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I Want to Kill Him

Following Feng Yu Heng’s counterattack, and following Qian Zhou’s divine archery team having its wrists shattered by this mysterious weapon, they were no longer able to use their bows. The hidden guards of Da Shun surged forward, and the situation was reversed.

The divine archery team from Qian Zhou that now had destroyed wrists could no longer raise their bows. As for the fine guards that Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming kept barely alive, how could they be in any condition to fight back against Xuan Tian Ming’s hidden guards. This was truly just a one-sided slaughter. It was truly an unfair fight.

For a while, the blood on the deck flowed like a river. All of the guests were hiding in the cabins, not daring to come out. With only the sound of a crying child, the early morning seemed even more bleak with this heavy rain.

Feng Yu Heng expressionlessly placed the four guns that she was holding back into the space. In her previous life, the team of special military doctors organized by the military did not just require that she have top-tier medical abilities. She also had to be proficient in martial arts and marksmanship. Otherwise, even the best doctor would be unable to save more wounded people from under the hail of bullets.

Feng Yu Heng had placed quite a few guns inside her space. It was just that she had never thought that she would truly make use of them in this era. She did not want to introduce firearms too early to this era. She never wanted to go overboard with overthrowing this era’s rules. However, the situation did not develop in the manner that she had desired. In the midst of it all, it seemed that there was a hand pushing her forward, forcing her to gradually bring out things that did not belong to this world.

She thought this had to be fate, right.

Without thinking any further, Feng Yu Heng made use of the chaos to rush toward the cage. Raising the military knife in her hand, she cut open the lock. Zi Rui had been locked up inside for a long time, thus his joints were a little stiff. There were also many wounds on his body. She had to be very careful when carrying him out.

She really wanted to hug Zi Rui. In this world, he was the only one she was able to show her affection from the body’s original owner’s perspective. Because he had suffered so much because of her, heavens knew how much Feng Yu Heng wanted to pull this younger brother into a hug and begin to cry.

But Zi Rui’s body was covered in many injuries. Earlier, she was not able to see it clearly because of the heavy rain. Now that she was closer, she found that the child’s body was completely covered in scrapes. Some places, it was clear that he had been whipped. His wrists and ankles were also shackled. Feng Yu Heng casually pulled out a hairpin from her space and quickly unlocked the iron shackles. Once the wrists and ankles were freed from the shackles, she found that they were covered in bruises. In fact, she only brushed up against them, and the child grimaced.

Feng Yu Heng felt that there was no way for her to express her heartache. That sort of pain had reached her bones. Aside from herself, there was also the body’s original owner’s natural reaction that also attacked her nerves. She immediately dropped to the deck and did not dare hug Zi Rui forcefully. She could only cry.

Feng Zi Rui was afraid. In his mind, his elder sister was the strongest woman in the world. There was nothing in the world that could knock her down. Even when Yao shi woke up and said all of those things, although Feng Yu Heng had also reacted strongly, her eyes were filled with despair and grief. It was unlike the current situation, where they were filled with guilt.

He used his own small hand to gently wipe away Feng Yu Heng’s tears, but the tears mixed with the rain. No matter what, he was unable to wipe them all away. Zi Rui became a little anxious and repeatedly said: “Elder sister, don’t cry. Zi Rui isn’t in pain. It really doesn’t hurt. These are all external injuries. They will be better after a bit of rest. Brother-in-law already said it. If a man’s body does not have scars, how can he be called man!”

External injuries would eventually heal. This was something that Feng Yu Heng naturally knew, but her heartache was over the child’s finger. She had taken a look and found that there was another small piece missing where his finger had been cut off. After all of these days, it could no longer be reconnected.

Ever since she had come to this world, she was eager to obtain victory. Not only did she need to seek revenge for the body’s original owner, she also had to live comfortably. She did her best to prevent it, fearing that the enemy would take revenge against the people at her side; however, even if she was extremely careful, she was still unable to protect this child. Feng Yu Heng though, if Yao shi saw Zi Rui’s missing finger, she would never be able to forgive her, right?

She grabbed Zi Rui’s hand and repeatedly rubbed the missing finger. The wound had already begun to scab, but a large part was still an open flesh wound. She asked Zi Rui: “Does it hurt?”

Zi Rui wanted to say that it didn’t hurt, but she kept rubbing the wound. How could it not hurt. He gritted his teeth and nodded, saying: “It hurts. It hurts a lot.”

“It should hurt.” There was a change in Feng Yu Heng’s gaze. The earlier misery had disappeared, and a coldness appeared. She told Zi Rui: “Keep this pain in mind. Even if there comes a day when this pain disappears, do not forget about the crisis of today. Make sure that you do not forget about the people that tried to kill you.”

Zi Rui nodded, “Elder sister, don’t worry. I will remember it all. I have remembered what all of them look like. I remember all of their voices. I definitely will not forget.”

Feng Yu Heng, however, suddenly began laughing. Reaching out to pat her younger brother’s head, she helplessly said: “Silly child. What’s the point of remembering them. Your elder sister will have you personally carry out your vengeance against these guys later. The real vengeance, however, is something that must be settled with the people backing them.”

Zi Rui received Feng Yu Heng’s gaze. For an instant, Feng Yu Heng was able to see an extremely familiar appearance. That sort of look was one that she would reveal whenever she was disappointed to her limits. Now, Zi Rui also had it.

“Sis.” He turned the hand that was being held by Feng Yu Heng and said to her seriously: “I know who the true enemy is. It’s the Duan Mu family from the North, it’s the emperor of Qian Zhou, and it’s our father. In the past, mother said that if elder sister was too vicious toward our father, you would incur the wrath of the heavens. In truth, I always wanted to ask mother, what sort of wrath of heaven would be incurred when a father tries to kill his own children? But there is no need to ask this question. Sis, Zi Rui is not afraid of any wrath of the heavens. Even if there really is, that wrath is just a bit of punishment. Even if I must endure it, I will send him to hell! That sort of father is lower than swine.”

The child became more and more emotional as he spoke, and his entire body began to tremble. Feng Yu Heng held his shoulders tightly and wanted to calm him down, but Zi Rui continued, saying: “He cannot be left alone to continue harming others! It’s not just the two of us, there are also third sister and fourth sister. They are all chess pieces in his hands. Third sister has received the Emperor’s grace, and fourth sister does not understand anything. Everything that she views as good is not actually good, and what she believes is bad is not actually bad. Elder sister, all of us are just chess pieces to him. He gave birth to us so that he could one day make a profit, thus he must use us. Whether we live or die is completely unrelated to him. I heard the people of Qian Zhou say that he sold out our movements. He told the people of Qian Zhou that mother and I are important to you. He tried to have Qian Zhou use us to threaten you into giving them the method for producing steel. The goal of this was to allow Qian Zhou to rise. From there, Qian Zhou would push the fifth prince onto the throne. Sis, his mind is filled with thoughts about becoming a relative to the imperial family. His mind is only filled with thoughts about how to benefit himself. Selling off his children to seek glory. What’s the point of having this sort of father? Sis, I want to kill him!”

Once he said the last part, he was very resolute. He glared with his eyes opened wide, looking straight at Feng Yu Heng.

“Good!” Feng Yu Heng replied to him with a similar resolution: “If you want to kill him, go ahead and kill. Elder sister will stand behind you. If the sky falls down, elder sister will hold it up.”

After she said this, she immediately helped Zi Rui stand up. The fierce battle was coming to an end. While the brother and sister had been speaking, over half of the people from Qian Zhou had already been killed. The remaining were struggling to stay alive. Xuan Tian Ming had remained at her side to protect her. From time to time, he would sweep away a sneak attack.

Feng Yu Heng spoke up, raising her voice: “Keep some alive! Leave them for my younger brother to practice how to kill people!”

Once this was said, the hidden guards immediately adjusted their tactics. They went from killing to capturing them alive. Very quickly, the remaining five people were held down on the deck. All of them had a tooth ripped out, and the poison inside was tossed into the river.

The heavy rain washed the blood off, leaving the deck clean, but the air was filled with the stench of blood that could not be washed away no matter what. Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng stood to the left and right of Zi Rui. He reached out and placed a hand on the child’s shoulder and held it hard before shouting: “Go ahead! Take your elder sister’s military knife. Just think of yourself as a butcher and them as pigs. Brother-in-law will tell you that before you kill them, you should cut off their ten fingers. They removed one of your fingers, thus you should cut off ten. In the future, it shall be the same. No matter who it is, as long as they bully you, you should return it tenfold.”

Feng Yu Heng also nodded, saying: “That’s right. Zi Rui, people cannot remain steady if they are not vicious. Go ahead! Something like killing people is something that you would need to learn sooner or later. You are my younger brother. You must have this bit of courage!” While she spoke, the military knife in her hand was already placed in Zi Rui’s hands. At the same time, she moved her hand behind his back and suddenly gave him a push, sending the child to the front.

Zi Rui was stunned for a moment; however, he steadied himself and did not fall. He knew that from this moment forward, he was no longer a child. He had to stand with his elder sister. They would need to rely on each other and protect each other. The knife in his hand represented the beginning of his maturity. The people across from him were the thorny undergrowth that had to be removed from his path with a knife. Once the thorns were cut, he would have grown.

He took a deep breath then stepped forward, tightly holding the military knife.

The people from Qian Zhou were being held down by the hidden guards. Not a single one was capable of moving. Ban Zou was also one of them. At this time, he was holding out a person from Qian Zhou’s hand and said to Zi Rui: “Young master Rui, hold your knife steady, and this subordinate will hold out his fingers. Cut them off one at a time. Once you have gotten used to the technique, you can cut off more at once. Once the fingers have been cut off, cut off the hand. As long as you want to, you can cut them until they turn into a slurry! Don’t worry, this is the end that they deserve.”

Zi Rui nodded, “I am not afraid.” He then stepped forward and held out the knife against the Qian Zhou person’s index finger. “If I do not even dare kill a person and require protection wherever I go, what right do I have to be called imperial daughter Ji An’s younger brother? How could I dare to hope to charge onto the battlefield with elder sister and brother-in-law? Ban Zou, hold his hand steady. Here I come!”

After saying this, the military knife suddenly moved forward. With a slice, four of the fingers were cut from the person from Qian Zhou’s hand!

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