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Chen Xin’s gaze swept over everybody, “Spirit power surpassing rank ninety five, can be regarded as a watershed for Title Douluos. Between rank ninety one to ninety five, even though the gaps of spirit power are not little, they can still be made up for by relying on the quality of spirit, spirit bones and spirit abilities. However, if one of two Title Douluo at war has surpassed rank ninety five, then the situation will change. Rank ninety six Title Douluo’s spirit power is stronger than rank ninety five Title Douluo by twenty percent.”


Grandmaster’s eyes flashed, light of excitement and fervency suddenly appearing. Having studied spirits for a lifetime, experience from top level powers among spirit masters such as Sword Douluo couldn’t be more important.


“However, when rank ninety six’s spirit power is stronger than rank ninety five by twenty percent, that cannot be made up by the quality of spirit, spirit bones or normal spirit abilities. Unless the two participants spirit abilites have essential gaps, rank ninety six Title Douluo should totally overwhelm Title Douluos who are below rank ninety five. Then, how about the gap between rank ninety seven Title Douluo and rank ninety six Title Douluo?”


Sword Douluo Chen Xin looked at Ning Fengzhi, who nodded to him.


“Rank ninety seven Title Douluo’s spirit power is stronger than rank ninety six Title Douluo by another twenty percent.”


Hearing this, even the powers present couldn’t help drawing a breath.


Bone Douluo forced a smile, “Therefore, for all these years, I’ve always been suppressed by this fellow. I’ve reached rank ninety five for ten years, but still made no progress at all.”


Looking at his partner, there was a thread of slight smile appearing on Chen Xin’s face, “After rank ninety five, every improvement of a rank won’t be merely accumulation of spirit power, but comprehension as well. Moreover, since everyone has a different spirit from others, what they should comprehend will also be different. No one can provide experience to help others improve. Your spirit power accumulation is already enough, just lacking the last point of sudden enlightenment.”


Gu Rong gave a sigh, “Ninety nine percent hard work plus one percent talent equal success. Still, what’s more important, is the one percent. In terms of comprehension, I’m inferior to you.”


Chen Xin said, “Because you are not as single-minded as me.”


Tang San was listening quietly aside, and this conversation between powers would bring his cultivation great benefits in the future.


Grandmaster was reflecting and said, “So that is to say, a rank ninety seven Title Douluo is stronger than a rank ninety five Title Douluo to an extent of about fifty percent. And according to the contrast of strength, a rank ninety seven Title Douluo can cope with two rank ninety five Title Douluo simultaneously?”


A thread of approving light appeared in Chen Xin’s eyes. What he was expressing, was exactly this idea, “In spite of the mutual restriction of spirits and spirit abilities, considering spirit power exclusively, it is true. Over rank ninety five, gaps of a rank will be the same as the gap between heaven and earth. The gap between rank ninety seven and rank ninety eight of the spirit power has originally reached thirty percent, while the gap between ninety eight and ninety nine even reaches the forty percent. In other words, a rank ninety nine Title Douluo can cope with at least four Title Douluos below rank ninety five.”


Grandmaster nodded, totally immersed in calm reflection, “On the basis of such calculations, then, the spirit power of a rank ninety nine Title Douluo is more than a rank ninety five Title Douluo by two point six times. In terms of spirit power alone, this gap is similar to the gap between a Spirit Sage and a Spirit King. Even one against six might not be a problem. But in practice, considering that all are Title Douluo and the possibility of possessing nine spirit abilities which may restrict each other, a rank ninety nine Title Douluo can merely cope with four Title Douluo below rank ninety five simultaneously. ”


Ning Fengzhi smiled, “Grandmaster deserves his name. Therefore, among powers of the Title Douluo level, there are about twenty Title Douluos known while the numbers of those who are hiding in the mountains or wilderness are unknown. First rate innate talent plus postnatal hard work, will have the chance to reach the power of the Title Douluo level as long as one is alive. However, in order to reach over rank ninety five, only with top talent, or by being uniquely gifted can one make it. Uncle Chen Xin said sudden comprehension is the most important. In the young generation, I have only seen the Shrek Seven Devils and Golden Generation of Spirit Hall possess such talent. If that Qian Renxue really has the Seraphim spirit, then she also possesses such talent.”


Suddenly, Tang San opened his mouth, “Senior Chen Xin. Then what is the gap between rank ninety nine and one hundred?”


Chen Xin’s sight fell on Tang San, meeting his clear blue eyes, “I don’t know. Maybe there had been such legendary power in the spirit master world, but they have never left behind their experiences.”


Saying that, a trace of yearning and thirst appeared in his calm eyes, “My father, cultivated to Title Douluo at the age of sixty eight, and then used ten years to reach rank ninety five. Then after another ten years, he reached rank ninety six, when he was already eighty eight years old. It was not until one the age of one hundred years that he broke through rank ninety seven. In that year, he met the last opponent of his lifetime, and regretfully lost. The gaps after rank ninety five I said before was exactly brought to me by my father. He talked to me for an hour, then suddenly passed away. Before he died, he told me his opponent was a rank ninety nine Title Douluo, who in his generation was known as the power with the best talent. After that rank ninety nine Title Douluo defeated my father, my father was told that he had already been trying hard for thirty years. This ninety ninth rank Title Douluo predicted that the gap in spirit power between hundredth and ninety ninth rank would surpass a hundred percent. Furthermore, that there is a possiblility of a tenth spirit ring.”


This was trading life for information, everyone turned completely silent. Among the Spirit Masters present, besides Grandmaster, even the weakest, the Shrek Seven Devils, were still around the sixtieth rank. As a Spirit Master, who didn’t want to have the chance to climb to the peak some day? Through Sword Douluo’s words, they learned how difficult it was.


“That year, I was seventy two, I had already reached the ninety second rank. Since then, twenty four years have passed, now I’m ninety six years old. If the Title Douluo who defeated my father is still alive, I don’t know whether he’s broken through the final bottleneck.”


Grandmaster said: “The lifespan of ordinary people is roughly sixty to eighty years. If a Spirit Master has no accidents, it’s not difficult to live to a hundred. Especially high level Spirit Masters. Once at the Title Douluo level, extending your life for another twenty years isn’t a problem. That Spirit Master is ninety ninth ranked, it’s very possible he’s still alive.”


Chen Xin sighed, saying: “Unfortunately, even if he’s still alive, I’ll never have the chance to challenge him in my lifetime.”


Ning Rongrong somewhat baffled said: “Sword grandpa, don’t you hate that person?”


Chen Xin shook his head, saying: “My father passed away with a smile on his face. I once hated him, but after truly surpassing the ninety fifth rank, I understand. Once finally at this level, to be able battle an opponent even stronger than yourself is the greatest fortune.”


Tang San said: “Senior Chen Xin. If I’m not mistaken, even though you’ve lost an arm, your level has still risen somewhat. Why wouldn’t you have a chance?”


Chen Xin’s eyes suddenly erupted with pure light, and everyone present shivered. He looked deeply at Tang San, “Good. Good. Really a heroic youth. However, what I said wasn’t false. With my arm lost, even if I gained some comprehension, my vitality is already injured, and it’’ll be difficult to advance at all in the future. I will never be able to surpass my father……”


Everyone present were intelligent people, and they couldn’t help being shocked by the implication of what Chen Xin told Tang San. This Sword Douluo had actually made another breakthrough, reaching a frightening ninety seventh rank.


A feverish look flashed through Tang San’s eyes, “Senior Chen Xin, do you know where that person is?”


Chen Xin’s gaze swept across everyone, “In those days, when my father challenged him, he was the chief priest of Spirit Hall’s Elder palace, the previous master of Elder Palace, the pride of a generation in Spirit hall, a spiritual leader in the true sense. When Bibi Dong claimed her position, if not for his support, with Bibi Dong still so far from the Title Douluo level, how could she convince the people?”


The air seemed to turn thick. Each person’s pupils seemed to contract. Even Ning Fengzhi who learned about this long ago, unconsciously had a serious expression. Tang San now knew that within Spirit Hall that he viewed as his greatest enemy, there actually still hid such opponents. That was after all a formidable existence that had ruled the Spirit Master world for a thousand years!


Just at this moment, the door opened, an intense medicinal fragrance spreading out from inside, drawing everyone’s attention.


Dugu Bo was first to leave the room. He seemed somewhat exhausted, but seeing everyone’s hopeful gazes, he slowly nodded.


Yang Wudi also left the room after Dugu Bo, his face extremely pale. He had previously fought a great battle, then again spent all his strength to treat poison for several hours, even this Medicine Hall master was extremely exhausted. He said to Tang San: “Sect master. I’d like to exchange a few words.”


Tang San inwardly smiled wryly. Even if you want to speak to me alone, then at least find a good chance. Now in front of Ning Fengzhi, how could he listen to the news alone?


“Elder Yang, there are no outsiders here, if there’s something to say, then say it.”


Yang Wudi looked slightly distracted, then became aware that his choice of location wasn’t the best. But he still nodded, saying: “I’ve already helped emperor Xue Ye to thoroughly dispel the poison. However, because he was poisoned for too long, his organs have suffered very serious damage. I’ve used some supporting medicines, but it can only help him live for another two to five years.”


Ning Fengzhi frowned, sighing lightly, “It’s good you could save his life. Two to five years. Ai. It seems the empire will have to look for a new successor. Does his Majesty know?”


Yang Wudi shook his head, “I haven’t told him. He’s already sleeping now. With the support of my medicine, he should be like a normal person by tomorrow, at most a bit weak.”


Even though Ning Fengzhi was inwardly anxious, being worried right now was useless. Without emperor Xue Ye, they were basically unable to counter attack the imperial palace. Right now there was no need to fear the situation changing. After all, there were so many Spirit Masters gathered here. Unless Qian Renxue could transfer ten thousand Spirit Masters within a day, there was no need to worry about the defenses here. And ten thousand Spirit Masters was an enormous number, the imperial ministers were no idiots. To whom the deer would fall was still in the air. Heaven Dou Empire wasn’t a Spirit Master sect, it had a deep foundation, the savings of a great empire absolutely couldn’t be swallowed easily. This was also why Spirit hall used a way like having Qian Renxue pose as Xue Qinghe, rather than a forceful attack.


Tang San said: “Elder, old freak. It’s been exhausting for you. First rest a while.”


Yang Wudi and Dugu Bo went to rest, and Ning Fengzhi and Tang San both sank into quiet contemplation. If emperor Xue Ye could wake up right now to return to the Heaven Dou imperial palace together with them, the situation would naturally be in their hands. But if time dragged out, Qian Renxue could cause all sorts of possible changes while posing as crown prince.


Drawing a deep breath, Ning Fengzhi suddenly raised his head, “Sect master Tang, come with me.” While speaking, he walked towards the rome where emperor Xue Ye was recovering from the poison.


Tang San hurried to catch up. Ning Fengzhi swung his hand in passing, closing the door behind them, directly reaching the side of the bed.


The darkness on emperor Xue Ye’s face had already faded away, in its place was a paleness like snow, his appearance withered and haggard. He looked like a candle dying in the wind, completely contrary to his vigorous appearance from a few years ago.


Ning Fengzhi looked at Tang San next to him, “Little San. Tell me what we should do now. Either continue waiting, or think of another way.” Now facing Tang San alone, he returned to his previous form of address.


Tang San calmly said: “Qian Renxue is intelligent. Presumably they will very quickly discover that something is wrong within the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. When that time comes they will immediately attack. Qian Renxue will also exploit her status as crown prince the act. However, she will realize that it isn’t too likely that Spirit Hall will transfer tens of thousands of Spirit Masters within a short time. Even in all of Spirit hall, there are only several tens of thousands of Spirit Masters. They lost a lot in the previous attacks on your sect and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. This time they’ve sent three thousand Spirit Masters as well as four Title Douluo, that’s already a considerable investment. By my estimates, Qian Renxue shouldn’t try to forcefully confront us. She has two choices, one is to think of a way to assassinate his Majesty, that way she still has a chance to take the throne. Only, to confront our five thousand Spirit Masters for a real battle, either the fish dying or the net splitting, even if we win, it’ll be a bitter victory.”


Ning Fengzhi listened conscientiously to Tang San, “Then what’s the other option?”


Tang San said: “Destruction. Causing as much destruction to Heaven Dou City as possible. Especially the imperial palace. With Heaven Dou Empire’s vitality injured, Spirit Hall will have a chance in the future. After all, Spirit Hall now already holds an absolute dominance on the entire Continent. Being defeated now doesn’t mean there won’t be opportunities later. If I was Qian Renxue, I would definitely pick this second option. And if you and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School disciples didn’t leave the imperial palace, I’m afraid you would face their most destructive attack.”


Ning Fengzhi looked satisfied at Tang San, his face revealing a trace of a smile, “Little San. After Rongrong inherits the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, you have to help her a lot.”


Tang San nodded, “I’ve always regarded Rongrong as a little sister. Even more when Oscar is by her side. Little Ao isn’t any less wise than I am. With Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will be bound to become the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile School in her hands in the future.”


Ning Fengzhi smiled: “If that day really comes, it will be thanks to you. Fine. Little San, go outside. I want to accompany his Majesty alone.”


Tang San stared blankly a moment, his gaze at Ning Fengzhi suddenly turning strange.


Ning Fengzhi helplessly shook his head, “Silly kid. Sometimes, being too clever isn’t a good thing. Go.”


There was something in Tang San’s eyes as he looked at the unwavering light in Ning Fengzhi’s gaze. Finally turning to leave, he left with a somewhat difficult pace.


After an hour, the door opened once again. Ning Fengzhi informed everyone that emperor Xue Ye was already awake, and had passed down a decree to summon the Heaven Dou City guard commander here. Ning Fengzhi sent Bone Douluo personally. Emperor Xue Ye currently had nothing on hand, and naturally couldn’t write any edicts. Therefore, this method for ‘inviting’ was a bit simple and direct.


Another hour passed, and after emperor Xue Ye had seen the city guard commanders, he immediately gave a series of orders, and the atmosphere within Heaven Dou City abruptly grew tense.


Now, emperor Xue Ye had also called in the commander of the two thousand Spirit Masters training at Shrek Academy. So far, the more than seven thousand Spirit Masters within Shrek Academy were all gathered together. Among Shrek Academy and the Four Element Academies, less than a hundred teachers could be mobilized to fight. As for the two thousand students, all the powers unanimusly agreed not to let them participate in the coming operation. These young Spirit Masters were all the future of the Spirit Master world, and also the future of Heaven Dou Empire, they couldn’t be lost.


After Bone Douluo who Ning Fengzhi had sent to order the city guard commanders to take charge of the general situation returned, he brought everyone into the room to pay their respects to emperor Xue Ye.


Emperor Xue Ye was by now already sitting up. Not only was the paleness Tang San saw before gone, his complexion was even rosy, like a robust man in his prime.


Everyone simultaneously bowed in salute. With their status in the Spirit Master world, kowtowing was impossible.


Emperor Xue Ye’s eyes revealed a trace of disappointment, “I thank you all for coming to my aid. Now isn’t the time to speak, once I’ve flattened the rebellion, I’ll thank you one by one. School master Ning, we’ll set out.”


Ning Fengzhi nodded, stepping forward to help emperor Xue Ye off the bed, leaving the room without paying attention to everyone’s somewhat vacant stares.


The Tang Sect, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, the imperial family, three factions of Spirit Masters were already prepared an immense Spirit Master force of more than five thousand majestically left the Shrek Academy, heading straight towards the imperial palace. By now the city guard army was already dispatched, blockading Heaven Dou City’s four gates, and also sending fifty thousand guards to surround the imperial palace.


The city defense army was now standing opposite the guards of the imperial palace, neither side yielding, neither stepping aside. But the orders emperor Xue Ye gave was only to surround the imperial palace. Right now, with the emperor appearing in person, everything would naturally resolve itself. At the same time, the hundred officials also arrived outside the imperial palace, having been notified by the city guards.


The imperial guards didn’t dare be neglectful, hastily opening the great gates to the palace, greeting emperor Xue Ye’s return to the palace. Under the emperor’s series of commands, the guards cooperated with the five thousand Spirit Masters he brought back to start searching the imperial palace, in order to capture Qian Renxue.


Tang San and Ning Fengzhi had side by side reached the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School courtyard within the imperial palace, already scouting carefully for an hour. All kinds of signs had already made clear that Qian Renxue and the two thousand Spirit Masters she had brought into the palace were inside the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s courtyard.


Ning Fengzhi’s expression was very unsightly. In order to fool people, even though the ones he had left behind in the school were all Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School outer sect disciples, there was still more than a hundred. No need to ask, these hundred Spirit Masters had certainly died tragically in enemy hands.


“Attack.” Ning Fengzhi shouted loudly, then soared towards the courtyard wall with Bone Douluo and Sword Douluo. The Golden Iron Triangle and the Tang Sect force also charged simultaneously. Such powers charged forward, already completely surrounding the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School Spirit Masters and soaring up. Several hundred flying tipe Spirit Masters even flew directly towards the sky, especially the disciples of Tang Sect’s Speed Hall, who swiftly grasped the best positions to scout.


However, all of this was useless. After everyone entered the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, what they saw wasn’t two thousand enemies, but more than two thousand corpses. The corpses of two thousand Spirit Masters affiliated with the Heaven Dou imperial family, defending the imperial palace.


Ning Fengzhi staggered, regaining his balance with Bone Douluo’s help. For a moment his eyes were red. Of these more than two thousand corpses on the ground, besides the hundred Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School outer sect disciples, the rest were imperial household Spirit Masters, the majority nurtured by him. It might even be called the core strength of the Heaven Dou empire. In fact, the Heaven Dou imperial family only controlled less than five thousand Spirit Masters! Having lost close to half like this, the gap in strength with Spirit Hall had undoubtedly grown even more immense.


Carefully inspecting these corpses, it wasn’t difficult to discover that the majority of these Spirit Masters were killed through a sneak attack. No need to ask, everyone could understand Qian Renxue’s way of handling things.


On the shadowed wall of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, large letters were written in blood, “Tang San, you win this time. We will meet again.” It was signed with a lifelike blood image of an angel, six bloody wings stretching out, as if a declaration of war towards Tang San.


Had they really won? Tang San’s expression was as cold as frost. In a strategical sense, this time they had ruined Qian Renxue’s years of planning, and undoubtedly gained the victory. But, all they had wiped out was a thousand Spirit Hall Spirit Master, while the Heaven Dou Empire had paid more than twice that. The gap in quantity of Spirit Masters kept opening wider.


Having examined the circumstances within the sect, Sword Douluo returned to Ning Fengzhi’s side, “School master, they escaped the imperial palace through our tunnel.”


Ning Fengzhi breathed a few mouthfuls of the blood reeking air, clenching his teeth, “Clean up the scene.”


Against everyone’s expectations, it was emperor Xue Ye who was calm. After learning about these circumstances, this monarch didn’t show any expression, only ordering these dead Spirit Masters to be buried deeply, not even taking any action against the Heaven Dou City Spirit Temple.




“Young master, your decision was correct. Only, I don’t understand how they could restore emperor Xue Ye so quickly. Do you have a guess?” Snake Lance Douluo She Long said with a sigh.


Qian Renxue had by now already recovered her original appearance, her slender body covered in light yellow robes, her complexion back to normal, “I didn’t expect them to be able to return to the imperial palace so quickly either. I just planned for the worst case. I wouldn’t gamble on being in an advantageous position.”


The still pale Porcupinefish Douluo, not yet recovered from his serious injuries, sighed from the side, “Young master. The events this time, how will we explain to the Supreme Pontiff after returning?”


Qian Renxue shot him a glance, “Everything is on me. This battle has only just begun. If the enemies can’t withstand a single blow, then what’s the point?” A severe gaze flashed across her eyes. Tang San, I will return to Spirit Hall and try to absorb the second piece of the Angelic Armament. When we meet next, I wonder if you can still escape my hand.


Thinking of this, she couldn’t help turning her head to gaze at Heaven Dou City. Having lived here for so many years, everything that should have been hers was lost. Even though she redeemed some losses in the end, injuring the Heaven Dou Empire, she was still defeated strategically. But if you were to investigate the responsibility for all this, it wouldn’t just be on her. According to her original plan, she would have accepted the Heaven Dou throne by following the rules. Were it not for Bibi Dong insisting on shifting the plans ahead, how would she have aroused the poison within emperor Xue Ye’s body so early? There was basically no way to expose her identity. Patience, resolve, these had always been Qian Renxue’s greatest traits.



Five days later, Heaven Dou City had already regained its calm. The common people only felt that the atmosphere had been a bit tense in the city for the last few days, but this was now already restored to normal. But the higher echelons of the Heaven Dou Empire knew that the struggle between the empire and Spirit Hall had now begun in a real sense. From these events onward, there would no longer be any chance for reconciliation between the two sides.


All of Heaven Dou City was relaxed outside but tight inside. Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi was finally pushed to the front of the stage by emperor Xue Ye, appointing him as imperial master of state. Together with Grandmaster, they controlled all the Spirit Masters within the borders of the empire. The two thousand imperial household Spirit Masters that were originally training at Shrek Academy also returned to the imperial palace. Grandmaster subsequently also entered the imperial palace, training the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School disciples along with Ning Fengzhi and these imperial household Spirit Masters.

Heaven Dou imperial palace.


Tang San brought Xiao Wu to sit opposite Grandmaster. This was Grandmaster’s residence within the imperial palace.


“Little San, what are you planning next?” Grandmaster asked.


Tang San said: “The malignant tumour within the Heaven Dou imperial family has already been excised. Emperor Xue Ye has already expressed that he will support us developing the Tang Sect with all his strength. The Tang Sect can be considered having stepped onto the right track. The next stage is to mass produce all kinds of hidden weapons. I’m preparing to first make a trip back to the Clear Sky School. Partly to report the circumstances on this side, and partly to send divine craftsman Lou Gao there, asking my uncle to help him forge a formidable hidden weapon.”


“And then?” Grandmaster lookad at his beloved disciple, a gentle expression on his stiff face.


Tang San said: “Through my battle with Qian Renxue this time, I discovered a lot of places I’m lacking. Especially in attack power. Even if I have a lot of ways to attack, my power is still insufficient. When fighting an opponent on Qian Renxue’s level, I can see how lacking I am. I want to stay at the Clear Sky School to cultivate for a while. The Clear Sky Hammer is mainly about offense, so I’ll take a look at whether I can learn some things to use with it. Otherwise, I won’t have a bit of confidence when I face Qian Renxue again.”


Grandmaster shook his head, “A trip back to the Clear Sky School is neccessary, but I won’t approve of you staying there to cultivate.”


Tang San didn’t ask why, because he absolutely trusted his teacher’s decision.


Grandmaster continued: “The Clear Sky Hammer really is formidable. However, don’t forget that to fully use the Clear Sky Hammer, to display its strength, first you must have spirit abilities that belong to the Clear Sky Hammer. You have twin spirits, and before your Blue Silver Emperor has reached nine rings, giving spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer will diminish its future potential. And without the spirit abilities from the spirit rings, the room for your growth will be extremely limited.”


At this point, Grandmaster was somewhat unable to continue.


“Teacher, do you have some proposal? I’ll listen to you.” Tang San said without the slightest hesitation.


Grandmaster sighed, “I do have a proposal. Only, I don’t want to have you take chances. That is in the end too dangerous.”


Tang San’s eyes brightened. He was now already sixty sixth rank, and could clearly feel his cultivation speed constantly falling. Maintaining the kind of progress speed he had before was practically impossible. Nobody understood his current circumstances better than Grandmaster. Even if Grandmaster said it was dangerous, Tang San understood that this might be a shortcut to swiftly advance.


“Teacher, no matter what, defending myself still isn’t a problem. Right now Spirit Hall’s power is growing, and I feel more and more that my abilities are insufficient. There’s also the Angelic Armament you mentioned as well as the priests of Spirit Hall’s Elder Palace. If I don’t increase my strength a bit earlier, how can we contend with Spirit Hall? Besides, you once taught me that the greater the pressure I face, the easier it is to arouse my potential. Comprehending the essence of battle is still faster than cultivating on my own.”


Grandmaster smiled somewhat helplessly: “I knew you’d say that. Fine. Then I’ll tell you. Even if your current spirit power is sixty sixth rank, many of those ranks come from the spirit ring Xiao Wu gave you. To the extent that all your cultivation for a long time would be used to stabilize these spirit power ranks, and this will lead to your cultivation speed falling. Just cultivating painstakingly isn’t much use to you. If you want to completely fuse with this spirit power as soon as possible, you will have to do it through constant battle. The best way is through the formidable danger of life and death crisis. Like this, not only will your fighting skills increase one step further, your spirit power advancement speed will also increase. I’ve carefully researched Oscar’s condition in these past days. As a food system Spirit Master, his advancement speed in these five years hasn’t been any slower than yours, and that’s because he constantly confronted mortal danger. Such immense pressure left him no choice but to advance. Without a doubt, even if his choice was dangerous, it was extremely proper. And even if your foundation has been laid firmly in these five years, your tempering in this aspect has still been insufficient. The kind of slaughter in Slaughter City will only increase your offense and murderous heart. It’s not the kind of place that can constantly give you pressure. Therefore, I propose for you to go to a place that can give you such pressure.”


Tang San puzzled asked: “Just what place is it?”


Grandmaster pondered, then said: “It might be called a spirit beast forest. However, that place is different from any spirit beast forest you know. Because, it’s an island, where a lot of peculiar spirit beasts live. And also a lot of peculiar Spirit Masters. This place is something only very few people in the Spirit Master world know about.”


Island? Tang San focused on listening to Grandmaster’s story.


Grandmaster continued: “I’ll describe it simply, and you’ll know just how dangerous it is. Spirit Hall once sent two thousand Spirit Masters to this island, in an attempt to incorporate the Spirit Masters there. The result was still that most didn’t return, less than a hundred people could return alive. They also lost two Title Douluo there. Spirit Hall calls that place Devil Island, but I know it’s true name, it should be called Sea God Island.”

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