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“This is hard to say.” Tang San replied with a wry smile. “It’s my first encounter with a lifeform like theWolftaken. Nevermind that, the spirit bone belongs to us now. If my guess is correct, the strength of the three Cyan Wolftaken should have been similar, but the possession of the spirit bone made this one stronger than the other two. Mubai, this spirit bone should go to you. Among us Seven Devils, you are the only one without a spirit bone.”


Dai Mubai was stunned: “But there is Xiao Wu.”


Tang San’s eyes dimmed: “Xiao Wu does not need a spirit bone at the moment. Boss, there’s no need to stand on ceremony. You are our big brother, and all along you gave in and took care of us. Now that all of us have a spirit bone, you should have a piece of your own too. By improving your strength, it will make our trip to sea god island somewhat safer. If I’m not mistaken, this spirit bone might bestow two possible abilities. The first would be the illusory technique that weakens physical attacks that the Wolftaken used, the second the Bloodlust technique he displayed at the end. No matter which it is, both are very useful to you. Besides, this spirit bone will greatly enhance your speed and bodily attributes.”


Dai Mubai received the cyan spirit bone. He was not an emotional person: without hesitation, he pressed the spirit bone’s aura into his right leg and sat cross-legged, absorbing the spirit bone’s abilities.


About two hours later, Dai Mubai recovered from his meditative state. By now, the wounds Ma Hongjun had sustained had healed, except the one on his left arm. Tang San felt somewhat weak, but walking wasn’t an issue for him.


“How is it, boss?” Ma Hongjun asked with curiosity.


Dai Mubai’s countenance had obviously improved. Initially, he was depressed by the death of the villagers, and despite Tang San’s counsel he was not able to get over it. Having just absorbed the spirit bone, his mood had now greatly improved. Although the death of the villagers still haunted him, he looked better on the surface at the very least.


“Little San was right. The spirit bone gave me the Bloodlust ability, and it’s a frightening one. The spirit bone’s name is Bloodlust Craze Hurricane Right Leg. I feel that my body is now much lighter. The technique Bloodlust Craze allows me to enter into a crazed state, enhancing attack, defense and speed by a hundred percent, but prevents me from using spirit abilities. However, I’m unsure if I can maintain my consciousness within the state.”


“It’s best not to use the spirit bone technique for now” Tang San said with a thought “It may lead to undesirable consequences in the case you lose your mind when using the technique. Wait until we obtain a head spirit bone. It will improve your mental prowess, and perhaps then you will be able to control your Bloodlust Craze.”


When it came to spirits, Tang San, who was Grandmaster’s protégé, was naturally the most experienced amongst them. Giving him a nod, Dai Mubai turned to look around at the surrounding corpses and said, “Let’s gather the corpses. It’s time we returned, lest the rest become anxious.”


The dead bodies of the Wolftaken  and villagers were grouped separately.

“I apologize for being unable to rescue all of you, but we have avenged your deaths. Please rest in peace.” Tang San said with a soft sigh. 
Without a word, the three of them bowed to the villagers who had died terribly.


When they left, phoenix flames rose within the forest. Under Ma Hongjun’s control, the fire burnt where the corpses were gathered. As they left the blood-reeked grounds, their moods gradually improved. Although they could not rescue the villagers, slaying those Wolftaken was akin to saving the lives of more commoners.


Under Tang San’s mental directions, the trio quickly reached where the rest were waiting for them.


With a wave of his right hand, Tang San withdrew the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. The rest had grown anxious while waiting. Zhu Zhuqing threw herself at Dai Mubai right away.

Although she did not utter a word, the worry in her eyes could not be hid.


Stroking Zhu Zhuqing’s head, Dai Mubai said “It’s okay, I’m fine, the blood on us belongs to our enemies. Only Fatty was slightly injured. Our luck was pretty good, we got our hands on a piece of spirit bone.” With this, he gave a brief picture of what had happened. Upon learning of the Wolftaken’s ruthlessness, everyone wore a look of fury. Bai Chexiang nodded in agreement, as she had witnessed the misfortune of the villagers.


Xiao Wu had already hid herself behind Ning Rongrong, and although her gaze was blank, the expression on her face was that of horror.


Suddenly, Tang San recalled the previous occasion when Xiao Wu refused to go near him after his killings.
Inwardly sighing, he said: “Oscar, the water we brought along is with you. Bring some over. We will wash our bodies.”


Within the forest by the road, it took more than ten water pouches to rid the trio of the bloodstains on their bodies. Changing into a fresh set of clothes, they rejoined the rest. Ma Hongjun’s face was pale, his substantial loss of blood showing its effect. Even with Oscar’s recovery sausages, it would take some time to replenish the lost blood.


Watching Fatty’s unsteady steps, Bai Chenxiang hurried forth to support him. Fatty’s left arm drooped by his side as he got on the carriage in a dizzy state.


After Tang San and Dai Mubai boarded the carriage, Tan San explained Xiao Wu’s condition and swopped positions to allow Xiao Wu to sit leaning against Ning Rongrong. He, Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun sat at the exterior. Despite this, Tang San could see that Xiao Wu still trembled, obviously affected by the killing intent they gave off.


If it was only Tang San, he would certainly choose to walk beside the carriage. However’s Fatty’s injuries were not minor, how could he make his own brother walk for the request of his lover?


His emotions lightly stirring, Tang San already thought of a solution, with a burst of blue light, the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud once again made its appearance, the blue light burst forth, enveloping Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong and Oscar within it. Immediately, the three of them vanished from within the carriage. Using the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, they could easily separate each other.


Indeed, the Xiao Wu within the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud gradually was able to calm down, leaning on Ning Rongrong, she went to sleep.


Bai Chenxiang carefully lifted up Fatty’s sleeves, and could not help but gasp, originally she wanted to scream but somehow she managed to hold it in. However, she was unable to conceal the fear in her eyes, which turned red as tears flowed down her face.


On Ma Hongjun’s left arm was a five-inch long open wound that was already revealing the bone beneath. Whatsmore this wound had already been treated by Tang San to help quench the bleeding, if not, he would have bleed out long ago.


Bai Chenxiang was just thinking of helping him wrap up his wound before Tang San stopped her, saying: “You cannot directly wrap it up, the wound is too large, it would make it too hard to heal that way. You need to first suture the wound. Xiangxiang, currently I am weakened and my hands are not too steady, can you do it?”


Bai Chenxiang glanced at Tang San before nodding affirmatively. “I can do it.”


Tang San smiled comfortingly, as they spent more time together, slowly Bai Chenxiang’s good points were emerging. Although she was slightly haughty, she was actually very kind. But after she had acknowledged the Shrek Seven Devils, other than to Ma Hongjun, she treated all of them very respectfully. At this time, she was also showing off her courage.


Taking the thread and needle Tang San handed her, she took a deep breath as she brought Ma Hongjun’s left arm into her embrace. Facing Dai Mubai opposite her she said: “Big Brother Dai, can you help me hold him down, I am scared he will move about too much from the pain.”


Along with a nod of his head, Dai Mubai lifted his arm and pressed it down on Ma Hongjun’s shoulder.


Bai Chenxiang shut her eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again, a determined glare appearing in her eyes. Putting his left arm under her left armpit, tucking both her knees together clamping his fat arm in place between them.


Tang San nodded towards Dai Mubai, Dai Mubai exerted some force in his right arm, releasing his spirit power, stabilising Fatty’s body in place.


Bai Chenxiang once again took a deep breath, left hand holding on to the wound, right hand starting to suture with the needle.


With the first needle, Fatty’s body began to shake violently. Although he was presently unconscious due to the substantial blood loss, his body involuntarily convulsed.


Under Dai Mubai’s strength, his body naturally could not move. But Dai Mubai did not hold down the whole of Ma Hongjun’s body, his injured left arm was pressed down by Bai Chenxiang.


Bai Chenxiang’s strength paled to that of Dai Mubai, and could not compare to that of Ma Hongjun’s. Even though the left arm was injured, under pain it couldn’t help but move.


Gritting her teeth, Bai Chenxiang sandwiched Fatty’s palm with her knees, and wrapped his left arm under hers. Working the needles, she speedily sutured the wound on his arm. Her techniques were extraordinarily steady, and the spacing between each suture was almost equal. Quickly, the flesh split open by the Cyan Wolftaken was stitched together.


A soft pop sound went off, and a stream of green smoke rose from where Bai Chenxiang’s knee were. Although Ma Hongjun was in semi-conscious state, under intense pain he subconsciously released some of his flames.


Tang San was shocked. Despite his fatigued body, he still had mental prowess. “Fatty, withdraw your strength,” Tang San hurriedly growled. The voice was transmitted to Ma Hongjun’s ears and its mental strength caused him to shiver. Only then did the flames of his hand disappear.


Although deep furrows showed on Bai Chenxiang’s brows, and sweat poured down her face, her hands were stable, and her needlework never once ceased. This earned her the party’s admiration. Still pressing down on Fatty’s arm firmly, not once did she look at her knee that was held by Fatty’s hand.


Whether it was Dai Mubai, Tang San, Zhu Zhuqing, or Ning Rongrong and Oscar who were enveloped by the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, their gaze towards Bai Chenxiang were somewhat special.


The fact that Tang San allowed Bai Chenxiang to join in their plans this time, everyone knew it was to create an opportunity for Fatty. Thus, no one objected. However, given the length of time the Shrek Seven Devils knew each other, the sudden entry of a stranger, although she was not ostracised, didn’t mean that she had their recognition.


Having witnessed how Bai Chenxiang stitched Ma Hongjun’s wound, the way they viewed her was somewhat special now


Calm, enduring, suffering for the sake of companions. Bai Chenxiang’s actions had won the the approval of the Shrek Seven Devils. Dai Mubai reacted the most strongly, his evil eye revealed a light of approval.


Taking notice of what is happening, Tang San could not hold back his smile. He was not unwilling to help Bai Chenxiang control Ma Hongjun, but he chose not to do so. As the team’s mind and soul, he had to lead not only during battle.


At last, Bai Chenxiang completed the stitching procedure. The gaping wound on Ma Hongjun’s left arm was fully closed. With the constitution of a spirit master, all he needed now to recover back to normal was to rest.


Bai Chenxiang exhaled deeply, and released her knees that were clenching Ma Hongjun. Her inner thighs were already scorched black, and her dress revealed two holes. However, she smiled faintly while exhaling. With Dai Mubai’s assistance, the both of them carried Fatty to a corner of the carriage to let him sleep undisturbed. Only then did she feel that her body was already weak, and her limbs shivered uncontrollably.


Tang San took two small vials from his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse in silence, and passed them to Bai Chenxiang. “Apply the white one on his wound, and the red one on your knees, it is to resolve the fire poison. Then, apply the white bottle’s contents on the outside to stimulate tissue regeneration.”


Bai Chenxiang handed over the needle to Tang San and took the vials. She applied the medicine on Ma Hongjun and tore a piece from her dress to wrap around his arm, before treating her own burns.


Looking at Tang San, Dai Mubai pointed at Bai Chenxiang and gave a thumbs up. Tang San smiled faintly in response.


The carriage pressed forth. Fatty slept for half a day before he woke at dusk after the party found a resting spot. After eating some of Oscar’s recovery sausages, his condition improved greatly.


“Eh, Xiangxiang, why are you walking so strangely?” Ma Hongjun curiously asked the burnt Bai Chenxiang. She had currently already changed into another long dress.


The other Shrek Seven members were all lightly smiling, but none of them helped clarify his question.


Bai Chenxiang paused for a while, her face blushing, making her seem even more beautiful under the flame’s light. Lowering her head, she gently shook it, not explaining anymore.


Ma Hongjun felt that something was wrong, and could not help but ask Dai Mubai who was not far from him: “Boss Dai, why are you smiling at me like that? What on earth happened to Xiangxiang.”


Dai Mubai snorted before ferociously saying: “Stupid Fatty, I don’t know where your damned luck comes from, this time you really got something good. If you don’t treat Xiangxiang well in the future, don’t blame me for being discourteous.” While saying this, he brandished his large fists at Ma Hongjun.


Bai Chenxiang’s face immediately got redder, softly saying: “Actually, t-there is nothing much between us.”


Dai Mubai laughed knowingly, “That’s right! There is nothing going on between you two, I never said so in the first place!”


“I… …” feeling very embarrassed, Bai Chenxiang was at a loss of words, a cool hand suddenly grasped hers, without knowing when Zhu Zhuqing had already reached her side. “Xiangxiang, just ignore them. Other than third brother, there is nothing good about these guys anyway.”


Oscar smiled wryly saying: “Zhuqing, this is a blatant over-generalised attack! I admit your family’s Boss Dai is nothing good, Fatty is also not much. But don’t you insult me like that, I am very pure okay? As pure as a small white flower.”  


Zhu Zhuqing coldly snorted, “You pure? Why don’t you recite out your chant for your first Spirit Ability to Xiangxiang?”


“Uh… …” While using his Spirit ability, Oscar very softly recited his chant, not letting the people around him hear, after being exposed by Zhu Zhuqing like that, he was left speechless.


Bai Chenxiang lifted her head and looked at the Hell Civet who was prettier than her standing next to her. Without knowing when, she already felt a shred of warmth from the group, this was the first time she felt that, she had become part of this Shrek Seven Devils’ group. Although she still did not want to have anything between her and Fatty, this feeling of integration left her feeling very comfortable and somewhat satisfied.


As night advanced, the group all sat around a bonfire, shrouded by Tang San’s Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud resulting in none of them having to stay up to guard the camp.


The Mysterious Heaven Technique gently circulating in his body, coursing through his meridians. In order to recover from the state of weakness, cultivation was the best way.


However, these days while cultivating, Tang San noticed a problem. After obtaining the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, he would frequently realise that this body had undergone some changes.


These changes mainly occurred on his four Spirit Bones, normally he would not feel much. But, each time he used his Spirit Power, or used his Spirit Ability, this feeling would become more obvious.


These four spirit bones would emanate warmth filled with energy. Tang San could also vaguely feel that they had undergone some changes. He had also tried to test out these Spirit Bone’s abilities, yet he could not feel anything different. These abilities were just like before, not any stronger nor were they any weaker. What's more, the warmth he felt was only comfortable and did not cause him any pain.


Currently, after having entered the state of cultivation, that warm feeling was back again. This time, perhaps because he was in a weakened state, the heat coming from the four spirit bones seemed to be much intenser than before.


The Spirit Bones in his head, right arm, right leg and back, concurrently became hotter, causing his whole body to become fiery hot. However, what’s strange was, Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill was unaffected by this scalding heat and was helping him cultivate as usual.


The Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud surrounded all of them silently, the only pity was that at this moment, outside the triangle glow making them fully invisible, a faint blue specter appeared behind them.


This blue specter appeared outside the area of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, just like a tuft of light blue smoke. Extremely faint in colour, not giving out any radiance. In this quiet night, unless one was carefully looking for it, it would be hard to even notice its presence.


However, if not for the interference of this Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, you would be able to notice, the glow from Tang San’s head, right arm, right leg and back was eerily similar to this blue specter.


This hot feeling lasted a long time before fading away, but once the scalding feeling disappeared, Tang San could feel an indescribable comfort in his body, greatly improving his state of weakness. His Mysterious Heaven Skill also started to feel smoother, vaguely he could also feel his Spirit Power improving moving towards the peak of the sixty-sixth rank.


Opening his eyes, he could see the sky already start to turn a deep blue as dawn approached. Looking around him, he could see the rest of them still deep in cultivation while Xiao Wu was sweetly sleeping on Ning Rongrong’s lap.


What on earth was going on with him? Tang San looked towards the blue shroud, certain that the changes to his body were brought forth by the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. However, even after following Grandmaster for so many years learning about spirit, he was still unable to find an answer to his current condition.


Spirit Bones giving off heat, what on earth was going on here? Tang San had no idea, at least he still had no idea so far. However, he was pretty certain that this Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud had become linked to him. Ever since that day he directed his Spirit Power at it, he was able to use its abilities, however after each use, it would enter into his body, making him unable to restore their individuality as it seemed to have integrated itself into his body and spirit, becoming a part of him.


What’s more, this Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud had fused with Tang San even more so than his Spirit Bones. Those spirit bones had only physically fused with Tang San, while this thing had fused with him spiritually as well. Whenever he thought about this, he got a strange feeling that this Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud might have become part of him.


At daybreak, after Tang San finished his routine Purple Demon Eye’s training, he woke everyone for breakfast before they continued on their journey.


Long journeys were usually pretty tiring, but it was nothing much for Spirit Masters, by the time their carriage brought them to the western boundary of the Heaven Dou Empire, Ma Hongjun had already fully recovered.


Tang San took out the map in the carriage which everyone crowded around. Pointing at the map, Tang San said: “We are about to reach this place. The Vast Sea city, the only coastal city in the western part of Heaven Dou Empire. Since we are heading to Sea God Island, we have no choice but to take a boat from this town. After setting off, I estimate it would take us about ten days to reach Sea God island.”


Ning Rongrong asked: “Then should we have Ning Tian wait for us there at Vast Sea City, or should we have him return first?” Ning Tian was the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School disciple controlling the carriage.


Tang San said: “We have no idea how long we will spend there at Sea God Island, so it is better to have him go back first. When we are done, we can just rent a carriage from Vast Sea City, or just walk back.”


Vast Sea City, the largest city in the Western Heaven Dou Empire province, also the largest coastal city in the entire Douluo Continent.


This huge city was built by the sea; more accurately, it was built on the mountains by the sea, completely unshaken by the rise and fall of the tides. Its walls were comparable to those in the capital, before you even reached the city, you could already taste the saltiness of the air.


At this moment, they had already reached the city gates and gotten off the carriage due to checks.


Zhu Zhuqing frowned and said: “What is this taste, it’s really weird.”


The city guards had no choice but to swallow their drool from seeing these four beauties escorted by Tang San, Dai Mubai and Oscar who gave off an extraordinary aura. One of them politely asked: “Is this your first time here? What you are all tasting is the taste of the sea. This Vast Sea City is built just beside the large sea. When the wind blows, this salty air would be blown over.”


At this moment they realised that the inspections were complete, the things they were carrying were all in their spirit tools and as such naturally nothing much would be checked. After thanking the guards, they did not reboard the carriage and just walked into the city.


Passing through the city walls, they entered the Vast Sea City, and the salty taste in the air got even stronger. The Shrek Seven Devils realised that the people in this Vast Sea City were different from those in the outer cities. Here, most of them were shorter and had darker skin.


Once they entered the city, they caught the notice of the Vast Sea City people. Mainly because the four ladies with them were just too beautiful.


Zhu Zhuqing’s cold expression coupled with her flaming hot figure. Ning Rongrong’s elegant feel, and tender jade-white skin. Bai Chenxiang’s tender and pleasant, seeming as pure as a lotus. And also Xiao Wu’s slender curves, empty expression, her scorpion braids hanging in front of her, quietly leaning on Tang San’s shoulder with Tang San hugging on her waist, a beautiful face coupled with a perfect body, in addition to her weak expression after losing her soul she was ranked the best amongst the four.


Though their styles were different, any one of them was already extremely stunning. Even if only one of them appeared, she would already be able to catch the people’s attention, let alone if the four of them appeared together. Practically all the people there would turn their heads to look.


Tang San bitterly smiled: “This will not do, Zhuqing, Rongrong, Xiangxiang why don’t you all go in the carriage along with Xiao Wu.”


Ning Rongrong said while laughing: “Haha. just let them look all they want, what’s the big deal?”


Tang San shook his head and said,: “Our destination is Sea God Island, let’s not complicate things. Although this place is pretty remote, it is not definitely free from Spirit Hall’s influence. We still need to stay undercover and not let too many people know our plans, especially Spirit Hall.”


After the four girls boarded the carriage, the results were much better. Although Tang San, Dai Mubai and Oscar were all handsome guys, but as guys they were much less eye catching than those girls, and naturally the crowd following them became smaller.


After some simple discussion, they decided to stay in the Vast Sea City for two days, firstly to recover from fatigue and tidy themselves up. Secondly to prepare for their journey over the sea.


They settled down in a normal inn in the city. Ning Tian originally was preparing to head back, but Tang San had him rest in town for a day as well. Afterall, rest is important after such a long journey.


After renting the rooms, there was a small episode, Dai Mubai straightforwardly requested to share a room with Zhu Zhuqing, clearly he was up to no good, as for Zhu Zhuqing, although her face was red, she did not reject him. Oscar also took the chance to try to get into the same room as Ning Rongrong only to get kicked out by a red-faced Ning Rongrong. Simply because she wanted to sleep together with Xiao Wu.


After this, a problem arose. Dai Mubai was sharing a room with Zhu Zhuqing, Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong shared another, Tang San and Oscar also had no problem sharing a room. But then there was a problem with the remaining with Ma Hongjun and Bai Chenxiang. With this arrangement, the two of them would have to share the last room. Notwithstanding Bai Chenxiang’s disagreement, Fatty also disagreed to this.


During the journey, as he was getting better, he found out who had helped stitched him up, and that he had burnt that person’s knees. Afterall, Dai Mubai had described the incident very detailedly to him. From then on, Ma Hongjun’s attitude towards Bai Chenxiang had a large change. Initially he had pursued Bai Chenxiang without shame, but slowly his enthusiasm towards her became restrained without much hope in his heart. But after Fatty found out it was Bai Chenxiang who helped him with his wound, he had undergone a complete awakening. If he continued to pursue her like Dai Mubai, then if he still failed to marry her in this life his life would have been lived in vain. As such, after he recovered, he not only recovered his previous enthusiasm, his skin seemed to have become even thicker. Regardless of whether Bai Chenxiang called him fat or a pervert, he acted as if he did not hear any of it. Just like a giant fly, he circled around Bai Chenxiang all day everyday. He had decided that no matter what, during this trip to Sea God Island, he would make her his wife.


“Sigh, never mind, since I am a upright young man, Xiangxiang, I am okay with it. Just endure it for awhile and it will be over. Since I am tolerant, let’s just share a room together.”


If one had not previously known him, seeing Ma Hongjun’s sorrowful sigh, you would think that he was greatly aggrieved. However, of the Shrek Seven Devils, which of them did not know what he was really thinking?


Bai Chenxiang had an extremely cute expression, with her eyes open wide like an almond, staring at Ma Hongjun: “You… You….” Fuming till she was at a loss of words.


Oscar naturally would not give up this opportunity, immediately rushed forward, by Bai Chenxiang’s side saying: “I’ll say it for you. I have seen many shameless people, but none as shameless as you, Fatty. Right?”


Bai Chenxiang nodded her head hatefully saying: “That’s right.”


Ma Hongjun continued his act, righteously saying: “What shameless? Am I not an upright young man? Afterall I am at least two hundred jin of fat, with me around, you will definitely feel safe! Imagine having to hire a bodyguard as outstanding as me, how much would it cost? Whatsmore, I am free, so don’t worry, even if you harass me at night, I will endure it. It’s not my fault our relationship is so good, so just don’t worry and harass me all you want at night.”


Seeing, Fatty’s wretched smile, the group could not help but instantly burst out laughing.


Bai Chenxiang angrily stared at Fatty, but all of a sudden her anger was gone, to the group’s surprise she let out a sweet smile, and walked towards Ma Hongjun.


Ma Hongjun too was surprised, seeing the anger suddenly disappearing from the love of his life and giving him such a beautiful expression. Never had he seen Bai Chenxiang smile at him like this! Not able to take it anymore, he backed away saying: “Y-you, what’s wrong with you?”


Bai Chenxiang smiled lightly, making her look even prettier, “Why are you backing away? Am I that scary? Didn’t you want to sleep with me? Are you scared now?”


Fatty blinked his eyes before quickly standing upright saying: “Who is scared, Xiangxiang let’s go back to our room.”


What they didn’t expect was, Bai Chenxiang actually willingly nodded her head saying: “Let’s go then!”


“Huh?” This time the whole Shrek Seven Devils were surprised. Even if they had not seen through Bai Chenxiang and Fatty’s relationship, they had not expected it to so fast already… ...


Ma Hongjun swallowed his saliva, although he was certainly tempted to be able to sleep with Bai Chenxiang in the same room. But for some reason, seeing Bai Chenxiang smile like that, he felt a chill run down his spine.


Ma Hongjun asked curiously, “Xiangxiang, you really are going to sleep with me?”

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