xiao Bai would call its spirit ring energy overbearing.


Even though Tang San’s seventh spirit ring was also hundred thousand years, that was enduring the test of the God Bestowed Spirit Ring. In other words, if he hadn’t been able to endure the pain at that time, he could have easily settled for second best at any time, and taken a ten thousand year spirit ring.


But the current situation was different. From the start of the process, he no longer had any chances to change his mind. The extremely overbearing energy of the hundred thousand year spirit ring directly shot into Tang San. In that instant’s eruption, if Tang San’s body hadn’t already undergone its thousand forgings, he might really have been destroyed at once.


Even with his powerful endurance, the attack still made him bleed from his seven apertures, and his whole body trembled violently.


In fact, the Evil Spirit Orca King was killed by Tang San using the Ice and Fire divine spring, and moreover failed in self detonation. The hatred towards Tang San of the soul contained in the spirit ring could be well imagined. The instant before his death, he had also understood the reason his clansmen had died before. One might say it held extreme grievance. Under such circumstances, how could it not attack fiercely when Tang San began to absorb its spirit ring?


Tang San discovered something was wrong from the start. The Evil Spirit Orca King’s spirit ring energy really was too overbearing. Even though the God Bestowed Spirit Ring back then had also put him under immense pressure, and almost collapsed, that was after all something that rose gradually, slowly strengthening along with his endurance. His spirit ring had risen ten ranks since then, but Tang San still had to confront the complete eruption of a hundred thousand year spirit ring packed with grievance and hatred. After just a few breaths, he almost couldn’t hold out.


Carrying Tang San’s weight, Xiao Bai immediately discovered a problem with Tang San. The energy that couldn’t be digested spilled out from Tang San, and poured into her.


Xiao Bai hastily condensed her spiritual force, yelling:
“Use the Seagod’s Light!”


Xiao Bai’s voice made Tang San wake up like being anointed with cream. Right! Even if the Evil Spirit Orca King was even more powerful, it was still a sea spirit beast. The Seagod’s Light could threaten sea spirit beasts, and naturally it would also be effective on his spirit ring energy. The Seagod’s Light was after all in itself a special energy form.


His spiritual force rushed into his golden trident brand without hesitation. Instantly, intense golden light poured out, enveloping all of Tang San’s body, as if he was plated in a layer of golden liquid.


With the appearance of the Seagod’s Light, the previously still extremely overbearing Evil Spirit Orca King spirit ring’s energy was like a flame doused in water, like ice on burning coal, and the pressure immediately reduced by a lot. The ruthless aura melted like ice and snow before the dignified Seagod’s Light.


With the Evil Spirit Orca King’s ruthless energy suppressed by the Seagod’s Light, Tang San could also finally slow his breathing, swiftly adjusting his Mysterious Heaven Skill inner force, he didn’t resist that Evil Spirit Orca King spirit ring’s formidable energy from the front, but rather but rather used the wave unloading force method he learned in the third trial to resist.


As the immense spirit ring energy launched its attack, while Tang San’s inner force offloaded the force, it absorbed the energy contained in that immense spirit power in bits and pieces in the process. After all, he was no longer at the seventieth rank like back when he risked absorbing the God Bestowed Spirit Ring. The eightieth rank made Tang San’s overall strength much more powerful than at that time, and after stabilizing the situation, the spirit ring absorption became a lot smoother. Even if the Evil Spirit Orca King’s spirit ring energy was still a very large threat to Tang San, along with the along with the constant force unloading and absorption, the strength difference between the two sides began to gradually tilt.


Seeing Tang San’s circumstances stabilize, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Xiao Bai even used her domain to let Tang San absorb the spirit ring energy in an absolutely stable condition, freezing all the seawater around her, letting Tang San on her back sit as if on dry land.


Tang San with his whole body enveloped in Seagod’s Light was like a sun in the ocean, golden light radiated, his aura gradually grew even, and that constantly rushing out red energy also gradually calmed.


An hour later, Bai Chenxiang became the first to complete her absorption. A black fifth spirit ring joined her spirit ring formation. What made her indescribably pleasantly surprised was that, after obtaining the spirit ring, her spirit power directly climbed from fiftieth rank to fifty fifth. In fact, this year she was still only twenty years old. Reaching fifty fifth rank strength at such an age, let alone the Speed Clan, it was impressive in the whole spirit master world. Without considering the circumstances of the spirit’s own abilities, her present spirit power level was already equal to Spirit Hall’s golden generation back then.


However, making everyone somewhat regretful was that even searching all the Evil Spirit Orca corpses they still didn’t find a single spirit bone. This showed of low the rate of producing spirit bones was. Of course, their search didn’t include the Evil Spirit Orca King’s corpse near Tang San. A hundred thousand year spirit beast always produced a spirit bone, but this spirit bone also definitely belonged to Tang San.


They had waited for a long time, but the Shrek Seven Devils were still excited. This time, Tang San reaching eightieth rank in spirit power made the whole absorption process a lot easier. Drawing on the suppressing ability of the Seagod’s Light, after three days and three nights of great effort, he finally completed the whole process.


As that deep red light completely vanished, a dark red spirit bone broke out from the Evil Spirit orca King’s body, slowly floating over in front of Tang San.


That was a leg type spirit bone. Looking carefully, it was a left leg bone, precisely one of the spirit bones Tang San needed.

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