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Chapter 180

(TL by owl404)

“En——” Xiao Wu crooned in his arms with slight pain, awakening Tang San who was thoroughly immersed in happiness and excitement. Not until now did he realize that he had embraced too hard, so he loosed his arms immediately and lowered his head to looked at Xiao Wu. He couldn’t look enough at that delicate face, even if he looked for a lifetime.

No expected call “Ge”, what Tang San saw, was merely blank eyes on her pretty face with slight attachment. Even though she didn’t wear a thread of clothing, she seemed undisturbed like a pale cloud or light breeze in the sky.

“Xiao Wu, sorry, I was too excited, did I hurt you?” Tang San apologized softly.

Xiao Wu still looked at him blankly, without saying a word, but nestled her head on his chest.

“Xiao Wu, what’s the matter with you?” His excitement had rapidly faded when seeing Xiao Wu’s blank eyes, and a ripple of freezing chill gradually rose in his mind.

Xiao Wu kept doing it without answering him, just nestling up to him, without a sound.

Now having woken from the excitement, Tang San looked at the bed; the rabbit had disappeared; there was only Xiao Wu on the bed except him. Yes, she was surely Xiao Wu. Tang San smelled the elegant fragrance Xiao Wu produced, which was exactly the same as the rabbit, then his brain operated rapidly and understood the situation before his eyes.

It seemed that Xiao Wu who was nestling up to him had really resurrected. Moreover, Tang San knew, it was quite likely that Xiao Wu had already become a true human being.

Both Yearning Heartbroken Red and Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng were godly and holy materials, which could be regarded as depriving the Heaven and Earth of their creative powers. With their effects, Xiao Wu had reverted to human appearance, her body was even catalyzed to mature period directly. That is, Xiao Wu was a substantial human female now.

However, Xiao Wu was not truly resurrected, only partly. She didn’t actually have her own soul, her existence was entirely given by two godly herbs. She only had the instinct of rabbits. Even if her body changed, her mind was no different from a rabbit as before. If he couldn’t accomplish the conditions given by Sky Blue Bull Python Da Ming, he was afraid that Xiao Wu wouldn’t resurrect entirely either. Even though she appeared alive before him now, she had only resurrected by one half.

What Xiao Wu needed was the return of the Spirit Ring and Spirit Bone, with the Spirit Power of nine rings, to help her soul return to the body. He didn’t know whether the ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King was still needed, since Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng probably played a role that would had been played by it, so it made Xiao Wu incarnate as a human being. As far as medical effect was concerned, unless it was an entire ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King, it absolutely wouldn’t do better than Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng.

Softly caressing the silky black hair of Xiao Wu, a kind of sadness appeared in his eyes:

“I understand... You didn’t resurrect truly, but just recovered the body. However, Xiao Wu, it doesn’t matter. This is already a good start, at least I can see you in a human form from now on. I will cultivate harder, to endeavour to help your soul return earlier. OK? ”

Of course Xiao Wu couldn’t reply to him, and Tang San also didn’t dare look at her body because he was afraid of violating his perfect lover in his mind. He swore deeply that before Xiao Wu’s soul returned to her body, he wouldn’t do any excessively intimate thing to her. He loved her, loved all of her, and not only her body.

Swiftly taking out a garment from his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, he supported Xiao Wu and dressed her, and fastened the belt in case of exposure. Of course Tang San didn’t have underwear for girls, so these were all he could do.

Tang San’s garment on Xiao Wu looked a little baggy, but it set off her delicate and lovable face more.

“Come on, follow me, alright?” Hand in hand, Tang San stood up. Probably because of this, she stepped out with him, didn’t resist even though she only had instinct. Her pace wasn’t too fast, but very natural. She had once been human after all, the instinct of a human body still existed, even if she had lost her Spirit Power, Spirit Rings and Abilities.

When the guards of Defence Clan outside the room saw Xiao Wu in Tang San’s hand, all of them were stupefied. Not only was Xiao Wu beautiful, but also gave them a feeling of purity that they had never seen, innocent as if she had never touched the mundane world.

Tang San never cared about how others regarded him, just holding her hand forever, for him, was the biggest happiness.

The dining hall.

Bai He was sitting by Yang Wudi, talking about something.

“What? Say it again, what does it look like?” Yang Wudi glared at Bai He with astounded eyes and face. In terms of medicine, the Breaking Clan really had original and effective methods. Just this morning he had a bloody nose and a swollen face, but now, even though there were trace in his face, it was much better.

Except Tang San, everyone else was there. Bai He still decided to persuade Yang Wudi. Their relationship was better than others after all, and he was not fully confident in Tang San’s persuasion, so for the purpose of paving the way for his grandson, he decided to take the initiative.

The astounded face of Yang Wudi right now was rightly due to the description of the appearance of Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng by Bai He.

When Bai He described it once again, the dim eyes of Yang Wudi suddenly lit, “Well, you good old white bird. You had such good thing but actually didn’t show me earlier. Alright, I understand. Don’t say anything else, give me that and I’ll join the Tang Sect together with you.”

“Ah?” Bai He hadn’t expected Yang Wudi would actually agree so happily. He didn’t know too much about the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng’s value, and just knew it was precious. But how could Yang Wudi who had studied medicine his whole life not know? With the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, he could make a crop of heavenly holy medicine. For Yang Wudi who was so crazy about medicine, nothing could be more attractive than this.

Moreover, Tang San defeated him today, and also stirred him up a lot, in addition three other clans of four pure attribute clans had already chosen the Tang Sect, he might as well go like the donkey down the slope and join.

Seeing Yang Wudi rub his hands with excitement, Bai He finally breathed a sigh of relief, and was wreathed in smiles. The four pure attribute clans could come together again, and he also didn’t offend his old fellow. Even at the cost of that valuable herb, to him, it was worthwhile.

Just at that moment, Tang San arrived with Xiao Wu.

Tang San went ahead, and Xiao Wu was behind him, led along by his hand. Apart from the four patriarchs, the people attending were Ma Hongjun, Tai Long, Niu Ben and Bai Chengxiang. When seeing Tang San came with a girl behind him, the two of them who reacted first were Ma Hongjun and Tai Long.

“Xiao Wu?” They exclaimed simultaneously and stood up abruptly. Because of their abrupt movements, their chairs were knocked down behind them.

Dressed in Tang San’s long robe, her black beautiful hair hung across her shoulders and her body, if not rolled up with another hand, it would reach the ground. Although she was not as young as when they parted five years ago, her overall appearance didn’t change a lot. Ma Hongjun and Tai Long recognized her immediately.

All other males there, including four patriarchs over eighty, couldn’t help staring for a moment.

Bai He deemed that his granddaughter Bai Chengxiang’s appearance had already be unparalleled in the world, but when he saw Xiao Wu, he found Bai Chengxiang’s appearance had been eclipsed by Xiao Wu, whether in appearance or temperament.

Bai Chengxiang was herself dumbfounded, with a thoroughly shocked expression. For the past two days, Tang San had demonstrated his godly power, defeated Bai He and Yang Wudi one after the other, which impressed her very much. What girl does not want to be loved? Especially Tang San was such handsome and genteel. Unconsciously, a favorable impression of Tang San had already risen in her heart. But when now Tang San came with a girl who was that beautiful, she suddenly felt a mixed feeling.

Women are sensitive. Almost at a glance, Bai Chengxiang recognized that the garment on Xiao Wu’s body was Tang San’s, so their relationship must be very intimate.

With Xiao Wu’s hand, Tang San let her sit down first and then sat by her. Nodding his head, “I am sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Niu Gao looked at Xiao Wu, couldn’t help asking, “Tang San, She is?”

Tang San forced a smile but didn’t know how to explain. Xiao Wu’s hands were both in his, she moved her body slightly and nestled up to Tang San’s shoulder, whose action was so natural that everyone could see an attachment of her.

“I don’t know how to explain to you. But, Senior, she is Xiao Wu, my lover. She lost her consciousness because she saved me before, and she can’t greet Seniors, please excuse us.”

Tai Tan pulled at Niu Gao’s clothes, hinting him not to ask too much. Bai He was also curious, but he didn’t know more about Tang San, so he kept silent. But Yang Wudi frowned, “Lost her consciousness? Owing to injury of brain, being frightened or poison?”

Seeing Xiao Wu, he couldn’t help feeling his heart hammering. That was because Xiao Wu’s face was covered by her hair before, and she wore Tang San’s clothes, which looked very different from the Xiao Wu who attacked him. Especially Xiao Wu who was amazing in speed, fast as a phantom, consequently everyone there didn’t realize that she was the same person as one who nearly killed Yang Wudi from Tang San’s six spirit ring. But to Yang Wudi himself, he had a feeling, so he felt apprehension on seeing Xiao Wu.

Tang San shook his head, said, “Neither.”

Yang Wudi stared, said deeply, “Neither? You think I’m a fool? Her face is rosy, her forehead is light, obviously her blood and qi are vigorous, her vitality so strong it couldn’t be stronger. If not injured by brain collision, or maybe the residual effects of poison, then it’s from suffering fright. Besides these three causes, I can’t think of any other.”

Tang San said calmly, “Senior Yang Wudi, I guess you haven’t forgot our bet. Let us fulfill the agreement, alright?”

Tang Wudi’s face tuned chilly, “Of course, I honor my words, tell me your request.”

Tang San smiled slightly, said, “In fact, my request is very simple, just hope Senior would receive a gift from me.”

Yang Wudi was surprised, recalling Bai He’s word before, his face suddenly became much more mild, gave Bai He a look and finally said to Tang San, “Fine, give me.”

Now, Bai He was already full of smiles, and both Tai Tan and Niu Gao who had heard their talk before smiled too, it was time for the conclusion after the dust had settled. To them, Tang San raising such a request was obviously a very nice choice.

Tang San put his hand into the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, when pulled his hand out, he was holding a big flower with its stem. Suddenly, a delicate fragrance radiated, the scent penetrating deep into the heart and pervading every corner of the dining room. Even Xiao Wu who was sitting by Tang San couldn’t help fixing her eyes on the flower with her blank but clear eyes.

That was a pale pink flower without leaves. The length of its stem was three chi and the diameter was two chi. Every petal of it looked as glittering and translucent as crystal.

Bai He, who had originally thought the matter was settled, when seeing that Tang San didn’t take out his Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng but took out a big flower, turned pale suddenly, “Little San, where is the ginseng I gave you?”

Tang San forced a smile and said, “Granduncle, it’s not that I grudge to take it out, it’s just that it has been eaten by Xiao Wu.”

“What?” Looking at Tang San with stunned eyes, his face turned grey immediately. He knew Yang Wudi’s personality too well. If he could not keep his word, it was impossible for Yang to compromise, especially when he already had a prejudice against Tang San for his background of Clear Sky Sect. A situation built with great effort was ruined suddenly. Even faces of Ti Tan and Niu Gao was pale. If Yang Wudi couldn’t join Tang Sect, then Bai He and his Speed Clan wouldn’t either. That would be a great loss.

However, to their surprise, Yang Wudi kept his eyes on the flower in Tang San’s hands, sloly standing up and walking over to Tang San with large strides.

“You’re really giving it to me?” Yang Wudi’s voice was somewhat trembling from excitement and exhilaration.

Tang San said sincerely, “Spiritual things choose their owner. Following you, it can play a more important role. Junior has studied medicine slightly, I hope I will learn more from Senior’s instruction.”

Yang Wudi took the big flower carefully, and said without hesitation, “Good, this old fellow will follow you in future. Ah… Why didn’t you take it out at the beginning. Had you taken it out earlier, I wouldn’t have made a farce of myself in the battle with you. Only, say it first, your Tang Sect isn’t allowed to restrict me.”

Tang San smiled, “No problem. Junior invited Senior and Breaking Clan to join Tang Sect only to compare notes in medicine.”

Yang Wudi put his nose over the big flower and sniffed at it with all his strength, dancing with joy like a madman, “Haha, hahahahaha, I’ve been searching for it for a lifetime, I never thought I’d be getting it this way. Aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure, with you, is there any poison I dare not make? Nor will there be any tragedies. Haha, excellent.”

Bai He was speechless, couldn’t help asking, “Don’t tell me this thing is more valuable than my ginseng?”

Yang Wudi guffawed, and his face wasn’t that stiff, “They shouldn’t be compared easily. In terms of value, maybe your Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng is more valuable. However, to me, the Aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure is more vital. With it, I needn’t be afraid of any medicine or poison when studying them. With it, I can try many material that I didn’t dare to try in the past. Moreover, its fragrance can also cause a lot of materials’ effects to mutate and improve their effect. For us Breaking Clan, this thing is a priceless treasure, even my life I won’t begrudge.”

Ti Tan smiled, “So that is to say, you agree to join Tang Sect?”

Yang Wudi looked at the Aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure in his hands as if intoxicated, “Agreed, agreed. Where did you get that much nonsense? Tomorrow morning, I’ll go back and bring my clansmen to bum meals off you. Haha, Aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure.”

Niu Gao grumbled, “Well, old goat is mad for the flower. Tang San, you are really are something.”

Ti Tan smiled, “Still calling him Tang San? We are members of Tang Sect now.”

Tang San said immediately, “Every Senior is my elder, and also elder in Tang Sect in the future. So it is time stop calling ma Tang San. My elders and elder friends call me little San, so Seniors please call me little San.”

Tang San’s words immediately won the good impression of the four patriarchs. They were all over eighty, especially that Bai He was Tang San’s granduncle, calling a twenty-year-old youth Sect Master would be somewhat weird.

Niu Gao smiled, “Fine, it’s settled. Tomorrow morning, we leave together. Old orangutan, I’ll direct bring my clansmen with you. Old goat and old whitebird, you go back and get things ready, then bring your clansman quickly. This time, we four pure attribute clans will gather again. Let’s see who dares bully us. Alright. You drink and I’ll ask the children to begin packing things up. Set off earlier, let the old bastard Huyan Zhen find us if he wants revenge.”

Not only for Tang San, but also for Tang Sect, this was a meaningful day. Xiao Wu half resurrected, no longer in a rabbit form. Four single attribute clans joined Tang Sect too. Everything was on track from this day.

However, ensuing trouble came too. Not because four pure attribute clans made any trouble for Tang San but because of Xiao Wu in a human appearance.

After dinner, when Tang San went back his room with Xiao Wu for a rest, Xiao Wu would hold his hand and went to bed freely. Then took off her clothes in a minute, exposing her snowy and flawless body. She would stick close to him and lie down and, under Tang San’s lifeless stare, close her eyes to sleep. Although she was already in human appearance now, her habit of sleeping  didn’t seem diminished.

Therefore, Tang San got a lot of fun. When Xiao Wu resurrected, his mind teemed with love and excitement, so he naturally ignored these details. But at that moment, Xiao Wu was truly naked, without any clothes before his eyes, as a true man, how could he keep impervious to this?

Even though Hu Liena was under-dressed before, she still wore something. But now Xiao Wu was displayed before his eyes without any veil. More important, his love was all on Xiao Wu. This stimulation, couldn’t be described verbally at all.

He dragged the quilt quickly and covered Xiao Wu’s body. Even though he avoided and didn’t want to touch her body, Xiao Wu moved closer to him on her own and wouldn’t stop before touching his body. Eventually, Xiao Wu used Tang San’s lap as pillow, which cost Tang San two hours to manage to meditate and enter cultivation, enduring a suffering but happy night.

Niu Gao was a resolute man. After packing for a night and a morning, the Defence Clan was already ready for travel. In the early morning, Bai He departed with Yang Wudi. This was the most unrestful period of the Spirit Master world on the continent, now that decided to join Tang Sect, they should unite in Heaven Dou City as fast as possible.

After lunch, the party marched on their way in a grand procession. Tang San and Xiao Wu stepped into a carriage under the ambiguous gaze from Ma Hongjun. There were more than twenty carriages in all, which left Long Xing City surrounded by clansmen and headed directly for Heaven Dou City.

The return was much slower than coming, and took more than twenty days for them to go back Heaven Dou City. On their own turf, Tai Tan arranged the Defence Clan to live in his mansion immediately. For the three clans’ accommodations, Tai Tan would be very busy for a few days. Purchasing the surrounding homes also needed accelerating. After all, for two hundred people it was spacious, but for more than one thousand people it seemed too cramped. In spite of opening space for cultivation, forging, and pharmacy, the whole Strength Clan needed rearrangement and reconstruction. Of course, with the joining of the Defence Clan, it would be much easier. On their way back, Tai Tan had already been talking with Niu Gao about assorted design schemes and construction blueprint of Tang Sect. The rudimentary design scheme had been given to Tang San, but he thought he didn’t have this sort of talent, so he might as well leave it to the two patriarchs.

Tang San then brought Xiao Wu and Ma Hongjun back to Shrek Academy. In the past twenty days, he had already reached an understanding with Xiao Wu who had lost her soul. Xiao Wu was very attached to him, being around him all the time, and at least kept her hand in Tang San’s as body touch, or she would panic. In terms of food, Xiao Wu just ate some green vegetables, which seemed to differ little from the rabbit. Her time for sleep decreased gradually and became the same as a normal human. But to Tang San’s headache, Xiao Wu didn’t like wearing clothes. For this, Tang San didn’t know how many suffering he had endured, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry over the fact that, after these twenty days’ suffering, his spiritual force seemed to have improve a bit.

On the road, Tang San asked women from the Defence Clan to buy some clothes for Xiao Wu, which were all white, Xiao Wu’s favourite color. Both outer clothes and underclothes, at least she wouldn’t be without anything again. For the purpose of making Xiao Wu more comfortable, Tang San learned how to braid hair carefully. Although not so proficient, the scorpion braid he plaited was not so bad. Otherwise, her long beautiful hair would trail on the ground. Tang San wasn’t willing to cut it.

“Third brother, shall we meet teachers and grand master first or go back to where we live first?” Entering the gate of academy, Ma Hongjun asked Tang San.

Tang San said, “We’d better meet teachers and tell them we are coming back, and also that Xiao Wu resurrected.”

Ma Hongjun said, “Fine then, they would be really happy if they knew Xiao Wu resurrected. We will move into the Tang Sect soon, elder Tai Tan said it would be about three months to construct the Tang Sect. Third brother, shouldn’t we relax ourselves and have some fun in these three months? Ha ha.”

Tang San gave him a sulky look, “Have fun? Sure, you cultivate your spirit power to rank sixty, then I will acompany you to the Spirit Beast Forest for fun. Apart from Xiao Wu, you are the only one who haven’t reach rank sixty. Don’t forget, your spirit isn’t innately weaker than others’. That your level didn’t reach, means you weren’t hardworking these years.”

When it came to his spirit power level, Ma Hongjun displayed an upset face immediately, “Hey, I’m different from you! You guys are couples, you don’t have any distractions. But I’m always single, it’s too easy to be distracted. In cities, seeing the bright lights, I just can’t hold myself. Especially I don't have a handsome face like you guys, how could good girls like me? How about you figure out a method for me to get a Second Spirit Awakening, being half as handsome as you is enough. ”

Hearing Ma Hongjun’s words, Tang San didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, but what he said was true, of the Shrek seven devils, he was the only bachelor,

“Alright, Fatty, don't be self-reproachful, never forget that you are the vice master of our Tang Sect. What’s inside is much more important than outer appearance, in the generation of young spirit masters, you are already very outstanding. If you cultivate harder and make yourself stronger, won’t you also have a wife?”

Ma Hongjun said, “Third brother, that is to say, if I cultivate harder, you will help me?”

Tang San nodded, “Of course, as long as I can.”

Ma Hongjun laughed, “It is a deal, I will cultivate harder from now on. When the Speed Clan moves in, please ask your granduncle to match Bai Chenxiang with me, alright? ”

Tang San laughed, “Fine, so you are waiting for me here? You have a crush on Bai Chenxiang. I’ll talk to my granduncle, no problem. But you should know Miss Bai’s status in my granduncle’s heart, her marriage will probably be decided by herself. Whether you can win her heart will depend on your own ability. I don’t have so much experience in this respect, so I can’t teach you. But you can ask little Oscar, wasn’t he known as romantic and dissolute guy?”

Ma Hongjun quirked his mouth, said, “Him? He can just brag with his mouth. Didn’t you see how he changed for Ning Rongrong? If he was dissolute enough, he wouldn’t be like that. I’d better not count on him, not boss Dai either, you see, he had a lot of trouble dealing with Zhu Zhuqing, I’m afraid he won’t touch that taboo.”

Tang San sighed, said, “You’re wrong in that, think about it, if little Oscar wasn’t that sincere, could he move Rongrong, move uncle Ning? In the past five years since he left, he has gone through so much suffering. The reason he can be with Rongrong now is all his own effort. If you want to gain something you must pay first. The only method I can teach you is to pay sincerely, to treat her with all your heart, whether you can succeed will depend on your own sincerity. I believe that the relationships between men and women isn’t decided by appearance only. Oh, right, for another thing, you should lose some weight. Maybe you will become handsome after that.”

“Er…lose weight, I’m afraid it’s too difficult.” Seeing that his waist was wider than his height, Fatty’s expression immediately broke down, “Ai, it’s already noon, the students should have finished their classes, why so few people here, where did they go?”

Tang San also found that there were a scant few people in the academy today, suspiciously few. They had already walked into the grounds, but seen nobody.

When they were talking, they went through the avenue and immediately realized why they hadn’t seen anyone on their way. Nearly all the students of Shrek Academy were clustered on the grounds in a huge circle, with shouts and cries coming now and then. Feeling the fluctuation of spirit power, Tang San found that there seemed to be spirit masters fighting there.

They walked to the edge, it was a large crowd, so they couldn’t see the situation in it at all. Ma Hongjun pulled over a student and asked, “What happened, why don't they go for lunch, what are they doing?”

That student was tiptoeing and watching, felt impatient of Ma Hongjun at first, but when he turned his head he saw a round face of the fatty and the impatience disappeared, said respectfully, “Senior! It’s so good that you came, someone is making trouble.”

“Making trouble? Is there anyone who dare make trouble for our Shrek Academy? They want to die? Who are they?” The fatty became angry on hearing this.

The student said, “It seem to be Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy, with Thunderclap Academy and Skywater Academy, which are called four elements academies. They say they are exchanging pointers with our academy but it’s obviously making trouble. They have a lot of people, more than thirty, and are fighting with our students.”

Tang San frowned, “Where are dean Flender and Grandmaster? Why so noisy here, isn’t anyone in charge?”

The student said indignantly, “They really came at a good time. Grandmaster isn’t here, dean Flender and vice dean Liu Erlong and Zhao Wuji accompanied a batch of thirty level students to hunt their spirit rings. All our elites aren’t here. Actually, we just talked it over and decided to have a competition with them, we just don’t like their arrogant air.”

Ma Hongjun laughed, said, “Third brother, let’s go see. These four academies are old friends. Now that they come, maybe there is some purpose, don’t tell me it’s Spirit Hall’s will?”

Tang San shook his head, said, “Maybe not, of the five elements academies, only Armored Elephant School is Spirit Hall’s dog. The other four clans are neutral, especially the Thunderclap Academy was supported by the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. Now that the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan has been extinguished, they have no reason to collude with Spirit Hall. Let’s go, we’ll just take a look first.”

Fatty nodded his head, shouted, “Come on, let us in, let us in, experts are coming, watch me put them in order.”

After his shouting, others noticed and recognized him and Tang San, immediately making way for them. Tang San, Ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu easily came into the circle.

A battle had just finished, a student with a pale face of Shrek Academy retreated to the side, holding his chest, obviously defeated. The one who won was a young spirit master in red uniform. By his clothes, it seemed to be Blazing Academy’s student.

Inside the circle was a big open space. Walking there, both Tang San and Ma Hongjun’s eyes displayed somewhat weird light: there were real old friends here.

 The Four Elements Academies’ uniforms made them and the Shrek students as distinct as the rivers Jing and Wei. More than ten people stood aside, among which several were Tang San’s acquaintances.        

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