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The Mad Demon Says, What of it?

“There are guests that have come from far away. Why is it that you have stopped outside the door? Is it Our fault for not being thorough with a reception?” The voice came from behind the wall. If a normal person heard it, they would think that it was a harmless scholar. But to Feng Yu Heng’s group, they could hear the force coming from this voice.

But she was not afraid. Feng Yu Heng never believed that there was a person from the ancient era that could harm her. In the worst-case scenario, she would hide in her space to move freely. Once there was an opening, she would shoot him in the head to get it over with. She was just very curious. Exactly what sort of person was the ruler of Qian Zhou?

Ban Zou took a step forward and stopped her, saying in a low voice: “This subordinate will go forward to take a look.”

Feng Yu Heng did not agree, “We cannot allow them to look down on us. Ban Zou, you should trust me.”

Ban Zou did not say anything further. He just knew that this girl’s decisions could not be changed by anyone. His Highness the ninth prince was incapable, much less him.

Feng Yu Heng stepped forward and walked into the Phoenix Pavilion. Ascending the spiral staircase, she finally stopped at the very top floor. Ban Zou and Prince Lian followed along behind her. While climbing, Prince Lian said: “The Phoenix Pavilion has never allowed any outsiders to ascend. This is also my first time coming up here.”

Ban Zou snorted coldly, “Then you need to be more careful and not get hurt from some sort of trap.” When he spoke, his tone was relaxed, but Ban Zou was exercising extreme caution. Looking all over, he feared that something would happen.

Phoenix Pavilion was not large. In the middle of the fourth floor, there was a normal hall. There was a man in yellow robes sitting there while holding some nice tea in his hands. The aroma of the tea drifted over and was very pleasant.

Feng Yu Heng looked at him and felt that if this person walked in the streets, the people would only think that he was some sort of teacher or was a student preparing for the imperial exam. None would connect the dots and realize that he was the ruler of a country, much less the ruler of Qian Zhou!

It was said that the ruler of Qian Zhou was violent and brutal. He had a vicious heart and would go to any extreme. He treated people savagely and even disowned his own family. Even the administration of Qian Zhou could not be described even remotely as soft. Under this tyranny, the citizens complained incessantly.

But it was this sort of person that was born with this appearance. Feng Yu Heng thought that sure enough, one should never judge based on appearances.

“Everyone says that the tea of this frozen land is not as good as the tea of your Da Shun in the South. A few years earlier, We also received some tea from the South. When drinking it, however, I feel that it’s not as fragrant as the tea of this frozen land.” Feng Zhao Yu spoke idly. Picking up a cup of tea, he extended it to Feng Yu Heng, “Imperial daughter, do try some.”

Feng Yu Heng did not speak, but Ban Zou said: “My master is not thirsty.”

Who knew that Feng Zhao Yu would shake his head and look unhappily at Ban Zou then say: “So noisy.” He then waved his wide sleeve, exerting a bit of inner strength. This resulted in Ban Zou being pushed back numerous steps, all the way to the stairs.

Feng Yu Heng’s pupils moved slightly, and Ban Zou was shocked. It was Prince Lian that was not too surprised. His cousin was extremely proficient in martial arts. This was something that he knew.

Ban Zou could not hold back his anger. After standing up straight, he wanted to charge forward; however, he saw Feng Yu Heng raise her hand to have him give up on this idea.

“This imperial daughter is indeed not thirsty.” She repeated by Ban Zou had said once more then looked up at Qian Zhou’s ruler with a smile, “Being able to push someone back multiple steps with just a wave of your arm, you’ll be able to catch up to his Highness the ninth prince with another eight to ten years of training. Hehe!” She began laughing once more, “It’s just that his Highness the ninth prince will not be waiting in the same place for you. After ten years, you’ll still be chasing.”

Qian Zhou’s ruler did not get angry. He just said: “I heard long ago that Da Shun’s imperial daughter Ji An has a sharp tongue. To engage in a battle of words with a woman, We readily acknowledge defeat.” He pulled back the tea and drank it himself. He then said: “Imperial daughter Ji An, do you believe that if We truly wanted to kill him earlier, that hidden guard of yours could have been sent flying out of Phoenix Pavilion.”

“I do.” Feng Yu Heng nodded, “For the ruler of a country to hit a hidden guard, what bright prospects.”

“Hahahaha!” Qian Zhou’s ruler finally put down his teacup then looked at her seriously, “Girl, there’s no use in flapping your gums. If We desired it, you could also be sent flying out of Phoenix Pavilion with a wave of my hand.”

Feng Yu Heng blinked, “What of it? You can’t kill me. On the contrary, if I raise my hand, your life is forfeit.”

Once this was said, a glint of cold light flashed through Feng Zhao Yu’s eyes. The hand that had pushed Ban Zou to the side seemed to have been raised with a desire to try it. In the end, he did not dare.

Many months earlier, he had heard that Daun Mu An Guo’s eldest son, Duan Mu Cong, was standing on the top of a building but was suddenly struck in the forehead by some sort of hidden weapon and immediately lost his life. After some investigation, it was found that it was imperial daughter Ji An’s actions. She then had Duan Mu Cong’s body sent back. Duan Mu An Guo had invited Qian Zhou’s coroner to inspect it but still could not understand what sort of hidden weapon it was.

Feng Zhao Yu felt that he could not take this risk.

“Do you dare compete with Us?” He asked Feng Yu Heng: “Without using weapons or hidden weapons, simply using our hands and feet.” After saying this, he glanced at Prince Lian, “Our cousin knows this. We do not compete with just anyone. Imperial daughter Ji An, you should feel honored.”

Prince Lian let out a “tsk” sound, “Honor my ass! Such a grown man wants to bully a young girl. What do you mean no use of weapons or hidden weapons. They don’t know, but how could this great one not know? From a young age, you’ve focused mainly on your internal strength. Your internal strength is your forte. When it comes to weapons and hidden weapons, you don’t even know how to use them.”

“Oh?” Feng Yu Heng began laughing, “It turns out that Qian Zhou’s ruler had this sort of idea. I really never thought that the dignified ruler of a country could be so shameless.”

Feng Zhao Yu did not think much of it. He just nodded and said: “That’s right, Our forte is indeed internal strength, but imperial daughter Ji An is not some normal girl. To be able to lift Da Shun’s Hou Yi Bow, nobody would believe it if she said that she had no internal strength. How about this, We will only use half of our strength? If you win, Qian Zhou belongs to you. If you lose, scram back to Da Shun.”

Feng Yu Heng had truly heard the funniest joke in the world. While laughing, she looked at Prince Lian, “You two really do speak in similar ways. It’s just that…” She turned to look back at the ruler of Qian Zhou, “It’s just that you don’t have the power to discuss such conditions with this imperial daughter. Even if I lose, there are still hundreds of thousands of Da Shun’s soldiers. With just your own power, how many can you defeat?”

Ban Zou sneered: “You really can’t tell good from bad.”

Feng Zhao Yu sighed bitterly, “Forget it, if that ninth prince of Da Shun and the thousands of soldiers don’t even care about the imperial daughter’s life, there is nothing that We can do.” He stood up and stood across from Feng Yu Heng, “Imperial daughter, what do you say?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “That’s also true. Then let’s just do it as the ruler says. Ever since setting foot in Qian Zhou, I’ve had the desire to get in a proper fight. As a result, who knew that there was no need for any fighting in Qian Zhou. We simply collected as we walked along. This imperial daughter has not had a chance to move my body in a long time.”

She smiled, having Prince Lian and Ban Zou move further back. She then heard Qian Zhou’s ruler say: “Alright, a respectable person cannot take back their word. We will fight at half strength with imperial daughter Ji An. Imperial daughter, please.”

Feng Yu Heng was not reserved. Just as Feng Zhao Yu’s words were said, her body moved as fast as lightning, rushing toward the opposition. Squeezing the fingers on her right hand together to act as a sword, she slashed at her enemy’s carotid artery.

Feng Zhao Yu began laughing, also moving to begin fighting.

Ban Zou and Prince Lian were left standing to the side. Prince Lian quietly asked Ban Zou: “Is this alright? You’ll just relax like this? How about you go out and have Xuan Tian Ming hurry over here!”

At first, Ban Zou was worried, but as Feng Yu Heng and Qian Zhou’s ruler were fighting, he saw her cast a look over. That look was filled with slyness, and she closely resembled a fox. Ban Zou understood that there was no respectable person that would not take back their word. That girl never viewed herself as a respectable person. When had she ever eaten a loss! No matter how powerful Qian Zhou’s ruler was, perhaps he would also be left fuming with anger by this girl.

However, Feng Yu Heng truly did act like a respectable person. It was not for any other reason. She just had her fighting spirit raised by Feng Zhao Yu. Feng Zhao Yu’s martial prowess was exceptionally high, and the two were enemies. His attacks were not merciful in the slightest. He said that he would only use half of his strength, but who could truly know just what percentage of his strength was being used.

Feng Yu Heng just felt that when the two exchanged blows, her arms would always be left feeling a little numb. Even if she used all of her qigong, her ability still fell a little short.

With their fighting spirit raised, one was extremely aggressive and one willingly continued to shoulder the responsibility. Either way, they were both experts. Feng Zhao Yu was unmatched in ancient martial arts; however, Feng Yu Heng had unique movements from her modern martial arts. The fight between the two was quite well-matched.

This continued for nearly 100 exchanges, but Feng Yu Heng’s stamina gradually began to go downhill. Feng Zhao Yu could clearly feel that the force on his arms was becoming weaker and weaker. By the end, it was like threads of cotton. They did not affect him in the slightest.

He sneered to himself and began to restrain his movements. It seemed, however, as if he was messing around and simply playing with Feng Yu Heng. He was the ruler of a country, but Qian Zhou was rocked by a major disaster. He had tried to dig up the dragon vein for its wealth to open up a new frontier. He had a third of the map; however, he could not accurately pinpoint the location of the dragon vein.

Qian Zhou had a foundation of hundreds of years, but it fell to ruin in his hands. He had killed his enemies and relatives for many years. He already had no right to face his ancestors. Now, he was even less certain whether he should live or die.

He had no place to vent these emotions. One after another, the members of the imperial family were caught by Da Shun’s soldiers. Phoenix Pavilion would protect him for a time, but it could not protect him forever. If this imperial daughter Ji An did not come, he would have eventually committed suicide, but things were different now. Imperial daughter Ji An had come, and he had heard that Da Shun’s ninth prince protected his wife as though it was his own life. If he could contain this girl, perhaps Qian Zhou still had some hope left.

Feng Zhao Yu’s heart filled with vigor, and his actions became a little more brutal. Feng Yu Heng could no longer ward off the blows. The longer she fought, the colder her heart became, and the deeper her impression of Qian Zhou’s martial arts became. This was the first time that she had met such a strong opponent since coming to this world. In a one-on-one fight, she was actually not his opponent.

Worst of all, Feng Zhao Yu seemed to know that she had a space in her sleeve. Every time that she reached toward her left sleeve, he would always move to block her. Her right hand was never able to land on the phoenix-shaped birthmark.

She squinted her eyes, as a cold light appeared in them. When they exchanged a glance, Feng Zhao Yu’s eyes did not conceal any of the brutality. He even began to increase the force going toward her left wrist.

Feng Yu Heng was extremely shocked, but this shock only lasted an instant. Immediately following this, a wicked smile appeared on her face after a long period of being stoic.

Feng Zhao Yu was startled and suddenly heard a “bang” sound. The window on the fourth floor of Phoenix Pavilion had been broken by someone’s whip from the outside. That whip reached forward and accurately wrapped around Feng Yu Heng’s waist then pulled her back. She was immediately pulled away from the fight with Feng Zhao Yu and into a familiar person’s embrace.

“This wife of mine is lacking in teaching and offended people of your Feng family. But what of it?”

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