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Tang San noticed that Yang Wudi’s tone of voice was very downcast. As he spoke his clothes shook, as if he was trying desperately to suppress his emotions.


“Because of the many ways you can mix it, a mixed poison is the hardest to get rid off, what’s more this specific poison was specially researched and concocted after many years of the Breaking Clan’s research. It is something that other people will never be able to purge, even if some godly medicinal herb was used it can only suppress the poison for a while and when it returns it would come back even worse. If not for Dugu Bo’s using poison to counteract poison, then even ten Emperor Xue Ye would have passed.”


“After we discovered this poison we felt that it was too tyrannical and so we treated it as one of our clan’s taboo drugs. That year when the Clear Sky School went into seclusion our four Single Attribute Clans had no choice but to break apart due to the attacks from the Spirit Hall. During the conflict, my only son died while my younger brother Yang Wushuang[1] was taken captive and was never heard from again. However, only my brother and I are able to concoct this poison which would mean that he is still alive and has become Spirit Hall’s lackey.”


After saying this Yang Wudi paused for a while, his eyes seemingly blazing with a black flame: “I would have rather he died than become a lackey of the Spirit Hall.”


Tang San lightly sighed, “Life is precious, perhaps he may have had certain difficulties. This matter is between the Clear Sky School and the Spirit Hall, so Elder don’t worry about it too much.”


Yang Wudi remained silent for a moment as he looked at Tang San before saying: “Sect leader, if in the future we run into him, please let me personally kill him.” After saying this, the expression in his eyes became even colder as he gave Tang San a slight bow and walked away with large strides.


Seeing Yang Wudi’s solitary and cold back, Tang San inwardly sighed.


“Old Goat’s temper is as bad as ever, sigh-” The voice suddenly appearing beside Tang San gave him a shock. Concentrating his gaze, he swiftly retreated to the entrance of his bedroom where Xiao Wu was sleeping. As the other person had reached here without so stealthily without anyone noticing, Tang San hairs stood up as cold sweat dripped off him.


“It’s me.” With a flash there was already someone else standing beside Tang San, and that person was precisely the Speed Hall master Bai He.


After finding out the other party was a friend, Tang San could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, “Uncle don’t scare me like that. I wondered who could have the ability like that. Although I was not deliberately searching, I had extended my spiritual force over a hundred meter radius, the only person who could approach without my notice should only be you.”


Bai He smilingly said: “ Don’t over rely on your spiritual force, there are weaknesses to any kind of observation abilities and spiritual force too has it’s limits. Once my speed reached a certain level and with some techniques, unless you are actively searching, it would be very hard even for you to notice.”  


Tang San smiled and said: “In the Spirit Master Realm, I am afraid that there are none that can match up to your speed. But what did you mean with what you said earlier? Yang Wudi, he…...”


Bai He said with a sigh: “The Breaking Clan was originally led by two patriarchs, Yang Wudi and Yang Wushuang, who depended greatly on each other when they were young. Even when Yang Wushuang was caught, it was to protect Yang Wudi. Their relationship was very good, Sect Leader, if in the future we really do run into Yang Wushuang, can you on my account spare his life?”


Tang San only silently nodded his head.


Bai He continued: “Originally I wanted to see you not regarding the old goat but rather Chenxiang. Didn’t she spout some nonsense to you today?”


Tang San shook his head as he said: “It cannot really be considered nonsense, I just don’t get it, how did fatty move you? Such that you are willing to marry your precious granddaughter to him. Or were you just playing with him?”


Bai He sighed again as he said, “How can I joke about such things? I seriously agreed to it, not because of his relationship with you but rather for the future of my Speed Clan. I only had one condition for Ma Hongjun, if in the future he and Chenxiang were to have children, one of the boys must take over as the patriarch of the Speed Clan and bear Chenxiang’s surname Bai.”


After hearing these words, Tang San instantly understood what was going on. It would appear that this uncle of his had already calculated this out. Although fatty had a slightly inferior appearance not matching Chenxiang, you cannot forget his spirit was that of a Phoenix, in terms of quality it could rival the Seraphim spirit. Even if there was a difference in quality it would only be a hair’s breadth of difference.


What’s more, the Phoenix was the king of birds: although the Speed Clan’s spirit, the Needle-tailed Swift, was fast, when compared to the Phoenix it was still too slow. Bai He was intending to use Ma Hongjun to improve the Speed Clan’s inherited spirits! No wonder he was willing to sacrifice Chenxiang’s happiness for it. What’s more there was no certainty that it was going to be sacrificed: with Tang San around, how could Ma Hongjun treat Bai Chenxiang badly? Bai He’s decision was only made after some careful considerations. Everyone has their own selfish desires, regarding this Tang San also had nothing more to say.


“So it is like this. As long as Fatty is okay with it then it’s fine with me as well. However, I am sure that you also want Chenxiang to be happy, right? When we go for our training this time, except for Fatty, we are all couples. So we’ll bring Chenxiang along. We can let the two of them get to know each other better. Fatty will also definitely take good care of her, what do you think?


You could hear Bai He’s rejoice in his voice as he bitterly smiled: “My only worry is that Chenxiang is unable to take it; since young she has been spoiled by me. But with regards to cultivation talent, she is pretty blessed as well.”


Tang San smilingly said: “Then that is settled.”

Bringing Bai Chenxiang along this training trip was what Tang San promised to Ma Hongjun previously. Feelings need to be developed over time, whether the two of them could produce feelings would depend on Ma Hongjun himself in the days to come. Although Bai Chenxiang was not strong at offense or defence, she was fast, and was definitely a qualified scouting Spirit Master. Under normal conditions, using her speed would be enough for her to protect herself.


Three days later, after Tang San settled all the matters in the Tang Sect, he brought Xiao Wu and divine craftsman Lou Gao and left Heaven Dou City. Before he went to the Sea God Island, he had to make a trip back to the Clear Sky School.



Spirit Hall, Supreme Pontiff Palace.


In the main discussion chamber it was as if the hall was covered in a layer of frost with only three people present. The person sitting on the Pontiff’s throne was none other than Bibi Dong, while the Spirit Master silently standing behind her was Hu Liena. The remaining person was blonde and now wearing women’s clothing, the valiant and formidable-looking Qian Renxue.


Qian Renxue stood about ten meters in front of Bibi Dong. The silence here had continued for a long time. Bibi Dong’s sharp glare had been resting upon Qian Renxue, who had also been glaring back at her. Although no words were exchanged, the pressure exuded by them made it hard for Hu Liena standing behind Bibi Dong to breathe.


“Liena, you go out first.” With a wave of her hand, something seemed to appear within her eyes, and then it was gone.


Hu Liena inwardly breathed a sigh of relief and respectfully acknowledged the instructions before quickly leaving the hall; only after leaving did she find out that her undergarment was already soaked with sweat.


She had been following Bibi Dong for many years, but never once did she meet someone who dared to glare at her like that. Who on earth was that woman? She did not seem much older than herself, yet she could carry herself in such an imposing manner. That kind of strong and dignified aura did not come from her spirit. Rather, it seemed to emanate from within.


After Hu Liena took her leave, the Spirit Hall’s Discussion Chamber had only Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue left within. Bibi Dong slowly got up and started walking step by step towards Qian Renxue, who had a physique very similar to her own.


Qian Renxue did not back down from Bibi Dong’s advance, rather her face remained indifferent as her gaze turned even sharper.


A complex expression flashed within Bibi Dong’s eyes as her body suddenly seemed to lose all its imposing manner, she sighed and said: “What’s done is done, we can always start over again. In the grand scheme of things we still hold the absolute advantage anyway.”


Qian Renxue coldly said: “I did not lose to Tang San, I only lost to you. If you were not in such an excessive hurry, why would i ever take the risk and bring forward my plans? Sis——ter——”. The last words were spoken practically while shouting as she purposely dragged her words laced with contempt.


“Sister?” Anger flashed within Bibi Dong’s eyes “Very well, remember that carefully, from now on you shall call me that.”


Qian Renxue coldly snorted, “No, I think i will just stick to calling you Supreme Pontiff. After all in this world I only have one relative, which is Grandpa. Other than Grandpa I will not address anyone else as a family member. Didn’t you also say so previously? My coming to this world was a mistake. He already died, you also had already got what you wanted. But, you better remember, you are you and I am myself. From now on, I shall move on my own: you manage your Spirit Hall and I will manage my Elder Hall and the Douluo Palace. You will have no right to deploy any of the elders in the Elder Hall.”


“What did you say?” Bibi Dong’s glare suddenly regained its sharpness. A sudden burst of pressure erupted through the hall blasting towards Qian Renxue, sending her a few steps back while trying to stabilize herself. Under the immense pressure of Bibi Dong, a stream of blood flowed out from the side of her lips, but the cold smile on her face did not fade in the slightest.


Seeing the blood flowing out of her lips, Bibi Dong was somewhat taken aback, causing her spirit power to fluctuate as she withdrew it.


“Just go, go and visit your Grandpa. If he agrees to it then I too have nothing to say about it.” At this point it felt as if Bibi Dong had suddenly aged ten years. Although Bibi Dong was over twenty years older than Qian Renxue, based on their looks the gap seemed much smaller.


Qian Renxue coldly swept her gaze past Bibi Dong as she turned and left without looking back. The doors to the chamber slammed shut with a loud bang, as if separating the two of them into different worlds.


Bibi Dong, as if having lost all her energy, collapsed onto her throne, tears streaking across her face without her control. Who would have imagined that this cold blooded Supreme Pontiff also had this weak side to her.



Elder Hall.


This was the largest piece of construction within the Supreme Pontiff Palace, and it also represented the strongest fighting force within spirit hall. Upon entering this tall dome-shaped building you would encounter a large hall nearly thirty meters high which was divided into three levels, each level consisting of ten rooms.


Other than due to certain special circumstances, to be admitted to this place required the condition of having a spirit rank of ninety or above, in other words having the strength of a Title Doulou or above. This was the true highest authority of Spirit Hall: even the Pontiff could be held back by this place. If the elders here were to work together, they could destroy a city in a day. This was in no way an exaggeration.


At this point in time, the Elder Hall was very quiet, and there was not even a servant around. When Qian Renxue walked into this hall she could feel goosebumps: within this hall was a huge golden construct, a statue of a Seraphim that stood ten meters tall. A man quietly stood in front of the statue with his back towards the door, looking at the statue.


From the back you could see that it was a man who was rather tall, without a particularly robust build, wearing a grey robe with his long black hair neatly combed behind him.


Standing there, he gave off a very bizarre feeling. Qian Renxue, who possessed the Seraphim spirit, could clearly feel that there was no distinction between the person standing there and that tall Seraphim statue. All the light coming in from the windows seemed to converge on this person, and although he was so simply dressed he still gave off a respectable feeling.


“Grandpa.” While standing by the door, she slumped onto the ground with a thump. Her originally cold gaze could no longer sustain itself, and her tears trickled down her cheeks.


The grey-robed man slowly turned around, the special aura he exuded suddenly becoming non-existent. On the surface he looked very handsome and seemed only about thirty or forty years old, with a faint smile on his face. His peaceful and tranquil aura gave off a very comfortable feeling. Yet the strangest thing was that even if a Title Douluo was present, he would not be able to feel the slightest spirit power fluctuations within this man.


The grey-robed man took a slight step forward and in the next instant already appeared in front of Qian Renxue. His movements were not fast, but the moment he arrived Qian Renxue was already in his embrace as she loudly wailed.


Even the strongest person has his weak side: if Bibi Dong was no exception, how would Qian Renxue have been one? Acting as Xue Qinghe for ten years, the pressure she faced and the youth that she sacrificed, only she herself truly understood it.


“Did you already visit her?” The grey-robed man gently caressed Qian Renxue’s golden hair.


Qian Renxue only silently nodded her head.


The grey-robed man softly said: “Actually, she also has her pains. Afterall, in the first place, the one at fault was not her. Her feelings towards you are not as you imagined it to be.”


Qian Renxue lifted her head and looked at the only person she regarded as family, “Grandpa, don’t tell me even you don’t want to to help me?”


The grey-robed man lightly sighed: “It’s not that, rather I cannot help you; although she is slightly more radical, she has made no mistakes. What’s more she is also the Supreme Pontiff of Spirit Hall, and her influence in Spirit Hall has already surpassed mine.”


“What?” Qian Renxue was greatly shocked, such that even the tears in her eyes had stopped falling “Th-this cannot be.”


The grey robed man lightly smiled, dotingly said: “Little Xue, you must remember, in this world the strong consume the weak. Whoever is stronger will have more say, even us in Spirit Hall are no exception. Her strength is already not inferior to mine, what’s more she is still so young. Perhaps, she will be the first in so many years to reach the another level. Not to mention that the first and second priests have both already given her their support, even I will also support her. She will be able to bring the Spirit Hall to greater heights: what you need to do is to properly help her rather than opposing her. Actually, your talent far surpasses your father, not only because of the Seraphim spirit he passed on to you but also because of the talent that came from Bibi Dong. After all, she is your mother.”


Qian Renxue stayed there in a daze without opening her mouth for a long time. The grey-robed man did not speak either, quietly standing there watching her, giving her time to think.


Qian Renxue currently had a pale face and an unstable gaze, but suddenly she sharply lifted her head and spoke towards the grey-robed man: “Grandpa, let me make you one last request.”


The grey-robed man frowned as he could sense that she was emotionally unstable at the moment, but he still nodded his head.


Qian Renxue’s gaze suddenly hardened as she spoke deeply: “I want to be the Spirit Hall’s Judgement Elder.”


The grey-robed man ask surprisedly: “Is it because of that young man who defeated you?” The Judgement Elder in the Elder Hall is second only to the priest. The priest isn’t allowed to take part in any of the Spirit Hall operations. While the Judgement Elder’s role is to take out any strong foes who oppose the Spirit Hall.”


Qian Renxue nodded her head: “From today on I will no longer meddle in the affairs of Spirit Hall. Also, she is not my mother; she never was, she still isn’t and she will never be. I will never forgive her. If not for you I fear I would have died in her hands a long time ago. I only have grandpa, I have no mother.”



Clear Sky School


The razor sharp, freezing mountain winds sliced across the hilltops. Tang San had to use his own body to shield Xiao Wu from these freezing winds. In front of him was the leader of the Clear Sky School, Howling Sky Doulou Tang Xiao, who stood with his hands behind him as he gazed at the mountains.


Gently holding Xiao Wu, Tang San said with his heartfelt feelings: “Uncle, thank you.”


When he came to the Clear Sky School, things initially did not go so well: after the Clear Sky School went into seclusion they did not allow any outsiders to enter, so Tang San was not allowed to bring Xiao Wu and Lou Gao in until Tang Xiao managed convince the others to allow them in.


Tang Xiao looked at Tang San, and without holding back any of his acknowledgment said: “No, rather than saying that I helped you, you helped yourself. After leaving for such a short period of time you already managed to breakthrough and even fulfil one of the three conditions set by the elders by managing to get a hundred thousand year old spirit ring while still only a Spirit Emperor. Did you forget the looks the five elders had on their faces when they saw that red Spirit Ring?”


As he recalled the five elder’s dumbfounded look, Tang Xiao couldn’t help but let out a faint smile.


However, Tang San could not bring himself to do so: seeing Xiao Wu in his embrace, he could only feel his heart ache. Although he knew that Xiao Wu’s soul hidden in the Spirit Ring could reunite with her body for a short while everyday, Tang San was still unwilling to let Xiao Wu out so frivolously. Xiao Wu afterall gave up her life to save his, now that there was a chance for her revival, how could he take that risk?


“Uncle, Senior Lou Gao has come to trouble you, because only together with your Clear Sky Hammer can he complete his forging. Only after these few hidden weapons are complete can we have the capability to contend against Spirit Hall.”


Tang Xiao nodded his head saying: “I got it. Don’t tell the other school members anything regarding your Tang Sect to avoid misunderstandings. In the first place it was the Clear Sky School that let down the four Single Attribute Clans. In the future, when your sect prospers, it can also be considered a form of compensation for them.”


Tang San said: “Uncle, not long ago the Sword Douluo mentioned that Spirit Hall has a person who reached the ninety ninth rank, but he did not go much into the details; do you know more about this?”


Hearing Tang San’s words, Tang Xiao’s body shook slightly as his eyes let out an indeterminate light. Tang San could clearly see that Tang Xiao had unwittingly tightly clenched his fists.  


“How could I not know? If not for him, do you think that our Clear Sky School would fear Spirit Hall? If not for him, who would dare say that they have the capability to defeat our Clear Sky School?”


Saying up till here, Tang Xiao’s breathing became very heavy, and didn’t calm for a long time.


“You should already know this. Since the Sword Douluo spoke of his existence, he must also have told you about the gaps between the Title Douluo. Our Clear Sky School also once had a Title Doulou of rank ninety nine: he and the grand priest from Spirit Hall were once known as the two peaks of the Spirit Master world, an insurmountable mountain for others.

He was my Grandfather, which means that he was your Great-Grandfather, Tang Chen[2]. At that time he was the Clear Sky Douluo. We were the strongest clan under the sun. While, at that time, the grand priest of Spirit Hall was the Judgement Elder and also Spirit Hall’s number one executioner, Qian Daoliu[3]. They repeatedly pitted their strength against each other and were about even with each other. Qian Daoliu’s spirit that time was the same as the Qian Renxue you mentioned, the Seraphim.”


“Then great-grandfather?” Tang San hesitatingly asked.


Tang Xiao bitterly smiled: “No idea. In terms of strength your great grandfather was a notch above Qian Daoliu, although the difference was slight. But in terms of spirit quality, the Seraphim spirit is definitely better than our Clear Sky Hammer, which is what allowed Qian Daoliu to contend against your great-grandfather even though he always had the lead in cultivation. However, about fifty years ago, your great-grandfather and Qian Daoliu had both already retired from view. As the older generations passed on, the amount of spirit masters who knew them gradually became lesser and lesser. Twenty years ago when your grandfather decided to seclude the clan, it was not because our Clear Sky School was afraid of Spirit Hall: it was just because your great-grandfather no longer was here. If not, even if there were even more strong people on the Spirit Hall side, we could still turn the tide. Even Qian Daoliu was never willing to lightly go to war with our Clear Sky School.”


“Great-grandfather left to someplace far? Whe did he go?”


Tang Xiao shook his head saying: “I don’t know, no one does. Before your great-grandfather left, he had a two hour discussion with your grandfather before disappearing like the wind. On your grandfather’s deathbed he had told me that your great grandfather had left to pursue the next level. Which would imply that he got even further than Qian Daoliu.”


Tang San heart shook, “Did he become a rank hundred god?”


Tang Xiao nodded his head, “No one knows what it is like after reaching the hundredth rank. He has already been gone for thirty years: other people may not know this, but if Spirit Hall were to attack us without him around, even our so-called Number one school will not have the ability to do anything against them. Which is why your grandfather decided to bring the clan into seclusion. We have waited for thirty years, yet your great-grandfather still has not returned, which means two possible things, either he managed to break through the hundredth rank and step into the next realm, or he failed when trying to break through the hundredth rank…”


Although Tang Xiao did not say it, Tang San understood what it meant to fail breaking through.


“Then is that Qian Daoliu still at Spirit Hall?” Tang San enquired.


Tang Xiao said with certainty: “Definitely. Did you know, when your great-grandfather left, he looked barely thirty years old, after reaching the ninety-ninth rank you could live normally for at least two hundred years. Your great-grandfather also previously mentioned that Qian Daoliu was a huge coward: even though he had a good spirit, he never dared risk his life to charge ahead. So so long as he lives, he will continue to remain within Spirit Hall; although he may no longer bother himself with Spirit Hall affairs, he is still there. What’s more, your father killed the previous Supreme Pontiff who was Qian Daoliu’s only son. For most normal matters he would probably not care, but when his only child was killed, how could he just sit around and wait?”


The Puzzled Tang San asked: “Then what is the meaning of going into seclusion? How does this stop Qian Daoliu from coming and taking his revenge?”


Tang Xiao said with a sigh: “This is what your great-grandfather left behind. The mountain we currently reside on is the place where Qian Daoliu had his last battle with your great-grandfather. When he lost, he promised your great-grandfather that from then on he and Spirit Hall would never set foot on this mountain again, unless the day comes where he could best your great-grandfather. This is the true meaning behind the Clear Sky School’s seclusion; if not, even if we went into hiding somewhere, Spirit Hall would have came to our doorsteps long ago.”


Tang San understood that if Tang Xiao was willing to tell him this, it meant that he had obtained the school’s acknowledgement after he came back and even managed to show that hundred thousand year old spirit ring in front of the elders.


“Uncle, it may be presumptuous of me to ask, but what rank spirit master are you now?”


Tang Xiao gently smiled and replied. “I am currently trying breaking through the ninety-seventh rank bottleneck. I don’t know if in my lifetime I would be able to reach grandfather’s strength. Actually, your father had the most hope of doing so, only he…” saying up till here, the luster in his eyes inadvertently dulled. For Tang Hao to have lost two limbs and given up two of his spirit bones, it meant he could no longer even dream to ever breakthrough that pinnacle.


Tang San’s eyes wavered, “After I go back, I will first visit mom and dad. Then I will be leaving for a period of time. Along with my companions we will go somewhere tough to train ourselves, and it is unlikely that we will make it back in the next few years.”


Tang Xiao was surprised, “You are going somewhere to train? The north?”


Tang San shook his head; after all there was nothing much that he needed to hide from Tang Xiao, “I am not sure if you heard of it, but it is some place called Sea God Island.”


“What?” Tang Xiao shouted from shock. “You are going to Sea God Island?”


Tang San looked at Tang Xiao astonishingly, “Uncle, you know that place?”


Tang Xiao bitterly smiled: “How could I possibly not know, your father and I once went there on your great-grandfather’s orders to deliver a letter to the head of Sea God Island, the Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi[4]. Tang San that is no place to go playing around!”


Having heard that Tang Xiao had once been there, Tang San felt exhilarated. After all, Grandmaster’s strength at that time was rather low; since his father and uncle had been there before, the things they saw there would definitely be different from the people from Spirit Hall.


“Uncle, why don’t you tell me more about the island?”


Tang Xiao seriously spoke: “Sea God Island. Even when your great-grandfather was present he would have to be careful because of the Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi. Bo Saixi’s strength was at the same level as your great-grandfather and Qian Daoliu: it is just because she has never once stepped out from the island that her name is not as well known. Back in the days when we still had a harmonious relationship with Spirit Hall, Qian Daoliu accompanied your great-grandfather to explore Sea God Island. There, they ran into Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi, who they fought for three days and three nights, causing landslides and tsunamis. And do you know the final result?”


Tang San, seeing the serious expression on Tang Xiao’s face, said speechless: “Don’t tell me great grandfather and Qian Daoliu lost.”


Tang Xiao forcefully nodded his head, “That’s right, both your great-grandfather and Qian Daoliu lost. Of course given their identities, they did not fight Bo Saixi together nor did they fight in tandem. But within three days, the two of them both fought Bo Saixi, and lost one sidedly at that.”


The surprised Tang San asked: “Didn’t you say that great-grandfather and Qian Daoliu were on the same level as Bo Saixi?”


Tang Xiao said with a sigh, “That place was Sea God island which was also the Sea God Douluo’s territory. When your great-grandfather sent your father and me to Sea God Island, he said that the Sea God Douluo’s strength was not a match for him, and was even slightly lower than Qian Daoliu. But within Sea God Island, as long as it was not a rank hundred power, no one would be able to defeat her. Because she was able to control the ocean with her power and rely on the strength of heavens and earth, your great-grandfather was no match for her”.


Tang San took a deep breath to conceal his surprise; Spirit Masters were after all still human, yet to be able to move even the oceans, what horrifying power she must have.

Tang San had never seen the ocean before, but he could imagine the blue expanse stretching where he could see no end. With his current strength, forget the ocean, he could not even bend a small body of water to his will. Power, this was indeed true power.


Tang Xiao, seeing the shock in Tang San’s eyes, continued: “The Sea God Island is actually a very beautiful place. There are several thousand Spirit Masters living there under the Sea God Douluo who refer to themselves as the Children of the Sea, while the Sea God Douluo is the messenger of the oceans and her spirit is the Sea God itself. Otherwise, even if Bo Saixi broke through the hundredth rank, she would not be able to control the oceans! Your great-grandfather and Qian Daoliu both said that in the waters she was invincible.”


“The time when your father and I went to deliver letters we were still young and headstrong and had some conflict with the residents there. At the start we were still quite successful and you could say invincible. But then we ran into some setbacks; under Bo Saixi were five lords who were all of the Title Douluo level. At that time, only one of them came and with only using six spirit rings managed to capture us alive. These ocean spirit masters abilities were too different from ours and could generally borrow the powers of the ocean to attack. Luckily we were there as messengers. After Bo Saixi saw the letter from your great-grandfather she asked a few questions about his wellbeing and let us go.”


Tang San said: “Grandmaster said that once we reach Sea God Island, we will be put through a test, and once we pass the test we can become a part of Sea God Island. We just cannot leave, is that right?”


Tang Xiao said surprisedly: “Are you planning to take that test?”


Tang San nodded his head: “Since we are planning to stay on Sea God Island, we naturally have to take the test. I reckon that breaking out of the island and escape back will be the results of our training. As long as we are able to come back, it would show that we had a great boost to our strength. Under the pressure of Sea God Island, our training speed will be much faster, plus the experience of fighting these ocean spirit masters will be good.”

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