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A Married Daughter Cannot Return to the Yao Family

Xuan Tian Ming’s arrival seemed to have given Feng Yu Heng hope. Her formerly scattered consciousness gradually pulled itself together. Xuan Tian Ming’s words continued, as he said to Yao shi: “From this moment forward, she is no longer your daughter. Whether you live or die, that is entirely up to you.”

Once this was said, he stood up, and she was completely picked up by him and brought out of the room.

Feng Yu Heng was mentally and physically exhausted. She did not have the strength to think any further, thus she did not see Yao Xian and Feng Zi Rui, who had entered the room with Xuan Tian Ming.

Yao shi was quite frightened by the words that Xuan Tian Ming had thrown out right before leaving. Just as she was lying there in a daze and not knowing what to do, she saw Yao Xian arrive. It was as though she had found a pillar of support. Gently raising a hand, she wanted to wave to Yao Xian; however, she saw the exact same thing in Yao Xian’s eyes that she had seen in Feng Yu Heng’s eyes. Even when Zi Rui looked at her, his eyes were filled with disappointment.

This time, this child did not rush toward his mother. Instead, he stood beside Yao Xian. He remained a couple steps away from the bed and looked at Yao shi. After a long while, he finally spoke up, saying: “Elder sister saves you all the time and protects you all the time, but what did you just say? Don’t believe that I did not hear it. Mother, you are too disappointing.” He looked away and looked in the direction of Xuan Tian Ming’s departing figure. Stubbornly raising his hand, he wiped away some tears.

Yao shi subconsciously shook her head and muttered: “She is not your elder sister.” Looking then at Yao Xian, she did her best to confess to him: “She is not Heng.”

Of course, Yao Xian knew that she was not truly the second daughter of the Feng family, but that was his granddaughter that he had lost in his previous life and regained in this one. If it was not for Feng Yu Heng still worrying about this mother, he really would have strangled this woman to death! His beloved granddaughter had died an unclear death in her previous life. He had no way of getting revenge for that, but he definitely could not allow for her to be bullied!

He pointed at Yao shi and spoke one word at a time: “Regardless of whether or not you acknowledge her, I do! If you insist on this matter, you may as well not acknowledge this father.”

Yao shi was startled and suddenly felt afraid, anxiously saying: “That’s not it, father. You have all been confused by her. She really is not heng!”

“Even so, what about it?” Yao Xian glared at her and fiercely warned: “She is my granddaughter. I, Yao Xian, will only acknowledge her as my granddaughter. You can acknowledge her if you want.” He flicked his sleeve and coldly added: “I will find you another residence somewhere else. I will find nurses and servants. The imperial daughter’s manor is not suited to you, and the Yao manor, a daughter that has gotten married cannot return to the Yao family!”

Yao shi looked at her own father in utter disbelief. A sudden feeling of horror welled up inside her. It was as though she understood something, pointing at Yao Xian, she said: “You also changed. You are also different?” Her words were an inquiry, as she could not be certain because Yao Xian’s original temperament was practically the exact same as Feng Yin’s former temperament. It was just that he was a little colder to her.

She said that Yao Xian had changed; however, Yao Xian told her: “Everyone changes. It’s impossible for someone to go through that many things and remain the same. This is normal growth for everyone; however, only you remain the exact same. You…”

He wanted to say a bit more, but he felt that saying any further to a woman from the ancient era was a waste of time. This person was originally the same as the Emperor and did not have too many sentimental feelings. This person was magnanimous and a free spirit. For him to speak with a sick woman that was lying down in bed, it was truly suffering. Also, he was not her true father. Where would there be any true affection.

Yao Xian waved his hand and frankly said: “Just stay in this manor and have your injuries heal. After they have healed, I will send someone to bring you out. If Feng Jin Yuan decides to go to the government office to file a complaint about your attack, there is nothing that we can do. If he does not go, it would be because of Heng and his Highness the ninth prince’s face. Remember that you need to rely on Heng to survive. Don’t put yourself in a dead end.” After saying this, he looked at Zi Rui and asked him: “What do you think? Will you return to the imperial daughter’s manor, stay here or go back with grandfather?”

Zi Rui shook his head, “I won’t be going to any of these three places. I will go to the Yu Palace. I will have elder sister arrange a group to send me back to Xiao Zhou.”

Yao Xian nodded and brought Zi Rui out.

Only Yao shi remained in this room. Of course, there were hidden guards that were not dismissed. They could at least provide her with safety inside the Feng family.

Yao shi stared blankly at the ceiling with her eyes opened wide. She could not understand. Why did nobody believe what she had said? This Heng really was not her daughter? She really was not!

Xuan Tian Ming carried Feng Yu Heng back to the Yu Palace. Song Kang and Huang Quan returned with them. Although they did not personally see or hear what Yao shi did, they were more or less able to guess.

Huang Quan told Song Kang: “Lady Yao is someone without a conscience. You don’t know how well young miss treats her, but she just does not know how to be satisfied.”

Song Kang was never much of a good person. It was only after he began following Feng Yu Heng that he began walking a more righteous path. Now that he saw Feng Yu Heng get bullied to such an extent, he was extremely puzzled: “Master is able to take care of her own father when he treats her poorly, but why is it that she can’t do anything to her mother? As I see it, this sort of mother is not worth keeping. It would be better to cut her into eight pieces so I can practice medicine.”

Huang Quan was sick to her stomach from hearing this, “Can you not bring up practicing medicine like this anymore? If young miss heard it, be careful that she doesn’t punish you.” Huang Quan glared at Song Kang then turned and left.

Song Kang also knew that he would be punished for thinking of such things, thus he did not say much else. He went to the kitchen to find chickens to practice on.

Back in the bedchamber, Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng were leaning back in bed. He did not let go and continued to hold her in his embrace. His right thumb and ring finger massaged her temples to try and provide some relief for her headache.

Feng Yu Heng was feeling a little better, but that feeling of fear was still present. Yao shi’s words replayed in her mind again and again. It was like a complaint. She was complaining that she had taken over this body while reminding her that she will need to return it someday.

Feng Yu Heng desperately grabbed Xuan Tian Ming’s arm, as her entire body began to tremble. She suddenly recalled a matter and asked: “If… and I am saying if, but if I was a fake…”

“As long as you are the girl that treated my legs in the mountains, that’s fine.” He shrugged and added: “In truth, a fake is better. If you really were Yao shi’s daughter, I would not want her. A father and mother like that could not possibly give birth to a decent daughter.” As he said this, he pinched the girl’s face and teased her: “What is it? Do you regret it?”

“Of course not.” She shrank into his embrace. Her headache was feeling better, thus she looked up and asked him: “When will we be returning to the military camp? I want to go back to the military camp. My steel is still in production, and the steel weapons are being made. How can I stay in the capital. This is no good.”

A pleading look appeared on her face along with a fawning look. Just looking at it caused Xuan Tian Ming to feel distressed.

“Get a good night’s sleep. We will depart when you wake up. Is that alright?”

She nodded and thought a little before acting spoiled and saying: “Then take off your mask.” While she spoke, she was assaulted by sleepiness. Her consciousness became blurred, as she muttered: “Your good looks have an actual use. Use it to help me fall asleep!” She then grabbed at his arm, “It would be best if we were already on our way to the military camp when I woke up. That would be a truly pleasant surprise.” After saying this, she fell into a deep sleep.

Xuan Tian Ming laughed and tilted his head, gently calling out: “Bai Ze!” Bai Ze immediately pushed the door open and entered. He then heard Xuan Tian Ming order: “Send word into the palace. Tell the old man that this prince will be bringing imperial daughter Ji An to the military camp tomorrow. The capital will be left to him to take care of. If he truly cannot understand what is going on, just have seventh brother put in some effort.”

Bai Ze nodded then glanced at the sleeping Feng Yu Heng. Worried, he asked: “Princess is fine, right?”

Xuan Tian Ming said: “She’s fine.” After thinking a little, he added: “Keep a close eye on the Feng family’s side. Although that Yao shi does not have a conscience, we cannot allow anyone to use her to threaten the imperial daughter.”

“Master, don’t worry.” Bai Ze’s expression was a little ugly. After holding it in for a moment, he could not and still spoke his thoughts: “As this subordinate sees it, it would be better if that woman died. She really is hanging on to her daughter’s leg.”

Xuan Tian Ming waved his hand: “Don’t say this sort of thing ever again. Whether she lives or dies, it’s up to her. We cannot dirty our hands, and we absolutely must not cause a problem for Heng Heng’s heart. Go!”

Bai Ze turned and was about to leave; however, he recalled a matter and quickly said: “Oh right, master, the Feng family’s young master came. He said that he wants to return to Xiao Zhou and wanted for princess to arrange a group to send him back.”

Xuan Tian Ming pondered a little and did not object, “This is also fine. At home, his father causes trouble, and his mother causes trouble. There is really not much benefit to him. Arrange a few extra hidden guards and ensure his safety. Also, fetch ten thousand taels worth of banknotes. Distribute them to the family of his schoolmates that were affected by the floods and use imperial daughter Ji An’s name.”

Bai Ze rubbed his nose, “Master is really quite thoughtful of princess.” After saying this, he quickly retreated a couple steps fearing that Xuan Tian Ming would give him a spanking. He then bowed and ran out of the room.

Xuan Tian Ming shook his head and sighed, “These people really are fearing him less and less!”

He placed the girl in his embrace down in the bed. After adjusting the pillow and covering her in blankets, he then raised his hand and removed the golden mask from his face and placed it between their pillows. Only then did he smile and pull the small body into his embrace and fall asleep.

This night’s sleep was a bit messy. Feng Yu Heng thought, why would she dream of marrying a wife? Was she getting married, or was it Xuan Tian Ming? Why was it that the music and red flowers were all squeezed inside the Yu Palace? There were also people repeatedly saying congratulations to her.

She tried to ask someone what exactly was going on; however, not a single person replied. Everyone just smiled at her as though they were wearing masks. She turned her head and saw Xuan Tian Ming also wearing a bright red wedding robe. He wore a red crown and did not wear his mask. The purple lotus flower on his brow accompanied by the red wedding robe looked better and better. But she began to feel awkward. She was still wearing her undergarments. It was clear that she had just woken up. Who was Xuan Tian Ming getting married to?

She realized that this was definitely a dream, and she forced herself to woke up from this dream. Opening her eyes, she saw Xuan Tian Ming looking at her with his large eyes. He was not wearing his mask, and the purple lotus flower on his forehead was still blurry and appeared lazy.

She furrowed her brow and reached to tug at the blankets. Only after ensuring that Xuan Tian Ming was not wearing a red robe, she finally calmed down.

She could not help but let out a long sigh of relief: “It’s fortunate that it was just a dream.”

Just after she said this, she suddenly heard the sound of music and drums. The tune was quite a joyous one.

She immediately sat up in bed and glared at Xuan Tian Ming, asking: “You really are marrying a wife?”

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