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Chapter 161

(TL by Bagelson)

Among the opponents, all the Spirit Masters that could fly were agility attack types, and four out of five of those were gone, at most only one Spirit Master could fly. The attack range of Spirit Masters was limited, as long as they could escape into the air, he and Xiao Wu very possibly might escape the encirclement.

The Deathgod Domain adhered to the Clear Sky Hammer, and erupting at this moment, cooperating with the aggression of the Clear Sky Hammer, one move broke the opponents’ targeting. At the same time, under the influence of the Deathgod Domain, Tang San’s fighting spirit once again rose to the peak, and the pursuing opponents would also suffer the influence of the domain.

At this moment, all of Tang San’s potential burst forth. He knew that what was most dangerous to him right now was when they were still within fifty meters from the ground after the leap. At this range, he would inevitably have to endure the collective attacks of the opponents. If he couldn’t endure, then, that was his and Xiao Wu’s time of death.

Therefore, in the split second he leapt, he grabbed Xiao Wu under her arms and fiercely threw her up. No matter what attacks he endured, he would never let Xiao Wu endure them with him.

The Spirit Sages naturally reacted very quickly. Even if Tang San used all his strength it was still impossible to instantly separate from their attack range, let alone when he briefly stalled after throwing Xiao Wu . The powerful pushing force born from the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone sent him chasing after Xiao Wu in the air. Simultaneously Tang San forcefully blasted downward with both hands holding the hammer.

At this moment, he used practically all the strength he could muster.

Eight Spirit Sages plus one Yan, how could they let Tang San and Xiao Wu easily escape while surrounding them? Their auras suddenly locking on, naturally led to them wildly attacking.

That single remaining agility attack type spirit master had already flown up high, charging from the side. Of other eight, eight spirit abilities erupted simultaneously.

So many had died from Spirit Hall this time, if Tang San escaped, their guilt would be difficult to escape. Further adding the terrifying feeling Tang San gave them, now they even more went all out. In a moment, the core of everyone’s attacks focused on Tang San. Moreover, besides Yan whose strength wasn’t enough, they were all using Spirit Avatar.

Spirit Avatar undoubtedly enormously increased spirit power consumption, but at the same time it also increased the Spirit Sages’ strength to the limit. At this level, their attack patterns instead became simple. Seven Spirit Sages simultaneously attacked upwards, their concentrated attack power all being their purest spirit power attacks.

But even though the attack methods were the same, they each had different spirits. The spirit power ripples of the attacks would naturally differ a bit. Some were overbearing, some gentle, some surreptitious, and some ice cold or red hot. In an instant, seven extremely powerful spirit powers simultaneously attacked upwards, directly at Tang San.

These seven remaining Spirit Sages were all power attack types. Their most formidable feature was attack. With the force of seven such focused Spirit Avatars attacking one opponent, even if a Title Douluo could resist, it still wouldn’t be so easy. Let alone the already considerably exhausted Tang San.

“No—— Ge——”
Xiao Wu’s calm was finally broken. The instant she was thrown into the air by Tang San, she already sensed things were unreassuring. Watching herself instantly becoming distant from Tang San, she was unable to do anything. She could only watch those countless dazzling lights engulf Tang San.

Tang San naturally knew Xiao Wu’s character, so when he threw her, he had already pinched her numbing acupuncture point, making her unable to use Teleportation to return to support him.

Confronting the attacks below, right now Tang San became exceptionally calm. Even the Deathgod Domain was unable to influence his present mood.

The Deathgod and Blue Silver Domains simultaneously opened up to the greatest degree, intense white light releasing, weakening the strength of these Spirit Sages as far as possible. At the same time, the Clear Sky Hammer blasted out and withdrew, Blue Silver Emperor madly surging out.

Tang San grabbed his knees with both hands, curling his body into a ball, the Eight Spider Lances on his back folding, like a shield behind him. The madly surging out Blue Silver Emperor swiftly formed a large cocoon around him, and his entire body flickered with blue golden luster.

Tang San’s reaction speed could be said to be at the peak. In front of a mortal threat, he finally broke through. The spirit power within his body abruptly sharply increased. Breaking through the bottleneck between the fifty ninth and sixtieth ranks in one move. This abruptly increasing spirit power undoubtedly added weight to his side of the balance.

Hong, the opponents’ attack first came into contact with that Clear Sky Hammer attack.

Without a doubt, the Clear Sky Hammer was one of the most formidable spirits in the present world. However, Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer still wasn’t powerful enough. Without even one spirit ring, further adding his present spirit power level, it basically wasn’t enough to display the Clear Sky Hammer’s true strength. In the instant of contact, it was immediately smashed by the Spriti Sage’s powerful attack.

Tang San never thought to use that Clear Sky Hammer attack to block the enemy attack, what he wanted was leverage.

Indeed, before those seven lights swallowed his body, the collision of the Clear Sky Hammer bombardment and the opponents’ caused an opposite force, and he was once again pushed higher up.

The more distant the attack, the more the attack power would weaken. Just at this moment, even if he could only weaken the enemy attack just a little, to Tang San, the odds of survival would also increase somewhat.


Just the first Spirit Avatar spirit power attack, and the Blue Silver Emperor surrounding Tang San was already completely shattered. The attack power the Spirit Avatar could raise, no matter how, it was still beyond what he could resist at this level.

In the air, Xiao Wu, watching Tang San be violently bombarded just like a small boat in a great wave, teardrops uncontrollably flowed from her eyes. But, that moment Tang San threw her away, he had used the majority of his spirit power on her, and she was still flying towards the sky.


The second attack fell on the Eight Spider Lances Tang San had meticulously arranged behind his back. With an ear piercing rupturing sound, the Eight Spider Lances cracked all over, and Tang San was also unable to continue curling up, a thick blood mist spurting from his mouth, turning the air a faint red.


The third attack fell on Tang San’s back almost immediately after the second. This time, even the Eight Spider Lances that had passed through countless baptisms, was also finally unable to endure. Instantly shattering. Turning into countless blue and gold fragments whirling in the air. Another mouthful of blood mist spurted from Tang San’s mouth. His face had already become white as a sheet of paper.

At this moment, there were no more forces that could protect him. Under the combined Spirit Avatar eruption of the seven Spirit Sages standing on the blue silver grass on the ground, it was impossible for even close combat to achieve anything. And Tang San himself, all he could accomplish was to draw out the Clear Sky Hammer.

The fourth attack, was a completely deep green seeming attack.

But the moment this attack approached, in midair, Tang San made a seemingly inconceivable action. Forcefully reversing himself in the air, his right leg lashed towards that deep green light like a whip.

Even those Spirit Hall people, also couldn’t understand why he would do so. To Tang San, the best situation was naturally to use the Clear Sky Hammer to block, even if he couldn’t completely resist, he could still as far as possible reduce the attack he received. In fact, under the effect of Spirit Avatar, these spirit power attacks made it so that agility attack type Spirit Sage flying in the air didn’t dare approach.


An ear piercing shriek came from Xiao Wu’s mouth. What flowed from her eyes was no longer tears, but blood. It was also at this moment that she forcefully broke open the numbing acupuncture point Tang San sealed.

Tang San’s right leg had disappeared, completely turning to nothing. But he himself was still dreadfully calm, at the same time as his mouth once again spit blood, his right hand dipped, spirit power madly rushing out of his body, and within that blood mist his right leg had turned into, he grabbed a blue crystalline leg bone.

Rotating sharply, he basically didn’t pay any attention to the three attacks that were still continuing behind him, exerting himself to fling that right leg bone in Xiao Wu’s direction.

“Xiao Wu, the leg bone can fly, quickly go——”
Tang San’s voice was already completely hoarse, as if torn apart. He completely poured his last strength into this throw.

As early as the instant they leapt up, Tang San had already planned everything. He basically hadn’t thought about leaving together with Xiao Wu. With spirit power largely consumed, confronting too many enemies more powerful than him, retreating intact was just lunatic ravings.

Shooting into the air, he used himself as Xiao Wu’s shield, throwing her away. When he was unable to endure the enemy attacks, he used his right leg as the price to block, simultaneously using the same method Tang San used to strip his connection with the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone.

Tang San wasn’t a Title Douluo, so he naturally didn’t have the price to pay to voluntarily strip spirit bones. At this moment, what he paid, was his life.

At the same time as his right hand grabbed into the blood mist, his left hand already held an Eight Spider Lance splinter, resolutely piercing it into his heart. Only when paying with his life, could he forcefully strip the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone from his body.

Throwing out that Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone with his final vitality, when he had shouted those words, purple black blood wildly bubbled from Tang San’s mouth.

But, he smiled. What his face displayed, was only a smiling expression.

What he didn’t want to die at the hands of the enemies, the one he said he would protect, was Xiao Wu. He knew that with what he did, receiving his Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone in the air, Xiao Wu could inevitably escape into the sky.

The Sand Launching Shadow on his chest fired, shooting countless slender needles towards the not distant agility attack type Spirit Master. Even at this final moment, Tang San would still help Xiao Wu by delaying the enemies as far as possible, to ensure her safety.

On the ground, two silhouettes arrived at high speed. The moment they arrived was just as those seven lights soared up, chasing after Tang San.

The pupils of Xie Yue’s eyes contracted, and arriving together with him, Hu Liena was already completely lifeless.

She watched Tang San’s body shatter by light after light, watched him kill himself to get the bone, watched him shout the name of his most beloved, throwing a hope for life to his love, Hu Liena’s vision became hazy, her body limp, collapsing in Xie Yue’s arms.

In Xiao Wu’s eyes.

The Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone flew towards her, Tang San’s left hand resolutely stabbing an Eight Spider Lances splinter into his own heart, the remaining three powerful attacks about to engulf his body. He was paying with his life to give her the chance to survive.

At this moment she completely understood that everything was planned by Tang San. Her and his hearts seemed to connect.

‘Ge, I’m sorry. This time, I can’t let your plan succeed.’

Xiao Wu’s eyes had already become blood red, like Tang San’s back when he couldn’t find her. Looking at Tang San’s already broken, and about to be swallowed body, she suddenly raised her head in midair.

An incomparably sharp lamenting cry burst from Xiao Wu’s throat. That sharp voice seemed to make the entire Star Dou Great Forest shudder.

Glaring red light abruptly spread from the space between Xiao Wu’s eyebrows, a circle of red light spreading out in a flash. Where that red light passed, everything was rendered the color of blood. Everything, at this moment, became still.


Light simultaneously burst from the Titan Giant Ape and the Sky Blue Bull Python, two clouds of dense blood mist simultaneously spouting from their throats. In that instant, Ghost and Chrysanthemum Douluo’s combined spirit fusion ability was no longer able to seal them. The gold and silver light shattered like glass.

With muffled groans, Yue Guan and Gui Mei simultaneously spit blood and separated, falling heavily on the shore. If the Titan Giant Ape and Sky Blue Bull Python wanted to kill them right now, it would be as easy as lifting a hand or moving a foot.

But, the two great forest kinds didn’t do so. From their mouths echoed sorrowful roars like a landslide or tsunami, and they simultaneously charged madly in one direction. Where they passed, the vegetation turned to broken pieces.

Sunset Forest, the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Tang Hao sat quietly on the ground. In front of him, the verdant and lush blue silver emperor had already grown several times larger, each blade of grass swaying softly.

The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well was one of the treasure bowls with the best features of Heaven and earth, this was a paradise for plants. The blue silver emperor’s growth speed here could only be described as terrifying. Even more when she still had been nourished by her son’s blood.

Even though she couldn’t speak, her consciousness was slowly recovering along with her growth.

Suddenly, Tang Hao’s closed eyes abruptly opened, and the blue silver emperor in front of him also swayed violently, countless blades of grass swiftly twisting around Tang Hao’s hands.

Tang Hao’s complexion immediately turned pale,
“Ah Yin. You, did you also feel it?”

The blue silver emperor shuddered violently, each blade of grass constantly trembling as if saying something.

Tang Hao’s eyes were filled with disbelief,
“No, wouldn’t, our little San is so outstanding, how would he, how would he meet a life crisis……”

Even if Tang Hao no longer was the Clear Sky Douluo, his previous cultivation made his spiritual force extremely sensitive. The connection of blood allowed him to clearly sense the constantly fading life signs in the distance.


“This, what’s this…… How would, little San, don’t tell me, don’t tell me you’ve met the same fate as your dad.”

Tang Hao’s lips shuddered. His son might not need to die, but, could it be that he would now still have to face the same living being worse than death feelings he once did?

Stillness, everything in that red light had turned completely still. Even the spirit power attacks the Spirit Sages released had stagnated in midair.

The only thing that could move, was the center of that red light.

Xiao Wu had turned completely red. That was a crystalline and piercing deep red. The clothes she wore had already completely turned to ash, exposing her perfect body. Sparkling and translucent like ruby.

No one could see her, because at this moment, the things that had stopped included the consciousnesses of the surrounding people.

This was the power belonging to a hundred thousand year spirit beast, especially when she had ignited her life energy.

With a casual move, that Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone had fallen into her grasp. Quietly descending in front of Tang San, big drops of blood tears softly fell on Tang San’s chest.

Softly holding Tang San, Xiao Wu’s voice whispered by his ear,
“Ge, you really are really, really foolish. Don’t tell me that I could still live alone when you died? I don’t want you to die, I want you to live. I truly hoped I could live together with you, just like before. But, we can’t. When I’m not here, you must take good care of yourself, otherwise my heart will break.”

Intense light sparkling, light abruptly flashed on Xiao Wu’s face, holding Tang San’s body to slowly fall to the ground. The Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone in her hand once again stuck into the socket of Tang San’s broken leg.

Right now, that blood red gaze was filled with tenderness, the only thing in her eyes the man in her embrace.

Lowering her head, softly, softly kissing his lips, she gripped Tang San’s right hand, pulling out that broken Eight Spider Lances stabbed into his heart. Since everything was still, no blood flowed out.

A red flame began to burn on Xiao Wu’s body. That wasn’t fire, but rather an extremely peculiar blood flame. And what it burned was Xiao Wu’s blood, her life, and still her hundred thousand years of cultivation.

Just like Tang San’s mother Ah Yin, in order to save her lover, she made the same choice.

The blood flame grew more and more flourishing, gradually turning from red to deep red, and Xiao Wu’s body also gradually faded in this process, like a red crystal growing more and more transparent.

The immense red circle that had spread out gradually contracted, revolving around Xiao Wu, and around her man.

At this moment, the stillness caused by that immense red magnetic field gradually weakened. The first to recover was the consciousnesses of all the people in range.

Looking at that blood red brilliance, all the Spirit Hall experts were stupefied. The splendor Xiao Wu’s body released was too intense, up until they were basically unable to clearly see her appearance. But in their hearts, they could already imagine what she was doing right now.

Hundred thousand year cultivation, that was a hundred thousand years of cultivation.

Hu Liena awoke from unconsciousness. Under the effect of her skull spirit bone, her eyesight was a lot better than others. And what she saw was also just Xiao Wu’s eyes, attentively gazing at Tang San.

What eyes were those, even though they released blood red light, the concentrated love in the depths of those eyes was like it could burn your soul.

Purple black blood constantly bubbled from the wound on Tang San’s chest. That was the venom of the Eight Spider Lances, and elsewhere, the injuries were recovering at an astonishing speed, enveloped in that deep red blood flame. Especially the already missing right leg, was unexpectedly gradually growing back around the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone.

It seemed as if a miracle was occurring before the eyes of these Spirit Hall experts.

Tang San’s expression had vitality again. What he saw was only that pair of eyes, that pair of beautiful eyes brimming with love and sorrow.

‘No, don’t, Xiao Wu, why didn’t you leave……’

Tang San wanted to struggle. Endless pain flooded his eyes. He of course understood what Xiao Wu was doing, and he understood even clearer the consequences. But, he couldn’t stop it. He was basically unable to move. He could only watch everything in front of him develop in the direction he feared the most.

Why would it be like this, why would it be like this? Even though Tang San’s calculation abilities were very strong, at this moment, everything before his eyes completely exceeded the range of his calculations. The plan that should originally have used his life as period hadn’t ended his life, and the person he wanted to protect the most, was instead here…...

Immersed in the blood flame Xiao Wu emitted, Tang San’s whole body constantly felt itchy. As if he was having an out of body experience, while his heart was filled with defiance, he was unable to change anything that happened, and could only quietly watch Xiao Wu’s body gradually fade in front of him.

Xiao Wu could no longer speak by now, because her vitality was already completely being used to feed this blood flame. But her blood colored beautiful eyes still seemed to tell Tang San about the love in her heart.

Even Tang San didn’t know that the method Xiao Wu used right now was different from the one his mother used back then. What Xiao Wu used was a kind of even more overbearing method, but this overbearingness was only directed at her herself. This method was called Sacrifice.

Offering herself as sacrifice for Tang San. Tang San was after all not like Tang Hao back then, he still didn’t approach Title Douluo strength, and it was impossible for him to absorb a hundred thousand year spirit ring. It was considering this bit, that Xiao Wu would ignite her own vitality like this to accomplish this scene.

Sacrifice, not only did it sacrifice her life, at the same time it also sacrificed her soul. In order to let Tang San successfully absorb her spirit ring, Xiao Wu was completely blending her own soul into the spirit ring throughout the entire sacrificial process, giving herself completely to Tang San.

With such a sacrifice, no matter what Tang San’s strength was, whether he had reached the required level for the spirit ring or not, this hundred thousand year spirit ring would definitely successfully fuse with him. As long as his level reached the corresponding level, afterwards he could continue upgrading it.

But the outcome for Xiao Wu, would be that she could never be reincarnated again. Even Tang San’s mother left behind that trace of life, giving her the chance to recover.

Hu Liena had gone stupid. She suddenly discovered that, compared to Xiao Wu, she was so insignificant. Right now who Tang San was was no longer important to her. She completely saw what true love was.

He for her, could give his life, dying to give the spirit bone.

She for him, could sacrifice her life, sacrificing her spirit ring.

What love was it that could let them pay like this? No wonder he turned a blind eye to her charm. Even when she enticed him in the Hell Road he remained unmoved. Originally, in his heart, there was already such a perfect lover.

Hu Liena knew that she couldn’t compare to Xiao Wu no matter what. Closing her eyes, she couldn’t bear to watch. The most tender parts of her heart were constantly torn by intense pain.

Lowering her head again, Xiao Wu’s already transparent lips once again met Tang San’s. Tang San could only feel a faint warmth, but no sense of touch. A blood red circle leapt up and quietly revolved rhythmically around them, and the spirit power within Tang San’s body was recovering, growing at a frightful speed.

On the surface of his skin, blue, gold, red, three colors of light constantly glittered in turn, the Eight Spider Lances behind his back unexpectedly growing bit by bit, just like that already reformed right leg. Even the fatal wound on his chest had completely healed. Tang San’s heart began to throb forcefully.

Two tremendous silhouettes appeared at the edge of the forest, but even they were unable to approach the range of that bloody light.

They were Xiao Wu’s best comrades. They naturally saw what Xiao Wu was doing.

The Titan Giant Ape roared up at the sky, a tremendous shock wave suddenly breaking out from his body, a wide expanse of forest turning to broken fragments by his violent aura.

The bull headed serpent bodied Sky Blue Bull Python unreconciled watched attentively,
“Xiao Wu, is it really worth it?”

Perhaps sensing these auras, lips parting, Xiao Wu slowly inclined her head. Looking at Da Ming and Er Ming, she used her gaze brimming with smiles and tenderness to tell them, that this was worth everything. It was also at that momentary gaze, that scene after scene of her previous experiences were branded into their minds through her spirit.

Lowering her head, nestling against his chest, Xiao Wu’s body gradually faded, faded…...

The surging blood flame ring abruptly contracted. In an instant, Tang San’s surroundings erupted in a chain of cracks. Just at the same time as Xiao Wu’s body gradually disappeared, his original five spirit rings suddenly appeared, and that blood colored sixth spirit ring condensed around him.

At the same time, a bloody light shone on his left arm, the light of a red arm bone flashing and disappearing.

Just at this moment, Xiao Wu’s already extremely thin body abruptly condensed, becoming a ball of red light. The brilliance slowly dulled, the surface colors stripping of layer by layer, an only palm sized white little rabbit lay quietly on Tang San’s chest, her aura disappearing trace by trace.

“Xiao—— Wu——”
A mournful, seemingly inhuman, roar erupted from Tang San’s throat. This moment, any evolution of strength was already meaningless to him, his heart trembling, he had already forgotten Xiao Wu’s executioners around him. Looking at Xiao Wu’s final trace of aura dissipating, that empty soul- and lifeless tiny body, Tang San’s heart collapsed.


Equally lamenting howls came from the two forest kings, with their formidable aura scattering the Spirit Hall experts like an autumn wind through fallen leaves, they charged forward almost madly.

Suddenly, Tang San’s gaze focused, because he saw something else, a flower, a large dazzling flower.

At the same time Xiao Wu’s rabbit form, tumbled from Tang San’s body.

Almost instantly, Tang San carefully held the little rabbit Xiao Wu had become with one hand, his other hand swiftly grabbing that dazzling Yearning Heartbroken Red, cautiously and solemnly delivering its petals to the side of Xiao Wu’s mouth. Softly pushing open her now three lips, he let one petal inside.

A fantastic scene appeared, in Xiao Wu’s mouth, that more solid than iron petal immediately melted to liquid, flowing into the mouth of the dying little rabbit.

The Yearning Heartbroken Red was picked by Xiao Wu, and even if she had already lost her human shape, even if her life and soul were already stripped away, her aura, and only her aura, could thaw this immortal treasure among immortal treasures.

Looking at this scene, a shred of hope rose through Tang San’s despair. Slowly turning that Yearning Heartbroken Red stalk, he held petal after petal to Xiao Wu’s mouth.

Whether the Titan Giant Ape or the Sky Blue Bull Python, right now they cautiously gathered their enormous heads at Tang San’s side. Even though they didn’t know what Tang San was doing, they had often sensed the Yearning Heartbroken Red’s aura at Xiao Wu’s side.

They both understood Sacrifice, and they also both understood its consequences. But deep in their hearts still remained a trace of hope, even so much that they couldn’t manage to go avenge Xiao Wu, only waiting for that uncertain miracle.

The miracle really did happen.

Along with petal after petal of the Yearning Heartbroken Red turning to liquid and flowing into Xiao Wu, a layer of faint golden red light began to appear around it, the originally already completely exhausted vitality actually recovering at astonishing speed.

Xiao Wu’s only palm sized body after her death, grew with astonishing speed. Rendered in that golden red light, her dull fur recovered its luster, sparkling and translucent as if crystal.

The closed eyes gradually opened. Along with the vitality recovering, Xiao Wu’s body constantly produced an enormous aura of life, her burned vitality and broken body swiftly mending.

The Yearning Heartbroken Red had the effect of life and death, flesh and white bone. It was picked by Xiao Wu, and further adding that Xiao Wu being on the brink of death was completely for love, she and this immortal herb immediately reached perfect attunement, forcibly pulling her back from the brink of death.

Xiao Wu’s body grew until it was more than a chi[1] long then stopped. The Yearning Heartbroken Red was very quickly finished. Tang San’s heart shuddered. Watching Xiao Wu’s vitality recover, his deathly still heart once again recovered some energy.

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu, can you hear me?”

Rabbit form Xiao Wu was naturally unable to answer him, those rabbit eyes with their new luster gradually closed, falling deep asleep.

Softly pulling her into his embrace, Tang San was foolish. Foolishly sitting there motionless. He knew that the Yearning Heartbroken Red had already begun to display its effect, but for the results to completely display still needed some time.

He sat there holding Xiao Wu, motionless as if dull witted.

The Titan Giant Ape and the Sky Blue Bull Python also accompanied him to sit. Whether Xiao Wu could completely absorb the effect of the Yearning Heartbroken Red and wake up to normal, was the miracle they waited for.

The Spirit Hall experts stealthily withdrew. Xiao Wu was already dead, who would still dare provoke those two Star Dou Great Forest kings? But what they didn’t know was that a seed of hatred had already germinated in Tang San’s heart.

One day passed, two days passed, ……, seven days in succession, whether swept by wind or rain, Tang San foolishly sat in place. Foolishly looking at Xiao Wu in his arms, using his body to shelter her from the elements.

Xiao Wu’s body constantly flickered with red gold light, her fur became more and more beautiful. Each faint flicker of light affected Tang San, Da Ming and Er Ming’s hearts. They were all waiting, waiting for her to wake up. How Tang San wanted to again hear her call him big brother, call out his name.

Sitting for seven days, Tang San’s consciousness was already somewhat fuzzy, but he still persevered in sitting there. As if he moved even a little, Xiao Wu would suffer harm.

Suddenly, a slight squirming roused the lifeless Tang San. Seven days had passed, and Xiao Wu finally moved in his embrace.

The red gold light no longer flickered. Covered by fur as lustrous white as jade, long rabbit ears laying over her back, those red rabbit eyes slowly opened.

Tang San could clearly sense the formidable vitality distributed from Xiao Wu’s body, let alone a common rabbit, the vitality she exuded right now wasn’t less than that of the enormous Titan Giant Ape Er Ming.

Xiao Wu didn’t die.

Excitement and happiness filled Tang San’s heart like a gushing spring.

But just at this moment, Tang San looked at Xiao Wu’s eyes. Those eyes were empty, all intelligence lost, a pair of empty eyes without any signs of life.

“Why is it like this?”
Tang San’s hoarse voice muttered. He didn’t know if he asked Xiao Wu, or the Heavens.

At this moment, his consciousness seemed to completely collapse. His vision going dark, he fell backwards with Xiao Wu in his arms.

Real title: The Same Fate, Tang San’s Hundred Thousand Year Spirit Ring

[1] 1尺 = ⅓ m

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