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Chapter 185

(TL by Bagelson)

The five Shrek devils looked dumbstruck at Lou Gao, this was perhaps the fastest hand-over ceremony in history. Tai Tan couldn’t help saying:
“Lou Gao, you aren’t serious.”

Lou Gao snorted derisively,
“How do you catch the cub without entering the tiger’s lair? I insist on joining the Tang Sect. Brat, do you dare?”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:
“I dare, of course I dare. If senior wants to join the Tang Sect, then hereafter you are the same as senior Tai Tan, a Tang Sect elder.”

Lou Gao said:
“Then can’t I learn the production method for the Godly Zhuge Crossbow? Don’t worry, I won’t spread it.”

Tang San shook his head, a smile on his face:
“The Godly Zhuge Crossbow is just the simplest of the Tang Sect’s hidden weapons, how could that suit senior’s name as a divine craftsman? Only the sect’s finest hidden weapons will be left to senior for manufacture, just in keeping with senior’s status.”

Hearing this, Lou Gao’s eyebrows immediately rose in delight,
“True. What finest hidden weapons are there? Are they better than this Godly Zhuge Crossbow?”

Tang San sternly said:
“Of course, moreover, these finest hidden weapons are all enough to threaten the lives of Title Douluo. If they can be made, then you will found a tradition of the blacksmith world. These exceptional hidden weapons will all be carved with your name.”

Originally Lou Gao decided to join the Tang Sect partly in a fit of pique, even if he was obsessed with forging, he absolutely wasn’t as straightforward as he seemed on the surface. ‘When in the Tang Sect I won’t divulge it, but don’t tell me I can’t leave after I’ve learned it?’ This was Lou Gao’s plan. But, right now he was already completely drawn in by Tang San. How could he know that his flickering Gaze was neatly caught by Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye when he decided to join. Even if Tang San didn’t know his concrete plans, he still guessed that his decision to join the Tang Sect wasn’t completely sincere.

Tang San pulled out a blueprint from the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges and handed it to Lou Gao, then without a word or hesitation taking the Godly Zhuge Crossbow from the table and putting it away in his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges.

“Senior, take a look at this design first. I believe you absolutely wouldn’t pass it on to others. This blueprint is of a unique hidden weapon. Look it over in detail. This time we really did come to buy a batch of metal, as the former president and current sect elder, shouldn’t you give us a favorable price?”

Lou Gao’s gaze was now already completely focused on that blueprint,
“Alright. Alright, Si Long, I leave it to you. Waive the service charge for anything they buy within the association. If it’s something from our association members, tell those fellows to drop it to eighty percent.”

“Yes, teacher.”
With Lou Gao’s status in Gengzxin City, who wouldn’t curry favor with him? Selling at eighty percent was nothing.

Tang San told Lou Gao:
“Senior, then we’ll leave first. When we’re returning to the Tang Sect, I’ll call on you again.”

Lou Gao waved his hand, saying:
“Alright, you leave first. Oh, right, the auction is tomorrow night. There should be a lot of good things. Tai Tan, you’re familiar with the auction, you go by yourselves later.”

While speaking, Lou Gao was already carefully looking at the blueprint under the light of the spirit tool lamp. In his eyes, besides this drawing, there was no longer anything else. With his experience as divine craftsman, just a glance was enough to attract him to the hidden weapon described on the blueprint. Just like Tang San said, the thing illustrated in this design was far, far more exquisite than the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

Out of Lou Gao’s smithy, Oscar couldn’t help gathering next to Tang San, asking in a low voice:
“What blueprint did you give Lou Gao? Aren’t you afraid he’ll really leak it? He is after all the blacksmith association president.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:
“Doesn’t matter, and I’m not afraid of it leaking out. That’s only one third of the plans for the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle. It has no real importance.”

Indeed, speaking of hidden weapons, the difference between the Godly Zhuge Crossbow and the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle was far too great. But, in a practical sense, the craftsmanship was even more important for the manufacture of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow than the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle. How would the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle be so easy to make? If it was, it wouldn’t have been lost to the Tang Sect in Tang San’s previous world for so many years. First let alone the issue of craftsmanship, only the source silver of that deep sea sunken silver was a huge problem. Even if Lou Gao could find deep sea sunken silver source silver, how much could he find? And how many Torrential Pear Blossom Needles could he make then? Even if he actually succeeded, a few Torrential Pear Blossom Needles basically wouldn’t have any major effect on the Douluo Continent, But, mass produced Godly Zhuge Crossbows could.

This was an important reason Tang San left the most difficult to produce hidden weapons to Lou Gao. Besides, he firmly believed that, with the attraction of the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle, Lou Gao really wouldn’t have the presence of mind to figure this out. After all, he really was obsessed with the art of forging. Moreover, what Tang San gave him now was only one third of the designs. Lou Gao really was a bit sly, but if put to use, he would also be a huge help to the Tang Sect. The Peacock Plume, Torrential Pear Blossom Needle and Buddha Fury Tang Lotus Tang San worried about could be made. Even though he himself had experience, he also had to cultivate and couldn’t spend all his time on forging. And even though Tai Tan had the skill, he alone was still too few, let alone when he still had to supervise the overall situation. Now having a blacksmith association president, a divine craftsman, the circumstances were completely different. Tang San had already started to plot on how to use this fatty who wanted to steal the Tang Sect hidden weapon essentials.

Si Long didn’t know for what his teacher had decided to pass on his position, but as Lou Gao’s chief disciple, he was extremely efficient, and showed nothing on the surface.

“Vice president Tai Tan, it’s no longer early, I’d like to invite everyone to eat lunch first. How about choosing metals afterwards?”

Tai Tan laughed out loud, saying:
“You’re still so sensible, that old fellow Lou Gao doesn’t care about anything besides forging. Over these years, you’ve been handling a lot of the association’s affairs. That Lou Gao, really, he still has you continue your guard mission like this.”

Si Long smiled:
“This is voluntary. If everything wasn’t done according to the rules, our blacksmith association’s VIP auction wouldn’t be able to reach its present condition either. Speaking honestly, the blacksmith association’s main source of income all comes from the auction.”

Tai Tan nodded, saying:
“I understand that, who asked our blacksmith association not to be appreciated. Let’s do it like this, here is a list of items, you ask the people below to procure them. I trust you.”

While speaking, Tai Tan took out a long ago prepared shopping list from his spirit tool and handed it over to Si Long. Indeed, as the blacksmith association’s new president, if he wasn’t worthy of trust, then nobody was.

Si Long took the list, his eyes widening with just a glance at it, drawing a cold breath,

The first item on the list was: iron essence, ten tons.

“I’ve never even heard of anyone buying iron essence in tons. No wonder you’d come from so far away to Gengxin City for purchasing. I’m afraid that there’s no place in the entire continent besides our Gengxin City that might have this much iron essence.”

Tai Tan laughed out loud, saying:
“Just don’t forget our discount.”

Si Long wiped his suddenly sweat soaked forehead,
“Speaking honestly, vice president Tai Tan, you should know the market price as well. If we really uniformly sell at eighty percent as teacher said, I’m afraid that the blacksmith association’s subordinate shops will all go bankrupt. How about this, I’ll give you ninety percent. This is already our manufacturing cost.”

Tai Tan looked at Tang San, and Tang San smiled slightly:
“At that, we can’t let you work in vain. No need for a discount, I heard elder Tai Tan say that all kinds of metals are cheapest in Gengxin City. One kilogram of iron essence for one gold spirit coin. We’ll do it according to the market price. However, I hope you can gather all the metals we need in the shortest possible time.”

Tang San was no profiteer. Compared to an immediate profit right in front of him, he regarded long term cooperation as more important.

Si Long secretly heaved a sigh of relief,
“How would I have such nerve. Say ninety five percent. A big client like you will always have some preferential treatment. Don’t worry, even though these metals are precious, they will all be prepared. They can all be collected within three days. Only, how do you plan to transport them?”

Tang San said:
“We’ll use spirit tools. If our own spirit tools are insufficient, we’ll purchase two high capacity ones in Gengxin City. That should be good enough. Cash on delivery.”

This procurement trip was mainly about iron essence, but there was still pure silver, tungsten steel, profound iron, black gold, cold iron, gold essence, and so on. Tang San had calculated carefully. These metals were enough for the Tang Sect’s use for two years. As long as everything went smoothly, it would be enough to produce one batch of useful hidden weapons. Not only could they satisfy the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s requests and equip the Tang Sect itself, they could even stock up. As for who they would sell to, that would depend on the situation. Anyway, this was a piece of business with stable income and no loss.”

Si Long secretly calculated the total price of the metals. Even with his new position as president, he still couldn’t help his pulse accelerating, this was a huge sum! Just the association’s commission alone would be a considerable wealth. Even more when they could prioritize the association’s own shops.

He also saw that, within this party, Tang San was the true leader, and hurriedly gave an unreserved agreement. Such a big client, even without the relationship with Tai Tan, would still be valued by the blacksmith’s association. In fact, this piece of business would involve a frightening sum of more than two hundred thousand gold spirit coins. To a slump industry like smithing, this was already an astronomical figure. It was equivalent to the entire income for one year of business for the blacksmith association.

Leaving the blacksmith association, a smiling Si Long brought everyone to a restaurant not far away. Even if the outside world didn’t know he was about to succeed the position as association president, with his status as smith scholar, he was still one of the most respected guests here.

Entering the restaurant, the owner who originally stood behind a counter immediately came out, respectfully standing to the side,
“Great scholar Si Long, you’ve come. Please.”

Si Long wasn’t so polite when confronting outsiders, with an indifferent expression:
“The old place.”

That proprietor’s expression immediately grew embarrassed,
“I-, I’m sorry, great scholar Si Long, let me arrange a different place for you. That room has already been reserved by others today.”

Si Long’s brows wrinkled,
“Manager, I want to entertain important customers today. Won’t you give me that much face?”

The owner’s forehead already showed a sheen of sweat,
“I don’t dare, I don’t dare, only, only……”

Si Long coldly said:
“Only what?”

The boss lowered his voice:
“I really can’t afford to offend the person who reserved that room. Gran scholar Si Long, please understand. It’s the Lord Spirit Hall’s people.”

Gengxing City was considered one of the lord cities within Star Luo Empire, therefore Spirit Hall naturally also had a Lord Spirit Hall here. Spirit Hall’s influence was enormous in the entire continent, they were in cities of almost every level.

Hearing it was the Lord Spirit Hall’s people, Si Long couldn’t keep his expression from growing somewhat ugly, but he still endured and looked at Tai Tan and the others next to him, without any resentful expression. Then he asked that boss:
“Fine, manager, I won’t make things difficult for you, find us another room.”

As if having received a great amnesty, that boss hurriedly smiled and nodded repeatedly,

This boss clearly was very conscientious. Further adding his humble appearance, even Si Long found it difficult to rebuke him.

But even if Tang San and the others didn’t plan to make trouble, that didn’t mean others wouldn’t.

Just when the party was preparing to follow the boss upstairs, an eccentric voice came from behind them,
“Who is this? So it’s great scholar Si Long! We’ll let you have this place!”

Everyone turned around to look. Among seven or eight Spirit Hall attendant uniformed people walking over, the man in the lead was roughly the same age as Si Long, his hair already grizzled, aquiline nose, small eyes, big mouth, his face as ugly as an air dried tangerine, and a disdainful expression. And the people behind him were each and everyone as if they hated they couldn’t overlook the sky, an arrogant aura overflowing in words and manners. No need to ask, Tang San still knew that these people were bound to be from Gengxin City’s Lord Hall.

Si Long’s expression dropped,
“Bishop Meyers[1], what do you mean by that?”

The elder leading the Spirit Hall party, Meyers, showed a trace of a cold smile at the corners of his mouth, strolling forward,

The last question was directed at the Spirit Hall crowd behind him.

These fellows cooperated very well, immediately someone replied:
“Still a blacksmith.”

Meyers laughed out loud, saying:
“That’s right, still a blacksmith. Pitiful, even with more than seventieth ranked cultivation, you’re still a worthless tool spirit master. Si Long, it’s not impossible for me to let you have the room. As long as you persuade president Lou Gao to have your blacksmith’s association join our Spirit Hall. Wouldn’t that be a lot better for future development?”

Si Long’s face was already ashen with anger. Indeed, he really was a Spirit Sage level spirit master, but as a tool spirit master, he was like little Ao back then, without any attack power.

“Meyers, don’t forget, this is Gengxin City.”
Si Long spoke through clenched teeth.

Mayers laughed coldly,

While speaking, he waved his hand. Immediately, a great force sent Si Long tumbling to the side.

However, Si Long very quickly found his balance, helped by Oscar. Si Long’s tumble naturally exposed Tang San and the others behind him, and Meyers immediately looked distracted. Not because he recognized them, but rather because his eyes fell on the two women among them.

Ning Rongrong with skin so smooth it seemed it might drip with water, Xiao Wu as pure as a lily, two great beauties appeared before him, and he couldn’t help being dazzled. Even as the master of Gengxin City’s Lord Spirit Hall, he could also be considered as having seen no few beautiful women, but beauty such as was before him now he had never seen, let alone come into contact with at close distance.

Swallowing visibly to everyone’s naked eyes, Meyers’ expression immediately changed. The ice cold appearance from just now turned kindly, and added to his age, he really seemed a bit sanctimonious.

“Si Long, from where did you kidnap these two young ladies? En, really beautiful.”
While speaking, he directly turned and walked towards Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu.

Perhaps sensing the counterpart’s bad intentions, Xiao Wu subconsciously pulled back into Tang San’s embrace. Standing next to Tang San, Ma Hongjun was just about to move, but was held back by Tang San. But Tai Tan had already stepped forward to meet him, snorting angrily, hardly concealing the unreasoning spirit power fluctuations he released. Immediately, tremendous pressure abruptly blossomed like a tidal wave.

Meyers just preparing to raise his hand to touch Xiao Wu, only felt his chest tighten, and was uncontrollably forced back several steps, his face immediately growing alarmed. Looking at the tall Tai Tan and the imposing manner he released, he couldn’t keep his complexion from changing.

Spirit Hall could even be said to have influence overflowing Heaven, Meyers really hadn’t exaggerated, even Gengxin City’s lord had to show some consideration for him. The grandeur of a spirit master, and further adding the influence of Spirit Hall, he could even be called a local tyrant in Gengxin City. But, ultimately, he was still a spirit master. In the world of spirit masters, strength was the capital to speak. After feeling Tai Tan’s Heaven imposing manner, his completely frivolous expression immediately turned serious. The subordinates behind him could stand it even less and retreated one after the other before Tai Tan’s pressure, their faces turning pale one by one.

Meyers himself was a sixty something ranked Spirit Emperor, but he clearly felt that the old man in front of him wasn’t someone he could contend with, that tyrannical aura was at least two levels higher than his own. In other words, this old man should be a Spirit Douluo level power. In Spirit Hall, this would be strength equivalent to at least a cardinal. Even if they had the numerical advantage, facing a power like this they still wouldn’t be able to take the consequences.

“Your are?”
Meyers looked at Tai Tan with bewilderment and uncertainty.

Before Tai Tan could speak up, Tang San suddenly flicked one hand, a warrant tile flying out at Meyers.

Meyers subconsciously raised his hand to catch it. This time, his face turned deathly pale, his whole body trembling, the warrant tile sliding from his hand.

However, the familiar designs on that warrant tile were already deeply engraved in his mind.

Tang San’s indifferent voice echoed,
“I’m not in the mood to have my meal disturbed, so hurry up and fuck off.”

Meyers, as if he had received a general pardon, hurriedly stooped and picked up the warrant tile, deferentially handing it back to Tang San. Afterwards he signaled his subordinates, and unexpectedly lay down directly on the ground and humped his way outside[2]. At this time, for the sake of survival, he couldn’t pay any attention to face.

Seeing their elder do that, even though these spirit masters didn’t know what was going on, they weren’t idiots and knew that today they had kicked an iron plate, one by one following Meyers’ example and “fucking off”.

Tang San’s warrant tile was naturally the one Tang Hao once gave to Grandmaster. After Tang San returned to Shrek Academy this time, Grandmaster had passed it on to him. Even though they were absolutely opposed to Spirit Hall, this warrant tile was still enormously effective. It was no wonder Meyers would be afraid, the warrant tile represented an elder level status. And Spirit Hall’s elders, which one wasn’t a Title Douluo? Further adding the pressure Tai Tan released before, an issue with his judgement immediately appeared. He knew the authority of the assembly of elders, that was an organization with the highest influence that even the Supreme Pontiff had to fear to some extent. Seeing that Tang San let him off lightly, he immediately fucked off. Once outside, he immediately ran off like a wisp of smoke, to the extent that he didn’t even dare look at the restaurant again.

Now, the entire restaurant was silent. Whether it was Si Long, the restaurant boss, or the customers, they all looked at Tang San as if they were seeing a monster. Tai Tan turned around and said to the restaurant boss:
“Still not leading the way?”

The restaurant boss then came to himself, his appearance immediately turning even more humble,

Of course, the place where they ate turned into that room Si Long wanted from the start. Basically before Si Long could order dishes, the boss swiftly withdrew to arrange it.

The boss just left when Si Long’s expression couldn’t help sinking, looking at Tang San,

As Lou Gao’s disciple, and a blacksmith association grand scholar level character, he naturally also recognized the the tile Tang San took out.

Before Tang San spoke up, Tai Tan already took the initiative to say:
“Don’t worry, you brat. There’s no relationship between us and Spirit Hall. If I had to say there was a relation, then it’s absolutely a hostile one. I’ll introduce you and you’ll understand. This is miss Rongrong, from the Seven Treasure Glaze Tile School.”

Ning Rongrong had naturally also noticed that the blacksmith association and Spirit Hall’s relationship was an inharmonious one. Words could never explain as much as actions. Raising her right hand, along with a flash of gem like light, her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda appeared above her palm with dazzling luster.

Si Long didn’t pay attention to the treasure pagoda over her hand having nine levels, because he was already stupefied by those six dazzling spirit rings.

How old was Ning Rongrong? Among the Shrek Seven Devils, she was only a bit older than Zhu Zhuqing. Moreover, she had grown conspicuously small, nowhere did she seem like she was twenty. But on the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in her hand, those six dazzling spirit rings were distinct.

Ning Rongrong supplied what Tai Tan had held back,
“My father is Ning Fengzhi.”

Si Long drew a deep breath, and couldn’t help viewing the people in front of him in a new light. He now understood why these people could prepare to buy so much metal without haggling over the price. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School might be the richest sect in the spirit master world! Even Spirit Hall might envy their wealth.

Simultaneously, his gaze towards Tang San also changed somewhat. Clearly, in this party, Tang San was the leader. To get the Strength Clan to follow, to get the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master’s darling daughter to follow, what kind of status did a youth like that hold?

However, experienced in the ways of the world, he didn’t ask anything further. Only nodding silently, his whole body relaxed.

Ma Hongjun somewhat discontentedly asked Tang San:
“Third brother, why didn’t you let me teach those bastards a lesson just now? Didn’t you see how arrogant they were? Really ought to be put down.”

Tang San shook his head to Ma Hongjun, indifferently saying:
“We can’t cause trouble for the blacksmith association. If you attacked, Spirit Hall would ascribe this debt to the association. When that time came, the association would be in trouble. I still want to keep cooperating with the blacksmith association, I can’t be that negligent.”

Oscar didn’t speak up, because he knew that Tang San absolutely wasn’t someone good at tolerating people, especially when that Meyers seemed like he wanted to defile Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu was Tang San’s taboo. He seemed calm right now, but what was hiding beneath that surface?

Listening to Tang San, Si Long’s gaze at him could no longer be described as just startled, it was even a bit reverent. Without a question, what Tang San said was correct. If they had really attacked just now, then Spirit Hall, who had always looked at the blacksmith association like a tiger watching its prey, would definitely swiftly and mercilessly retaliate against the association. Spirit Hall had always been looking for the chance, after all, this was Gengxin City, where the blacksmith association was deeply rooted. If Spirit Hall wanted to attack them without justification, that wouldn’t be so easy.

“Thank you, young friend. I still haven’t asked, what is young friend’s noble name?”
Si Long said gratefully.

Tang San said:
“I’m Tang San. Senior Si Long, can you tell us about the blacksmith association’s current relationship with Spirit Hall?”

Hearing Tang San mention Spirit Hall once again, Si Long couldn’t keep a chill from flashing through his eyes,
“What relationship? To Spirit Hall it seems like our blacksmith association is chicken ribs, tasteless as animal feed, discarding it is unfortunate, that’s why they’ve never touched us. You’ve also seen how I and the junior disciples guard above the third floor of the association. Actually, with our status as spirit masters, that kind of guard is more of a symbolic gesture, expressing our respect to all visitors. But, now this guard has really changed into a defense against the outside. Recently, people have come one after another to cause trouble at the association. And they’re all Spirit Hall’s people. Me, at the Spirit Sage level, the most I can do is give them a bit of pressure, I’d be revealed if I tried fighting. That’s also why that Meyers just now was so arrogant towards me even his spirit power is lower than mine. It’s because last time Spirit Hall’s people came causing trouble, they injured me. They now know that we’re all just tool spirit masters. This has always been giving us a headache.”

“Actually, from what Spirit Hall itself says, they have no interest in our blacksmith association, after all, the difference between blacksmiths and spirit masters really is too great. Incorporating the blacksmith association is basically the idea of that bastard Meyers, he’s planning to get some extra income from us. After all, the total income of the blacksmith association in Gengxin City is quite considerable.”

Listening to Si Long, Tang San had a basic understanding of the relationship between the blacksmith association and Spirit Hall. Grasping Xiao Wu’s delicate hand, he smiled and said:
“Then, where is the Lord Spirit Hall of Gengxin City located?”

Si Long suddenly discovered that, when Tang San asked this question, his eyes clearly displayed an ice cold killing intent. And as that killing intent flashed past, even with his level he couldn’t keep from shivering.

“Young friend Tang San, you’re……”

Tang San was still smiling,
“I’m just casually asking. After we’ve eaten, I’d like to trouble president Si Long to prepare the things we need as soon as possible. Oh, right, tomorrow we will also participate in the blacksmith association’s auction. I’d still like to trouble you to arrange it.”

Si Long nodded, and said:
“That’s no problem. You are our big customers. The Lord Spirit Hall is in the eastern part of the city. It’s a very distinct building, built even more splendid than the city lord’s mansion. The Lord Spirit Hall here has approximately forty spirit masters. Among them, Meyers’ level is the highest, roughly at the sixty third to sixty sixth rank. Among the others, there are also four above the fiftieth rank. The remainder are all common spirit masters below the fiftieth rank. The overwhelming majority are all at the twentieth and thirtieth rank. After all, this isn’t any important city. The allocation of members for the Lord Spirit Hall isn’t so generous.”

Tang San and Si Long looked eye to eye and, with mutual understanding, neither continued on the subject. But Tang San was still very satisfied with Si Long’s detailed description of the composition of Spirit Hall’s strength. This Spirit Sage level tool spirit master wasn’t the slightest bit slow!

The rest of the meal was extremely harmonious with the restaurant boss’ meticulous care, taking out practically the finest ingredients, carefully prepared by the best chef. Even if it wasn’t delicacies, it was still good value.

After the meal, even though the restaurant boss repeatedly expressed there was no need to pay, Si Long still paid five gold spirit coins. Even though that was still just the production cost, it was still enough to prove the difference between the blacksmith association and Spirit Hall. In fact, Meyers had never paid for his meal.

Si Long directly arranged a good residence for Tang San’s party, then went to take care of the metals they needed.

The residence was located on the other side of the blacksmith association, specially used by the association to receive guests, they offered their own inn. Even if it wasn’t considered luxurious, it was absolutely clean. For everyone’s stay, Si Long specially ordered for the highest floor of the inn to be sealed off, and had everyone stay there.

Si Long had just stepped away when Ma Hongjun couldn’t help it any longer. He had naturally also seen something from Tang San and Si Long’s conversation, and now impatiently asked:
“Third brother, aren’t we going to teach those Spirit Hall fellows a lesson? They actually dared insult Xiao Wu and Rongrong, I get angry just remembering it. For all these years, when have we brothers ever put up with such anger?”

Nobody was an outsider, so Tang San didn’t need to conceal anything,
“Spirit Hall owes us so much, it should be about time for them to pay some interest.”

Ma Hongjun exulted,
“Then when do we move?”

Tang San had clearly already thought it over,
“After the auction ends tomorrow night. A moonless, windy, killing night.”

Tang San’s choice of time had clearly undergone reflection. Si Long needed three days to prepare, in other words, the necessary metals would be collected the day after tomorrow. And they could still try their luck in the auction tomorrow night. No matter how Spirit Hall wanted to retaliate, the day after tomorrow they would still be gone from here.

Tai Tan clenched his fist, his knuckles making cracking sounds;
“I’ve long wanted to make some trouble for Spirit Hall. This isn’t our place either, putting them in order is fine too.”

Tang San looked at Xiao Wu’s empty eyes next to him, and he couldn’t keep the scene of Xiao Wu being surrounded by those Spirit Hall experts from appearing in his mind once again. The scene of Xiao Wu sacrificing herself to save him. The intense stabs of pain within him turned into killing intent that constantly eroded his heart.

Elder Tai Tan, you can’t appear tomorrow. You’re too obvious, and we can’t let any rumors leak. Fatty, tomorrow you and I go. Just us two.”

Tai Tan hesitated a moment, then said:
“Young master, there are after all several dozen spirit masters over there. You two, isn’t that a bit few?”

Tang San shook his head,
“Two people is enough. One to kill, one to burn.”

[1] Meyers - (迈尔斯)

[2] (滚 gun) means to “get lost” or “fuck off”, but also means “to roll”, and in the RAW Meyers accordingly rolled out of there. That works terribly when translated.

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