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The Eighth Prince of Legend, Prince Sheng

The faces of the Lu family’s members collapsed after hearing this report. Even Lu Yao never thought that Feng Yu Heng would actually send someone to provide reparations. She angrily said to Lu Song: “Father, that imperial daughter Ji An is clearly humiliating daughter!”

Lu Song hated that he could not slap his daughter to death. He had finally managed to reach the position of left prime minister, but why was the eldest daughter of the first wife so lacking in intelligence? “If she’s humiliating you, that just serves you right!” He pointed at Lu Yao and said: “If you knew what would happen today, why did you allow that servant go and cause trouble at the embroidery store? You went and humiliated her younger sister first. That is an imperial daughter that earned her own position with her military and medical merits. Even the Emperor needs to give her a bit of face, yet you went ahead and humiliated this sort of person’s younger sister. That she did not kill you on the spot is already lucky enough for you. You’ve had your fun!”

After saying this, he flicked his sleeve and said to madam Ge shi: “Come with this prime minister to see the people from the imperial daughter’s manor.”

Ge shi immediately nodded. Right before leaving, she did not forget to glare fiercely at Lu Yao, spitting out: “You really aren’t able to do anything right!”

At this time, Wang Chuan had already been brought into the main hall of the left prime minister’s manor. She was seated in the guest’s spot and sipping tea. To her side, there were a few servants from the imperial daughter’s manor holding the fabric. Although they were normal servants, they all had an abnormal manner. With faint smiles on their faces, it seemed as though they were there to be admired.

Seeing Lu Song and Ge shi come in, Wang Chuan put down her teacup and stood up. Taking a couple steps forward, she bowed: “This servant, Wang Chuan, greets lord prime minister and madam.”

Lu Song could not really say too much to a servant, only saying: “Miss, you’re being too modest.” He then gestured to his own wife.

Ge shi was very smart and quickly went forward to help Wang Chuan stand up. With a smile on her face, she looked to be very kind: “Quickly, please stand. You’re the miss Wang Chuan that stays at imperial daughter’s side, right? You really are quite beautiful.” She looked at Wang Chuan with a sincere expression. At the same time, she shoved something into Wang Chuan’s hand from under her sleeve before letting her go, “Miss, please sit.”

Wang Chuan smiled and calmly held the thing that madam Lu had just placed in her hand. It was a gold ingot that was quite heavy. “Lord prime minister and madam are too modest. This servant came today to bring the Sichuan brocade as reparation for the imperial daughter’s younger sister.” As she said this, she retrieved the brocade from a servant. While showing it, she explained it to the Lu family couple: “We already looked at the Sichuan brocade that had been ruined and found that it was of lower quality. Imperial daughter specifically told this servant to choose six bolts for the second young miss. Aside from making wedding clothes, the remainder can be used to make some clothes that will be worn more frequently. Consider it apologizing for a mistake committed by the Feng family’s third young miss and his Highness the fourth prince.”

At the same moment she mentioned Xiang Rong, she specifically emphasized the fourth prince, Xuan Tian Yi. Sure enough, Lu Song and his wife were scared witless upon hearing mention of the fourth prince. Ge shi quickly asked: “His Highness the fourth prince? Why apologize for a mistake for his Highness?”

Lu Song clenched his fists and gently sighed, correcting: “Even the Feng family’s third young miss is without fault. This matter was initially that Lu Yao’s fault. For imperial daughter to have not punished Lu Yao’s crime is already a grand grace.”

“Right, right, right.” Ge shi quickly changed her tune, “I misspoke. It should be us that went to apologize to imperial daughter.” As she spoke, she anxiously asked: “But his Highness…”

Wang Chuan smiled, “Did the second young miss not talk about it when she came back? Those ducks on the wedding dress were not embroidered by the Feng family’s third young miss. Instead, they were embroidered by his Highness the fourth prince.”

“What?” Lu Song was shocked, “His Highness the fourth prince? Embroidered?” He then faintly recalled a matter. Back then, the fourth prince had been demoted to a commoner and taken into custody, but it seemed as though the Emperor did not punish him any further, only saying: Have him learn embroidery from the Feng family’s third girl. Or something to that effect…

“His Highness the fourth prince was given an imperial order to learn embroidery from the Feng family’s third young miss. Speaking of, he can be considered the third young miss’ apprentice.” Wang Chuan analyzed the setting seriously for the Lu family, “I heard that his Highness usually needs to call the third young miss master whenever he sees her. Upon hearing that his master had been ordered around like a mere embroiderer, he became quite irritated.”

She did not continue to speak. With her touching on these matters, the Lu family should also understand. Just assuming the position of prime minister did not mean that they could offend and boss around anyone that they wished.

Lu Song and Ge shi’s faces were a little pale. Lu Song, who had already sat down in the head seat, stood back up and did not concern himself with his standing. Cupping his hands toward Wang Chuan, he said: “Many thanks for the advice, miss. This prime minister will naturally provide an explanation to the imperial daughter. Would the imperial daughter please feel at ease.”

Wang Chuan nodded. To be able to assume the position of left prime minister after Feng Jin Yuan, he definitely would not be too stupid. It just depended on who he chose to get close to. She did not remain any longer, only saying: “The imperial daughter said that if there is not enough time to make the wedding clothes and have them embroidered, she can have the embroiderers in the palace provide some help.” After saying this, she bowed and left.

The housekeeper of the manor personally sent her out of the manor before returning to report to Lu Song: “Master, she has already gone back.”

Lu Song let out a sigh and waved his hand to dismiss the housekeeper. Only then did he returned to his seat with a look of anger on his face.

Ge shi paced around in the middle of the room a few times before finally stopping; however, she was very puzzled and asked: “Wasn’t it said that imperial daughter Ji An does not get along with the Feng family. Rather, she treats them even worse than enemies? Back then, husband also knew that when Feng Jin Yuan fell from the position of prime minister, part of it was definitely his own doing, but it cannot be unrelated to imperial daughter Ji An. For an imperial daughter that even plots against her own father, how could she help speak up for the Feng family? Also, the report that we received said that in the Feng residence, her younger sisters born from concubines go against her!”

Lu Song suddenly slammed the top of a table and loudly said: “Fool!” He then sighed, “Feng Jin Yuan caused his own demise by committing sins! The daughter of a concubine from the Feng family that fights the imperial daughter, have you forgotten? That report said that it was the fourth daughter that does not get along with the imperial daughter. It did not mention the third daughter.”

“What’s the difference?” Ge shi was puzzled. To her, all daughters of concubines were the same. If she did not get along with the fourth daughter, how could she get along with the third.

Lu Song, however, shook his head and said: “The difference is extremely great. The only one in the Feng family that imperial daughter Ji An likes is that third young miss. Their relationship is very good. It’s to the point that when the imperial daughter left the capital, she requested that his Highness the seventh prince take care of her.”

“Is that true?” Ge shi was given a fright.

Lu Song nodded, “It’s true, and I was negligent. I forgot to reminder Yao’er. I just never thought that she would throw her weight around so much and actually do this sort of thing.” While saying this, he stood up and left the room to walk toward the study. Ge shi quickly followed behind.

Inside the study, Lu Yao was still kneeling there, with an exhausted appearance. Lu Song looked at her and said with disappointment: “If I knew that you would do this sort of thing, I would not have given you the engagement to the Yao family, no matter what you said.” While saying this, he shook his head; however, there was nothing else that he could do. He could only say: “Go now. Close your doors and reflect on your actions. You are not allowed to take half a step out of your courtyard before the wedding. Tonight, your mother and I will go to the imperial daughter’s manor to apologize personally.”

Lu Yao quietly left the study. In the instant after she closed the door, a look of ferocity appeared in her eyes.

Imperial daughter Ji An was not close with the Feng family, right? Don’t rush. When I have married into the Yao family, there will come a day when I leave you in a similar state with the Yao family. Let’s just wait and see.

Seeing Lu Yao leave the room, Ge shi finally spoke up: “Husband, don’t be too angry. Based on imperial daughter Ji An’s personality, to have not done much to Yao’er and sent Sichuan brocade, it means that she gave at least a bit of face to husband.”

Lu Song helplessly shook his head, “How did she give me face. It’s clear that she was giving the Yao family face. Did you not think too carefully about what that Wang Chuan just said? This problem caused by Yao’er offended two people that must not be offended. One is naturally imperial daughter Ji An, and the other is his Highness the fourth prince, who was detained!”

“Husband means to say…”

“Why did the wedding dress that she insisted be embroidered by third young miss Feng end up being embroidered by his Highness the fourth prince? This makes it clear that the fourth prince is venting for third young miss Feng! Although he is a prince that has been demoted to a commoner, he is still of the imperial family. He is still living in the Ping Palace, which means that the relationship between father and son still exists, and the fourth prince’s life is not to be severed. This Lu Yao is truly too much of a disappointment.”

Ge shi thought it over in her mind and could not help but inhale sharply. This time, things had gotten a little out of hand! She frowned and asked Lu Song: “In truth, Yao’er’s personality has not been around for just a day or two. She’s been like this since she was young. She acts one way in front of people and another behind their backs. During childhood, Yan’er always said that her elder sister was bullying her, yet husband did not believe her, punishing Yan’er multiple times.” The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She could not help but complain: “Husband should indeed dote on Yao’er. After all, she lost her mother right after she was born and was very pitiful, but Yan’er is also our child, yet husband should not favor one too much over the other.”

Lu Song sighed and said: “Wife has been with me for all of these years, yet you don’t understand that I have always favored Yan’er?” Seeing that Ge shi did not understand, he continued: “Marrying Yao’er into the Yao family is just in case the ninth prince ascends the throne. When that happens, the Yao family will inevitably rise, but what if it’s not the ninth prince?”

Ge shi was stunned, “Husband is saying…”

“A letter came from the eighth prince’s side. Once Yan’er becomes of marriageable age, he will request a marriage with Yan’er as the official princess of the Sheng Palace.”

Ge shi was finally able to feel at ease, saying with a smile: “Many thanks husband for doting on Yan’er.”

Lu Song waved his hands, “Let’s not talk about this. Go and prepare yourself. After dinner, we’ll go and visit the imperial daughter’s manor.”

That evening in the imperial daughter’s manor was very lively. The number of people that Feng Yu Heng had brought back from the North was already high. With An shi and Xiang Rong added in, a large group of people sat around the table and ate. The atmosphere would be described by Prince Lian as: “Awesome!” He dragged Fu Ya to stand beside Xiang Rong. While comparing, he said: “Take a look, it’s clear that little Rong is Ya Ya’s younger sister, but she looks more like you!”

Feng Yu Heng helplessly corrected him: “The one in front of you is the real Ya Ya.”

“Hah, it’s all the same.” Prince Lian was feeling quite troubled over the matter of names. Pointing at the real Fu Ya, he said: “She is called Xiao Ya.”

Fu Ya was also feeling helpless, saying: “Your Highness can call me whatever you like.”

Li Sheng sat to the side and would occasionally grab some food for Prince Lian and looked like a typical wife. Changing out of the red wedding dress and washing off the thick makeup on her face, a pure and beautiful person sat there and was very eye-catching.

Xiang Rong really could not understand why the people that her second sister ran into were all weirdos, but this atmosphere was truly quite good. Nobody put on any airs, and the smiles on everyone’s faces were real. How long had it been since she had enjoyed this sort of atmosphere?

But at this time, they suddenly heard a shout that was filled with extreme dissatisfaction: “Feng Yu Heng! You’re eating delicious things, yet you actually didn’t call me!”

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